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Rochester's Classic Rock
965WCMF: Why do The @RollingStones keep touring, some people wonder aloud? Exhibit A- They've grossed $360 million since 2012. http://t.co/vONt7NHF2c

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  1. 6-26 Creep cap double


    Fri, 26 Jun 2015

    Tommy being extra creepy with double the creep cap this week.

    campbell's soup found at 0:52

    high places yet in the middle of it there's a moment sexual. Campbell's soup from our enemies Turkey producer line cabbies and producer Laurie but I'm. And im pretty bird. Had a willingness to lose some
  2. 6-25 Taken by a hot chick


    Thu, 25 Jun 2015

    The hot chicks are the ones who can get away with a crime.

    hot chicks found at 4:26, 7:29

    in this business we have sales where immigrant sentiment and all the hot chicks do really well like they are using your top sellers and join. Will be the attractive check it shall crush. Over the even reduce a guy can buses as a sales that she blocks and she's get the business and I understand it because we're talking tens of thousands of dollars that are just so cool she's pretty you'll lose two or yellow Politico had a adds to the to the overall sales pitch I do you if you're getting a sales but you'd like it a an attractive vehicle to deliver that sales betrayed. That's
    a object to a critical what do you think all bartenders are hot chicks for the most part you never see like they're young attractive girl's. CIA I'm never understood that the smaller zero of people
  3. Regretful Celebrity Endorsements


    Tue, 23 Jun 2015

    The Break Room - When you're so famous, you can suck at your job and still get paid for it

    bill cosby found at 6:09

    with a Burton Burton get. Yeah. Okay. And despite. The fact that Bill Cosby had endorsed Joseph the for a decade. Yeah word was that gel those numbers to hit after Bill Cosby was a Q bottles does that association for the grammys so maybe he was the face of general Barrett. Nightmare amid those
  4. Tommy country song


    Fri, 19 Jun 2015

    Tommy inspired a country album and we have the exclusive preview right here.

    listening pleasure found at 0:39

    circle we got commercially to celebrate near. Tommy knew lay knows his country music so it's only fitting that a novel dedicated to the classic so immune lake country is available now for your listening pleasure . Classics like he's an. Call smog grind and home pumped messing it up the Malone. All of. He raised me rags. You tell me how to read. Hank. He should she will baseball game . She'll be denied its. We now wall DN. She dirty is seen. I said ma. And mop the wrong but if you

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