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Barrels Babs, Part II

Dec 3, 2012|

We've learned a possible reason WHY Barbara Cotti may have tried to knock over three different Webster business this weekend. Audio you WON'T HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE, but The Break Room on 96.5 WCMF!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been talking about this woman in Webster who robbed armed robbery yes the joints your pizza joints. One last week and then 21 Saturday night and name between their she hit a fluorescent -- Lot of time between the Florida robbery at 530 and the Pizza Hut robbery around eleven. What she probably went home took a nap Pinochet is always a joy to watch she won the -- jeopardy yeah. And this -- -- CSI episode and then back out on the street and eleventh her name is out there what are you got a pizza lawsuits have that broad. It is what it is grab one -- seemed to -- said they show her. You could see the footage commitment marks and -- he -- she went behind the counter and she tried to grab some material you know why that she -- you like family. -- -- -- -- -- Now we have -- -- a guy -- Alex on line who works with. -- -- Today we're here and -- -- second what Steve is a little upset with us because -- Well limo Tim called -- with the theory that maybe EC believes in the Mayan calendar all in world is gonna end of December 21 the news and Alou played all those rent and Steve says that would make it a mistake by saying that Steve. Follow this here happy -- yeah I didn't. Sure that there are checked in end of the world where the negotiators could think she really wanted to rob rather than you -- what people what in the world. Last journal yes very true very true very true they'll probably shouldn't put that the people that's correct. Wolf thank she just did Steve the. -- well they know I didn't what do you. Do that Steve. -- I think there. Tonight's of people we get that are of a revenge on people but that's out badly enough -- she's governor's version I don't I don't bleachers and into the mouth at all. Mrs. doubtfire was -- -- for -- but let let me get Alex is Alex. You work whether Alex is that the story good morning to you work what you when did you work with thirty work where there now. It up about Bob Murray urban workers now are you work detail around. Yeah out hero Felton on certain message is energy and Webster. Yeah thumb. Well or bet you're the AA had ice you watch the news her mug shot pops up what do you think. Well aren't. What happened orders yesterday there's I actually went down due I'm in college right now well -- -- hurt college. I looked on Thursday. And so I get down they're happy in all triggered. -- come back end up. I got a call my -- classified and but I do like they've done about biology area. Is -- to watch but here's the night you know a lot of questions will be given to work my -- -- or. News should the top stories everywhere they go home I go -- and the yeah let me ask so what what do you like Tennessee don't. Where are rare but I would go to school. Alms. We are very area because they know. OK -- you're home you're home now from winter break. -- yeah I got by the -- has blaster broadened so I got back early in oak bottom area. So you -- done so what was his brother did did you what was -- like -- -- the -- this is normal. Yeah student -- the pocketbook -- one and he's doing about. Normal shoot apparently you don't mind saying. That like don't call -- -- I don't -- -- out of the ordinary here. I'm shocked shocked demand. All of it is -- here is you never know right. Oh my god I'm not RC Blake -- never examining. -- you -- realize buried the. She she looks tonight she's an old -- she just looks like a man -- lady. Yes but there's beside it I mean she's not exactly. I got present his. If you're picked out a lot of options. -- -- bigger -- so once but I though it. Well there when I saw her coming in the store there actually is a pizza joints chief. She's in deep dish rob she looks like this you look wide again -- -- well. I guess what's the one thing that she was and -- -- -- -- but it maybe the only areas like inspect others. What you would do is she would like all cities these data breach I'm Lyon -- But you know those Russian lady is they're whoever does they're going to be your -- -- -- go to eastern European made it smell like. Of beer man should spend the money to bring him or don't matter about. Adrian Leslie she did this. Yeah a lot of it they shoot the bus yeah I don't really know what that. Policies he's just who's looking it was some Russian bride have laid down with the. Yeah and then you she's done the money and they just never talked Oregon or -- Stand brother Alex -- -- know how do you know wasn't sure how to you know was Russian women does she talk to you about it. Are another route. There was one spyware like. That's just kind of birds don't fear reduces the cost Boston Harbour on our earlier chat window -- So you're -- you thought because you know now in the hot -- finish. What we are hurt her. And so -- She had a big bad Boehner for some broad yeah eastern -- register or bring your work as she gets -- the cash now she's stuck. Robbery holy camera she's a whole lesbian. While Babs Cody likes to coo chief. Good -- yeah there are who scratchy connection. It's well you know so and a little -- like right now. -- -- -- do so again but are you brought boos and memos -- and shoot that occurred so amount. What is your boss in again be free and talk you Boschee and have it. -- our Arum I mean besides frank called network might not. You gotta get the call us later died because I want to know what he's and he can he hired her death -- but it's probably a great you brought a great -- that they had no -- no -- no drama she shows up on time she's dedicated to the job there she goes on she's lonely -- -- -- looking at how Russian -- is like guys -- -- she's dole as mullah. What's -- other wrongly a creature of 55 year old Amir invisible to society. Someone let us so early but -- rest and. Does that robbery that then good bit but what happened last week yes. And what what there was. I don't have a day but I'm sure we could find I touch you -- the pizza let's Saturday night. All of that out there I thought -- not -- you have a day off unlike the ones there's there's there's an area. It's educating your schedule doesn't look but today and -- go around. -- yeah actually. Thursday night and marks to Syria Iran. Nevertheless always pizza I was the last when jet Thursday night did you -- Israel last week but I think -- murder right. Then Saturday evening at 530 -- burger. And then 11 PM Saturday he -- I'm -- -- this'll last Saturday and so was -- on Thursday I was a prime steakhouse. As a fried -- counts I -- passes brought. And I think that's about the time I was I was cruise it home from having tackled my front I don't know if -- got robbed last battle lady in a parking lot I could stop left and if if if the purpose is Alex -- you off on Thursday. I thought -- I'm ready to resume -- does that sound so hot idea I didn't I didn't hear. By Al exceeding your boss to cause you're a man Alex there are buried here whom they -- -- thank you for illicit program but hey there what a story. Open Alex boss cost gap still inside the article this lesbian Russian thing is awesome how -- connection. Is Barbara Cody she you know she gonna spend thousands of dollars in can she's getting these opera has to come over and she's lose and mom and she's got -- we think we always say who the person who falls for the scantily -- elusive person falls was scared and lonely but I don't think this is that all -- you know an insane but she's desperate she -- remember and diminish she's been a closet lesbian media. Does sound that way early looks that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I wanted to from the boss. Are you more pissed. Does she was robbed in places and even -- or that she's waste in your touch strikes -- looking for some -- than just curious and wanna know of course Barbara Cody. From the shorts and LT Reynolds and she's been arrested for three armed -- three sprint -- All you have -- you by the way. Why do you stated talent. She's -- added -- why did you see she's I'd say you're act of throwing the refreshment that -- maybe she thought I get home quick. Georgia get off her feet by eleven. Member get thick ankles or -- bills -- -- -- he says he knows why she robbed and watch and when to go ahead aren't. No actually what I think we're -- would beat when they're. Here registered by this so yup -- close at 530 huge run up. I heard that shops -- mr. Good point and at pizza -- or restaurants or from a close close to provide you have to -- very good point and you're distracted you're distracted you've got all these things he had got a clean he's out of town planning for. Like you go look back properly -- -- Yeah good point bill thanks for the tips for -- we -- robbery tips and diligence -- If that's duo will take a break to break rooms on 965. WC MF.

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