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Caught on Camera

Jan 8, 2013|

Listener's call in to tell their unbelievable caught on camera stories and stumble upon paranoid Wendy. She's doing more with cameras then just monitoring her house...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The level of paranoia that's always gonna come to today were to talk about. The -- meant a flu cases in mineral county and at the flu shot you're getting. Some doctors is saying does not have to strain that's affecting people putting some in the hospital there was a time hospital. So are we to clean is that why these things are stronger and is at our level paranoia follow through this stuff that's gotten us to where we are with the cleanliness. Breakdown to now we're taken supplements and things in Maine and do nothing kind of -- it's a you know -- good scare tactic. Or are over sensitive. He's one -- see everything that happens to our stuff at our home wherever with cameras to him. -- a line the question is -- remain caught. But someone's home camera regional war Cameron doing something. Tom says she's got a stirred up being caught what do you got Tom. OK so there's about Arctic cheers go to there spend -- summer 2000 and stick. I -- rapid time Lewis or being you have. Hey. Gas station I am -- -- facing closed at midnight I -- call from her about -- 38. There you -- -- that because she had better robbed at gunpoint to me now now it would take my card no work. All I actually hop on a bicycle. Road America goes about a mile down the road from where we live. And when I get there I get -- -- up against the wall off I get put in Hancock because I matched description of the guy that -- the door. -- -- -- -- -- -- While but she had to be screaming it's not him it's not him. Exactly exactly what I -- I was wearing a New York Yankees back where -- And that's exactly what the guy was wearing your Mac or did you get a bit. Perfectly wideout Derek Jeter. I and then look at the tape to prove that it was new. I had a -- my cup car from about 1230 to about 4 in the morning mom and I would actually. We -- texting where -- myself on and they realize that somehow I was texting her. But I came manic sort of all permeate everything -- what enabled us be your partner are. Wow -- I I want out there for moral support yeah yeah it was up and now I'm the director -- -- -- discretionary doubts about the dogs he wanted to deep eulogy you know. Oh yeah yep I don't wow there's just a crazy. Crazy night. So you're caught on tape doing nothing. Don't know out of supporters -- for doing nothing that's -- while they released the tape was there are declared that enough cheese generally get their boyfriend is stated -- you'd be better off. When I get behind guy does not say. We are caught. Well the -- young people a good set up -- you know she claims that he comes -- for support. I Tom thank you for comments. Your call what have you -- someone do -- on tape Wendy's in Rochester when he anyways because of Monte do. I don't think it can actually -- Really important to have from Cameron dollar out they're excited that I can tackle from my opponent. I'm almost every -- just he what's happening in real time. That's kind -- we're where you rob I think Tommy's brother has that -- -- his house but he lives and that there are two different homes one in like the Carolinas and Florida president can keep an -- -- joins them in -- -- Montenegrin once in a joint. OK so is it okay and one healers and high crime area that's when they continue -- a high crime area where you robbed before. I mean no I haven't been -- -- -- are now. I just wanted to see what's happening in my at all. You needed I get here early was Sorkin via. And those two little boys are home yet you would need that stuff we wanna know but I mean also filling two needs to be a little bit of trust -- content to simply get broken and then the camera comes down money. So I mean and -- I haven't gotten past that makes that paranoid. I thought why you even got we got the ball -- nothing good territory that was done yeah. Club person -- Yeah and every right idea in their bedrooms. I get my kid grew up help me I -- I did. I hit hard twelve and her two young boys. Glad worst is -- a. -- -- He still has to go -- has pled where's he go home -- watch him. This funeral in this I hear about -- called the -- -- understand I'm sampling of one himself. What do you got to kids I. I know what you're talking about I mean it I only. They note that read camera guy and I only tactic when I'm home I mean if he had. -- there's a lot of rubber that went in and mommy's gone home for the right for you say you view this is responsible parenting. So how what what -- you creepy as what has the -- negated its tomato who blew the -- tell -- you've got cameras in the bumper. In the bathrooms and the cameras when not not a good -- edit they get all worried about dog -- went out. Men's events usually -- has come on man I'm getting a ticket don't moms luncheon. Jason Campbell's. See this -- now paranoia or -- this is general only. Really I don't know like I commanded contributing. I cannot bend and getting -- prevent them from watching violent movie. I'm hundred mile -- -- the climate problem in their moment I'm not. You're nuts. See that it was echoed a short -- I see there's got to be a trust issue I guess to mean you know Tommy does credible point or something it's broken the kid doing this does seem but it gadgets of the Iraq here. You know -- that happened the actual assets and is missing from the jar your drives are now on alerts going if you -- some pills like get it but yeah this year his weird -- -- party. -- -- You had a problem here I mean I'm with thank you say you're not tuned in you're not doing your job and I think -- can think like you're trying to attract this year will be no -- my kids to say I am watching over them and protecting them. Who's to jesus' foreign rice. Are you married. I may now there's a reason why Ewing junior college course it was a they would like pre match. -- not comment in my -- -- She our young ladies and yourself personally usually lose weight. -- may give men enough you need to know I have not taken -- ads -- I can imagine Larry and let him bro she couldn't grab. What -- you break got just because you put on your underwear. Big deal out of time when I had popcorn bucket -- I want to share alike hardly none of my underwear. But why would you leave him based on just effectively put on your undies. I'm gonna be about so once. That's it -- Make no other and trust issue to me anyway I want now say if all of a sudden and I'm still not trusted I don't know them in his office hours. I can't get ready you don't need to move all you feel like you need every -- He's a little something close themselves everybody does. This and is this just a little creepy and dishonest your husband if you're taping him without his now. The one -- Pete being dishonest. Wednesday -- my underwear not to let you know when you look. At. Let me get so Mike -- the -- might -- I have what I wanna say to win the. They're afraid of him since then that should mean I think it's pretty it's going to be thirty right here and see each are again. She's done -- area psychiatric help you do when the outcome that you sound of. I mean everywhere and saying I'm the problem I think aren't you the problem here. Yeah yeah you are and where I would going on -- outside now are you had no idea. No I don't I ordered that I had my they. Got a life and -- my kids through school my wife is home to give -- With with the youngest get me let's G. I don't know I'm -- and you can Vietnam ave because a -- and it didn't work elk and candidates. But there -- you you know you gotta have a hard time dating anybody -- No bruises in my I had some -- house -- and also dumb and candid camera -- when I'm trying to get into her money box on Franken had a lot. I don't like being spied on president and let me just like -- -- -- in intimate with you yes it's on camera bright color and they can't and watch iron roof. I'd put it and I didn't under and in the first place latrine and there actually got put it. What -- she's an idea I mean everything was under -- I didn't come on by the peak. You would watch you and your husband. So the camera archive everything and then you would watch junior husband in any sexual stuff do you add. Let me chocolate -- time. Fired -- shot. Because you know so I wouldn't let -- be attractive to remember her husband know that these cameras were in the bedroom. Well I mean not at first I did I thought I -- around you can market can run your diet aren't -- now. You while he ever thank you -- you user in your underwear. Record outcry from years housing you're joke Cody what do wanna -- -- Yeah I was there that are very neat technique is totally gonna backfire you are very kid they're not -- going to be an outside retirement there's 1617. Everybody out of the parent current cycle. And I got to know when he I mean you have to be a pretty lonely person because I kind of -- name but he will could stands as an -- signing of you who could they. Yeah I mean you know I understand let let it trade -- I'd keep my out really well Scott had stated that his flight solid kid I can operate out of my coach because that's what I'm -- -- -- -- Who really am an independent I don't think and it had trouble finding them out. I'm really Jan in in in the bedroom. I -- on -- greater great. So I don't Khomeini himself that if if you dig me the whole menus up for grabs -- let me get W back -- mills. Wendy I don't know it got a little McCain might it affect you don't know that these music camp Helio Mike to hammer. I -- why immediate question. Wish for first proposed while -- -- got into it -- and we're -- first. Street our. No she's yeah she's a liar. And when I got underwear -- able. Well our marriage -- ticking yeah it ought to be we knew altercation I'll -- sport would be like -- daughter. -- -- what an eight under what it would meet. What do they connect to your walk I don't know appeared you're. On the exchange and the tale of his -- you months. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think rendering everything right near the one of the problems do you know do you know what can you up -- going here I'm home. Think you know like yes I do we -- quick. And we don't so -- at this computer yesterday. I took a liking -- David for that. It's -- to like -- I -- -- -- I think you are I think you're all right. -- action and you need to get all -- order can go up paranoid freaks and I think the media. Should receive somebody that's actually a a -- -- your. But you know you're an apparent anger is configured on what an issue here -- -- can also owning an -- whenever the -- may be outside and I grew major incident apparently angry but no -- to the paranoia is bad. The panel is on the. Am very tired and these -- it's my Quaid can manage things when I can't be -- -- -- recorder and the -- come from where. Yes when he why it is sit there okay. We're gonna take a break Rebecca discuss on this enormous -- to back his tennis and -- -- says her parents to do the same thing now. And Joe's guess on the city and I have a song since your single mom I have a song for Rhea stand not you say you are jam and would she say Janet and -- jamming in the bedroom they're -- in the bedroom this is Wendy she's got cameras all over house. She's caught our kids she says she saved her kids from watching dirty movies are hurting themselves are getting sick curve and -- announced she did catch her husband allegedly according to her wearing her underwear and that's why. -- let you know I have true. Yes there's -- night. -- when he on -- we'll take a break those calls Rebecca sued Joseph and you were 2226000. Next in 965 WC --

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