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New Year, New Coach Muley

Jan 7, 2013|

Coach Muley enters the new year with a clean soul and rear end, even though the apocalypse never happened.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In particular -- coach really now just before New Year's. Coach really told us this about his New Year's plans and celebration. There's hope congress so Nancy Pelosi Saddam for her never ever -- straighten this thing out. Part of what we have special people like you really prepared but -- bumper -- if so well all of our hand and the people age they -- up to the country vote against the blue dog that's all the paper yeah. I've got water -- being BS artists are. Now coach we -- get ready for the fiscal cliff which has been diverted from what we understand it. For the end of the world with the minds. Analyst toilet paper. We'll see if he had all that preparation went for coach knew it. Well well well it clear. Mean you -- coach really. You brought Abu -- while you don't know the last time we we talk to you we just replayed a little bit of it and you said that you were preparing for the fiscal class. And for maybe the end of the world or natural disaster you loaded up on on toilet paper. None of that happened. I'm twenty Beijing mentor still come out you know go with the Wharton school extract system. The only guy there were only paper ready. That you don't wanna go to the promised land what do. The promised land with a run us through -- you're. Sort of score. Thought coach really is our life coach if you -- the break room he's an old southern coach that we haven't been through our friend Tom DeLay in a coach really gives us some. Some life lessons and coach when we talk DT said that. New Year's and Christmas you're gonna get to Jimmy Dean sausage and have that for your life for -- was your New Year's celebration everything he had hoped it would be. Well we try our beer. Real -- orient we had a good camp then -- per -- jumper. -- well I think we didn't you know. I accept -- show -- -- that's some pitch up mayor. You know maybe hit a couple. Urge Arabian all potential blow -- was there a way to get them there. So some or -- then of course you know we had just celebrated the -- right now we -- Some at all. All up but not there and old comic sound and then and then well for what other that -- we just we do you know we -- -- feel rebel yell there you. Area that you don't they give directly you know. Not a lot has happened. Over the past two weeks as we close out 2012. Including a lot with the Buffalo Bills and you were buddy buddy nix. Who you met and we talked to -- training camp for. What do you think of this is the firing of Chan -- but -- seems to. Be holding on his position but there's a new person call the shots Russ Brandon Cruz the overall president final say of everything. If they -- all these changes are. I don't think it did any -- -- ended up thank you get -- that you got that approach. Which -- a good start. But there relative mystery still -- -- saying that there aren't the same characters are better -- -- are now indicating it will result you can. Here to our president. And I don't know how effective this can't they well well what you've been talking for breast there are people usually limit. They think they answer running -- calling us that things happen well yeah I mean I think. Ralph Wilson is is obviously don't we check them out so yeah any borrower is policed Terry is that his soul. And then the rest of the union to -- the level program and start fresh. Stymied from the ground up he just few years and mr. embarrassed. And they got a new idea or are they didn't let let Israel. -- we. Those a year ago. Saying no we're we're we don't make these changes will fluctuate when you -- Or will we seal around here in 2013 of buffalo bills' training camp and maybe maybe possibly. View as part of the new bills coaching staff. Well appreciate the you know the strain that -- -- dollar -- I have achieved Jericho. No culprit surely -- temperature -- -- a -- stiff it sure. -- nothing to raucous yeah and just you know and Astaro up they have different that. Well I mean. You -- you know for you need to get these you know because in here that we get to play Andre in the front all pushed. He's dead quiet we -- sort of really require additional outlet. I don't you gotta get me in that area now understand it was unheard of based can. Relate to these kids then these old buddy mention NATO we'd like below that a source these kids. So we look close relation walk or. So you think young blood would be a good thing and with a little. And -- will air new pressure that is gonna be -- I think is as well as at the end of the glacier at. -- they've got a just it is structural. This is -- finally did get up there and I'll get the privilege and so let's go done diverted the fiscal -- make over 400000 taxes went up to you don't you find. You know any battery for well I know I can't have -- -- you need it all operate. Let them at all yet they -- much championship you got old beard and all that. I got made made -- -- -- -- Coach really is our life coach here in 965 WC map we talked to every Wednesday. I you mentioned a fire off an assault weapon on New Year's Eve as party celebrates. So while modest happened over the haul holidays involving high powered assault. Saw -- something -- your. There are no -- dirt you have to have somebody would shoot -- sort of respond staying just. Nothing. To do resides when he kids at a Connecticut school that I support Nokia. Bob what do you think about gun control what do you think of of banning these assault weapons go to. I couldn't. About Scott or IRA and he gave it to find out what you know what war. Yeah I mean did negotiate dedicate this site guns is what you don't do you associate -- -- step of what we're covering America -- -- He's got -- -- that -- sure -- yeah a couple greater somebody you don't don't get that they're Goodell saying there are. Do you serve then foolish. But for the most part. Really go out concept there -- are responsible build up which and I don't -- well they -- be penalized just got a couple let's -- voters. -- say in their schools. All of our members -- to do that deep knowledge. I know you appreciate it -- -- -- he knew he'd just think if provoked an irrelevant. I here's a way I I sought. I can't wait to hear all the liberal about it. The people that followed that procedure. Like and for me in particular this is terrible the sick and I hope people don't get upset with me but it at sandy hook. -- the people that kid or one under the desk as you're supposed to do. Survived the people that tried to be hero or charge somebody with an assault rifle they're the ones who who died. -- You're damn cool to charge everybody a -- assault rebel -- rescued until that what you call an assault left. Well I'm just think amid the most of the time even if you have one. VA you know somebody comes in authority shouldn't worry where is this assault rifle how quickly and use it and it. -- -- Everybody. Including them young and he gets himself was a -- -- few Yousef has. But they make elation that the western music you make them so the -- -- the -- but -- little world. And we have a journalistic shorthand and cannot do it everybody at school I didn't social side -- that's crazy so -- one without words book. Do you. Definitely not a bad. Well little did you they would settle the bet pastor read a -- -- Legitimate news includes at least what do you what is most proud -- Died coach well I'd been to go make America better than. Coach -- -- these guns make America better look good idea the other side of that I'm Robert reasonable or -- We know them to do so we got over them now aren't you could well -- so what -- asked what was the -- -- they can -- -- -- -- -- literally got -- -- yeah. Coach really our life coach we check in with a -- every Wednesday coach I hope twenties and -- -- a great year for you. This spirit got to order -- for what's that. When you're going to. Clean you gun clean you -- to learn that you don't think -- be all right governor you have to do it where you're going there thank you coach. They were sealed at the break -- on 96 live do you see a man.

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