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"Barrels Babs, Part I"

Dec 3, 2012|

They've found the gun-toting grandma in Webster.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Barbara Cody who looks like she'd rather curl up with a good book yes -- hot mug -- cocoa under an Afghan colors you choose this is -- She's ready and if she is yellow off his shadow and Alex she looks pretty busted I would not expect her to go on to the NASA has a job. That seemed to be pushed to do. Well account manager and sales and LT rental from what I can finally got that would join in -- in the -- -- -- -- -- from those guys yeah I'm pretty sure she's an account manager there dam is now she's a -- -- Annie get -- -- I'll learn what she is about color under the visible but did show and I looked up on FaceBook. Apparently if your Peggy in -- McKay if you know -- McKay -- you know location where her friend. I'll -- William -- medicine like Super Bowl leave it there and some take the bad said. Dads are taking head into the casino industry against Barbara Cody has cleaned her FaceBook page are pretty good now here are Cody. Is accused of an attempted armed robbery -- burger florists around 5:30 Saturday evening the local florists -- Webster -- on north avenue and she had already -- the marks pizzeria earlier in the week that's right up on main street they are right around a corner him. Yeah and and ran down -- street is a Pizza -- my mind how Saturday night empire boulevard Pizza Hut. It's doing in there and to guy gave her money and then ran out to Applebee's Tacoma and by the way. If I'm Robin places Deborah Graham brought that will be dealt well this is somewhat deteriorated that joint custody gone to places that made her fat -- Now she's 100 -- 300. Why can't I can't think you like about who's gonna rob places in Webster yup those of these three places I wouldn't go to. And maybe that's why she went to demand that who's gonna think I don't know -- she thinks outside the bubble goes with the with the story. Because I -- -- good at my theory was could be places that may Arafat and then go and out of anger a place that she never got anything from flowers Cheryl cook Carly have broken hearted woman. The one you -- Jerry Buss and obviously since she's on hard times. Well desperate when it's weird Tommy because this one -- -- -- during an -- before -- Now she's just crazy as grinning she looks like mrs. doubtfire shoes I guess we old lady thank you it was -- -- came on the TV last that I could stop Laphen. Thank you look at this panel said broad she just seems like yeah -- thought -- she's every 55 year old woman like if you are gonna draw a -- route 55 year old woman that's it. And I -- this is first of all this kind of a crime. Usually is not a woman now armed robbery that usually anonymous if these this is some balls he -- it doesn't make you wonder shopper men's. Well I'll let let let's let's take it this I look at it if you asked why should you -- picture tonight a what do you think this woman likes to deal. I'm taken retailers -- -- -- emit few cats a -- she may be on through but. The changes will not okay to mess plus OK -- You will make. You're in for a little ride you have you have no idea -- face to talk to my Brothers. OK okay because it may have fun ride for you America because of -- Women go bet she is it on you. And it turns on a dime. And trust me. He'll be a day when nothing you do is right and -- -- that she could do about it because it's like a chemical in our inside them rent those effects she made. But it's also in your head yes you know let's she email that the mental -- Okay. She had the hot flash I was wondering what a lot of titles less bad so hot books over the summer. All out the whole trilogy fifty shades as -- -- of course. So if that was making people's sex lives better review board inspired by the book could she be reading something. That inspired her to go and do that -- sex to go to armed robbery. And on the same sex armed -- -- or not just saying she's reading some other book about -- grown in just like the book those books is -- people have more sex could there be some book out there that she's pretty that we don't know fifty shades -- -- and I guess I have I have no idea here's the manager of -- pizzeria is a real short -- and -- her name is Natalie home. For him and Natalie said us. -- -- -- Prevent now you are held up the -- has -- knocked out. I was held up and knocked out but by a guy named but this guy did a lot of -- to -- -- -- -- and loads of debt but the guy -- this then help me out. Look like a guy that would hold you up. At least he fit the character but it would be worse. To be different to may have I was held up by that broad remain bright that would be shocking -- and I see sweet old lady reach into worldly person would data. These you know you think you see stuff sometimes we have Blake if you go through haunted house or whatever the scenario of using it has a much scarier. Is there a possibility comes in holy mass in that putting on -- all the -- she comes is that long gun -- -- you're not really looking at a see in the gun and you can't I don't know my mouth. But how about this now this poor lady this poor girl as managers curable ladies. She seasonal lady and she goes tonight and I feel like we see like two or three black guys CA Eudora Wachovia pfennigs seat Michigan she probably does it every criticism -- digital products and except that. Just got to bingo halls here's Kathy mills TNT which you Kathy is a cull older. Of Attleboro a martyr florist. The last owner was the last one out of the building and what you got to the back parking lot the woman appeared with a gun from. He's so funny is is hysterical lies traced a -- you know she could have hard time in three armed robberies yes. Mansion she's going away. And it makes you like YOK we got away with it the first time I think you're desperate for cash. But such a muscle Enron either she's embezzling -- bad someone who knows. She goes to the Pizza Hut right that was a week ago I had heard that anybody really heard about that pizza tonight in Iran now you know an armed robbery at a okay. So that that's who was she gets away with that now you decide to go -- two more -- did you get do you -- you cal learned now and he got away that was -- I also wonder is there a bit of an addiction to look. Does this woman look like she had an exciting life now. Not at all and I don't mean to technology looks like is said Panetta said person but just very small hey just a mall I'm not very stabilize get great cookie recipes right. The -- and excite nothing now exciting and you think that's an up -- into downs is steady -- makes you wonder. I'm one average -- with the menopause. I think she's Benjamin had a flash but enough plus is she management had a little sand in our cars. Here is on that set -- Natalie and Kathy mills Natalie again is the marks pizzeria manager who was held up by Barbara Cody. Release are -- extremely happy and feels that he knows his. Are much relief. And we're -- you don't -- you know -- a great place landed. She's in -- Kia Sportage. I thought I got payments totally let an outplayed them. The pizzeria uno was gonna rub pizzeria is a little more actions well and -- -- -- -- though that may be why these cameras -- sure. Well I'm sure all the -- cameras that easy -- broke. Busy. Somebody my friends give balls and -- -- -- he's going to be here ten I would love to know to gun was real. All could have been -- Asian country -- you can get these wild -- by -- that he toy guns towed towards our. Etc. and then think they were bitch and they -- Adam -- was some kind of Orange something solid and only -- over whether or not real -- -- -- You're gonna -- -- -- -- -- work with your phone for seconds and we'll see we get to back -- it looks like he said you may believe. On. This is a great call wonderful theory hope -- I hope we can work that phone out to a great theory -- I'll give that if but I'd rather hear from -- most -- why she's donut yep. My dad is -- live bands what Barbara Cody is -- people and that's. A look at what you're FaceBook fans that ended ended Dan and I can't find. I was at night and -- -- while talk clean up her picture's gone all this but it's still there -- men and I can see only his mind friends on the Mary and it's got to be Erica and reiterated those -- cats Peggy Peggy and -- either. Phyllis Smith it's OK okay. This might wait a second how. You don't know what Phyllis and Helen I don't I don't know any I know allergies unity 98 did -- know how real is dead my mom had a Freddie Phillies really the bills this Phyllis Diller there sue sue Mariah night now wait. Now here's the thing before -- give me a blank shall leave glad. Hasek with their place here at the top five old ladies. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- And her friends or -- GB now so that's. I didn't Maggie with an MA GA -- and well normally I would say irregular as a man -- the end magna mag and Hudson. And it now these women program would you have suspected know you I guarantee at the office somebody brought in cookies they shared lunch is hell yeah they're great they do they wanted their power lucky -- camera in the party lines me. Apple brought to their power like -- codec that so now you got to. What what do you pick it up there I'd be afraid -- -- you know Richard gotten residential that is I'm. That's the dark side but I bet these people are excited to have this all had bad as bad as they're secret Santa last year. Already office someone had to do. Sure. -- really need me ammunition this is the spot limo Tim has a great theory on Barbara Cody. -- Did -- euros you know believers really got more -- than we make it. My gallon -- down at 1212. And twelve point one mention don't -- goat -- you know quite well hello to the world we got up and -- -- -- She did the yeah there's near Dijjer -- also sounding record goaltender and he's thinking -- politics and still there was no. Yeah. And I think you're. You -- she's terminally ill. But I could be another they should get -- the cancer and they can I get a -- -- pay my cancer bill because they had Joseph loses obamacare or just to be able to get the -- the we'd. Could bring to deal with the pain friend. They got to talk that is Rodrigo what is motivating their eyes and I wanna know report of the family. Well we had a third of what nobody else I've heard nothing about -- you don't even nothing. Could she be an all made quite -- as you went on FaceBook and instill family -- family there's nine French is ninth and was described pretty clean but she likes. -- here's the -- she likes. She likes -- the band heart round another web browser like it and that's Tom Petty and our breakers sold -- -- She likes cold play. Probably not scared to television she likes Friday Night Lights. Lights out on FX she likes weeks. Opt. Role. No you Tel no oh yes and Harry's law. Which was some things they're flew her lawyer show where several ill people of Canada this was announced yet Kathy all of -- you are he's -- you -- alienating its usual looks like at Bill Clinton made Cathy she can relate to candidates out of older woman. In her fifties that nobody list I am going to -- the screenplay about this woman ads and Kathy Bates is gonna stars that we -- club. On an extended bed -- the bandit with the Arabs for bats goes -- She's a fan a Syracuse basketball the Buffalo Bills the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics and the broken bipolar or should she keeps in the northeast -- interest or cooking. -- Bonds on bonds -- bonds are plans in all she's a gardener she is a garden. Heard somebody say -- just -- that's why should you get a burger so lotion from Iowa plants there you and she has something to you've really got to get a -- -- put up some posing as shared your anger yes -- -- or she would -- do I turn -- -- -- -- -- -- the west wouldn't comment for tiger -- she likes ancient history and stamp collecting a stamp collectors are so god -- we don't I don't you used to collect stamps sell his dad the end knowing who it was he's Kono here wasn't he was going -- my mother used to collect stamps. Well that said if anybody knows anymore about battle I don't know -- -- -- the issue Webster brought yes. Well the west I don't know if you live and saying we -- -- -- on her FaceBook does is say your address. All of its way down noted just tickled rampaged down no I think you have to do it or family. While I think if she doesn't happen is she only had nine friends on here for reported senator friend requests for Alan shatter but OK I'll messenger during the break -- wall to break groomed ten again -- Cody just keeps a real good. And GM I have that absent usually like to Doris you lose room -- -- to go down empire boulevard in order collusion revenue. Accused British. You can use if you do you look at it. I won't take -- -- amendment good to have your children ever -- in a flight or maybe you was a kid so badly and they called the cops cool. Have your kids ever gone into a fight so badly you must control that's the cops say this -- had a call the cops on -- will grab Steve's call and we'll get into that. 2226 thousands or phone number or against Texas at 99404. We are the -- growth on 965 WC amassed.

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