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Caught on Camera Pt.2

Jan 8, 2013|

Listener's call into the Break Room to react to Wendy and her cameras.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning thank you join us here in the break room talking about paranoia whether it has to do with -- seen doctor shows and also and you think you're sick to -- the flu virus are we to clean and that's what's making these things stronger and cameras everywhere big thing over the break was. Somebody stealing packages offer front desk -- and an on camera yeah losing this guy error. Right so a lot we we were asking have you urban caught on camera got a call from a guy -- draw from worked at a gas station she was robbed at gunpoint. She'd taken his car so he jumped on his bike -- mile away when she column. Wrote down there any -- on up against the wall put handcuffs because he matched the description of the guy until they looked at the -- He was calling camera doing nothing -- if anything boyfriends. That we get a call from Wendy. And up when he still on the line Wendy. Wendy's has cameras all over her how -- homeland she says she does is to protect your kids and that's what responsible parent should do. As the conversation unfolded -- claims to have found her husband. In her underwear in their bedridden -- led to their divorce she's now a single mom to deal with these kids. Seems a little weird seems very paranoid to -- I don't know. I'll Wendy's our locker random we'll start with Rebecca. Rebecca go ahead what you wanna say I think Rebecca has on the -- Rebecca would be turned on by a husband in her undies he would -- I hadn't. What's the season duties and fairy underwear. -- -- -- -- Rebecca. I don't rarely -- or anything like that anymore because I haven't had I mean. I I would be offended that he would be wearing my underwear. You should you be turned on. A lot of room because I think I say aren't really ground. Good ground -- maybe I wouldn't you know it. It's in the mind I developed my husband her almost nine years now and that I would not give a crap that you are my underwear found that wearing another girl's underwear. You -- a number growl quietly why would I care. Because your fat and you do you very said you blew up -- exempt she didn't say snow up she's I don't well I don't went on to which means she's a load which means they fit -- -- as husband -- there a couple of pubs. And I'll explain weren't that -- and Europe Europe Marjorie W no money no. Rebecca. -- you it's fun -- a turn on. It's your stat Harry -- in one's gonna run you are just that -- a little airing tonight ma am I'm actually at a slight. That's and bearish -- despite -- -- crowded rock like I don't understand night when I get a lot of. -- it'll come up -- strength -- I have the strength to sue your parents do the same thing with cameras. Don't know that aren't that's all I met -- when I ever did I or Eric do expect. Not -- Internet technology then who did your parents we have a picture should turn out OK didn't trick or pushy I hope there aren't trustworthy. Let's -- questions did your parents. Well -- and I'm not untrustworthy. My kids' trust me I trust my kids we have a really good relationship now my parents should have -- and I house I don't know if you could patent. Yeah nobody I mean in terms of trust like sneak around checking up on law and order neighbors checking up on -- and that kind of staying checking in now. They would actually have my Galen what he's talking about they would talk to my -- the conference's. I don't know okay just normal stuff but Joe's got a question for Wendy go ahead jokes. Yeah right you know I don't have a question or what I'm about to do what you started going because -- their I got three teenage daughter and a nine year old son. And I can't 400 dollars dig out of my lawyers coroner -- -- and left the laptop as saying. Probably missing -- laptop and my daughter just last night at a 113 dollars gold out of reversed and were. Irks you so are all today have friends over obviously you don't trust their friends. Great -- but I got a feeling it might be one -- my my my oldest daughter. -- you should just sell you my -- should take I want credit card daughter -- -- bigger broader powers. Page I'll bring up that is is their mother or is it their stepmother. Our Mo or my or rhetoric or corporate early night I'm not I'm only ask because sometimes there's animosity brought your cynicism -- this is. -- functional strain of family and the only thing idealism and stealing. Our guy he did it. Quietly he cannot wish you'd actually I'm -- I might need -- -- I don't IR. Senator -- will put how foot birdie and it got a great speaker -- a teenage daughter and really I hear you what little Leo what you do. Right maybe you quoted on the maybe -- you let me monitor I I very rarely find your -- -- -- -- security intelligence -- -- victorious Israel does your weight limit and that little outfit. All run airport a while you're under a very good guys who feel that -- -- Gotta be blown brawl. When you're out you don't have to show -- how -- -- -- -- the Internet because you don't know what's going on I was going home -- feet. They don't want little iconic I can't sacks happen he's trying to catch I got someone stealing money or steals up fears I -- you know point. I -- the money is not an easy. But I think Cameron don't work who displays will be -- and -- -- Joseph let me ask you when he said she told the kids that they were gonna do that would you have. That. Six Stanley sick comes -- the Stanley meeting right now all right so ivory everybody Garrett gathers around and do you say to them hey look. With -- all this stuff miss some putting cameras in just so everybody's on the up and out of yes sure I don't I don't know what the right thing to do is -- and it. Just pick -- part of all my daughter's friends say we should call -- -- and -- majors those cultures do. -- -- -- -- -- -- Time and a hot team can highlight that Muehlegg I would pay 25 bucks a month to watch on new label for TR daughter uncle Tom it's airing it happened. Died thank you good Joseph Jill as a question free one to go ahead Jill. I I you must not get any trust your boys I agree -- -- not hit any problems with my children at all we know that's. -- -- -- there are now do not mean that created backcourt -- my kids' trust me and I -- I trust my -- already got -- and I have one boy and one -- I'm. Do you ever really dead there really happy they know that I'm like looking out and -- I'm not there. -- This is Wendy Wendy has cameras all her house she's. I had it dissolve her marriage because of the cameras also -- that. Homeland that TV yeah. -- not -- my marriage what are you talking about my husband to do not their marriage okay. America but job as a result of that. And she said that too although all of despite that she's been able to protector kids we've had several calls from people saying they're thinking -- doing the same thing because they have teenage kids. Things are missing now things are stolen is somebody again hi I'll take one more call this is Jeremy the -- and he says he feels bad for Wendy wide Jeremy. Ultra tech could go get our combat performer I'm almost all of what they -- But each little elbow up into the that you were a little. Yes I do I love the sport that I get a -- special edition I'm -- first all -- incredibly hot. I would totally wait until she -- ball to do dirty into the deal because clearly an ulterior motive here. Why would you hold it up what you cameras -- -- -- and and make sure you -- all the forwards all the kids came over. And the and good call Wendy is that true is that why you didn't benefit. -- I couldn't Hariri he can't camp says you got cams all over and through that the kids would want -- watched little boys in the house and -- are not true scum bag. I'm making third but what I mean yeah -- had beaten. -- god okay. No I like watching me in my husband before I found out -- we really but now. Commission just kind of come a little she's a touch it's weird I ever saw from Wendy okay and yet. This is the single mom -- on campus Kooks who. This group called. So -- about artful. Writing a controversy. Well. Some of the job -- Prefer to have. It was. So now we're. Now this is for Wendy who says she's a single mom seems to have she's about she's got -- what he she did say -- I was -- This is via a single mom around. A lot of yours do. All of which. Barack engineers who. They don't want to change my mobile -- what's your name yeah. Your daddy's gone and I'm not too. You blame maybe one day we can catch a ball game. Yeah to be home later maybe. They had a hand. It was cool though once and Finding Nemo around. No -- and in my hand. Besides our -- land day yeah. Okay. The -- put it this controversy to rest. In this next. After sex. We treat us makes us feel so blessed. Just let me marinara sauce and chat. Also had a -- -- Says she chairs and up but she's going cameras everywhere.

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