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Right to Bear Arms-For All

Jan 7, 2013|

Eric the local actor is up in arms about not being able to use firearm replicas in his plays. Tommy won't be attending "Crime Stoppers The Musical."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We talked to our buddy coach really our life coach you're the break from a 96 -- -- have just a few minutes ago and he said that he. Think everybody should should have a gun person and I got some calls during the break with people saline area the -- are always gonna be nuts and let us have our gods you know let myself have. The guns just it to have now this all stemmed from a conversation that we had with fireman -- Cool you know I of course we know what happened here in west -- strong Christmas Eve when William spangler opened fire on guys. Who's going to respond to to a fire he sat in and we say we asked Joey -- -- what's gonna change what what are some of the -- tracer techniques and things like that what what's gonna happen here is what. Fireman Joseph is their chance to play this what firemen deceiving get that did leave that guy hang entrants like here's what -- fireman Joseph told us a little while ago in the breaker. -- what we have to guard against sometimes what we call called vision don't think we just get off the trucker were strolled. Are concentrated on what we're doing our -- as we go call. Sometimes you don't look written and it's a -- now wholly in line is a guy named Eric. And Eric has -- to say about gun control -- good morning Eric what are you wanna sick. And -- com. I think if we don't allow the government to ban assault like old horror that semi automatics. This believed to -- obviously meant by the government -- -- that are happening now we're already so old. You know this is -- freedom that -- US Press Secretary in the constitution reason. Hey how are your free LA I don't see how I think I'm freer now than I've ever met. -- -- -- -- I I these I -- and Eric -- is -- my a my life compared delayed my Father's Day yes I mean there's things now I'm -- I am way more freedom of my father had. I think. I think guys freedom to talk I need I can marry a black woman I. If you if you if you even uttered the word. You're pro Communist thank you my Father's Day. The federal government was gonna come have a talk with you you think you have a view we're looking at red literature back in the day in the fifties to government -- Go to your house and -- else is going on I mean you have so much more freedom today thing you've ever had so Eric Toledo express yourself in any. My phone I can express -- saw -- -- want your opinions out there grace and and and the government can't do a goddamn thing about it. Eric would you say. No one there was something about being enslaved by the government I don't think anybody's gonna enslave you know once. Saying you don't have the right to own guns just maybe not semi automatic guns why do you need that you can't -- -- that the meat would be ruined if you did. So what are you would that would that weapons what's what's the point of what. We're just losing because now we're losing premiums into the future we actually concerned about -- and well local actor and our outlook is a actually. You -- sure I'm local I hear local acts are what would you say it's yours and Eric's a look at the -- care about is it -- and are backed court on. I have a couple of like minded friends and we want to start our marine recruit. And need to replica weapons the -- in need replica weapons. It isn't here and not the one rep and men you know and so election now dramatics and things like that you know I'm afraid it eat into the near future. Might -- that need to -- up even. Well I think imam of -- global credit they get a great crime preventative measure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You ought to stop it. America started -- -- that reunites crime scenes and you think that this would be a crime preventative measure. Yeah there's a lot of people who were re creations and complex they wore -- I was seeing news. You can help people know what to do it you. And ask David what are we you know team owners you know burglary home runs the musical. In the -- It. Get real these banks show what people really need to do to end the reality of the situation about status -- from the media alert new reality -- -- -- -- is what you go with the media he was doing his crappy play -- so -- why do you mind. Why do you why would you need replica weapons he -- use anything to reenact the crime. Instead you're actually use in this is it told the teaches people how to be safe for -- he receives casual fake guns right Derek in the case there are a victim of a crime you don't need replicates right that seems video and it can answer at all. We can really understand. Computer because you do you guys you. Have a real replica reject their real everything start to get into the character do. Or that these dogs have one of these weapons against us. You know. We get our feelings across to the people who -- Syrian activists so you know Arnold. -- do we need the weapon to be real look. When -- gonna -- gonna take all that away from me and like you guys didn't this is I have a listen do you have an assault weapon now do you own. Com. No I don't I know you don't yet. So this is Eric he's a local actor. -- is calling up because he doesn't we had talked about possibly and we know that does senator Feinstein from California is proposing to ban assault weapons and to put for the ban on assault weapons in the Obama administration certainly had seen it to say that after sandy hook here and then west Webster happened. Here our own area. With the farm two firemen being -- Shot and killed him and laid to rest over the weekend. Eric says that he doesn't wanna see assault weapons ban because he's a local actor who wants to start a crime reenactment group. And we play a yes and a stock and use any -- he says oh you need the real weapons in order to really authenticity and I. Now let's see his point I can I go to the theater and and my own my lovely -- -- and I having had a lovely dinner of lots of cinema doing that would amount to the theater. I wanna see a real. Authentic looking weapon for trained in the place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you call a replica yes they wrote on eight slice it didn't feel real beard but they're you know ordered. -- Well you need replica -- to get Medicare and. Don't debate his phone call but he doesn't really own assault weapon -- -- not have enough tape gun which you can already get now I don't understand it Obama well. You have a bushmaster semi automatic -- gun they use. Everybody's got 35 general and if it. Parameters but -- his backyard. Have you ever shot you've never shot a real semi automatic he said that. Not you could use of a man. Gone are the real deal and they wave like it's point eight coop they're so proud of how you feel when you should -- the recall from that -- yeah. He's gonna make you feel it or issued as well. These guys make you feel -- -- -- gun you. You can open a command used elegant not you know tonight -- because I mean you've shot a semi automatic -- your local actor who wants to start primary enactment of losing a replica weapons that are really cap guns and yet you feel like these replicas. Are like real guns that make people feel very powerful which is well that's Gary. You say that this -- from assault did not step. Assault and always. Yes. It. We've already -- somebody you know and what I read I think already. Done it did not know when you -- an -- -- -- this -- who -- this is real. You know when you feel. All of -- junior and iron to twenty you can make it you can make other factors are you walk intimate and asking. -- -- -- have a right to feel that feeling it's -- condominium on the big group. There right to do that power and they in Scott ability of the huge gun you know the government. Has no right guys can believe are talking about guns again get a gun Boehner -- no right to take away our guns or shut down I mean. They're not guns -- -- -- that's a whole thing every sort of like always be taken away. It's guns all over this country we have the we have 50% of the world's guns here this is Wi-Fi while population that's. Eric and he thinks it's semi automatic weapons -- wimps in the men and he's never shot a real semi automatic you have Lindsay just got -- -- settlement and they blew that zone and away just to -- girls and loaded up on ahead of that I've visited this attack. The corners are a lot more than just -- bill and you know part of Vietnam War reenactment group well you don't civil war wanted I'll do them besides the technical. And -- the perfect middle -- it about deepening of the camp out. Great it is okay. Play with -- -- they. Okay any actor he's in Vietnam War reenact yes it does and as soon. Eric you just said some the second -- it is 10. Is about even the playing fields on the races I want -- nieces. -- three black man. A government isn't able read. Straight to an equal -- so -- The hands of a black man makes him as his helmet to reconstruction -- him makes him. Equal to a free white man. Street black and three white men are equal and -- A lot of -- I know about that you got some difference but digital the second hole and emerged into the Lebanon. The first benefits minorities it first benefit. African Americans and then secondly everyone else are. Our minority. Americans truly understood the history behind but that right there we cherish. -- they usually -- and Ryan and -- -- the limit. The Second Amendment to be here that are gonna remain legal you know. You know I appreciate you guys I appreciate you make it are back. She must tell your -- do all of these plays -- -- -- -- its arrow actually like to audition but that didn't allow. Well it's the young puppies and Todd good morning welcome to the break everybody you think this guy Eric. I thought that -- -- garden -- for a hundred years. Clay or whatever in what they want to go -- -- -- -- -- editorial. It's a good point the game could slip in a real gun and may do some damage and yell. And you -- harder it and you can look how important. I don't delegate actually gotten better -- want to know. Winning guys for his words are hey I'm a local actor that you got to last year NASA. -- They're more I would think you guys -- -- word thank you died just not good morning happy new year. Point February. Hello wherever I serve our local accurate he wasn't invited get cute sure in his career. Inspired and a musical. Stealing from Spiderman musical and says. -- -- -- -- -- thought AJ in Rochester what are you wanna -- OK guys and joke the government Arctic where all right well because they're not up for it and and expect that ball they they were created for the military and for what the military does it no war. You know yeah big -- big -- not they -- government for stability is that while they wanted to. Their lousy for home defense I mean this like -- How this likely keep -- much -- don't get out my rifle when the guy breaks and in my house tonight but about fifty bullets I don't know halls. They are a bit here you know which I'm sure it and it -- -- -- -- managed. -- Thank you OK good thank you via and it's kind of the way I -- questions. Treat dissent than ever gonna cure and treat dissent know -- what I took away -- that is please. Support local actors while -- they will shoot you'll -- -- Eric I went kept going until a little bit bad for Eric has. I think in his mind he felt like. -- reenactment and all that stuff would help people or one or a down right in terms of a crime and I don't see how that I don't get it. We you know I don't get a -- -- -- and America's you've never held their bushmaster or 4000. Enough -- You never felt the power of the cap -- -- the Disco Britannia -- if you feel like a man with a -- -- will take a break if Dave can hold on line we're gonna talk to him when we come back Dave says Tommy is not -- not as free as we were back in your -- -- -- wrong here but Dave has to say next in the break from a 965 WC --

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