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Jeffrey Bordeaux, Sr.

Apr 22, 2011|

The Venable case is over, and the victim's father says he has a theory why the man accused of killing his son walked away without punishment.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The father Gerry Ford junior Jeffrey Bordeaux senior good morning sir. How -- It. Still have been -- He felt it could go either way. I I didn't I wasn't all that shocked and I know you told one of the news stations I believe it was -- wine and that BP -- you didn't feel like you were hit with a paint maker meeting wasn't a big surprise. And vote what did you hope would be the outcome. Speeds I don't like that he was gonna get -- five years to life for this board did you hope would be the outcomes are. -- welfare being it would -- maker. That was considered a 25 to life I didn't say that I think are. We will be in fact that. I would -- what it's yeah. It doesn't editing thing tomorrow right to build and bring my actually run back right. But I thought that -- would be some type but couldn't get -- now. Obviously. I don't know -- three choices. Each OpenId a look at the leisure -- so that was. Where where I was a little perturbed about it and didn't get an understanding of that. Yet now we watched -- of one of the news channels. I don't know if you seen this or not I know you don't live in Rochester right you live in North Carolina. I understand but I just some of you familiar with what channels -- But one of Bob audio ours is a reporter had. There's nothing more you had left the courtroom. And then you walked back in and you were walking over to the venerable family. And it an officer of the court stepped between you and amenable -- in the -- what was your intention there what -- -- gonna say. Or actually what I want to say -- exhausted and I mean he was barely anything extensive. I. We Seymour and he controls are easy Tom now -- come at that point. Right right right right or what part of the political. I've told them are created. Controller congratulations. And I treated. Now let's get to ensure an incredible and we what are your reaction to a because record it before. India and it doesn't matter if that guy would get 25 years late in the third. But whatever you have gotten besides. Zero I mean -- about the Swedish -- it was not. When that well in China the united sort of see -- reaction was. I needed that -- -- also portal where I think. It was a diary yesterday and -- wouldn't get the day before what it was just more or less as the mother. In Iraq you know -- speed interface was it was official looking article right no relation wants what. And wall. Q would you. Not and did she say your anger or give any kind of physical acknowledgment of you. Not mention any new look in your general direction. -- Jeffrey -- -- the F father of Jeffrey Bordeaux junior who was killed at the University of Rochester. You had obviously some feelings as to why the trial in this way. Well what over the coming what do you think. I think the chemicals. Of the universe Iraq changed it. Reached out there and they were that's why we're such speedy trial term cornbread they're there was but. Close it out also served as it was a bench trial remember we have a jury deliberated. Because there was a bench trial for this. I don't mean that I mean for January 15. April 11 within ninety days later the trial was started it doesn't matter what the bench trial I mean that we're -- decided. People we can offer made to look for. I'll -- AM. The whole year over being yesterday. Do you think do you think the university was involved in. Getting the decision that was reached. I put it feels this way. I believe their. Even worse Iraq sister is a major clear mr. We know that nobody can but he gave them -- they admitted that he was. To me not concurrent you weren't -- everybody in different but it will -- -- in the old guy -- and including the major player but when things happen. Is Pink -- is -- well moving towards is that they -- in your relationship achieved yet. People in this terrible. You know really depend on the war in a lot of ways. And that if they read the stigma of having murdered in -- -- therapists. The image and people that. Well being you know admit mr. Cordero I have to say that is a couple things one is I -- disagree with you completely. But as you're saying that it was nine -- days from the time the murder happened to devote before was in front of a judge. I am thinking of other cases that have happened locally that took months. Mean in that sense you might be right Greece police departments have to the year right that and that's something -- -- Just think of other things that were really high profile that took so long. I don't know why some cases it is in some cases it's not him but that that does kind of that is an interesting thing to race. However I would say yes to was a murder on their campus photo was and now a murder. Where. Somebody went out to intentionally kill someone it seems like too young manga are caught up in a moment that's the that's the way I see and I don't have a vested interest in my son wasn't there I'm my son is not the one who who's no longer on the planet. It's at which I can't imagine would you. -- revenue read the literature local leadership questioner yet. If they -- what about I don't get beaten up of them at least those charts -- nobody nobody would -- Him. No probably not because. Someone nobody had immediately or they whenever they wouldn't -- when they're thirty. Thirty. It piece here so they. -- -- I was shocked at the numbers deputies Brian I'd never seen a small army. Yes exactly what -- -- actually you put all they have been here at Atlanta looked around for what -- all these people the women. I can't let it deputy sheriff we would go outside what was looking. Yeah if you look at some of videotapes yet they were written it yet so in what the judge can make a decision could get editors so quick. I don't know unbelievable that I -- shock art and. Love -- -- you have to admit that obviously they made the right choice because some of the family members some of your family members. A war. Look good -- like today while they look like they're ready to get violent mean they're going after venerable scream and animal woman being put in the back of a police car look like if they. If she broke free she was gonna tackle guys exist are beaten his face into the sidewalk and he can't allow it. So you -- retaken control further marketing happening of course I wasn't. We're all that was after that was outside the -- that was outside -- -- -- -- -- girl on girl on girl that I wouldn't fear and intolerance being dependable. He didn't. After that right Jeremy. Obviously you're continue to characterize the issue won't be just -- -- girl -- can only be described as well as all of your calls and make it but it happens all the different purpose but. While I don't get it out but I don't like it was there was an angry woman not I think anybody who has. Adrenaline pumping through their system is keep we don't know what's gonna have an unbelievable things I mean -- no matter what they're -- Davies who do you think the police were overreacted. Know what a well what I think is this yeah I think it's going to be here as far as. That is that the case can you are just article one community where. Something just wasn't there and -- what if what a small army out of sight -- or aliens. He didn't actually gonna give an explanation for the decision. Would be decided to. Because he -- There will be a lot of misunderstanding and kept saying this. Did you appreciate that are that are no. Did you appreciate the judge that judge DiMarco actually decided to explain his decision or -- I think he's going to because. I think -- that was is sort. Yeah -- sleep on -- and so -- big bad guy I want to think about it -- developed -- to a civil response -- your idea president you want yup. -- -- -- That guy would be. In -- right now. There's really no no means committee -- would say was an outrage. If you know what it Peta got nothing with it until stable form a -- -- personal would never -- we've we've all been shot. Now everybody in this unit that got a true especially if anyone if there's anything that computer yeah 'cause they didn't. But I realized I have my and the saying 'cause I have a different assessment absolutely but let me ask you this because. And you live in North Carolina and I know your son is from Rochester who lived here and I don't know. How. Your relationship was with with Jeffrey. Well did you see in my. -- what what what school what -- would school. Well we I was waiting for a. Well this year with a up till he entered college. Okay and it is there were people who testified. That he. Had gone and threatened and beat up other men who dated this woman. People shouldn't there. But I didn't I wasn't aware there but I'm definitely would be aware you know I mean look at other opened got a better idea at night. But that doesn't happen overnight that kind of stuff -- easier insane that that kind of anger mean I have entry issues are punched walls broken hands and dug up. But that kind of stuff has been with me since I was a little boy. So this kind of behavior Jeffrey is probably Dem party your son's makeup since he was a little kid and you had a. Probably at the all of -- other people Psycho analyst for what it would be good at any given to -- this Jeffrey is never at a site in school. Japan was president of his class at Brighton high school. He was -- or perhaps community who want to Jeffrey had one more scholarship money study abroad. But -- Yemeni gentlemen none of that means that -- possibly -- be an angry guy that doesn't mean he's still get can't see your son was my diet I thought he was really handsome. Guy you have obviously you're Zabian president and very sharp. That still doesn't mean that you don't have some where you can get angry. I mean all all all -- Every kid epidemic in just twelve years old who could pick up 208 rear -- You know everything I say this I wouldn't see every kid but -- almost every male okay all young -- -- -- I would agree with you that sure been let. I bet that Obama desolate and I hit it very much and oversimplify what I hate is that you today at. But at the end of what happened is Nicole won't really didn't matter just gotta get one fact of life for -- whatever and a warning to get the -- which. I'm not gonna walk over a horrible -- and every -- some pressure levels they won't get angry. Because there's and so when Larry -- I did well because that's exactly what I was thinking -- Lutz -- -- in just a little. It's probably different comments I was telling. -- -- But I'm not will be -- to struggle to get angry about it be horrible than -- because they're different right look at this morning. Like cut to the -- on yeah and I just hope he takes this chance. It any ATP charities. But it had a productive like alluded to populate. We do things. To say that part of its agreed to do you do soon probably at the is below is the property sold ends with the it because it's not immediate. It's just a natural thing for me just -- And open new direction -- minister and what what do to his mother they just marching through the placement there toward overweight over. How will that shut -- Or the world and he was -- pull it back and AM I don't. I'd just say they had. It was a terrible thing that happened it didn't. It was -- that when -- get the right automated wouldn't make a difference in my life. Jeff reported a senior what are your plans now. And I was prepared to try to challenge this ruling at all. I mean obviously double jeopardy in -- -- is right. And let me -- that -- I'm I'm not on the back into what's done is done just remarkably well he was gonna do. What cars but it -- get me out and do what they're gonna do I mean you know. I think they're pristine image of is that they want to cheat -- -- have. Which Paramount in this -- In just in my practiced fully admit that meeting all about whether they've got a little statements by the -- Mark also he would not be getting back to book the last. It would deal. I'm not -- -- -- 15 I'm not say they want a particular part of foot and move it from what in my heart what I did really well. -- -- -- -- Anybody else any idea how many guys take any action against university. To I don't Obama people there on the right now I'm looking normal process. I -- or something and they you have alluded to yesterday there's a guy in line who went to high school with you. And not I think he wants to say hi I'm not sure I didn't -- did dig do you think he wants to go all of them are what's the story to -- he came wanna say -- do you memory guy named Trent. Trench a regular lives under this program then he went to high school with the you might have put him on line. Absolutely. Vital that remain true or send. Any knowledge after they get to mr. Roscoe. We used to play book editor besides -- Well I got -- -- gateway are loyal and my my condolences to you your family and heard about a project a whole lot of I'm -- out it was a blast from the past there. The united -- -- I really feel for you your favorite which -- going through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little -- yeah yeah it's an early opened you know are gargantuan. I shouldn't Jeffrey would you actually. -- recorded by Dave McCarthy or you know they had that the local guy. All in dealing with aren't easy owner of the readers -- -- noted that it was an extra it was says she used to have your hands and transit yes. There are certain. -- still didn't know but I didn't time. It only has a losing moderate. Reviewing your family there. And I appreciate getting an a record in the four minute are ultimately there's zero nothing is what shocked -- more than anything but like most all -- There's no way -- -- the -- and I'm I'm disappointed just remarkable. But Michael lauded ultimately you have to get -- didn't do the things that humans he really senator and I activating data didn't get to pick New York got as good in. What bill -- this question to ask about the election not obviously. Excuse testified about all the regain it all the more directing it and be a fraternity brother talked about. Spain today they'd be aware of what it they're going to be admitted it -- -- -- most of them live or are we pleasantly -- bought our leaders and the opening -- if you are needs to tighten up then. Obviously they had a an internal investigation that we haven't heard anything out there -- an outright or did you step up really early for Trout can before they. They gave -- step but -- will be worked out now between me but between. I guess lawyers and stuff like that but even that would ever written that the -- You know if it's a wonderful world that you market -- -- -- -- scholarship money that it you can portable -- Well the next decade -- so -- I afford to let you how much money what. 25 million dollars the largest. Donation ever get into. -- -- Rochester if you receivable. My son's name you know that's -- my -- today so well no that's gonna make feels something now. I don't know wanna we'll talk to my sons and Alicia Leigh Blake is he goes on news and a Greg who like to think allred doesn't bring back now whenever. They jewelry before. Before we we hang up here. But I'd like to grab one other -- there is some people on the line who are saying they agree with you that the university of ross' sister. Could have absolutely it affected the outcome in this case. I I don't share that sentiment but okay however there is a. What could make a battery that it would that it. But what it where you are always concerned. -- I don't -- that's all I'm just I mean my gum I cannot I'm being mean or argue understand either way you're getting a break remark but -- -- his. What -- there's a guy and the line who would like to say something many wants to say something nice. And I think it's important they hear it Mike welcome to the break from go ahead. Yes -- the first -- likes him very shark expert I've been watching you on television. And alms you can trust Maine where the way you handled yourself well -- speed and control. The week period yourself spirit and -- I would just you know what to say that there are. I don't think many people been handled the situation big you have manner that you air. Welsh spoke go to you've been -- the entire time. And now I'm reprieve previewing your family and I just wish you'd about parents are. Either way you like to shed the outcome has an older -- -- John Beck are all good. Going to be able to pick up the pieces here life -- aren't a property he browbeat you gonna take a wild bought. You -- trust based server and I feel that your good parent and I dislike an election note where they hand out. I pray for you and your fairway and not. -- can get this be -- anchor thanks tonight. Okay thank you -- is bringing in people that might think a little different about the outcome that -- ultimately. Like quite get that college -- You have to go to our thinking is -- has gone from being articulate but that's. -- Focus group epidemic shout -- he's going to -- it that would air America what they've put. -- -- -- -- little that they got got a -- mandated and obviously a lead everything beforehand a century -- could not do it -- -- -- Jeffrey. Well what are you. We want to keep yourself so funny got a says if you heard everything. -- -- -- -- and my clothes look like me okay you you don't need America broker of Providence and the big money hasn't been able. -- America who hasn't felt it was little yellow magenta not to let -- -- they're -- that well but. Caterpillar and never darken stay it is no secret formula he had good supporter are you people and I think -- -- obviously with the -- You know my system a younger members of our movement that we offer whatever -- mean what. You know it was if it does what that. Coming -- put all that Jeffrey arming anybody says how could they possibly act that way I at least I hope not because I can -- we off. The consumers come from sure. Yes in but -- -- even been out folks -- People must say I'm an absolutely no us. Well when are apparently just legacy. They're lumping -- and and I guess they they believe these and so things going -- in -- there will be there but. Well not into charges that but that's still markedly different -- an -- it opened up Africa let. And relevant to what the community don't kids make better decisions than. -- a dispute -- subsidies kids -- don't want him back here. -- probably consider and it becomes. I've really. So shut it just -- decision only are we even -- until it looked on the web site yesterday I don't know. Is that means he has to be elected and I'm also the way things work. On the paparazzi -- -- -- -- -- exactly what I mean I mean maybe that's that's something I don't -- the -- vindictiveness I just think that. -- if they must deliver a shock you know and. Maybe I didn't let me help viewers. -- -- -- Yeah -- -- I wanna do it out of venom and stuff like Staten. And it may benefit that would benefit appreciated the next week a little more dinners they have are the more understand that this -- year old. There resides within -- muscle in my spirit but. -- -- -- I've never wanted to be critical fire at school. But you know that is what -- thank you guys called me this morning and I hope you're. You're probably you're out there understand that there's there's. Everything's wrong with me and super bitter after everything was over little disappointment. What to determine how we view it is natural for being you have to blog every bit support who've been. And he can't blame people and and if that's just too easy and it back and it would put it part of a lot of finger more simply and you lose -- -- -- in deal -- -- in both legally stream reactions to the. I just Roberta -- Yes well I have figured it if you do move back. I'd look we'd love to have Ian someday be selling a friend for these values -- funny and it probably have some interest in stories to. Another cheer you got to the feature older yup but -- do -- -- we do right they -- what ninety billion dollar market. Hey Jack Davis that I'm not I don't know -- from a net effect. We feel we can do maybe into the number two bit off there are now on the. Put on hold -- put general. And the time and various different sort of senior.

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