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Fat Guy Games' Chubby Champ

Apr 5, 2011|

Marcos aka Big Country to his Walmart cohorts was the big winner in our first ever Fat Guy Games last Friday. We caught up with him to get a glimpse into his big country work-out program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Man Friday their fat guy games went down to me and three guys. Well I think delight this was 378 pounds. And that I'm being told that the scale was off. By about twenty pounds no torn off Tony Powell -- said. Because the guy brought the scaling goes -- I use that scale my house no I was twenty pounds heavier because -- it's the carpet the plastic that was on there and the carpet the -- -- Rudolph is his ability to own music he was common in light by twentieth -- -- -- there tonight so we -- -- guy who do was so -- wouldn't register. Yes and then we had markets is six for foreign like -- wanna yourself that he was our biggest contest he was absolutely the biggest in terms of height in overall and an -- but I do think that banjo boy it was the heavier guy usually in the worst shape of the three do you like. Now. Mark is it that way -- amazed is all with a quarter challenge yes is able to get like five dollars and fifty cents. Where the quarters in his belly button in thirty seconds and and hold their for fifteen but after that we had Marcus we tested -- to see how many do you get these. -- do is they can retain. And -- does that hurt. That none sounds benign -- a buck fifty to go let's get it in the bucks if you're gonna coach you close the trainer. He'd just go ahead of time it wanted to tap he's got ten -- -- -- and I. -- -- -- Phenomenal. At all yeah. And I fellas then -- hey get a million don't really be sick. CC we shake it on their fallen Alley it's probably get a list of books yup they're not it was a tie for awhile. Knew we had a little bit of a controversy with the that all the -- holds. Everybody was able to walk Jeremy the principal one under huge boobs and six under his 500 is dearth he'll just -- and Craig -- -- you walk bodied. They just -- yes on his hand. Walk in the way the studio back to -- came down to you have to sit there with a negative that falls for fifteen minutes and dead. Jeremy got cocky and put them under one of his breasts and guys dropped Jeremy drop Jerry drops -- Dropped well not man meant to earth Jeremy drops -- can easily get to left. I exciting dual address he -- account again on the brand. I think he wants since -- are even software he had the -- may have been weakened a little bit yeah and then the less -- does is take -- from talk well kinda it last week from my Braxton wouldn't have tracked as the show that warm Rick how we dress Tommy with a guy would've I heard it would have crushed it so yeah. I I wanna apologize so a lot of the used hammers down today so I guess. Good -- that. -- CEO meg the floor and then Danny has another piece here what would this one this is where we award the winner -- are more rewarding the winner of the fact guy games Marcus looks like he's the champion now. Eight. Market. It's how they were saying your name wrong reason Marcos. Oracle is mark couscous and -- So Marcos. Yeah you win the -- guy games -- -- things stand when you start over at the downtown fitness club. Immoral war in Europe forward tomorrow morning you know when lieutenant Morgan. OP there are some of this team. Man's first in. Oh yeah I get off toward the sort of caught our virtual word over there. And and you are also have to meet John and get all it sits just. Yes -- surreptitious. The set up yesterday study done anything go to India you loosen up some jumpin jacks. All know our our IRA and Tokyo are close we and as many but it couldn't have been given an up. -- he had like your us Fat Tuesday on the weekend. Regain given up for less would G -- damage which shut down our. Bomb. You know that there. Because it off army took a big girl and took so far burden of our boat. I hair world they cookie shall love the juice. Often they are big from -- you had five hamburgers and hot dog when grilling. Guru. Yeah stands at the company had a cookie on top -- and. Yes sir -- aggressive -- then I was. These sort of the few voters. For a few hours -- several months then what then what happened Marcos. Just to have him cookies in. You know got to get rid of home before you know -- -- mature and. And now do you think you're gonna be able to stick to this -- mean if you have that kind of have to tell you how it an appetite. You gonna go right back for the sugary stuff. Actually moving around I'm gonna I'm gonna put that scuffle Williams. -- shopping -- got to go shop and now you need to go. Get the food in the house sits right. Question eventually well tomorrow also go down there in the -- Is done above. -- well -- ink whatever words with what actually -- So lightly or -- what food you can't stand. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well before -- -- as again. Old being held soon did the dues on nearly -- leaders in my game -- well are as heroic Berkeley him or her. I mean I'm always say my vegetables grown ups who you know you well in normal reserve -- Our dessert -- there are -- you know. Here so we guy you like the suites. That's -- gasoline and never and was an arrest -- Tuesday and most people do like my mother was like -- and you've got an idea and I think that's tougher. For somebody to lose weight when you get dance that sugary Jones. There are. Always -- you know. Ready to do whatever you aren't you. It is -- There are people ignore has been a long time you've already paid guard Joseph Wilson and the other day you know there are not certain our future -- me. Listen up right yeah you -- -- -- five murders so yeah are you or -- out blowout -- -- the opening hypocrite but that's. -- Marcos. Nobody have you load up your iPod. Are more about when you know work search where -- got it -- it and he delegates sort grow because. -- -- -- bill would work you know there was walk home. You know walk home -- you do you live close to the downtown fitness club. Not yankees haven't sometimes some people really fun a motivating like music and stuff we get some today is he gets him to boredom sets in on the treadmill and you know right so we will get to a list of songs. -- -- they may want to check out. And and see why won't try to help you ally. I and then we'll check -- with -- maybe next week to see how your first week was earth at the downtown fitness club Marco stern tomorrow morning at 715. Changes diet and his whole lifestyle know what the other two guys gonna go to C gave it to the other two guys to leased it to membership yes we can check them maybe tomorrow if I go and I want think Jeremy has been working now dangers of ways bounty I don't know it. But we'll see Marcos do good luck we'll check in with the next week. Or side. But I did find some songs of people suggested these these really -- but they might be I could see a guy like Marcos did not -- -- motivated. I'm sure Tommy's you never heard of these that this is by a band called red program. Call feed the machine. I can see this -- I actually could see inside the right gym on a boom box in the corner of this -- now for -- -- -- today yulia. -- keep doing curls and staring at themselves in the mirror yup. So this yeah. We'll take your suggestions for workout tunes for -- to put on it Marcos to put on his iPod. Here's another one -- a band called altered bridge this is isolation. To me did you like. He's got terrible news if it. Terrible news. -- I. We're I didn't jazz. Tonight. But I did type plays like. -- kind of like Honda Motor I think what Joseph Louis via you still we skip rope and work out tonight trains -- famous old -- not excited to get -- -- I don't know on who. Toronto it's also may not have been some crap like go to. What are you got careless or suggest is somewhat Facebook's of course she knows to go work out -- -- Iraqi need to to survive I'll victims. -- -- -- -- That's so hack it I guess nobody running this in there and places like demos had you tonight okay is automating right it is motivating. Really get -- -- just -- -- -- got to step that I enjoy listening to now because that you know. We'll see a lot of people have. One motivation Smith links on the make him go through that last that people can time in their iPod you know they know you're gonna hit -- tough smart and also new song comes on -- and it's like the one -- make it smaller loan limit for whatever reason again here's here's -- -- Milligram bill will get back to once from our FaceBook bill welcome to the breaker when he got. They built caloric. Which -- really needed Bob Marley accident and actually. That's not -- again behind Digg it and now. -- Just turn it just try to keep. I know I that is straw also seem weird day or so when you pull up. What do Seattle -- of course it was suggested the video that everybody's seen and it's pretty funny but doubted him when he's in their iPod. Let's get physical. Pat pat I'm -- hysterical about it. But if you guys were you an idea of getting thrown around and Lyndon Johnson and I don't like walked the -- And then there's another one that somebody suggested the video is a bunch of guys in the White House dressed up like Abraham Lincoln with -- a top that's no shirt sound they're all working out. The band's called electric six and the song is called. Gay bar. Makes it to be -- -- yeah. Well we're gonna. How does Abraham Lincoln and join us. -- -- We can work out to. Well you know what this could be a Styx song you can work up to a classic -- he had tough meticulous you know I'm thinking like this there's some sticks on sticks yeah. They could. Come sail away can get kind of invigorating him Brandon de gas sticks in Yasser come into CNET tickets for that show go on sale this Friday yes -- -- yes two big generator really the and a run around and somewhat in the run around though we want to maybe -- work for now -- at the Steely Dan for traces. I don't you -- disease. I don't -- forget you know it likes legacy Cano on this stair master in his -- G joint owners big country -- and around -- -- -- -- -- -- ask your idea. Was LO radio shirt on to take. -- -- -- -- -- -- What now what is this show for Nancy -- with sticks in July 7 July 7 tickets for they shall go on sale this Friday and -- And we'll have some -- to give away. All week long here and -- -- -- line you're on the air welcome to the break room. Rare book -- shock. Jock amid a guy who says that you delivered to every once in awhile. -- -- -- -- I'm forgetting who was who somewhere around not I think 315 he says you pick up all the bloody tampons of the ladies president of -- his place. Do it but I -- tranquility of the cool. -- -- -- get this jacket deserve police. And that's what got Zack. But I get the mechanic. For people -- reporting yeah did you learn how big they are a good record artwork out there. Good rock in Santiago hurdles. Deep Purple and so does your word on this seven days into the medicine by all you can -- -- Still he damn well why wasn't proud of that statement. Hoses and adjusting your best. Nature of the mighty good one thanks Reno good they have finally know school here and art in order to broaden. And untreated. Can you resist -- -- -- this check mechanics in new worst song of I think this came out. Does it give me your -- -- -- does not and it's a normal. I listen when he places now like I think he can even go to -- Nike and make money that it did and as you listen -- -- you can program -- after ten PDs program what kind of work you're doing the digital music for a running earlier that. But sometimes meal weightlifting is different scenarios of -- -- -- -- get into a rhythm when you're doing something right -- -- running -- -- was something that kind of goes with the -- Your speed and -- in as integrated into jumping rope Metallica was always I thought a good one Schroeder and in the Belgrade to ship those guys are. -- -- line you're on the air welcome to the breaker. Below. The earlier when he got. Below where are so high -- -- -- more desperate sort is that our report Albrecht. Beautiful little practice really now I can see that yes it -- now. -- -- -- The upon today a son he yell fire on Susan did. This is the warmup yup. If -- my goal to make sure it's an. What's this a lovely lady inside. Hillary sea breeze right right right they change that song now crowd around you and name them every time and -- we are valuable to show. They played at sabres games but they would cut right to the guitar -- tonight. It separates -- -- the broader tide nation the call man Joe's got a goodwill by Metallica don't work out to gel. Smuggled to break -- Q what are you got. -- worn. By Metallica. He had -- you would you work out. Armed well not only nine do as a modem. Did you watch anything I doubt they'll just say no just -- target set -- -- and get to an answer. -- portrait or that doesn't count well -- only -- we -- to it's easy to iTunes. You know tiger reassure yup. I've had to me that's did that to me you know it's high energy used to fund you know on I think -- being. Errol Smith you know -- Aerosmith components would definitely be one. Less Margaret is not what Iron Maiden Iron Maiden has a -- run hills like it soon working out too thanks so called joke Tommy -- And it it it is not good news. Up in my cannot nickel package delicately nickel back because accused pretty pretty Canada. I don't understand why people make fun of nickel back Danny might notice. Are there any need to listen there's no arms out similar I mean lie like catch my Granger and mentally -- You have to get to Kid Rock. Always get erratic great work on the death toll is his first album and around on the me now is that these -- we -- to go on everything that's. -- bill it's being the chorus of nickel back like. I'm actually not Ehrlich. So out -- per minute -- and that triggered when you're doing you know when your -- you know directly -- the party I mean you're not ever on each. Hey Lee recently bragging yeah I had 200 -- whatever and are. Yeah I thought I. I am when I'm when I'm drawing to -- -- I only when joy for god on. The biggest and brightest magazine whose courage but it is real and it's here is some nickel bag were a year Danny got zombies gives -- to -- They go back to but I don't know why I just don't like it. All. Com. Guy and a line from one of the stars. Of the fact keys to winning eleven is gone bank. Breakthrough in fact Aggies 20111 of the stars but not the winner no bad joke boy Bruno. It -- to stimulate it doesn't know me from -- yeah. Bear -- pocket trash -- each packet do anything that you -- parity college chronicling her. -- call back -- come to my wife was joyful almost two years. I had an opportunity to work out get out beer in May be. Little bit longer -- her net doles out. Why hope you do do it because to be honest Ed Joseph boy I've known you a long time. And and now and not to poop on your parade but. The you have been I mean even John said you would be the hardest guy because. As he put it it's more relies and one of the things that we noticed that view when you're sure dog there's no fat falls. You're just one big guy. And it looks like it would be really hard and we could see where. If there's not positive feedback -- somebody really working with GM Brian Meehan to be you know keep showing you the benefits. I could see world would be very easy at all three guys I would see you would be the one I would expect to back slide. Well well be human and there's -- that I can really better we're back with you were at army about it. I don't wanna bet I wanna see do it I don't wanna see if fell I really don't man I'd love to see Amy there any on the -- sit here now they in my face and I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy this. In the -- off. I mean I do realize you have already made a phone call I mean that right there of me you must have dropped twenty pounds. There are well hang on now the effect that he did make the phone call is is a positive sign and now he's waiting for a call back while he's got to get the details alone because he can just walk in ranges of well gym bag and go on -- -- start. I didn't call thank you and I. This year with the with -- also let's say you show up where Johnson Ramirez John didn't tell the guys the front desk is this guy gets to work out there. This is -- selling excuses. -- doesn't -- -- right. To do anything this -- and you take a nice long walker here. Don't work you're -- York daily 1215 hours. You know continents -- and -- -- medical I I I we're gonna check in with you by the end of this week and I'm expecting by that time that you've -- To the downtown fitness club at least three times. Well it didn't Google -- -- -- he checked. You need to follow up with a -- need to put your -- as he will give it to you that if you if you. I'll ask our today because I called back too -- night I usually get bigger in the -- about my column this morning. Right before a gathering here to find out that standard architecture of the. No doubt that I was -- Tony any trash taking the Z -- away he awaits you should be inspiration for you for a guy named Kelly meeting is forty years old. He was a former wrestler he weighs 400 pounds. And he's in the Guinness book of world records SCSI -- LA marathon a few weeks ago. Took -- nine hours of 48 minutes and 52 seconds but he did it go 126 miles well it's got inspirational banjo boy to guy about your size. We'll see -- back. To him so he wrote another song for bad -- report. And who doesn't really. We should do a video of these guys were good up to this and saw at all. Sweat and try and all like idea now do -- to -- Motley crews and kick start my heart. No I'm not -- -- gonna tell -- from a body viruses it's -- great big -- friend. Josh. -- -- Our PR Earl NG anything by Tron. Medal final -- -- you never looked strong member told school or school -- is old old school -- -- -- -- -- school us. I know my howl -- -- on. Are gonna break here urinary. Nineties is now old school -- -- eight years ago. They go. Here every hero you know. They have an album release 25 years ago to get the rock and roll hall of fame that's old school -- -- editor Andrew Cuomo blackened late. But some black and Mississippi at old who I wanted John to -- can I do exactly without -- I -- easy to think. But this is from. Prime to a haven't. If you need -- judgment and give you just said it that much motivation to move yeah. You may fail. Because it doesn't work after awhile that because monotonous what's left you somebody chasing -- chains. I I remember when a story you like twenty years ago I -- you Jim I told you. And in people with throw stuff like that on a boom box in the corner and just go crazy list and. Chris let me -- there's not a -- I mean to me that treadmill I do with it should know four days a week. And there is nothing worse than a treadmill it is to me the hardest part of that war to because it's so god damn boring moon that's the motivation factor yeah did you got to see direct threat to get on its its its brutal price -- -- one -- most military is those treadmills. They you know it's tough. Virginia. When he got. Are you kidding me he really are this song by golden earring deeply worried are lonely and a are soon yeah. -- -- -- good I think it's good you're gonna well I think if you're gonna get a treadmill for thirty minutes. With the rhythm of that soon. And if it probably is get. Laid up power house. Virginia and Obama are not sure I work dude -- know what are you want when you listen to this. This language. But. Pro -- many aren't certain matters and demand should I really good shape. It's pretty much perfectly -- your friends. She this year -- -- this on. I'm sure we'll start to slow yeah united build up since they're dual two days and has got you know it does is it goes right it's always been considered every driving -- -- you can't speeding ticket -- her writing girls are the earthquake that has an opinion. When did that seventy. Years of the heart and that. Record tying. Things and that he can't Paul's got our last one here Paul logged into the break group. It's good -- -- timing and the heavy bags. Miles Davis on the corner the whole album don't quit amid all the album. Mowed down a million miles and Gloria yeah I did had that album but I do work out to miles. Salute. Special warrant before you -- freebie yeah. We haven't got yen hit a good rhythm and I'm okay. They -- well this season. Now last night and this -- be good I think Aerosmith could be good oh yeah. How about last night they had the academy country music awards thus -- was country too is you begin to work out to pitcher. Also and -- comes -- Carrie Underwood because she's doing headliner -- And Steven Tyler and they perform a song together from her album. Stevens yeah. Now Steven Tyler. Not people thought they go on American -- -- hurt his career. And I think it helped discourage your gonna get help -- -- you're gonna hurt their career anymore and here comes this so then Stephen and Kerry did walk this way. Don't know it was phenomenal I've been it was when I just happen. She's in the short skirt fall they're -- It's already -- cancer. -- -- when he does like this and she kind of quick -- the last brilliant asks. We kind of played into the creepy guy he's gonna show that way all you know he wants to taste cut off for sixty some years only sounding great 64 years -- -- and all the other -- 64 as a bouncer on the station -- who have good good.

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