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Death Draft

Jan 7, 2013|

The guys give updates on who's behind and who's ahead on The Break Room Death Match.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's update you -- shall we start we start with. The anchors the NFL anchor that we're saying their stand there and we had out my catalog from channel thirteen who seems to be according to Twitter when I see this morning very pleased with the direction of the bills as. As a sort of sounds ironic to Russ -- being the president kind of have in the final say and leaving the people like buddy nix as general manager to do their job -- night. The so we had Mike cattle on -- we have John cuts go from channel Lleyton and we had Robin to win from ten NBC. Mike represented me and he was in the bottom throughout most of the NFL's. And John Custer was just run away from the beginning. I didn't know much about John until he joined us doing this anchor pick every Friday -- football -- here in the break room 965 WC MF and I was blown away by the guy. There's good people just sit bridge just -- -- and I funny guy and had the last bills game he actually covered it from the stands -- you sat in the stands and like and -- news crew out there and like sat with the insult him by his wife Erica there's nobody there and anything can flooding or else I shouldn't happen. And now Robin the wind represented -- miss right. So who ended up in laster who want overall let's start let's go ran away it was and he was representing Christian -- you win four games over 500 -- silence me and and -- -- -- -- with -- Carolina Tommy is -- to win. Pool ended up in second place. Well with a record of 2630. And one coming back with a huge weekend now. You would be Mike catalog from thirteen so that means it. So what's the punishment the last place was -- to -- 2.3 33 -- water now we we talked about and I don't remember exactly why I mean we -- to refresh my memory. Well we talked about -- Boy -- season. And the loser had to put on a boy -- him molested by a boy's idea and molested by some and -- put on a -- got to you know hey hey pitcher taken as an adult such as we talked about guys adult men Wear and I always get you looked so queer stuff so recent so that's at the loser has to do that's all I gotta do is put on a -- -- gonna find 11. But yes part of -- fit into a boy scout uniform then we still all recent -- a launch. Wrong not doing that come by and they -- one that was what the winner of reliever strippers -- -- doing it you never see themselves stroke he showed him way out so of course everybody is -- site it's. What do they do it was that he says have to have a drink. She's really a reunion and then the drinking water by the way -- -- and there's no I was there I try really speak for some thirty miles a little harder yeah -- is a raise rates showed up when it defeated a nice you malls along with. I know -- we all that new disease don't know much stop technology ya gonna go. -- likely come in your boys get uniform Katherine and and then walk over to a table and say I'm a big deal. And was -- their -- to -- -- to -- -- people and don't always get you to combat lunches say hi how big my son how to play -- radio -- radio -- -- -- -- a big -- in -- Would you like your picture taken with it yes I would call my guys that was the best food we've reality -- funny is that they would do -- It -- so she expressed their people's faces they went and asked. That is pretty -- -- book -- Randy did win that right now though in the death stressed to death draft minutes it'll be able -- Yeah. Who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did Diller and went -- world yet know he died before my eyes -- -- -- and nobody had Larry -- believe it or not but somebody in this room and you -- and and now Tommy and I are tied atop the depth draft with three strokes apiece. -- -- -- -- -- Now who has grainy and it. Create your grandmother would also ended death's door and that would also be Tommy hall. Obviously the clean sweep dishes in the year Tommy and. You know is her close while she's in the hospital this is having trouble breathing from let's not good how social nine -- one. They're one short of breath as -- she's trying to. Talk on the phone and stuff and then my brother. So my brother went to visitor him and he brought the he has a little baby girl. So we get a call ten you send a video. Of all you guys together I'll show it to grandma over the holiday is nice. So my mother who answered the phone says well how issue. I'll talk to you about that later just send the video which then of course since everybody clear economic sanctions when he got to sit down. -- and -- a year and said do when she did she die if you tests palace at its best alignment and that was my brother and I were left ourselves so sure that phone call mum my grandmother tried to leave me a message from -- acknowledgment adverse things. And instead she inadvertently. Is trying to dig -- -- she didn't know how the voice mail works because I my voice wasn't on there and and what it was doing was saying you've reached and then -- would say my phone number. Which is you don't set up your voice telling yourself and it's -- test for your number is. So she's trying to write the phone number down thinking that's it she then asked to call nine realizing magical screaming and my hand is screaming -- And it she's gone -- Rand style and -- yeah. Cameras in the prayer we have that's genetics are latitude and and a and a briefing gets year old -- -- Went to Irish didn't see it go ahead and tie. Yeah. I have I hope I do and I could. Now now back here as cool as I think you are yet. You will play that at her funeral I can't put all guide you've got to -- and my brother I'm a little levity. Just for a little levity and -- would go over one it would not. It would be like -- coolest thing you can do this shriek at a funeral wants -- my -- agreement which has so we'll sit right there with your family tradition in Schumacher funeral flowers one time. X yeah well I got very drunk and W like Connecticut -- has -- -- on my account has done accounts so we entered in there -- -- two entries into this one room on mother's house and she's like -- -- -- -- we came out and make Lenin's tomb which -- the rose as it was we have. -- -- your party from my parents. So jealous I'm glad I was died about how stop citizens of the night before. She's so drunk. That she's passed out now so we go and we -- -- like she's deadly the bruises on her she comes to boosters being assistant -- is due to Eddie House at all -- -- -- -- that's he's a guy did play that message in her funeral so the that would be so far. Zero. My brother and I laughed about the message but she can't catch your breath bush have a hard time talk and and that night I think what they're talking about issues have to go into basically nursing home -- hospice care she has full faculties of men she's fully aware and still think it and she does not wanna do Gorzelanny pitch is this the end. I think she's just gonna support the -- for that reason both. Now she had a good run Miami's. My hand who was feels like crap that he's on his desk and he is so upset sure she's horrible things should -- the -- well I don't miss capture I don't Alicia did a terrible thing bill and -- CC is totally I don't think that's why she's upset I don't think that. I think that was the relationship off da screamed at each other and you wouldn't believe. I used to think did the every ten she screen of my grandmother she yet another five -- -- take -- kept going I -- thought she was dead but anyway Tommy may score in the an adaptor because of -- Well my thoughts and prayers are you throw at this time ago. Somebody just sent up senate -- a message on our FaceBook a warning about -- Propane gas grills for Christian -- far. Move but they blowout I guess of course anything and blow up the united careful you cargo coming Owen Davies -- -- -- -- system and we talked him into it. -- look the other known -- break. When I went to make eggs and like you -- one of renewed hope none on the desk for the gasoline others governors the other stars -- the stove right does this. And that's though it's -- I really am and so I don't I'm still don't feel they eaten thing. Really odd. You weeks since you graduated from Fisher wouldn't without you we've got hot table in the kitchen Fiat gets -- of -- -- top table it Prescott and on that top -- I. Gonna commit to make me some good SO how on the stove and what to make it out -- him like this -- this is not light also causes gas gas gas and a link to cease and most so we may lose Christian Dan does audio driver have you. Somebody yes he does his all of us -- who has Tommy -- month. -- -- you -- me yet you do and you I think you do. News didn't close via. Now -- the putter down here and it's a growing I want you to put all they say anytime we can we get ever put down really didn't -- that it is one of these things where. You'll watch and anyone my grandmother getting olds who didn't like you do seems to a lot of fun. Not god that's a lot of fun it's horrible because it's horrible it's horrible be every thing my grandmother you know has such pride meant. The minute because that's around Larry -- -- into the home and does not want to the -- live in the way she's live in at all -- -- I think he had no control over anything your body's -- -- they tell you that take this build this in which are eaten. It's a president sucks and I don't. I I knew I deciding not that I worry -- 91 it's not a tragedy at this point now but he's just don't want to check out miserable. Not you check -- miserable when you go to Rome and big are the same time it's all a couple months ago lamented doctor's office in there's an old guy there. And he was my hero for the day. Is they say mr. sell itself and on Maru this harrowing call you get a hold yet and he's he's had -- Staying caught probably wanna ask you better off call my sister she was down the street should come up to tell me anything important. If I. Ever and I just learned I did this guy I was so it still face -- -- very loud you know yeah. Try on I've probably only answered I don't that's the great part of being old you just don't give a crap about little and he's no that is a matter it doesn't. On the other end it's not been able to control things from anything from even having -- go to the bathroom -- children. And -- -- Tommy's -- and you don't seem to care crisis it was Hillary care to listen -- Sunday night when authority you can party and it. -- Jack Klugman you score when you lose that depicts. And then we've got. My grandmother on the bubble. Their mother on the volume David bubbles is thirty years -- like John bubble yeah from the sounding travels on the bowl. Why don't just say don't like with the new power Jane Wells until recently sent George. Bush shortly we're seniors on the bubble boy days -- hospital for our intensive care and out of the -- -- -- -- -- -- amongst men don't have him you know because he's got pneumonia rent boy does end up frustration and hard and you croak. I cherry thinks yeah official look -- to the new year total debt debt draft. They play a tournament site day when they decide that will reside there who crooks first my mother reroute or your grandmother I'm saying my grandmother. Press him among neglect I knew inside that -- much off quite a bottle blues. You unduly get a biology listeners and -- movement -- -- -- on the root of the alcohol would you. Jesus Chris -- a mile to the vulnerabilities I -- -- our -- were in lunch. -- -- -- -- whoever loses CF has to pick up that huge bags -- raison de grace -- -- and I did worry about that and grace Randy has -- your life just to clarify he takes it so yeah it's not Billy you have George Bush senior bill you know. You do you have to watch it's a good look -- once they got to worry got to play the game -- -- how about getting your picks hey here's a sterile. Even. And as the conversations going on something comes across TV about George Bush in my mother's house and it. Hey who's going to be near death draft in this so front entrap people love it and I go. I think ideal. Did this stuff about -- my mother goes who has her. Nobody nobody's goner put on that but couldn't there -- When these days Marta beyond -- -- -- will be -- idea margins very worried about even live alone. Well we -- as you -- she falls. You don't call nobody calls -- -- -- issues that they know how to cite my Michigan related diet my brother in law. The -- African and yet it was like six foot five engine department of justice and ending -- -- -- he. This is reason for high bulls and stuff from my mother you know things are on -- -- shelves. He says to me. Your mother lives dangerously when it's I Iraq because you in order to get this if she's standing on chairs she as we have to buy her step ladder. Winning on how to play this guy have a Willis is leave there while he did he know he sits at about three deck I was dropping money like crazy. But he said. I went how bad is this -- Eat you married my sister a year ago and you've known as they -- maybe 24 months and I don't know but you're already picking out things to make my mother safe I having given a second thoughts. And on and off now and say you're sad as any for your meal that's it for giving -- -- -- -- -- So upbeat he's hungry it's good I had to give up this guy's resume believes both have is -- and it's tough absolutely are you. I don't like don't -- latter part -- helmet. Put that helmet on vacation fault -- letters are expensive all joking aside and got almost earlier and it -- -- hey you know world moves and more loser are right you can't smoke can't own guns -- got to Wear a helmet got to where she got balloting might be Smart if you like life. -- is Hillary Clinton itself from dehydration or whatever she passed out hit her head there and it isn't the pass an -- that kills you it's the fall. Was she had is a blood -- I told you Larry Miller and everybody thought he was drunk and I don't think he was but he was at a bar steps outside to take a phone call. So long ball slips on a on a -- like lost his footing hit his head one of months in rehab and everything. I don't know the extent of exactly what happened but I know he's back doing comedy end. Yemenite PCs Larry the Cable Guy on this show sucks but either way TV dude you ever learned from movies music is pretty woman -- -- a lot of stuff. The voices all. This is how I think you -- Everyman who knew the noggin not she's got a blood clot and dinners Sonoma and did your mother Alice grew louder -- mr. Poland when walker is the world's greatest month and -- -- how much. The it was from I love you want for your she's numb I'm your long and Charlotte know commodities that diaper and sheets. And exuded all -- he's driven dead man.

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