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You Thought Your Life Sucked Pt.2

Jan 8, 2013|

More on the Tale of Chris losing his life.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about. FaceBook status updates we don't need to see because I was talking to someone yesterday sitting on -- -- deceive you person with the mother holding her stillborn baby -- okay but that disturbed him I don't need to see the young girl who went to the windshield all bloody and in India windshield. All right so -- on the young girls though Chris Collins said hey I'm amazed at the amount of personal stuff people put others. I want that nursing and put now and the end result is really about forgiveness. He says nine years ago he and his fiancee and their one year old son went to visit his brother down my New York City. They're there for a week and he came back alone because his sister and his brother film -- and Ian talked to them in nine years. This holiday season they'd worked things out over the past seven months -- so. They came to visit he said it was awkward but in the end it was good and and his -- thing is. I feel like I wasted a lot of time being -- yes you know it's a one point my bros -- desperate. Very hard for forgiveness we have people called gone I would -- this guy in the face conduit for you maybe you're not that daddy. Somebody Texan in 99404. He could be a good guy but we have no way of knowing if if the dude on the phone is an abuse that do abusive ass worn half up -- -- -- All true I just sound that way I suggested that there may be -- killer. Tommy just don't want -- out there is no healing your brain -- there's no bad ideas in this dress I like Chris said he paid. Child support but the -- on you until large for -- we -- in the week he was just saying yes I don't know bro I'm given on the island that maybe it was -- time but -- -- I don't care needs and dollars too much he tried to do what was the right -- -- did he did not try to feed their kids dad -- -- -- atrocities it was an -- Custody case the kid was maybe too young to remember all the things going on at the time one and who knows. But Connie did leave a Swiss. I'll tell you what I would do. Lulu. And I tell you that I -- I would take a page from a local headlines a page from local Edmonton I Clifford. All that you -- her. Yeah holder Caspar back in 1999 this this is as -- of the New Jersey where they were called the palisades. New. Maybe it is from the -- -- and this is part here for a minute you know let. Analysts -- other car familiar to go is tough. -- -- Down you go baby BC is a little guy is a better do a drug I guess maybe a lesson of his that I alert but he's a good guy. You learn Hoboken new -- good guy a good guy and what happens is good guy neo burned I took and they may at last there's less. It and he's he get -- bone to get the after nine years from his broad. She's taken his money in them then no cussing c'mon man did -- get posed. It's awful and I I don't know what is it toughest to do forgiveness. On that. She's like yeah I'm Tony she's lucky she's alive by a lot of due to lose it man didn't. Film -- and yep they kept himself and -- why don't have guns. Because you think you would snap. Nobody you seem pretty even -- -- I would be the -- -- -- you usually European Hewitt -- do you feel Buick Buick get nutty over like simple stuff. Yes you know idea somebody left to toys are facing you know your -- -- on the -- I'm not a non actors who -- you when I go to neutral. Somebody texted Christie's a vacation the -- bunny ranch. Could you ever trust again after that you know once trust -- to that level could you ever trust any time I've been divorced it's hard so hard road back via Philly -- -- -- -- Danny would. Now the -- India and take a long time does -- the years we've been the break room and knowing is a fiance announced around for a couple different girls are all things that he -- and and originally what happened Tommy. Any would this lone woman leave him for not for follow on unions come home to millions -- that yes the element here if we could put -- that I. And anyway it's there all right phone numbers 2226000. Or you can not Texas at 99404. We're being told that this and I am I'm hoping that there's someone in the medical field and by the way I -- one of these ads gone. Hey can't stand the sight of blood but still have work in the medical field has work. He can be a -- There were already receptionists wrestler crying office and will teach you how it is an administrator -- -- my cousins but. I'm looking for people who are not -- is about does the sight of blood Barrymore well because my here's my question. The of the overall -- -- all are we to clean. Today the hand washing your life. The flu. Last year at this time the only ten reported cases of mineral -- you know. Today there's 900. An epidemic. They're saying that this is one of the worst strains of flu they've seen sands bird float there. Now. And they're saying that if if you get the flu shot. It may not protect you from the strain of the flu is whether and in doing so well Brian I usually don't get I usually don't get the flu shot -- but they're saying it's really bad now updating complain we have some -- audio. This is doctor nine year held die here and he studies -- brilliant negotiator. If it's an activity of the -- of in New York City and announced that the north is widespread. The -- it's widespread -- he -- it's everywhere it's all of a place not always feel like I was coming now that -- -- -- -- yesterday so I I take I have southern in my house called emergency. And it's it's like a thousand milligrams of -- in the water with. -- vitamin C yet and it doesn't. And I don't also works I haven't gotten sick missing in -- fifty miles an arrogant I have something else tonight I would recommend I was so it was a bunch of -- But it's an air purifying system to your house in your towns -- like thousands of dollars but that dancing in but it's kept everybody healthy and I -- people with a compromised immune systems in my house and and I have not been most people -- -- that got a bank to drop on their house. Get a deal most people don't have -- morning gentlemen as -- -- have thin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's expensive -- will be -- it's -- Ali -- don't -- -- -- -- -- to back -- -- only -- one -- -- Tennessee -- and they -- thousand dollars and it's just this phone -- I don't think so it -- a lot of -- medical -- and some other -- I'm -- -- but this -- I'd be doing well it's the upfront cost I would -- the vitamin -- crap I always -- -- -- I always loved the the money you'll save yet but it's an initial lay out what they got a thousand dollars in around here's a little bit more of doctor nine year -- high -- channel thirteen. Did I leave the hospital this season we had a 25. Patient admitted to the hospital none of the muscle and how. Wow may 25 people in the hospital nine still there and then back in the hospital because of the flu. Because of the -- and this is doctor John trenor Hawaii it's worse now than in past years -- Of the biggest reason is because we didn't have flu. The last few years beforehand so there's been at length of time when people weren't being exposed to flu are says you have to hand intention may mean that the population is a little bit more susceptible. You also had to mild winters now you've got a really call winter again and and that Helms debates with the dry air and houses and in the schools and searched the big science bridge is an -- that I -- this just sort of not. You have from the Indian dude beard no here is any Sam he's a doctor John saying exactly that. Flu viruses themselves. Survive longer. If that's in the low humidity and cold temperature again also impacts our behavior. So when it's cold outside we stay inside together where we can spread ourselves -- Real kids see your kids are coming home all trying to grab right from school but that's -- -- -- the worst but know what he's really gotten sick now in my house because you get defensive fill in May -- I don't think I honest to god put that thing was to school week. Well I mean really works it works but it seems to be not exactly all the crap that they it's. M lot what the flu shots look it's not this is why taste sometimes the food seems hit a mess on longer stuck to -- -- off. He is a week it's a leg -- even get in your system and a month to really work they say. To nonetheless. We could juicy and science -- I don't do it today you know. You and did you ever -- right they'll want to I don't went to China begins to get a -- well so there's no way for and they had over their one time I would do that so I did all that -- And -- craft for three days here. Would no -- here is why couldn't drink now I feel like crap but that was even drunk golf ball I got I -- the -- was in the car. I come over without the benefits against don't think you know what I thought the other night. So I have a third Guinness yeah well Tommy says that alcohol kills everything I think it didn't really stand up act so -- I'm -- mcginnis I'm telling him and I think alcohol. Is kind of a cleaner but listen this guy even about the flu shot him. What is it there were missing with flu shots just not giving us some protection we really want -- safe. I don't know the answer to. Things zero I don't know the answer Seattle like I -- data on it but I actually. I do appreciate when a doctor doesn't try to play as people say some doctors play god and when he says they don't know. I'm I'm not as troubled by that I just go okay thrown by. I mean I lowered my answer. I know your triumphs when I I appreciate the honesty of I don't know -- not gonna give me semi someplace that I. Wash your hands don't be African pig well don't protect things in your face in your mouth. To an end I think I think that sells a lot of -- there to that then and if you're sick stay home while the sixty home winner because you're spreading all over. I really wondered are we to clean and I see that because just as all this close us coming out. I read this story about a dude working on his pick up truck and gets a cut. Honest handers on the Americans infected. And it starts really hurting later in the day and so we think it's pretty deep he had just dig kind of ignored it and moved on -- his day in and he's excited to go to the hospital. Now this is then hours. They stadium we have to amputate your. Are raw and you have a flash you have -- have flesh eating virus yeah I don't show up and they're not saying -- not -- those from the truck Tommy didn't even called a flesh eating virus. They called it off flesh devouring virus because he's really -- based. 00. Yeah I did I get nervous now. And -- bit. So I that's look if you're and somebody who works in medical field and a nurse a -- center -- -- rare crap don't up PA monitors until -- whacking off your prominent four hours later I got it put. It's happened since this is -- -- it's happened and we know somebody who went to Fuzzy math and it was a sad brunt but -- Book I have I look good for one of the guys is he. Think this is saying nick did he nicked his right hand well organized pick up truck last march the guy he ignored the cut and kept working but later that day went to the hospital after his hand began to hurt. Doctors told him many contracted. Neck -- sizing sassy it's a flesh devouring bacteria they needed to cut off his arm to save his life because this is gonna go to your heart you're gonna -- So they should go look. Analysts thought he was touch and a data figured his out well today and current yes it is everywhere so it's two years we didn't get the Slobodan and that makes is more susceptible woes assists and and now they're saying. That they could they don't even know what street it is it's not in the flu shot. Not just wondered if all our clean is making the bacteria is stronger sort claimed most of us are pigs. I'm telling you right now I think in some people who are obsessed -- but a lot of people are just. You know gross but think about literally grows people you know I don't know many grocery -- listening -- people Lionel all like true. Knowing your thing you know they're not is there pretty lenient. Pretty clean learn it and never. And unknown and you may need to stop. What happened remember a while ago management easier and her come on -- and had a big -- they. Although -- the other hand sanitizing right put in here because we had a bad flu strain right -- bad flu strain right that's my point I -- I wonder if it's that stuff honestly and I -- -- a way off base I have -- I -- -- and I really don't know there's no answer but it just seems like -- that stuff has become more popular -- now or if I had her flesh devouring viruses. Until the last five years true. But that I remember and -- -- -- -- -- there's only such an easy just sign the final right -- TT -- you're deep ball back in the mid ninety's. I didn't know anybody with did that there was a to have -- jungle that's insane and it didn't happen this only happened here happened in Rochester -- movie is gonna happen like in Western New York there were cases of its original. Yes senator -- Ebola. Ebola Virus Ebola. Bullock says we're doing a big -- big multiple identities or names all of the doctor Zimmerman I'm gonna close this -- is -- caller triquint changed. TJ to 6000. We need to swing in the medical expert are we to clean and is that why the flu virus is stronger -- -- -- -- good clean. Knowing I got a couple of people who cares I'm sick. She's going I'm -- overall in overall everything seems stronger is it because we're killing the good bacteria that good so yeah my point being something falls on the floor system last night Jamison to gets a piece of pizza and dumps it immediately on the floor. Pick it up blown off either. Hello what do we know -- Hodges saying -- raise an animal's well just say like you so his idea of cheap you know I'm not above the floor no I am yes you are often do you need money not well. You want alone I don't have a loved again is something that -- -- I can -- not an important -- -- -- system -- -- children need on the floor as a whole pitch it is just that justify -- no way you're raising your children to go through these warriors and you've got to send -- floor -- we have a physician's assistant on the -- -- I saw this then. Because this long PA it's a person who works in the medical field they're touching the reading there doing all the style system my god it's like training we will talk to bill AK attached to -- is that this is that that's a bronze job no it's. Physicians assistance -- -- -- she acknowledge well and I -- it's not that they are porn I've been through what I've been told the physician's assistants need to know as much as doctors get paid a tenth of the -- salary I Lester because they're -- snow there knots. -- talked to dole we come back in the break crewman 965 -- -- met.

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