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No End In Sight

Nov 27, 2012|

Yes, that's a Foreigner greatest hits collection. It's also the state of the NHL Lockout. And, like Foreigner, there's a local guy serving The Break Room as a mouthpiece. Greece native and Montreal Canadiens captain, Brian Gionta tells us all about it.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very nice guy who's also the captain of the Montreal Canadians to the National Hockey League you know he's visited him second. American born captain of the Canadians and its first soul. American born captain usually sometimes is are you -- cool to -- -- Chris Chelios was a co captain with. After I get an even for now studies say guy's last name DT -- little knowledge G -- -- Karen I'll thank you PI goes by the nickname. GO browser Gionta. Some of his teammates calm the Rochester rockets for natural used to but only -- for sure and and his name is Brian good morning Brian for. I -- good how -- you -- up there. You know well. -- you're ready for the right back pew -- structure is only doing home loan is non. It's a real cute I got him to take you -- I'm not the usual that is the most time he's an odds in your career. We all went studio so we're also all year. All alone and -- -- -- that a third lockout since 1994. I get the impression and ending this may be wrong and take it from the media always take anything the media says they chickens -- And -- and how informative the players about the talks between the NHL players' association and Gary Bettman the NHL commissioner. When it comes to listed are the players well informed and they kind of kept in the dark. We know certain mandate. In -- oral fire there in a -- -- There is no information stream certain hole. -- communication between the director. You know. You meet you with your negotiating committee and ask lets you. And guys and so let -- majority of membership are a lot of other stuff intermediate route and this time. -- operas called every couple days. Without. -- got all -- we just update Contra. I'll -- electronics that's great that's great they're certainly more so much more. Are we really appreciate it security -- on your partner. He. The season to destroy because it seems so long well. You know and then -- it hadn't -- extreme dog bit. It's also know whether -- in November you all nobody wanted not be quite birthday so last time I think it like February. Our plane in this fishbowl of fish -- of any sport I can think of you're the captain of the Montreal Canadians weren't and artists can so what are the people that know you can measure of shoots a liberty up there. When it's the man in the street plague approaching you giving you the finger -- you with the our risk that you didn't. Included in the Baghdad. You know that most people. Jeter -- I don't know what's going -- -- got there yet the people on Twitter that are. I've been under -- and you know the center. Really there yet again sure bring it on what is there are just let go applauds and Brian Gionta who is the captain of the Montreal Canadians talking lockout year -- I said the constantly and especially to the bills players. How do you handle that now in today's world Brian you've got more access to celebrities that -- -- four -- you're young star that's I mean. So people who as you said hide behind Twitter. How audience laughed that off is it hard to do. We -- bring I regarded period last year story of man. In Benton. Waited so long but it basically Saddam treated. Got a copy a lot of that stuff that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- these are pretty cool and everybody and everybody. Back you know people are definitely some people -- side of the border players' side and get it be okay. It's an industry regardless scored -- you know you're beyond our side are you want but these are popular. People will find other ways you. Can do other people wrote you know maybe it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Playing -- the way you do it. You get killed -- I've had a beer -- used in the corridor line guys and. Oh -- the other people that they don't know our order we're all very continent are being very very. If anybody you know when -- -- -- -- There into canceling games in December now the winter classic is done what was -- going to be lecture in which -- class I don't know -- who was there would gladly Miami under certain. -- -- -- All the red wings. Yeah I'll be -- was -- those reruns Blackhawks is going to be in Michigan stadium the big house variation in a 100000 people -- and it's pretty cool. But today the winter classics on the game since December now are canceled for the NHL. What does your gut say Brian -- about returning this season. -- thank god different double. Let a lot of crime and there -- they were or didn't at this very popular governor but don't -- Would support it it bit bigger game -- And it labor -- you know -- -- opposite and they go out -- I forget about it. Yeah I thought it was at this point. -- -- -- I'm -- -- would you like to say would be thirty you. This -- for bravely sharing. Yes -- will do will. It help team this year the local market into trouble. To compete or that. -- can ferret out. Yeah Tom. The biggest thing and it -- what would have been patent it was then yeah. OF they want to -- -- into that you can't we just fine. And we've we've put forward and hit it but it basically. Getting to point and how you do it. Other reporters just dropped it depicted. By in the sit in my old architect and a little bit. So I'll use that federal percent. Popular player here and then used it projected growth what you're spending and very ever present so -- commute your salary but it 14%. See that -- all salaries off contract at salaries are cut by 14% -- designer -- -- time India Don -- if we don't be 5050. Hey take a record I just think about that now I always say this -- we all rise toward next level abroad and no matter how much money he got he might be the children his skates while I -- I know it's hard to do because Wendell with the salaries -- -- bad -- on the other side. They give your own salaries cut by 14%. That's a big two -- That's a big chunk. And so that's kind of the you'd rather -- BA grads. And he was he so we'd ordered that actually told you goal kicker but that's -- The eagle from. Seven to stick it sport down -- -- -- and and it states you don't go so I'll be likely that didn't get that money through escrow so here. Date they all. You know the last seven years they've got their money growth spurt. This year and it's. You know where competition 5% 6% from Ukraine and nobody here about that either don't do your salary and and you yes. Are there to protect the reverend -- -- -- -- -- -- you know take bird bird -- Gary Bettman the NHL players. NHL commissioner excuse me. Is is asking him for like a two week break in talks. Soledad that's still going on Saturday. I'll Albania. They met. And what they weren't that it met them Monday and they've -- third hour period -- go very well. And then and then. Integrated you all that is that is if they don't because orchestrating the super must etiquette that you are not -- talk. This is gonna enough for their immediate and -- I'll just do and what happened Wear -- 300. Auto loan amount currently well what is a I know that -- Brian -- the Montreal Canadians and also of -- are coming back for Thanksgiving was a family Thanksgiving tradition in the -- households. I don't know I have been they're playing you know here between -- -- grow broccoli. Islanders plus this is giving them you you really couldn't do. And already. It's like got it somewhere else. Mohammed and it's. The stats actually I isn't sibling rivalry right there yes. You -- -- that little road -- a solid. A -- I hope you enjoy the time you Stanley do you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving as well when you're up top. No we don't -- that Obama did better. It's a welcome school where I yeah that's an I didn't know if you want to somebody's house of their maybe another player who observes senator Dick yeah. Canadian very satisfactory standard but we. -- don't really give him greater. Yes I well I going to be interest you see how this all shakes out talks again today with the only. Well we've paperwork Elton. Booted back cannot able to. -- night Brian -- safe travels. And having Thanksgiving. There.

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