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You Thought Your Life Sucked

Jan 8, 2013|

Chris claims his brother stole his life..we'd like to agree. Wait until you hear this tale!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris is unlike Chris got some say about the FaceBook status updates good morning Chris -- -- yes. Morning guys are solid and made it -- -- really hope that the people post but. I want saying there have been debating -- this if you of people -- Tyler get -- so you can make is asking units also this. So -- it's so it. I know -- from the media -- there are some issues to panic dale Oakmont started baiting. Yup dear all I remember that Pollyanna but nothing on FaceBook now now now. Gone I'm -- well. -- -- Still all all your family to. Beaten and I -- Well you have a relationship to your family not just. Yeah all people in the room that might have the most. Functional yeah. Who would move relation with the family it's you asked how many thousand -- kissing his -- and a disappointing it is weird. So what's the what's the status -- retailer. I'm gonna quote about speaking to my brother again after nine years nine years Jesus we had to talk to you brought the -- Welcome it's -- there are Korean people most of them very split over. -- -- we should work and not turn up. What was this political outlook could prevent someone from our -- brother I guarantee it's stupid for almost a decade. -- road basically stole my life nine years ago. Stole your life life. Life busy -- life right is a reason. Well that we had actually it works both ways -- my fiance at the time. And -- Leo -- -- the time and -- we went to visit my brother for a week when he -- in Hoboken rigidity. Look at the sexy town Hoboken. Mayor of the city and what are. Just one week to haven't. Actually my brother let you have -- fellow well. And I came back Iraq -- myself. Playing at -- mandate from selling really at least you stayed with his dude that is house and Hoboken on gas and right and M another time. He -- year old lady she stayed there and you want home. I wouldn't talk to our best and either so -- he still with a jerk. -- it gets worse. After after long drawn out custody battle -- -- -- But actually. One custody. At a officially moved in with my brother in danger. Why things are they still together now to it is nine years. Let's column. My brother who went. I'm -- Kirk and illegally went from being electronic local English front steps up. -- -- and it is this is a country -- -- up so but you still have to do you get visitation rights ran. Well it really are literally this reset this does is a -- go we're talking about status updates you don't hear Chris calls and says that hey I'm amazed at the parcels of people put up there. And I got a guy I am one that have been thinking of doing my I haven't talked to my brother who -- in nine years open. It sounds like you talk to your brother had to go see the kids. Well site give -- your kid right. So he's saying that what happened was a nine years ago that he fiance injures it. And his one year old son and his fiancee is the mother not that one year old son and go to visit the brother and in that week and the brother. We all love sweets repertoire all -- And there's an ugly custody battle over the one year old kid and as a result. This rip a family apart -- and I got these orders the whole family -- your parents and everybody. -- I'm so happy talk year X have you seen the kid. Yeah I mean -- last month stay -- my right. Spoke to let for the first time and I am here but I think he does unify and we're gonna wind is the last and you saw your kid. I -- let me read it cannot prolong our -- you maintain support. I mean the -- support I want to see the kids. Well you -- appear family during direct -- yeah. But you don't go to our decay you don't get to give him a summary don't take to kid for the holidays. Now and I want your robot sitting. She wants full time so I usually don't share custody within US has done something man. Not necessarily in less than she literally you alarm or another good source sticker say worse so I got -- the use you get something. -- -- so what do you wanna do you wanna let's call it up. For a power her father would bring much sun over that commercial that -- and -- wow this is weird and you paid. Yeah I pay act called -- yet but I mean that is just basically a local -- don't -- hey how much you gotta pay -- I connect it to them. Jesus Christ I don't know we usually play the game like you know homeless people -- the pain I'll give you -- 800. Brad there's going to be -- hundred. It colleagues is to keep it. Listening if you keep to kid and yeah I ain't -- so cool way to say good though you spoke to them last Mother's Day. -- Right okay so where things that today. Well he actually is -- finally. Actually try to forget this I called moderates would ever trust them again forget that should take time but I. Yeah -- know this was last may and mothers they would grab -- -- okay. But I I accepted the apology -- my head and -- alert Christmas. And New Year's. Teal Rex they came and it it would it's really awkward I'm sure reversed but it takes out the way that it doesn't let also project. -- -- this is a FaceBook upset I got to keep -- appears limited to a movie Palin as she is so when you're down let's go back to the day you went down a Hoboken which her fiance knew little kid. Here -- two Brothers us. How -- shuttle goes down lake. Because you ended up going home and she stayed dead so were they bang in and -- no way -- did you stay in every how that'll go down. We're Siri tapped her on the side -- knowing you when you went down there. That's. I don't think -- Bring it up and make it it really graphic again. -- I -- -- -- -- it down there right your your your whole life would you go down on a vacation your whole relationship ends in F five days and you've got to go home we leave the kid emulating their. Don't go down inside that house it does sound pretty strange. I mean obviously he was -- her before. You went down -- Hoboken for a visit. They didn't just fall 115 days she stayed that's obviously this has been built -- so he had been around her before right. You're ever really matter -- He tees it up on -- before it was your save about but I mean man you're making now it's your own brother bro guy. I'll do as you know he was turn it up when you return it up. While so -- that it did I I can't wrap my head I'm thinking like to me. Chris you're near the city's -- did you go do something with the kid. And she stayed back the house or whatever. -- -- they only do we get different totally against you sure do. While missing you know algebra by proxy so what is the -- I mean this could be an unbelievable FaceBook status update. Yeah and I see why people would be very split about a crystal got a sugar Joel Edwards well I. Let's throw a lot of different state every week. First for giving them but I feel like our our time being and every. You still and you gave you game back your life as soon as you forgive Bailey Sara it. Did you forgive somebody let -- go when you move Mon July I thought I better off and -- -- miserable right and I think the best thing Chris is you can't live for other people got to live from what makes you feel good and thin and brother -- and its. Seeing care. -- The heart. We have heartily it's not only does it shows go hard I would I was -- and his overall -- -- -- -- -- -- complex backstop. We have this -- articles and a show that's who was have to pull the GP now -- -- Chris you see it's a weird thing that the of the forgiveness part of this is where I don't know. If anybody listening could forgive me -- lucky Americas Bob has a question bobs and -- this morning we got -- Bob. Good morning -- got a my question is you know. He's he's right I believe and I think -- changes over time but the court favored a mother you know a lot of -- don't really watch it again that I don't but -- can get my. And he's not seeing that -- that all who -- you know buried away and 500 mile delay but it don't get that support when she's married now offered not a year and here that you really think. But doing that then I don't know how much forget they really walk from here you know. She doesn't let. Yeah I hear Jose financially you're still big support needed right. But I mean there is that. I don't I. I mean obviously you love this -- right right to marry your and the angels this movie did manage it isn't like you and then she goes from. Focus -- you can't see the kid but joints your coin I mean I would almost say like if you killed her. I would understand it like if you went down there and like blew her brains out a way and it movie -- and I'm saying it was -- doesn't it just struck go ahead you know. Which was which would be even more would be great -- -- -- -- I I had a terrible thing that. I can understand a guy who's a snap up bright and blown it or kill brother -- -- a moment and taken it didn't go to Mexico and Chris how do you how is your relation -- your brother prior to this happen. -- -- -- -- -- Did you learn. There hasn't that happened and Sharon Cheryl and let it play. My own World Cup holder friendly crumbled in the -- that I try to use civilians caught a little -- From my -- or parents buy. Your mother especially with the grandkids. How we're resists. There may -- its worst torn on unfazed and going to try to tell your knowledge about our runner wedeman generator. I'm I'm just saying like this is so disturbing was disturbing I'm just saying that if you get held that the forgiveness peace -- -- as it wraps up and that maybe it's a good thing to tease you into the one thing that you said. Is I feel like I lost a lot of time being angry and you do. The issue do. It you know when you think about sometimes you're you're in line. No way meant someplace to go off. Hoya Valium at one trip on this planet and there 45 minutes in this stupid line I get the DMV musical in this stupid line. I if Chris take him once -- because there's. We see what mark says does the check have a sister and mark got ahead. I didn't talk to assist Derek. Dot aren't there -- did this start can now -- We had to earn her up -- they're mad at us and he knows -- -- -- six I was deployed elegant. It's a lot Harris is in a truck he's got a legitimate question to Paris go ahead. Oh the warriors are you really don't bother. More -- try out money I you all would start. All right see you still carries no -- Heidi you know we can isn't going to be you know it's your brother's kid didn't look like YouTube -- you don't like to Brent Harris if this resume would you ask for aid a test. -- -- -- You'll ever checked to make sure -- your kid. Christie you know what's your kid or -- and I know I noted and test are you just that. Did you brother was in their two broke. While. The other but I it doesn't matter -- move -- in Marion it would what is the F fishing is here on the custody or. So in the process. Literature out part one dollar and dear -- but -- you're gonna get beat all the while long there's two things are not what you make a good point. Because. It dole wouldn't go down -- springboard ball. Help lead ever -- me yeah weren't married Christian right fiance fiance all there are very and I never married and I came before the management. Would stop. Purity -- get a bit carried out -- -- attorneys thank you could not complete any good mid deck are very welcome -- so -- -- looked like K nationals. I didn't. Why did million Billy's brother -- panel lookalike Diana. Brightened it up. I think it in my own kids does is your kids who look like do you or your brother like those could be your brother's kids yet because he get the dark hair net that the Irish mug. The but I'm thinking of from our hands and give Iran you striking gentleman to six. I'll -- -- Chris turner and his brother and MI two boys are sixteen months apart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I wish -- -- he called a -- And you know Letterman and he can't help but -- and then them on the unpopular. Really how good did that. -- really being with his Broadway I'm fine but it could be more than that there can be some kind of compatibility I mean girl who -- -- -- and how compatible in any guy -- LeBron many many many people in coal. This is again CDs still looking for a million relationship. -- break did you then well I mean these and other fish that includes up. -- These -- -- he says he can help Chris Cook Brinkley I -- you got here how do you help Chris Chris look Chris is gonna say to our houses. -- Hey can forget so by the -- all day if you want to disguise space smashed and I'll personally. Do prefer street. Why it is so easy this angry -- and just just are now you've been her -- facing -- smash. Just because. Well you got the day I mean do you have tips. From a little bit. Our own are not -- people and people a lot of meant people -- our control. You know I don't take your brother's. Wife and condemning commodity there at a well. I just don't merit. You can't solve a problem you make your words she did you make it. I am I gonna -- solve problems. Until people. Get -- so -- problems are -- William Orbit probably be a problem you know it all. The guy needed space smashed yeah that's what you have to yeah. Number Chris did you want to raise for his -- to -- Clinton faced as infinite. Probation plays like five Derek. Crest. Did on the line -- he's in the city and says does the kid know who the pop is Davis is at right enemy to kind of jump your. -- -- They're picked it know it into potter is so they -- the guys Bianco. The kid knows you're you -- crest as you know you're you're you're his dad. That's right when he knew I had so when he would come visit -- think. Well our need -- Local credit. My -- about why and I don't run horrible I love when you just tell that you yourself soul how does that all gonna shake out. Because it didn't turn data. Into animals pop up north that's how good. And just as you selfless that's who you would do it at them that's what you shouldn't have done that someone -- her husband as he should do thanks Dave good question tonight Chris. I don't know many people could do what you did in terms of forgiveness but here now sucks man. Take our time yeah ability to beat you tonight. I don't think they let their crucial moderate that it. Bogle thank you for listened. For us this disturbance. Well -- I -- -- you know I can't comprehend that it's just Friday. Against who I had some to not like that something similar happened my family and I was really -- my parents can really explain to me till I got older. I think you're dead bang on my father my father excited Tommy gets I don't know my -- -- somebody who -- acronym that crap hole -- one way -- is when my father's Brothers was going through a divorce is in a tough time and he ended up marrying. He is. His nephews. Ex wife. -- -- left Billy's a nephew February -- for those -- left. Yeah plus wild steady gossip Donna well I'll -- yeah. Tonight to introduce little houses the phone number rules for you do what would you do -- this app neo could you forget if I was there seriously think about. Take -- around. Like they don't want. Our -- it he wouldn't throw I got a man and a war hero we come back IN.

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