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FEMA Coffin Conspiracy

Oct 29, 2012|

Is the government planning to depopulate? A viral Youtube video sets fire to chatter about a conspiracy theory surrounding FEMA coffin liners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Trish in Amarillo 965 W CNET says that guy is one of the best you know -- -- he said when he set the greatest the greatest stars that. He is the greatest guitars -- have the greatest guitarist that would be Stevie Ray -- there's some stuff but she -- is like I like the song. Life by the drop football which is about his meeting alcohol not yet taken you know one step at a time -- -- -- -- -- insurance aren't used to play it. Who -- be nice to tell you can play and performance. Live life by the drop drilling -- viewed as so you're familiar to you -- a twelve string guitar -- do Tommy is all those around me Tommy is subject. He is such a fan receiver -- actually went to see the statue in Austin, Texas are -- getting your -- or the bad origin yup. I have -- and I we off. Right right thought there was a list that came out today over their -- is an annual list of greatest ever to. Greatest guitarists have the greatest guitarists of all time you care -- tasks. It kept happening and they're the guys sort of growth that some -- hit a 994048. Where you can get sexual with a break room WC MF tell lace and tell lace in Randy. Blu rays -- viewers -- does not to forget it Jimmy Johnson G string for their picture. It. Not bitter washed and stomped his feet sit in the car during a game because they were. All four. Well as our coach Lou somebody says. I watched him stomped his feet is in the car during came because they were losing eight year old kids -- role model -- purposes. Losers. Today that was on -- -- messy football arena Randy is going to be doing the book watch out for losing this year. And coaching new groove getting called out by them without a bit foreign players and -- sixty books we know now I know you're out. -- guitar world was a guitar world's most of -- -- yes Eddie Van Halen was -- rated number while he's usually is but did Stevie -- make the list yes honesty very want to make the list trying to scroll down to find the odd. You -- he came in at number eight believe it or not yet focused. Brian may from queen number two -- -- -- Alex license from -- number Jeffrey Jimi Hendrix for Joseph sentry on a 53 Hendricks is -- to these rockets are so yeah guitars all area rockets are Ontario we have to approach put that aren't there -- and I'll tell -- lot. If Brad Paisley is not on that list. In the top 100 of all time. The mistake he has almost didn't -- -- -- -- he's really I don't know that he's -- -- no estimate -- You know electric guitar player you'll never find any on any list and a top tennis Tom moral outrage against in the gym because he can do crazy tricks with the guitar -- Do you it was -- done its Rage Against The Machine or they were kind of conspiracy theories they still are loyal to their raging against his mission told Paul Ryan basically -- huge fan Rage Against The Machine Tom Morello said yeah you're exactly what we're raging against. Tom Bryant. It Paul Ryan yeah -- We had talked about. ADHD medication and to but some doctors prescribing it to students in poor school districts and even though they may not need a program just that is it gives them a fighting chance. To concentrate get better and net as the costs as the commerce season progressed. The next -- we find out that now some medications. They're putting a tracking device on the bottles. To make sure that it's going to where it said its most we go -- on it we don't necessarily believe that this is happening. But we did find out if you get a controlled substance. When you go back -- your doctor for a refill sometimes they make you take a year and it has -- -- to make sure that you indeed are taking it may not selling it to other people. So there is this thing that the government's watching us. Mirror and now there's a theory that's a bounding out there called the deep population theory that her and it's gaining traction again because back in 2002. Some guy was driving through Georgia. Any goes past a soybean field -- -- sees all these stacked up black containers for non. And many finds out that the former -- his fear is a threat to his -- to the government. To store. Caskets. Caskets. Well. That's what they're saying -- -- and they were calling FEMA caskets. For like Katrina and so my hair yeah but there but really what -- -- and so what they are prime. As it turns album people believe that the government has so this is. Conspiring to deep population in some fashion that you wouldn't really be aware of and that they'll be running on these bodies is only these castles and there's pictures and even -- yet many are trying to. Videos and they keep it came out initially 2008 and then -- resurfaced in January hard -- size jerk in Georgia stacked a bunch of caskets -- I can't pull a move well here's what. Here's what -- and it's not real caskets it's on it's I didn't like. Boxers that there yet but turned up again they look like giant storage bins and put their deep. And they could fit a body burned in there about seven feet long maybe eighteen moderates and they're pretty -- -- -- matters a country what I believe they really are our. Our grave liners. Brown four cemetery caskets. For caskets would go see you did did they dig out the hole for one reason. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how deep can you dig in Florida pretending. To -- authority Canon Georgia okay. So you can't dig too deep in Florida and Georgia may be deeper New York seemingly deep perched. But once you start stacking amend their we don't dig these graves by shovel anymore. Payback her -- back conference so what do you do when you're rolling a tractor over there and most of these in most places are not going six feet. So they need something because when the rolling over there to call other coffins are -- -- Because it's collapsing down so now if they put a liner to casket in the line -- and then the -- -- government Carol I mean it's -- make any sense I have no idea is solid. -- -- -- -- -- that night that dads to conspiracy. And and believe either I mean there's -- -- guilt or another cremation -- I believe that relations are true -- you gotta see this it is a field. And the picture is just like Rosa -- first you look at -- -- those. -- bodies discussed that today high enough to look like -- But the but they -- six bodies you're gonna do a mass grave that's what people think that the can be conspiracy -- maybe six bodies. And also there are more more farmers were allowing everybody -- -- need to shovel over there -- more more farmers but disease see that's the thing that I won you know and his car -- music could be for a play -- and -- cellular but the bodies mass graves in size it's energized and there's days -- tell -- signs -- -- -- -- signs on some of these caskets. All of -- and I don't know but that's why people believe that this could be there there's more than meets CIA saying nothing to -- the united. Crucial to the same people or up in arms about it man I'm nervous I mean I heard is people are up in arms about it. -- Insists this is deep population Syria believes his Bill Gates is the mastermind behind -- towards the -- population theory -- disarm. We'll see we'll get to that the -- -- -- -- -- what I wanna say about this Jim. I watched the -- on the -- all based Ursula. You -- more like -- I watched that those are just one. One wrong caught the guy about it you're like yeah there's short bet for a bite people see. It. A lot and they are just happened. We're -- highly doubt about it. And -- you hold this for like the next big disaster. Yes he can go to ball try very why I'm. Sure it up. People always allowed to blow up the outlet there were put forth by. Top -- And you know super -- all think you know everything else. -- I don't you think people and. Yeah it sixers have you stomp on them and how the only over packets who can make it there except -- Yeah. Yeah I didn't necessarily innocent -- dead babies and against -- Some all holders of the population reduction theory believe that aids. And even the 2009. Swine Flu outbreak we're actually creating this -- this to reduce the human population. It's also theorized. They global warming has been used as an alibi to promote deep populated in the planet. Darren -- rural and and a Spain CH and of this deep population varies. From being various unconnected different groups who would like to see the world be populated two groups such as the United Nations. Force part of the new world order. Rather new world order and WL French -- -- does eight guys and an island a controller and I theorize motives includes your people to control. Thank contest the only class. Environmentally two -- senators extremists -- in tropic stances and the fact that fewer people would. He'd be able to get a larger share of the world's resources for themselves by the way -- when these things like cut conspiracy theories pop up what -- you go to dispel them. I don't because I don't believe them Stults. Wake up guys ourselves about these. Texan 99 way to go guys we've got guys it's true true all capitals where they say resources are running out Tommy yes I agree with that. We are. They're called strong boxes. Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theory show on true TV did an episode on this two years ago on the government demanded they never show it -- Dan. -- yeah. Did and so open. Well I tell you. It's not well just even juror. -- Hillary -- but it is always -- states uses there newsletter. Text in a 99404. All they need to do is -- McDonald's one day and thousands would be dead. Brochure. When you could just dump and and a couple of reservoir. What do you think Roger. -- older computers hurt less secure if there was a -- What biological we get you know buried by its best about this -- spreading. Just stop you are split in America that cleaned up quick big slogan that it all the spread out its problems are. Isn't as scary an audio. All AME I mean I think you're probably right I don't think there's a deep population theory -- government may be getting prepared and rented -- a farmer's field because they have so many. -- -- money and did it he might like that kind of scary prospect Demi. Seriously there's no reason to be used as a scary prospect excited about when they start by who I'm just saying don't Bonnie. They're not just Georgia for the man who brought by at all. Yeah I mean they probably an hour when we have Boise last week. But I don't he wait I'm not saying league look good just look at disorders and their -- -- getting prepared for the worst yes I expect the best prepare for the worst the -- There -- wanna think because no other country Iran has the capabilities that we have. That's my point. -- most say he better be careful and -- it's a bomb. And I. The Japanese what are you didn't know that it didn't understand what people out -- you're. -- the Japanese subway how many people died. This and what I know how many people died Alibaba now I'd like. But reading it in and -- him again. Are that the people are affected by so I don't think the Japanese government needed a field. Field. Body bags controlled well I don't have it and -- president visiting dare -- is there Sanjaya you -- I mean I always like -- -- -- on video -- I -- pictures -- pictures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think your body back out. Yeah because it was a goddamn war going on my liver and everything they have to -- it's. Are are you. Weeks and indeed spread some kind of disease. Thousand people were dying we don't want to spread its boom into the box and -- -- to the by a relay boxes to their men in black release of the only reason why these people get out there had to be lies is that they do not know about it. We never find out what we -- right. He scared off tonight Roger. Thank you be careful -- -- -- -- their -- you be careful because in my future head in the -- now did you hadn't -- I -- visitors -- fifty. Whatever you can never run out of Baghdad dancing -- coming to -- -- you what's gonna happen but no I'm coming to an end. And that's all I care about and -- -- just send -- to emulate. This period job -- -- just doesn't -- people are miserable because they're worried about this stuff that never happens. They're gonna get the greater your baby you know it's an -- tracking -- pills there's a body bags that are in the fields are waiting for these guys in B Sidney with there. Water. There and all there's things like that guy in Henrietta we talk to you don't think you're gonna have been nothing goods that wanna hang out there guys that -- the the bigger break 965 WC MS.

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