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Kids With Tasers

Jan 8, 2013|

Listeners are still reacting to Eric the Actor's statements about gun control. Do you think kids should be armed with weapons in school?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We had a guy named Erika who called up Eric well we have a little bit Erickson she's yes we do -- lot of reaction -- Travis from -- even has -- Only -- When the actor that -- -- that was huge Tommy almost his coffee regularly why would you brag about that area. I'm a local actor no we want to start a crime reenactment group and need to replica weapons the -- you need replica weapons in here and not a -- one red button and you know so like semi automatics and things like that you know I'm afraid that even into the near future. -- and that's to -- need to face up even. Well I think imam of my global credit they get a great crime preventative measure. Mean street crime preventative measure yes taxi came in regarding -- called 99404. This whack job is one real shell away from blow. Clinton people I. This -- -- -- he's very he's also Vietnam. War reactor yes which I've never know TV commitment. It's odd Travis is in Livonia Travis would you wanna say about Eric. All regular air bonds. Having never -- -- a public person. Police. Did you have -- certain certain. -- Can't really stop -- You are here to -- and journal ordered -- -- actually called it fair and to somebody -- Jamal. He satellite. And -- had some experience somewhere along the line do we in the army. All. I. I don't people. I've played army as a kid nine to resign tomorrow what do you believe what you've limited -- ball. Not only to -- paid to it Travis. So your body opposed playgrounds and how to. A possible ban on assault weapons. If there wasn't there was a proposal to take weapons that you more than tunnel ten refs or something a banana clip via I mean. How do they feel at that. Nobody yet today these are. They don't -- but I dare. Or yeah conventional weapons and solid and -- yes stocks are also without. Yeah did you think that Eric is one of these guys who may do more harm than good. Night thank you. Eric is dribbling insane rhetoric somebody text is 99 fours -- for the point as we do not need assault rifles I'm getting a gun permit. I am not against guns -- assault rifles. In New York State you don't even need a gun permit to buy a rifle and I don't permit to buy a 38 -- for hang on you don't need a program a rifle by the way an additional 54 year old single mom. She's a killer machine. This gay guy needs a weapon to be -- this and they it's only city feel later real menace that is part Eric thank. The Nathan has on the Saba Paris Carl Mason good morning welcome to break from what's up. Helen Thomas I I heard Eric yesterday and you know a US court spoke on Adam but it. I tell you are right no one will -- the mountain they need to know what to do any unexpected happened. The -- on -- that's impossible that did that statement just proves you can't trust. Let me show her how to handle something that you say it's unexpected. How do you do that went. We need a good toward protecting you really can't you know do that -- multiple. Well we have to do more protect. What do you do scare -- crap -- -- -- go to school that that that's meant what I -- is -- -- bad guys are -- shoot him to live -- -- very -- war -- horrible things don't happen. It is not realistic. However to make people so afraid that they can't go to school or more function is it right either I think that that's worse. You can tell them what to do an emergency sure that's greater drool. Ban assault weapons salute there is the less available great god had put two to scare the crap out of kids I don't believe helps. -- I think -- you would say that -- listen listen my card is that. We don't -- it ejected precipitated teach them how to fight back. We need -- it is essential fight back when a guy would have gone. Well you know I -- I guess you know due to give her gun might not be the best friend -- -- and in. Doing the right now all but only because relating to a Japan nearly two days you know in America. Millionaire question how are you gonna compare his six year old to fight back -- somebody that in their classroom with an. -- -- -- -- what are what do you -- Bernanke when Nancy -- well. Mark what do what do we well I think we -- maybe every classroom we could have. We can -- pacers. We did that take users and every silly and irrelevant case again it's got an automatic eleventh. Well you know I mean -- maybe he gets so much for your door you know I'm here in the middle street bill. You know rather than just hard. Not the most children go to school every day Anderson. And they're all really nothing's happened did a lot of America's schools -- almost all of this last site horrible horrible tragic incident but it's isolated and it's rare. Compared otherworldly things you think how many kids are gonna go to school today -- and I gonna see a weapon you're gonna come home and are going to be fun. But many may be that so bullish view should did not pay attention to your kid's fine in school he's safe from she's safe. OK but hang out a second seed do you say. I have a taser in every class gets in America. This data and economic you know what may have the most responsible kid in the class of -- guard TJ -- Away -- solid that you get deleted taser guard like you know like it's got plenty -- to get -- to taser pop pop yeah I'm not going to include. -- -- you're an idiot. -- I don't think so I -- that we live blog please read I mean your your side not billion son Jordan would be good can make this a responsible kid. All yeah and a -- and all the -- and to be able to get educated to be able to focus and not feared that something horror that man is gonna happen that probably isn't gonna happen these students say I. That's not very funny kids that just hearing his that I. I learned from this. Guns don't make anything safer more guns lead to more gun violence. Yeah so the answer is always from the NRA is right they wanna explore every option except -- banning certain types of guns they don't wanna have that discussion because there embed with the gun manufactures the truth of the matter is. We have most of the guns and world and we have most of the gun violence in a world that's the simple truth. Well actually yeah I was adds -- -- so that hit I give an example in China. Paying guns or ban you can't have a gun in China as a private citizen right Jack so I know I've got into one of the schools with a knife. -- will go we can kill people with a -- well a couple people to get stabbed. But nobody nobody died in the incident was over fairly quickly because the only thing he had access to was -- knife -- I wanna be -- no but I'd rather be stabbed in live. Then have an assault weapon do you know blow me -- Since Nathan as the kids -- -- -- -- go back to school today and Nathan thinks that every classroom in America that should have a taser and make kids should be -- what given the tools are given this it -- on to fight back and ask just to learn how to detect and so he's almost actually. Fight back he says the most responsible kid in the -- to -- -- take my son Jordan tater you know some kids get in the teaser that -- has already -- in fried. But from what I. I answer this question it's been asked you haven't answered it when prior to sandy hook have you remembered anything horrible happening in school and think about how long ago that may have met right. Order they go that little lot that we don't hear about you know there's a lot of things we don't hear about and you know it's not just just some guy with a -- is also. You know child molesters different criminal individuals and they and they. They go after the week. They -- after the -- and the children are part of the week history knows so that's why do my eggs out of my group were trying to get our kids don't learn how to protect themselves. And defend themselves. And you think that a taser and every classroom from first grade on the bio what is the name of the group that you trying to put together. -- were still working I thought about good neighbors neighborhoods for a living on borrowed should be NFL but you know afraid. No fun leagues might -- -- might go out there if there is so well integrated into automatic mode is getting the word out to parents grandparents. -- -- you have pictured it to fight back if I had my kids my kids they take karate. I haven't you know crisis help defend scrap Holden. -- -- my in my daughter was six and and he. And the other I think it doesn't usually just -- all the bad question ability to protect themselves. It's important very important while you let them opportunities are. Can't we are now they're not they're not ready the -- court although no use. That every classroom since first grade on should have a that's romo's decision usually are jolting. Well maybe the future QB in charge of until I don't know what to make it -- Great producer and heroin get a name for the group the other still were glad things are working through today. So in his exhilarated by fifth grade big kids kids to operate the taser. I think just didn't -- responsible male student should be in charge you know. Male young girls you might be too moody -- -- you know join us. And -- uses a don't go into exact result I. They are always required great is that to explore themselves at that age this is to Nazi -- -- back to back days back nine -- calls were these guys come from that's there either part of the same group are united civil Vietnam millionaire bring to an hour. Problem then you are solution to this here you're teaching his -- tells me all the time didn't fear lived in fear them don't have fun a live in fear. We do know I'm teaching him out of power that they can -- on -- you -- you know a billion I don't think. They teach you let your kid do like I get bigger -- riding close that's good push it surely that's great for self esteem and that is sold tickets is the next level credit exercise for all that stuff guys -- number. Iron Man. No we don't start. Are you. There are all black belt in here and I'm guaranteeing Christian -- and probably kicked the rest meant just by -- and physical desire anymore I just say it's I don't -- -- from. Size and admits it did this this is stupid Nathan you discovery are not some plow another kid. And it he nodded at our cars bad -- Eric was and in the armed services you believe in the Second Amendment but Watson. I I -- believe they're dark they're street proper training and that's articulate what -- Berry you know got an appropriate age you know eleven years old. Practiced and you know how the state bureau but go along with and the weapons figured bullets but these weapons before they come irresponsible adults without. Here's a -- you can't teach. Are you prepared to take somebody's life. And you are you prepared delivered that for the rest of your life. Non I don't I IE I mean I'm not I'm so I'm not I don't wanna gun I don't wanna take somebody's I would rather die. -- -- money. Do. Yeah and live the rest of allied known I took another line on some sort. I think it got you know what you read the watcher and make it killed. -- -- -- Do I I've I've never been an opposition I don't wanna be in that position. But everybody that has been in that position them think they were going to be. No I understand that but even if he -- in that position and it does come at a moment of surprise. How is the one -- the chances that your gonna be -- slim neck and none or -- didn't necessarily in our economic outlook because -- -- is an element of surprise all right scientists -- limit there and I think that you have the right to have guns I just think assault weapons I don't see the point I don't even think you handle your house keeps you say I don't think -- cure the problem America I really don't -- nightmare or an uncle Roger was armed and is there. You can get the weapons and -- the white water the people are legal all now know and the people who are all still and I am not gonna start -- -- -- -- purchased them right. That's I'm not good -- -- you look at Australia right now they what is bad about her private golf export expected first back. Particularly -- They're -- and beer -- -- Eric guy I appreciate the phone call guys are a different point of view I think it's important for you to be -- -- Bryant's and holly he says Switzerland everyone carries guns nobody gets killed is that true it's its own minds think that was true and -- So. Military or malicious or read to our. Senator. The past certainly would -- we -- weapons and gun and they won't try it. But he but they also I have a very thriving. Economy in the world -- us to Rihanna and I -- they find most of the crime happens where there is poor folk. Right. Terrorist group H almost anybody can grip what -- You can fix them he makes an assault -- Nice but I -- -- Brian -- do appreciate it. Later Bob -- 598 he says there's a calm mind misnomer why Tom. The situation. Take. Place. Very first just. -- point. You're also raw and each need the but most release that children. Always about body. Or so 68. A price point. Children actually die because. What are -- up. I might look at -- I -- and yeah. -- -- that's a terrible terrible example I have to say this because if you can't tell me that -- guy is -- people -- -- -- just doesn't happen we know that we know that that happens but the point is that a lot lesser gonna dive from a stabbing then from -- I know I want to know -- -- -- and I'm not saying he's taken got a lot quicker than a guy who's got fifty rounds of ammunition ranked. -- -- -- -- All right Tom here's the thing. As I said yesterday this is to me like cancer. I can't cure cancer it's ever gonna go away were never gonna wipe it off the planet what we can do is is treat the symptoms some people going to British and well by I think by taking assault weapon and started to trim this treat the symptom after that I can't -- -- on -- I can't and then it becomes mental health. And that and that's it otherwise becomes redundant argument for not wreck why did the whack jobs get most of the time. Does that bicycle but there -- It just. You know couple state just brought up a boat we chartered bank packed it in my belt what happened in Norway where I went out three hour yesterday -- -- Where nobody in the country a lot sort thought. New York State outlawed high capacity Beckett beat over forty years ago dubious built by our capacity equity yeah as safe -- for thirty. I don't like -- -- older. I didn't know that the State's debt ever going to get a state where should -- like. Should be license. -- this digital and no matter what kind of firearm you have yes it does whether or a rifle or shotgun or. So what -- this is so somebody who actually knows how to operate it knows how to store it doesn't clean it knows how to keep people safe with. We don't even have. You -- and keep -- of the guns because I can have I have a gun yes I can salute you can't legally you would know paperwork with nothing. And it's I don't have to register I don't know I took it as well there's no way of tracing its packages are grab a handgun in his -- to tell you -- it there it goes it's gone. Well. -- guess you can on this saying. Could you gauges and I can buy it legally like that brought dead right and then handed over to the night -- and he's got a dollar and right. Who's stuck here. And let's oh right Joseph Klein and unless a little guys -- just a crime I mean there's going to be the hundreds of thousands of guns like that floating around we don't even know about it. There are over 2000 gun laws on the porch right now they're not stopping any order. Well now does somebody -- -- I know and on sane is NN and I could be -- nine even though they say like an assault rifle mammal help. But it it it's treating symptoms to meet and then make it still just a little somebody put upon Perot some of these slowdown that's off and then maybe it's not a brick but I I really think that that's one thing that could happen to the one thing gonna if you -- how the argument has. They don't want to blame the gun at all they don't wanna play in effect we have so many guns they wanna have every other are grim but I don't argument saying. More guns who will keep you safer and it doesn't work. And I love that guys like Rick who is the young gun owner friends and has a sort of a solution to this sale license in the bed and make sure everybody on the other guys a call that we didn't agree with I love that you guys call and I hope you know you can get on and see your point the only reason I hung -- belonged I was installing it was gonna get repetitive and by that point. You know I Rick thanks one more call Jennifer has us is that the taser thing is a dumb idea that Nathan that's what. It -- he's -- every classroom. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna tell you it is actually. Broke on it but I think you can tell you. I don't necessarily think our people are educated or is -- Thirty that are right I mean I admit I screen mode -- all -- Maybe not you know should change how -- -- -- are now double argument. I Powell jet streak in the way that they aren't. I eat. Or cultural. Fit between. Yeah. -- We can't from a culture. You know on our victory huge. And that is the biggest crap argument what held as the frontier days have to do if you live and in Rochester now. What present culture that cultures a million miles away from -- is put it there. And I just for people not to have -- -- this year I know it's part of our culture -- -- part of our constitution -- right -- part of the reason what is your hair bow and arrow was the fact dead I believe it was for more Malaysia and -- when the red coats the British were here they would come and rape -- takeover and own your house and become the based. You have the right then to fire at them and -- and protect your home again general bracket and it would mean now I don't. Strain that is there any Asian culture your -- and -- are never batted in they have very little good -- -- loans. My point it's just a week -- didn't change. I I don't. Know you know what I thought I don't think it's it is a brand argument is nobody seems to wanna have the argument. Guns don't make you any safer. Well. -- Think they mean if you. -- you had the guns in the world and you at my gun violence were among more than most guns hang out. -- but added that hey I mean. I can't tell you should chill out single mother and you want to enter my home and did not then you would feel much sleep or something like -- do you have a -- out. -- do on a permanent extract spirit. You know yelled -- -- and wish you -- -- you little bikini in front of the Maryland. -- -- -- old girl you know I thought I. I love yeah. And restaurant it's. A couple of glass. I'll start today announced that fact however lieutenant so the CI AB no gun if you did that was -- -- pitcher Jennifer -- -- -- exodus from point Jennifer feels like guns equal the playing field with the with the criminals your car. Except except the criminal our guys went up on you because you don't know when that huge showing up nobody she heard him coming in I don't know clumsy criminal was like big heavy shoes I Herman Munster -- -- -- that was break announcer the mom because you know their earlier. Lives and go to Jennifer I appreciate your call and it is a different deal that's fine. Which I think. I jolly last call -- yeah Webster. They get they get about the -- before even -- what they need to do it won't enjoy her how to put him in front every school in America and armed with a microphone. Yeah yeah. --

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