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Christian Dan's Adult Christmas

Jan 7, 2013|

Dan realizes he's a big boy now when he receives manly gifts for Christmas. The guys talk about where you learn how to fix anything nowadays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I get to an app that every -- should have put. Christian Dan has just we do what he told me was his first adult Christmas career builder in your thirties for Tracy constitution. But this why why do you say your first because that was given a lot of stuff that you need to be an adult to have pretty much tools. A -- all -- getting a little rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't just drill hole. They you're gonna load up which oracle computer afraid of gas probably you are we. Yeah any time talking about -- and embarrassment. He didn't want to miss an incident bitter taste good with charcoal flotation. Everybody laws have a little lighter fluid with their side of deeply threaten operatives that I that's how the Celtics every place you're guessing you don't charcoal -- -- got to go grocery to get tool that rules wouldn't you like a whole wrench set everything hammers the whole -- I pray that you were users like -- -- of bank you can don't know how to love. And -- -- handle but I got all this stuff okay power drills so what. Anyway what do you do -- -- -- you don't even know how to use that so it's almost they gain much but it's insulting well. Why would you give a guy tools that doesn't fly me she's got a handy is that winds sent his stock and treated unfairly handy and it doesn't Blake. Who bullet -- he also doesn't -- gas grill he's afraid of gas you get him against -- Put us here. Yeah I mean these other stuff but I mean I was like I guess of what other stuff like lifelong new -- that was the stuff. The branches and all this stuff always to Tulsa you've got -- is a budget hammers and nails and -- drill drill drill bit power -- and there's a lot I -- like I always ask my -- -- -- acquire all these tools -- -- because just like one job at a time by one not an apparent on -- substitute idea how to use it -- -- -- That's what YouTube is for because of a restaurant jobs I give -- -- -- home books say give me that you don't need that anymore you guys YouTube now people show you -- and some needs we think he got older I -- rules and areas of my collar -- don't Tommy caller I can't call Gary Malone had -- myself. I think there's good to have knowledge of how to it's due to simple things change a faucet on your sink her and a written all -- -- but -- -- you say that because. But did I turn the back of the basement into like to Christmas wrapping area prone carrier wrapping station. And I took the boys downstairs 'cause they bought gifts to actually cut a deal. With each other they were buying gifts for like it'll -- months stuff. And then I see you have to -- other gift could very well behind my back 11 of the -- -- typed the suction cup thing I'll buy you that if you bust. And that's cool -- So they were wrapping all the stuff and I'm going I'm looking at wrapping I was terrible at it I watched a video. First on how to -- and I got. Don't have to rapid that they think it's going by the wayside people like I can buy the -- -- get the tissue and all kinds of you go door Hawkeyes are wrapping bought aside as usual was there. -- -- we recently made them -- he had to teach him how to wrap. No they did on their -- -- just figured that out they actually pretty -- never wrapping gifts that I did a a lot of that you get so there for me it's committed a bad were to issue Tyler -- decide Christmas -- -- same way YouTube well when it comes to that I needed Diana then that Danny -- today and I used this man have yeah it's called the art of -- -- -- an apple do you find out -- Well anything you wanna search out on how to fix -- do anything at all. I had a toilet I declined upstairs the group plunge it out and I am plunge and it employs it in nothing's happened and is now working again and he's only concerned. Some -- what am -- gonna have to do I'm thinking I'm gonna have to call plumber tour sold the jet has run an and a stores Jamison falls asleep in the car and I pull up I search. On my phone where how to fix clogged toilet. -- comes this part of mailing list. Click on the EO. Clogged toilet. Prepare you gotta get up and it is this is weird these new toilets is I replace all the toilets -- only -- as low flow where there -- the hole is different so that you don't get great suction on the plunger and but they said in addition to that. It's hot water in dish detergent -- Redo and it's just pour the hot water in their that'll -- stuff father is everything in the toilets clogged it stays cold so that'll loosen up. And this so much help -- -- it moving along dam plus the -- it. So you plunge the -- out with a soap and water yet hot hot water dumping down there -- -- as a killer and -- yeah. You know what we're going to -- Panetta said after that get a snake and as long as it's not as long as you don't have water coming up through the -- -- of. You see a senior cleric. I always tell me what I'm happiest I get this Vietnamese guy -- -- even understand and his name's Manny I think is a made a name any guy there part of manliness right there and in many -- Vietnamese. He talks in my real -- sometimes I don't even know when I owe him because he can't say clearly dealing. But the -- a genius. Genius. And it's you know the -- go get it he gets it puts it -- while this is mr. Tom real fix -- go to many -- get out of here this is what happens when. Like most people don't know when or how to do the simple things right but I think I help the economy way more than you to do you should you do your apps -- -- really unhealthy counters my kids panel but I'm saying I got given a guy job. On pain of four men on help put America if you guys are hold America back for sure your half past jobs. Region of putting your own toilets in your own saying you know what's kind of crappy and it's a little daylight toilets perfect. -- are imperfect so -- it must submit to a club pro retrieved the whole off. Of their older house. I found the -- We did the 55. People rating it has a one point eight rating softball history articles and the one article they -- look history interesting was covered by an -- for some -- game very un -- indeed if I'm -- be subjected to ads they should at least be relevant -- it's -- so why else I'd probably go first -- hurts himself. With his -- mainly prize fight -- drill and his. Gas charcoal grill converter -- I read the article from the army has configured and salt Lewis and you saw that -- -- -- that would be good in any luck. Sometimes just have a little you know what's good. Know how to do stuff around your house you don't negation billing it gives you confidence. To know never to do that again. It was a matter I don't think this applies generally age related. What is USA one bag I'll it is generally it is my watches and ridiculously good call yeah take a lot of -- get assailant she saw -- notice he's not issue that combo -- We can't helping the economy. Should. I lost it hasn't she got so -- and can't make it mean to make it Greek stocks. Like Atlanta being slowly eaten. Especially -- So they can that's been and I think you know at least I know lists early afternoon. Double -- there are still Auburn's. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know me I wrote to -- -- I'll reiterate that everything jacked up to us that all everything with this dude do you. Double wallop and beat you two years ago I would connecting them. My old forty -- about it a lot of time. It didn't hurt the -- locked up we couldn't get a whole lot a lot of Italy's. Commitment to get food and all week my dad not there where yanking on it they handle comes off her hand the the doors -- and warn parents frying it trying to slide that I was tennis do. Does this sort of -- it is less than one year -- And what might have been meat should be its organic greens -- actually be a beautiful day. And at least I didn't know I'm throwing the real upgrade get everybody's attention. -- -- a -- up. -- -- -- -- -- -- It. So now you know that the -- yet it was his job so we go to the -- why don't we -- we have to let it expire automobiles -- quite well for themselves. -- -- -- He did last night. Now I've moved everything out but I'm acting because I. Am not happy it but okay. Going to bill -- -- well I -- -- and different road and why do you know little known instance. The new union local news. I realized. That I have water power -- my book are you -- I would share is -- We really don't worry. She's -- India brilliantly I think and I -- I. No I used to -- in relation to what is it and we're not yet -- -- -- -- I'm out script they try. They don't have the -- whatever it up it should be covered want it but we go out and we drive to build moderate. In our next. That -- car that we just had all the historic diamond vision Hyundai their spirits are are out of meetings they've taken it -- -- We do a lot of born to have our Oakmont -- -- put the parking brake on the next day we go to right there. And myself and actually looks -- on -- yeah. Don't like always I would do -- but -- -- and there's no way it attracts. We get out -- the -- cycle built it is our our cars on fire so that -- New Year's been working and trying to put. Out. And Craig are not we need to -- and you break it generally 300. Dollars. I don't four minutes -- -- so right now you need. Cars can be fixed Garza he's he's in the right and periodically and needs a new answer all the common. And in the washer dryer that are not even a year old there Lee didn't and they -- the result actual retail price. On land contribution to the F comment yesterday. John good luck I don't toilet now you know why. You know I -- you guys then I'll know it doesn't the burning question there. And here -- say okay. Whenever I read I didn't I only under warranty and elderly like accentuate the money to circulate the money it spent on doctor's group and but yeah. -- -- out Cabrera which they told me it's going to be I had just say that we're well over five brands. Well I'm. -- mean do you figure watchers international wash it dry needs. -- -- Washer dryer -- -- each yeah I can I don't know why did I get the working class shot and moderate so I hold up because they worked. And demonstrate. The yeah then didn't necessarily need to spend the who's got a little I don't have any seeing accident this -- it's the first day of the new -- -- didn't name. Can tell you how pleased own reasons shelves and how I got broken -- the housing OK. But currently. Then why it. Happened to bother -- he's on the blocks -- and -- -- yeah Tony and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's true did you Norman always did you get. God and a but I love you drawl it out the couple well the typical green. -- -- it was two people unlocked you and I the automotive chain to each other related business. Things that I love and love it it's. -- sex at 9940 fortress we started this with Christian Dan having his first adult Chris yes and no go result little cliff. And now -- Danny joins the dome rational of you love that. -- runs it broke in nothing fixed and I got a George Foreman Grill sweaters and knows here tremor I'm nineteenth. -- -- -- -- And a dull -- this what did you get last year Tonka trucks and tickle me Elmo for a sick. -- another Texan 99404. You burn the lighter fluid off the colts -- think cook with -- god damn yup peace. I'm descending again into angrily used the guy in gases that -- built its employees in the militant -- -- economy. Yeah I got my gas pressure and it probably more expensive -- Franken mean it'll affect gas solace and vicious.

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