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Story Toppers: Vacation Disasters Edition

Jan 7, 2013|

Listener's call in about disasters that happened over holiday vacation. Windshield smashing , plowing out dead dogs and throwing toddler's out in the garbage..you decide who's story tops them all!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who added disaster along those -- over the holiday season. I mean we -- -- -- spent some time with family things go wrong -- -- you trying to deter cure and holidays he's done to ensure that. We will start with not -- Tim got a bunch -- is that he never disappoints the best story is gonna win a four pack of monster jam tickets to this Sunday's. Monster jam of the blue cross Serena trucks are coming -- the event is all weekend long but the finale will be sunny and it's got all the headliners grave digger will be there are one. I think el -- not a new land at Tora log Toro and the northern nightmare -- -- it's just ten bucks there on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations that you do when a four pack. For Sunday from the breakthrough if you've got the best story limo attempt guy had. -- -- -- during my -- dog and it is kids our plane that dog got hit and -- but I. Now now does it mean as a litter the -- -- play outside in the -- -- -- the kids saw the doctor Everett didn't the beginning -- -- -- cracked. Well there are they're very good target and read before Chris and I you know told that is welcome it's been very good Gardner decided to drive -- -- Decades -- wildest allscripts trumpet shot with a -- blatant holes that dog. -- shallow grave next to the little boy. We'll put apple well they did the snow -- We'll -- there. Our -- home idea to just jump -- hours ago. Yeah it is totally a little got a good genetic Colbert will be buried about you know just unless it's -- it's urgent matter. -- kids to -- kids see the frozen dead dog yeah yeah ball goddamn Idaho hall malign her and her people are very good. Chris had her back windshield broken and a bills game what happened Chris. Well they're a little understanding we get our opposite of that stadium like everybody does and traffic flow. Seemed a favorite of the stadium this -- and they weren't doing their job but -- for entertainment that they weren't letting anybody from the -- parking lot every bit -- little question that an. Well I outline the drinking age and had rescued during -- nobody would outrun you know Nellie was waiting that are not -- -- loses. And I know in the cabinet today game. I don't get where they beat the jets yeah. -- and I didn't let you know -- -- -- I don't know a little bit to share out then it just going to miss an expanding everywhere pilings running in traffic. I think he does that sound little like my job what I earn -- that it sort do it and she told another top tourist stop there haren. -- -- didn't know what it was stopping at corporate Caribbean how clear somebody you know where -- worked up but. But he can't panic are inadvertently Mac and they have been -- me to the -- is nightstick. And it is actually trying to get how botched it last debate about bipolar windshield and later that they -- about ten minutes holding shattered -- -- So what do you do. You know I mean we did because our Allenby and trying to multi shore but we are close but it didn't warrant. -- ever in the windshield smashed into what they apologize maybe they got a little over I'm just you know or -- but they built where what state they. He'll look like at the time being there and they are confident it would send it western -- Which we told art but you gotta respect for the haven't even if you get annoyed and not erupted as cable that your your windshield so the -- but in the end. Wow but you have what do you see into your kid -- who shot up. Yeah for the hell up. We can't -- -- -- -- you know do you wish you Yahoo! -- in the you know he's got into the hands you -- that much. The worst -- -- -- young man over. All area. I feel we're gonna go right to the idea that kids should be paid for the would you ask a lot. Didn't think it was just everybody just at all. You know it and the entire weight right that it would be in the debate is gonna get our. I pulled out Chris Paul not. This is story -- in 965 WC Netherlands always your holiday disaster in -- Tim had a friend's dog buried on the side of the driveway dug up by the -- our bodies from the dog was hit and killed across the kids in them it's a dog gets it is her go to reserve says there should -- the -- theater trip. Don't having kids and Chris whose son -- -- out the with the police up of the bills jets game. And as a result the back windshield was either accidentally or maybe in ten viewing smashed by the Erie county police here -- shares Katrina is on the line. Katrina what happened what was your holiday disaster and story -- here. -- -- -- -- I have two small children wanted to know on the -- and I'm not a lot of people -- the most well. That they allocate the biggest pot and everybody treated water that can be -- a -- -- -- -- there should. Like -- my -- against her people who are pretty girl play in them. And a -- -- it -- about an issue now we know look at orders he's doing it my Brothers and overheated about upping the output by the. -- -- -- you know -- lives. Right and you always have you know not just. So it's dinner time around here -- -- -- a baby. There are a whole lot of -- a lot of stuff for -- Katrina how come lawns from the time is usually go on Christmas morning presents are all right and now you stated dinnertime and haven't seen a three year old. Now at -- -- -- lack of practice and of course know what it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what was the baby you know I was she's gonna make demanded -- no it has been Dorsey came out about it that are part of -- that you're not and it causes this. Daughter -- and nobody will know or are real thoughtful. -- how well you wouldn't yeah yeah I actually took a lot of wanna -- -- wanna go to the monster trucks she black and you have to be at the lord here I am. You know you are doing your black an ABC you know well I -- -- -- know I always wanted to corporate about it. -- -- -- -- You might receive local and I love the way we do you -- -- didn't get. Under auto white people -- there -- -- Katrina. -- you -- we need to get you want more often. Thank you -- got an -- hurry the other of the hurricane which seeks -- -- were aware of where do you live and breathe -- lives. I grew up our that there doorbell don't worry. And so my -- don't work. Yeah how. Can I play. Now you listen to us. You listen to us. Or no no no do you do you but -- should wait what did you think he says it's time. I don't know now do you listen to us on a regular basis yes -- -- really. Bumps and rural and you lose does every morning black woman. We coworker that's why we are out and it cannot be where are doing what. We'll go to Mets also Katrina. For all that we're giving you the tickets 'cause I was going limo till we get out again it. -- read review of the trucks when you give back some of black woman's perspective like Tyler Perry presents monster truck. Katrina and Monday morning we're gonna call you. What time works to call you Monday next Monday -- -- -- -- -- -- We need earlier naturally doing -- thing you'll pick up the phone to attend. Usually I'm -- -- it a lot more on how about around this time. Yet Skype -- we will due diligence here hold the line you are the winner of our storytellers frazzled -- -- yeah. Can you -- I -- they armed security preparation and our. John L I it would just holding Christian then we'll take that from me -- off -- suddenly people are taken on the here.

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