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Win for Nguyen?

Jan 8, 2013|

Famed defense attorney and Break Room buddy, John Parrinello, talks about his newest client whom allegedly purchased the guns used by the douchebag who killed and injured the West Webster Firefighters, and attempts to set the record straight on her behalf.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our friend John turn Allen has been higher by dawn win. As his herd defense attorney Don is the woman who supplied -- spangler. At least one of the guns he used to shoot the west what's your firefighters that's -- being told anyway. Some say the guns for stalled by Billy spangler. What we I've put on -- a guessing what would you ask John turn LO and I had more comments than ever received in my life on FaceBook page from my FaceBook page. John Carroll good morning how -- I'm very very good happy new year there's been very here -- while the casino yesterday the well are playing. Machine. You know how would you -- I'm pleased that he -- doesn't -- -- bronze pennies from heaven had done a tremendous disparities and has been no word. Sunday. Felt. I'm not sure what you can say here -- nor can say here but. -- some people were saying that they were surprised you you would take this case and I always say that John at that the very least wants to see the justice system. Vetted out fairly would that be accurate. Yes -- my whole career. -- -- -- My life defending people it and then they've been accused of doing various things. And done. And that judgmental. About. You know people that idea -- represent. And just to see that. You know -- accusation. Whether they're true or untrue that third. You know reasonably handled by the justice system. So if she's safe she's not guilty of the charges that she did not buy these guns for this guy. Well the -- you have the first. -- -- I got a lot Furman and and daughters. -- Very very sympathetic toward the people that lost their home that -- -- yeah. The city. Fire fighters that were. Killed by staying there. The emergency responders that were injured. And emergency responders that we're trying to tie it in the entire community. That's been traumatized about what can get him. And then moving that it garden. She shared that feeling to cheat sheet. -- shocked as everybody else. But what he did and and you know none -- -- condone it. It happened. Now we have to move -- with respect her defense. But I just try to make it clear I mean that a side defending Garmin. Dodd being accused does that mean in every sense of the word good we condone anything that -- person that's. The charges she's being brought up on Don -- John RR they've misdemeanor or felony people are doing some research and looking at different things and saying that supplying a gun. Either knowingly or unknowingly to a convicted Salant. Seem to be a misdemeanor at least at the state level what did you what she's looking. Well. Cheap at the state -- she's accused of brutality. It's rather complicated because. -- to be accused of making eight prof instrument in the first degree. You have to do some things that. As certain fire rated. Based process to -- in the second degree which elevates itself sees if she's accused of a -- in this state at this -- grapple. And of course tonight the -- parent still -- In Henry county court. -- debt debt does that -- jurisdiction and hospitality. So she will plead not guilty. We will -- doubt that they'll issue. And then now -- that mattered to the grand jury then begin to. Get some discovery material and it dialogue got concerning how to handle that case. So but to move back to my original question. She's saying. No I didn't buy these guys who has dude. Well I I don't I'm not happy new I and that camera thing again and what she is saying man -- Misusing nine guilty well you -- also plead not guilty and Henrietta because as a felony debate today Jeanne has that. They don't have the jurisdiction anywhere they neighbors it's important that you know presenting Greece. And. OK actually -- some kind of call. Probably the news. Maybe forty years be worth three years before this had been there for years before that happens. And -- family. Looked at 193 lake road right now and just put your house with the grandmother was killed -- -- they lived and announce yes. And stand. She and her mother and and her sisters and Brothers. Right next door spangler who live -- that's where the relationship. -- -- because he used to visit almost that daily basis. It and it may sound and trite but is it. He is known as uncle Billy he we will come over almost daily basis. To. Help with various chores topped. All the house that he committed this heinous crime that he did seventeen years -- -- ball all in the house are you all the house that he committed heinous utterly still Cabrera in there and and that -- -- -- odd to its its -- free. Earlier -- where they're where it. They develop this relationship him over the years. And you know I mean I can dive boat -- -- about this step. One of the things. There at he top -- told Dunn was that he had paid argument with his grandmother. And dead and of course that the argument he pushed it down the stairs and -- stacked. Made an absolutely no mention of amber or anything else and so it wasn't until less. Tragedy occurred that she finds out that what he had told you blood editor and right and and dealt. That she moved away. And and she moved -- To have owned by -- I think it's just step father increased. We're joined by her sister. And her sister's children from the sister. Dave matrimonial issue so she could increase sound. For a couple of years. He's only 24 years old. Him. And the gun purchase of course is too and yet here's the goal. And again you mound kick into mountain right in and that's. Bet that's the source of this problem. Is the purchase of the garden in -- filling out of the form a gander mountain. Where the catch. Styling. A false streak but. A false report. Instilling in improperly storing outperformed the federal the federal government. As a statute that says that it is so a lot of for a minute and then there's. A box for eleven days is that the facts eleven days where you fell out of form and he checked whether or not forgotten that you're purchasing -- or your own. -- that's the best thing -- you and the federal government. Can't say a statute that says this view if you knowingly. Misrepresent. And checking out that fox -- therefore your own use you and your buying them for yourself. Then you're stating. Up to ten years in jail. And that's what they say and -- -- -- that -- threatened federal court was Billy spangler with term and gander mountain. I -- innocent. -- in -- And -- wells they have cameras right. Does well I don't I don't know -- they remembered in the end everybody listening should remember that happened two and a -- years ago meant. I mean. -- but -- and that. And it's got a one year old mind. I mean nobody could concede and even enough and more adult mind nobody could concede that this may react to that they have here hey there's. Precipitated. By day. I believe an argument with this sister. Does she was gonna say 0191. Lake road would kill -- Burn down seven -- -- Really ambush ambush you know the first responders. It was inconceivable that -- that anybody. Could could -- and if you develop predict this kind of canned that there is part. Let me ask you this is John Carrillo who's defending Don -- who goes back to Henry -- -- today. Or -- plead not guilty more because they can't handle. The felony jury in the felony in that jurisdiction they are indeed don't have the authority to do that. -- do you fear for this I mean this this is a case that has a lot of passion. I mean there are efforts all over today the distillery. It's all distillery locations throughout the day are donating 20% of their profits to these the families of the victims of the west Webster of what happened on Christmas Eve. There's a lot of passion here do you fear for her safety. I don't I don't believe so under these circumstances. Yeah depending purchased to an excuse to go her moving away. Third. -- then in this. Uncle Billy relationship. That there should be -- -- debt would want to do. Do anything. And there's that would replicate what she did. Toward Don because I mean that was dead of course. As it fed under these circumstances. Would be awfully wrong. They would get a sheet we're gonna she accused of purchasing and -- none the assault weapon. The -- master. Bought the bush master and the guys shotgun. My only question is what do -- wouldn't occur to her what this is kind need an assault weapon. What what do what occurred just -- 21 year old woman. Well an -- and -- it appears well. You know the no nobody should nobody should jump to the conclusion. And there that. Darden. Had any idea there again could -- appears raiders. You know writers and -- -- -- -- not adult NN night and I noted this is adding I try to -- because two and a half years ago Billy spangler was paroled two and half years ago he was parole program okay so. And he can't arbitrarily -- into a neighborhood in you know the history of the house. Everybody talks about the guy that did this you know what kind of do this wasn't due -- -- all Asian bond there. Well he put that -- parole. He just handled the issue here is released from parole in 2000 Clinton. Man you -- -- purchased then June 6 2010. Moon so. To live Q and knowledge. To god you know that she knew. There at what he was in jail -- that she knew that he without parole. Yet in the end and June 6 2010. They achieve new threat you know what he might use these -- sport that would be -- that there would be an I missed just. I mean the guy was a model old. Prisoner predict kind of he was a model parolee and they don't Webster police say in the red team issues with the guy and as long as seized as set. I mean actors they would -- heinous thing when he came back. -- -- -- -- Right and I think I think I know they've got to get in comparison. Do these young men in Connecticut that he did he didn't apparently. Didn't evidence. Any. You know. Instability. In her roots are. Where you could really predicted he would end up. Do you season being you know worldwide recession. And as they said. You know -- I'm representing garden we're trying to get hurt through this as best we can and and I head. You know. Might might might -- -- you and I if he had. Hours of conversation with her she's traumatized by this she's she's sorry about it she brightened. You know we're trying to get through this the best we can. And I would hope everybody listening. Would would take that in those circumstances. Under consideration. I'm wants Tom kernels are presenting only -- we're gonna congenital still here and any in John you know the weird thing is that he seemed to go around and introduce himself as the crazy guy who killed his grandmother 2004 other neighbor said that no one is refurbish -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- that everybody -- Again you can't go on hearsay got to go on knowledge. I don't say I haven't seen is suicide note yet next minute they will -- I doubt if -- You know this this relationship that he had with his sister. Was the worst -- the part -- at a mosque. And -- what they did it's unexplainable. And then and because you know because he killed himself. And which is accepting more opportunities people that they're doing these things you know like them being very Connecticut. You know how do you how to give them. How to do without you our new. Breed. Where's there's justice for some. Right there and might by the spirit. And I would hope that people listening. Would that direct -- anger and and and and grieving towards -- You know I mean. 841. Have direct access and I can't share a lot of the things buried much of this thing that we talked about but. -- -- -- As a fact sheet she's in shock and grief keep clarion. That does happen. So we just can't try to get your duties criminal justice system has landscape that's. She's not in jail currently ranked. That this is that the federal government. Did not try to container. You cheese cheese in pretrial supervision. And that would be blue what does that mean. The study -- Well yes and she looks actually -- -- List of things. Conditioned. She can't travel aluminum assumed she should have ordered to western district under federal and I think. There worked there are. The -- that we need it talked about this should be restricted the Madera county. Up by this -- as we work our way through this escaped usually you would -- job. Q are you just didn't get the job. I just feel causes them to Lou that Indiana mineral county. -- doubt that there will be an exception so yeah social right and it achieved then true and CC to achieve. But full citizen is Vietnamese is also listen. And and this says she's studying their business administration. -- Has completed of course an empty theaters does move that -- get a -- which is an easy school wouldn't do. Well -- agent again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q did you get in anyway and I -- -- -- -- a little spring roll with John turn now brought his workout on on the issue do. You know and and let me just I mean. I I am the only thing slight case spurred this county you mean you know. Some people have a hesitation. This say well you know. I don't like the circumstances and that could take the case that as bad -- -- crossed my mind. There's never crossed my mind same token if it doesn't mean that I can't be sympathetic towards. Right right well this case isn't about murder it's about a gun transfer that led to a murder but it's a -- can turn night I do wonder if if at some point because as you pointed out that the the perpetrators of the crime. Can face nothing. And right now they're gonna none of this earthly realm if you believe in something else. But none of this -- the round so does she become that degrades as the face it that's basically what it's about -- a gun transfer. I'm not her years ago -- they would they may try to do and I don't know John. Do they try to make her an accomplice. I don't know no matter under these circumstances under no under no circumstances of that conceive. Bet me too much time constraints I don't know just yeah -- -- -- -- has he shared the thought. Of the TV that this does that they act. And to -- years ago. As a -- that don't put so much time pass. If it's. Inconceivable. That everybody would think of -- as an example. Yes John turn our defense attorney taken on a very very tough case and an emotional one. For a western new York and the nation at this point I mean this is this a big one just.

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