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Coach Muley Breaks The News to The Cougar

Oct 30, 2012|

Brian's Dad asked for Coach Muley to help him break the news to Brian's Mother about his cougar girlfriend. Coach Muley decides to break the news to Sharon the Cougar instead!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got breaking news with coach muy. Earlier this week got a call from a guy who says his nineteen year old son it's a sophomore in the local college. And he started dating one woman he met on campus. -- found out the father found out that that woman happens to be 39. He used his stepson is nineteen. The dad and -- to had a kid when he was young and never married the kid's mom. And the mom is thirtieth. In the kids said he was gonna have his girlfriend over to his mother's house it's mothers remarried or married. It was gonna have the girl's turn over to demolish us for Thanksgiving. And no intention of revealing ahead of time that she was 39. And the father big surprise father called zany thought -- -- he's been Harvard on the key got to fall all up to this. Or at least tell give a heads up before Thanksgiving -- -- gonna -- it for everybody make an uncomfortably for your girlfriend if you care about -- right to do. So. He -- coach merely to call his son. And kind of pressure. And we kicked around in the room and civil we'd rather -- call the mom. -- the 39 year old -- -- hadn't talked to the adults than yesterday when we talked to coach merely. Coach really said yes let's. Talk to the growth. And so and that is what -- rest -- coach really good guy coach really can't call her out of both pedal file. A -- file at a hundred diggers see you -- -- out of your -- it's 39 and he's nineteen and that age spread and and kids just a child of low block. And and also the fact that he wasn't revealing anything and that. You know Thanksgiving would be uncomfortable so here is breaking news with coach merely a 965. WC -- Have shares of coach ameliorate Dylan there's sugar. We. Need to remember me from double there. Let let me in less food. It's. Okay. Shares of coach really do we get disconnected their hunting. I know we did or what do when you BO -- sort of done hang up on the coast like -- get -- coach like -- for Detroit was saying hey. I. Thought well you see is a love video so must of Albanians. Exciting game I got a look just a judgment is in the flow of Manama obese gives up stopping and kids. -- Well -- didn't turns. That. Do you know this drill and you know a brand. You know let your gesture to make. A familiar. -- -- -- -- -- -- This yesterday and -- -- what is called the whole thing is to meet with my boyfriend and a lot of talk here. Well this just so much that he's you more -- and is that he knew her. Engage in is sick of practice is wouldn't shut around and then. That is what most Christians would go pedal -- yeah. They are you bring an end and I understand. That -- go into -- into this child's. Danish given scores -- there who -- you using older than his mama. And is don't cause quite a felony arrest in. I'm just stay here to tell you had to listen man I -- anyone has second thoughts about touching kids and number economic -- Thanksgiving I'm. Here it's pretty good sense and the yeah yeah -- immediately -- in any. Well I mean the truth hurts sometimes a sometimes you -- here and I mean. I mean do you don't shift sonic kind of awkward that you don't -- attention given. -- you older than a mama and then now mom this child and we shouldn't there indicating table a year you don't need -- -- -- Thanksgiving on to -- the kiddie table. Mark one year older than his mother. Who didn't until she actually I'm in action figure. Just sounds creepy. And you don't have to see him with all the cousins are dead little table with -- tree on an all of the stuff to make an -- he. Scheduled to happen. Yes. Are you proud are you prepared to let you get this -- I don't know you can't tell. Garland. I don't think he's -- thank goodness drew have you met his -- -- -- -- -- I carried it. -- -- hasn't any -- -- mama and you manage day and known to you like as you know he is Shannon. And I don't show up solicit and on a holy day of Thanksgiving. Jesus dress and all -- -- and give us and everything and you don't ruin the whole Vietnam holiday. The market may be at thirteen chulk. You can't -- this big bodies that. Ball but they don't bring it don't they bring in old golden told times and of the recent -- -- they nailed kids bad names to didn't have a -- order to figure out what the birthday it looks. I don't accidentally didn't they only do was scratch all the harassing them cave man draws. It was either -- the turkeys are. If you look at the political climate. What year did you run a deal virgin Mary I'm just saying issue an. Apologies is a decent around mount to Darlington you sentence then a whole thing is. We can't you find somebody domains to. -- You know what I don't appreciate you talking to me I want -- -- eighty underwear which. -- -- Completely different. Men and six actual -- and they need to feed it into your actual quality is. I hate to use land on them but I think he's a -- and -- mania could have left them. Any secret language. Actually -- to these dirty language but yeah. Process. At this not harassment dollars helpful. I typical situation. -- -- you need to go down to the bar -- -- live go down -- major she hang out have found somebody donation -- beat touching children it's his seat in. -- your opinion doctor do you know you're also been cut because. Saw him. Because -- is an -- anything let's. -- -- -- I think these kids embarrassed to prove that he's walking there was somebody's grandma -- I don't share and grandma. House tonight you -- new annual room somebody else. You or even what not not so hurting and you know. Shielding these mayor and Jesus and -- some kind of assumption on your vagina decision just destroy mission now mayor. And it took transcendent. Well I think goes I think -- dollars in bad news bad bad news and he'll break up the family. Dizzy all you know -- still have an -- put a strap between you and that kids mama. Did you say you know this can and oil. Concern on the amnesty -- And an outdoor. But just kind of let us submitted to the effect and it's not my business don't solve your biggest problem right now which is your kid to -- -- And you don't really can't -- a art how have you hung -- his Q have you hung out would juniors abilities. We played -- jam packed and Blake couldn. Would you do you journal radiology China goes back look I'm trying to understand you -- now. Can you get an old anyone really be used. Yes is getting mail cheesy and -- in the old high school -- -- the -- and our -- and you think Leno may be a pumped his kid. I don't feel cooling get a clear look foolish. You know his friends is a laugh from behind his -- when he shows up little soccer mama too much. He -- charming you know. Little did southerners are charming and I don't know for sure. -- -- there you go to figure a second language and on on understand. It I don't understand and great leaders like associations. I'm facetious and I know. Do the government and local execution so that he told him I can understand. The president's on this is saying and I tell you what he didn't and kids that's all I'm saying a moment ago. Yeah okay thank about it. Wow this coach really room talking to. The girlfriend of a nineteen year old sophomore grab -- -- 39 years old. So this is a kid tortured sees room and she's a number so I kept saying now. Brian is trying to give them back at me and I'm just one way to get back I get they may -- get away from but she saw him up. She's she seemed familiar -- And you know like there's surpassed their some I don't know that I've no idea but just did it look like there would be -- yes or my hedged on whether there isn't news right. But I -- there is every Thursday around this time we break news was coach merely means and that is the breaking news for today we will take a break. The break room is on 965 WC a -- we'll do it next.

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