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Throw Grandma From the Car?

Dec 7, 2012|

Did a Clyde resident throw his grandmother out of his car and take her pocketbook, or was it all just one big misunderstanding? YOU be the judge.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can anybody ever have family called the cops on Christian Dan kind of when we -- that it could mean your seminar called upon now now now. Well yesterday it is weird things on -- comes across I mean I am I remember hearing. This is in trouble many many times -- holly here and I think holly how he looks older then. Then 33 to day is about 47 and he lives in Clyde insult glimmers of what is in my grandmother -- Aaliyah which is kind of moderates there didn't. And I thought that -- the name sounds familiar it's because you know we did 315 -- -- boundaries -- and that -- going counting but I couldn't really find anything on it. So I thought to myself that original story of just give you the original now that I saw. We -- sheriffs say 33 year old Danny -- here. Now when the newest cause you Danny at 33 and I think that's a little weird -- -- -- would draining. I was arrested for third degree robbery after he kicked his grandmother out of his car took her purse and drove away. -- over and you threw -- go or. The he was -- and its annual peruse the moon -- he would say pleasantly county jail yes potentially dumps her off at night and -- 1 o'clock this morning but on a country -- so yeah but at this shuttle down so this is the first round goes on sale option so at no let's again. I'm the only Smart I'm thinking is could there be a misunderstand now. There was no me is understand they saw this and I went looking through and I go boy that name sounds familiar I couldn't find anything down. I almost called you all we should deal. Because he's probably up sky Ed did you get my senator -- do now I knew that yeah. Okay no I wanted you to do it to have a ready to go but if you can just try to track down on. Dover Null. Who's a who's a guy who. From the Wayne county times the owner of the times -- county that we found on -- cup yes mr. old record holder gonna calm Holmgren and to limit. Told record could hold -- no discussion -- all now he's usually up to Sissy and find out if he knows anything about. Dan because a guy's apparently been in trouble a lot but at this point I'm taken. What do you know and it was a misunderstandings. And who happens all the stories way to sheriffs and when you see this woman we're gonna play Eli. Also I broke my heart to see she's scared and lying. I'm -- unless she was -- is taken at all banknotes taken all story that that she told the guys did she called 911 on a kid yeah. The kid dropped her -- in the middle of nowhere at 1 o'clock in the morning that they want to Wal-Mart Christmas shopping. He goes give me your purse he takes a purse they fight over the purse -- there's calls mass yet. She has no cell phone just wander around and -- seven in the by the way says he's sources what good is semi for this woman Molex. No literally it's -- necessary for -- -- kick -- -- -- one of them. She says the whole thing is a misunderstood how he'd never do -- this is both Danny and our city mayor how baker how he corrects himself. 'cause he said he was going someplace yes he was going to a party he says they are going -- the only yeah. Our party comes out -- he -- -- well he did Calgary I can Arnold's gonna. That's. Here is does this is a little montage and between the two of them and then out in front of the house yeah. Here they are it's not true are you saying that there was just a mistake then I didn't realize the pocketbook was in the car when I when I had dropped her off. -- friend he says he's been -- -- underneath the presence is center right so here is done Mary baker and Danny holier again a little bit more. When I dropped her off my grandmother offered any starting spot on she got out of the car and her pocketbook was under all the presents. I drove off went to a party is her front salsa president ought to took off with your pocketbook and that he didn't seem to -- -- -- well. -- with their Christmas scares the fact that got sucked underneath against. And dance and when he found it. You know what you into the couldn't get you found it he about the fact -- the -- -- did you feel when he lets you output he was kicking you out of the car Null Null -- He would never do that. So while we'll all parties are looking through the gifts to find your purse but it also makes -- says that in -- so he basically drop drop in Millen know where -- -- house bill. He just kicked her out of the car too busy and when they get to some damn party I think it yourself. Sometimes all the people are difficult to deal with -- all I've been there OK it's hard but who's taking them out shopping at 1 o'clock tonight brand to be returning a one or whatever lawsuit trash and you're dropping her off and on a dark Clyde is not always constantly black. It's country so -- there's not a lot of street here it's -- Similar welcome her I think she's got to walk home. And not even -- didn't. Hurt somebody take advantage just fall and not think in what it there's got to be other family around that's got to wanted to -- this guy's neck. -- is is a whole trash I have no idea he's got that he has a history via a domestic problems -- thank gone back twenty years right. Danny do Aurilia hold greater no an idea is not yet and that's according to law enforcement on -- Clyde yet said that yeah I won't have that warrior from the chief of police out there. Here is now the statement. That Mary baker of the 73 year old grandmother of Danny -- certain. Who was arrested for stealing her purse and put in the wing county jail. Here's what her original statement to police would just drop out who wandered into is somewhere ago I'd have fast food you know gas station -- -- red apple I don't know it was who made which. Called 911. But that's not what Mary baker told the sheriff quote Danny pulled over he leaned over grab my pocket book open my door and told me to get out. I was pulling on Danny -- trying to get him to get me back my pocketbook. Did he wouldn't give it to me he just kept saying wait here I was too weak to fight with -- many more when he still got out of the car. OK so I got out of the cup so you want to waste your honor I'm gonna come back -- but he's not my. Out of her now she says and he says there were so many gifts and saw that it was -- -- -- you know these -- all they don't have enough money for too many gifts. This is some broke don't think he beats her. I don't know that's a good point throwing these shares are scared -- seemed as though. Yeah she was making up restored to protect him -- because he's an endemic to grow arriving any she probably loves -- -- is going to bring what she says it at one point he did some weird and -- boy feels title field. It's pathetic. Here's the chief of police. Danny's had problems over the years and Graham was still took an end. For him to turn around and and and Rob Kurz dealer person and leave right beside a road it's. -- -- -- -- -- OK so and that guy -- even sell like this is a made up story new museum like you believes everything that Mary baker originally soon. Somebody needs to don't hit this can Hillary shovel we all like if this were a kid. Now. Service is knocking on the door -- my kid out there and what are they don't really oh yeah and is there any grown folk may make your own decision there's no there isn't -- a elder abuse some probably but I don't know what can legal teeth -- She's got a complaint first of all the NCA Bryant LA she does the hospital they see bruises are that are not just from Paul and Alex have been beaten. But if I -- grab Freddie is second -- -- protection to us his name in quotes. Texas he needs protection while we listen to Danny how lawyers last piece here. She's old she's 74 years old. Looking and you know things are just cleared occurs they are you -- -- I love him we wouldn't at all without my heart. And I can honestly feel that their business sound scared. My case is every four remaining and ridiculous bills -- me feel like Freddie you know the holly your family. If certain but I know I know ball very well in the are all involved. I know well actually gotten pretty cultural really really good then we -- there -- a move money from well established -- all. And he's been met up front Brooke Burke but along side. Now we're at -- airport who let this week he didn't. Actually are he stopped by my house quite often trying to sell their stuff for our -- you once. Well what is he trying to sell you all -- tools they -- Cologne. Cologne pretty cool Baldwin from like dart at her bottles. Millard is suited -- wow did ironic part is that he's always with their grandmother so I would not. Now for one minute that she and Bulger and his. Bond at all the hours -- -- it's a real relationship. And I know election belt is put out a whole lot of trouble and you're gonna help him look almost got so they're little -- story I'm sure you did you did this. Added he will abilities and you get your card check this out in the Bob Barker well. He was going to buy drugs yeah well money he was go to a party to go by drugs and any -- that correct some self. In the conversation racist party goes on go to a friend's house yet who's -- friends up he's trying to score. Yeah she actually saw policemen are tool won't -- and then -- on my third certainly divided and that could get an extra dollars why don't. I don't know does a guy wanted to stuff that we knew we stolen as one I heard at least that he would pick a lot from it don't -- ya all sorts of. Well he's he's an -- measure -- deal well see here's the thing. He looked old for 33 as the -- okay that's the pills and needle but the other thing was he didn't look. Is to clean cut and someone. -- you sadly though it looks like K he came from a family means but sometimes there's this some people's you can't reached you do everything you can and yeah greets him. And it's terrible let me get dot thank you for the call Ron Paul -- -- wrong restaurant owner and the editor of the war times to Wayne county. Has another story involving Danny collier from a week ago. Bring him the morning Ron thanks up. Morning guys Gloria do and I. But yet how -- -- quite a record been done. About a week ago. East door of four Wheeler from his parents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So obviously he got hinged. In this house -- know because the parents don't want arrested. And they don't want numerous so because -- didn't devote at least delegate before we were hopeful. Just ahead. This is this said. Drug addict right just like he did with this guy who we just talked. Who already had -- the next minute I mean the parents. But in -- out of everybody just let those guys do well over. Well I I have that I have a similar thing in my family and where some money has started out and the guys in now in his sixties. And has been a junkie ever since again and the army like in the seventies. Name just basically let the kid live with them. And he's a bump may never got any better they never showed them out the door of a rich family. And they just took care of them and to this day. He is a twenty year old drug addict even though he's in the sixties is good because they never let him be there never shut them out the -- this enabled the sky for ever -- -- scared to death. It's apparent reference -- and so I worked so hard do they'll take this is actually gonna make your life miserable. Graham why Ron is there -- means she sounds in this piece as though. She's scared there's an elder abuse. -- yeah well. It is really strange to me can you imagine that you know going back on the story now and saying your resolve big mistake. I mean if that's a good morning your shot in grainy -- In another country road yeah cricket pitch black. But -- guy yeah yeah. Who leave here how deeply thankful that it certainly that's a weird yeah yeah yeah he's he's very well vertically. Right Ron -- trigger from the times of link -- which I know we often talk about the head scratch yours and so the other stuff. But they do some really good reporting an -- and I don't JP you saw how they spotlight some really great things in the community out there for real because I get the hard copy now. And and I enjoyed looking through it. And there's some honest to god positive stuff to deal. Scouts who did a good paying somebody whose businesses growing and -- -- and I thought well when discussed on that wondering Graham on the western half -- dramatic back. You're preparing to thank you runs -- are right. Dan what is this guy sound like TO. Eight you know -- yes you are they now and -- and then any debate bill do you feel listening in them. Now we're there -- conversation the median barrier but only airports were open up buying bank. -- -- -- Over oh isn't going to cause more and any super Dave. Does that allow him. -- there Albert Brooks yes men and and then there but did did his brother own a nanny agency did all the the third brother and let him on board a moment. -- I didn't know the city's -- super Dave Osborne we've web pledges to if you could find it kind of did to Alaska Denny earlier because it's just it'll just so many formula -- guys guys you're right I. I just a little -- That's signal good call on -- you. Dated any notable is there there -- at their assets ready at the gathered through there during pocketbook. Are. -- -- Now well liked guy in a bar I think very bid up harper comedians today is there -- saturated eat you know these tours and that's great you -- new ally everybody -- yet he had heard it they -- some new. Garage area and we feature two well also stuffs flies around -- you know yes Chris -- said I can't work out a piece of the club because somebody's gonna tape it put it on YouTube and need and -- and it's out Brian and I can't even -- -- -- working out. Stretch it out thank you. -- or we will take a break phone numbers 2226000. Or you can Texas at 99404. We are the -- 1965 WC --

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