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Nov 27, 2012|

Levi Karlsen died four years ago at the young age of 23. Come to find out, his father, Karl, had taken an insurance policy out on Levi, four days before the young man was crushed while fixing a car. Coincidence? We ask his friend, Matthew.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday and big news even again -- -- his story was Karl karlson Romulus. -- is in charge of second degree murder for the death of his son for years ago. Now his son died at ten under a car was at the house working on the car they have what look like a fairly big spread in the barn burner right. And apparently they bought that with the money they came from on insurance settlement. After his wife died in 1991 and a fire around California. And somehow -- -- Carl was able to get the three children out including Levi room. And collected 200000 dollar insurance settlement. And bought this place in Romulus. And now. Four years ago 2008 his son died. Pinned under car. And Carl has picked up and arrested now for that. Because they found out and there's a drug days before he took out significant life insurance on his son. And that his son dies. It's just mean we think about that it's hard to wrap your head around especially if you're -- -- they would kill your kid know the kids playing their suffering is probably did your ideas and we demand. It's so they did very stress cold blooded -- it seems that this man has a pattern of this someone else and call us and said. That they had horses had insurance on it. -- how to fire -- dies at 50000 dollar in itself. Matthew was a friend of Levi's tell how long you know Levi Matthew all your life. Pretty much yeah. What a good friend of my sister saw quite sure. There's that one way you look at -- that's -- -- how good -- Nickelodeon's. He had some dispute with the can beat without. But if he would put the credit creatively. Still OK so so he's a little older than him. So when he died did anybody have their suspicions. Oh definitely you couldn't -- because it. You know -- I was very good with trucks and everything like that I had an even bigger Whiting used all the old crock of you know also seeing a little -- -- -- but. You know now curator at the ballot but you also live in a country where you're innocent until proven guilty so I don't really know -- back. Yeah no that's OK I mean it's a hard thing to go from. Father son disuse they think -- that the father killed the son you're saying you felt like -- mandated from the get go. I'm not -- and attitude. -- -- -- So let's -- officially -- -- would be -- outside and just normal -- fathers and sons argue what he's saying is this kid Levi there was a good mechanic who worked on trucks a lot and that normally see this wouldn't happen. Why didn't he do whatever safety precautions needed he always did it and so that's why I was fishing on the real mandate of the sultan wasn't bad enough that but they just deemed it an accident. Right and -- -- had a blackout that was the fight with his old man. When he was a kid when he would move down into your house. Not really sure it is news that -- either heaven and the troubles like anybody could have been it has on the lookout for a couple months been. I think -- amendment used the really -- hit. And -- many move back in when his dad again. Man so how what how what do your parents saying about this. They're shout just like if it's. I think the Russell Allen is that it is like -- report we don't really know the truth and in everybody's innocent until proven guilty. So we just -- bigger picture is behind everything -- Know a lot of things -- not to say that this guy though seem to have a pattern of this. Having never as a lot of our ability go to -- The argument be OK but yeah. Got to figure out the period. -- you spent time army met the father you talk to him probably in Hong. Aren't going to had a couple comments sixty apparently -- -- tonight guys. And it was pretty decent dude pretty decent ever via. What did you. Who did he ever talk about Levi who died in 2008. And now they're saying his dad is responsible for setting up they have the code fall on them. Did they ever did he ever talk about the fire when he was a little boy in in the early ninety's when he moved to California. Right did mention that he. Welcome that -- had nightmares about it how he -- here's what they're screaming yeah well half kilo of pure heart. Here ruinous. Cost that's the worst they've Roman went the other siblings he's -- to their -- drink yet. Who are they older or younger. Are very they're younger so they still live there. -- sort of -- looked at his kids like investments like I'll kill us on down there and run and among -- kill this month. I don't around morneau killed us on a mile is known to be methodically thought of his children is actually. The for a one KOA -- cash in on an insurance policy when he ran out of money that's exactly what he did to this kid yet how early tenth through cash. Who is I always clearances are Andy's anti Arab money right where his room these kids. -- 23. He was 23 Levi was 23 when he died. -- so I you can and now I know now you can see in your parents insurance until you're 253626. And someone and I don't know if that was the thing back let's go to hoosiers were dug in life insurer was different so can anybody have life insurance and anybody. I don't know I don't either with your kid I don't both the my total being like -- was you get into an age. More I couldn't have been on many more -- the combined annual when a slight interest you pay for its premiums you pay at desk for. Weird. I mean second monsters and a cold blooded monster in your neighborhood. And his small little town -- and admits that Belichick a bus that little town -- auto -- looks. Fairly. For more remote and rural and very close -- Matthew what most people in Romulus do for a living a lot of them farmers. Yes a lot of army and now we have the state there's enough there's a little out of prison -- OK so let's -- what is your family do. My dad did wolf state prison yard and my mom registered nurse from the state. A case she would go into the jail and the deals to -- yet. My mom were set up. They're here. Okay. A home that's wow that is NA and it's got to be kind of weird for. Everybody especially your sister how -- deal with the since they were so close. And she and Levi go the boy was killed by -- allegedly killed by his father Karl karlson. By and get a bigger topic is or year anniversary of everything she's still very quick is about 82 what do you anniversaries. He anniversary what kind of whatever audience get out today that's when the incident happened. We found out the news was ordered -- after the anniversary. What wow. Didn't mean. That I can't be honest and it is and he's in jail now. Boris BO -- custody -- does -- -- and have you met the step mom and stuff. Eight better served briefly at the calling hours. Chad or a piece of work. Want to weird right comes and Lois is gonna wish you liked communities is a murder of an issue that would does do my exactly tackle bloody kill the horses the story and it was a she put -- -- who together. -- I mean do you remember the fire that killed their horses. Yeah I remember that because. But I can't numbers -- -- volunteer fire department and local community and I -- quicker in the call and the distress. Okay night -- Matthew thank you for talking to -- Matthew actually had Levi Carlson live with him. -- on a fight with his Danny -- -- that Matthew's house in Romulus for a little while warning was a teenager. And his sister was really good friends in this kid was sort of like an old brother to you. Gases is going to be tough man. Says you -- if you're every day and there's no it -- -- -- -- -- time thanks for talking to -- Matthew. -- Racial Randy had some interaction with the dad with Carl Paulson. Only six something I don't know Randi what's your interaction without Karl karlson. Well we actually out of the bush order we sort of treat your current little -- The last year -- -- -- -- -- here multiple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a major record committee yesterday say -- here Bob Bob Bob Bob -- reaching yet we sort of entry -- this year. Did he take cash or how the deal. I don't know I didn't ask much but it -- at the bit that there are what are policy you -- a real step Teresa there was. He told me he restore -- -- prosecute. Indians nobody was. Again as a distraction when I don't know any money that the last your -- three new cars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was at -- but I don't want I don't think he got them money isn't like it was a -- of an investigation into earlier payment you -- maybe they pay them. I've noticed that created this chick to chick multi did receive yeah I enjoy all -- -- all right and then somebody found that. I'll never let my German and I mean it's clear million dollars. Whoever's got a million -- I had big is a million bucks in for me to seek. Your death. Mean it's enough for me. -- I'm saying like and I was gonna do it ranked. That would have to be like ten million dollar -- gonna get caught it. Try to get caught trying to hit a big story Denham mediums on how to disguise it got away with bare walls who. 230. Horse he's got that touched that's amazing they should almost study this dude. Make he was a sociopath rush to find out why a site that. Night racing Randi thank you -- -- -- -- and -- some of them bringing its nuts Mary our UN MCC now. Are you a student there or do you just a teacher and educator -- I'm a student and actually get a lot clad leg and it. -- -- -- A candidate site and see seasonally do watches and CIS and then. Well. It is it a bit -- but there. What do you know about insurance and -- that says they -- inside info on insurance. Well I didn't progress and -- actually explained very. And Sherri Clark take on anybody because that would be content gambling -- you can put when he got somebody you know it. Go you know it if you have a trial period -- and -- -- and it's. Yes. And actually. Dig -- out and it's the money is why you. You crowd I get asked -- how XP -- -- pecuniary. Interest. Or with the movement where bloated and potentially a cracked that I will cover are very popular query out. Out of anything she -- and not doing it's. It's good news and and do you militant. Well they're prepared for practice -- have a contract so. There are are they it's. Here carried interest is where you look at who invested time and energy and my cool your personal life your cantaloupe. Jim I know I did not help his step kids in my DN Wal-Mart. -- -- policy where they. Actually take outright control our feet and Eric already is my son Jimmy and I bet it's. That they felt they can damage your interest in an individual in order to pick out -- culture. She is so you can take it on in your kid or a loved one. Morale to have somebody to entertain to take care of and it is all tell you made this call so that you get three credits for this phone I think the issue now. Nice job married yes you explained it well I think. That is why now and you know -- Sometimes takes the call bill doesn't -- guide trends that we know or keep to it pretty you're. He's -- -- Saturday that the Chris I don't know ladders with power tools definitely falls into I don't know if it's. Called a trend trend to scam no that the chairman and from the insurance and we'll take a break -- The 2226 thousands -- phone number for them the break room is on 965 WC MF.

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