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Al Roker Poops His Pants

Jan 11, 2013|

Al Roker discusses his gastric bypass and how it made him accidentally poop his pants at the white house. The guys share stories about gastric bypasses and hilarity ensues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The other night on dateline they had an interview with -- Al Roker and ask Al lost when he -- sizes and about a 140 pounds she gained about forty back took that off again. During this I miss the whole thing where he talked about proven his pants at the White House. Oh man I'm Mike jumped himself he talks about how YE here here is Al Roker and I gotta think that this -- -- don't well. I probably went off. Were there any something I wasn't supposed to have and because I'm walking to the press room. Turnaround and rarely if you don't petrol gas -- found -- -- by myself who's gonna know. -- only little something extra came out drove weapons. You know -- panic into the -- to the -- in the press room throughout the underwear. You know in the commando and told me -- that I've got to be very vigilant. It's what I eat. Plus a -- the bypasses our guys come out friends while now I told you yesterday that I have a relative who had this and it cost some food sliders for what they slide there was a cakes and pastries ending seemed to slide sort of they were flour -- he sure seems that way so -- -- and I ate something I shouldn't have and I charted -- Companies like taught us. Yeah K -- yeah I think now we don't I don't it is approved Clinton's well. -- and that is why it's. Pop pop says the brown has been proven -- stimulated. Now I have this will be bad but couldn't. Should they say this yes I will say since among cultural saying. My aunt's husband. Had the surgery and Jim and I remember like they live about an hour to an hour fifty minutes with my mom and my Albany. So they will come down the they narrowed it down for. Holiday -- sure -- -- and they would leave it sometimes have been twenty minutes they'd be back. And he'd be hostile and into use the best way to determine come back yeah. They're going home -- -- he had to go to the bathroom so bad I now. I'm so -- face because you just wouldn't go on the side of the road -- -- some of those dark country -- area really don't know he came back. And then we had a term. His name is frank can always go. We've refreshments. Written -- frank used you can read -- you're gonna destroy the Tim thanks to another whether or not -- Hydro fracking yeah yeah yeah. At any time you're around him and museum hustled to a bathroom at the booklet there. And they'll I think it has to do this which is exactly what else talking about. And that's right go yeah I looked asserted may be statement some people's lives that you don't change the habits. There's side effects and some of you Hariri emitted -- again this or hero already thrown in the talent changing your habits it is there's an exam. I'm gonna make it just so difficult for me to shove food down my goal to break. It's because that's all you're doing a what are your hard I wonder show's announcer people tell me no because it's sort entertainment but I wonder shows like the Biggest Loser actually do help -- -- there's a young girl probably who will be featured on him on this one now on. I do wanted to motivates people and helps them. See that you can do it not easy it's certainly not easy to -- you know we've been trained in your home brain you've trained yourself that -- shelling near lake. And is. You were wealthy society. There's a lot of food out there man in its -- readily accessible it's pretty cheap right and your body craves food craze sugar fats -- so yes. So no I don't think you're ever gonna -- it. But don't try to get it really even see them wary of those deals -- station in China. And in Brazil and in India than ever emerging economies and where they're starting now to be a middle class. The middle class is starting to fight obesity. And the other thing that shows. This fast food chains right. Well definitely I was in Hong Kong yet I was amazed to see how many seven elevens KFC's Burger King is there were and -- and I remembered the song on my father talked about the invasion all were all over the place and eleventh through its enrollment now because you obviously we have many here. There's you know I like I had this octopus card it was equities Hong Kong cars again used to get on the subways is -- -- also good and it's visible and they the octopus card yet. Other dementia are also good at 7-Eleven -- that's your money it's a -- slurping pets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama and done with Motorola comedies nastier went. Viral this get a lot of FaceBook -- he claims it was communicate seek claims it was kidney now -- -- -- -- well as they say it right. Always say they didn't they didn't close Al stressed out they offered the guy free coupons for more Casey needs to prevent us. They -- might -- was is a Tommy was his inspiration from weight loss really Mike. So general I don't yet. Yeah how much promoted what should probably about a year and a half ago or two years ago and they haven't kept referring to mid resemble -- Not so he isn't -- negativity. Helped you turn around and it -- on site shamed you into doing what you needed to dill yeah -- bit you're welcome. Thank you very much impact I think you can go around telling bet people coordinate so it actually works. Pat how -- how much weight have you lost. It it sounds to keep it off. But -- sentences for you congratulations. Thank you Connecticut nobody probably. My deep hatred here you gotta -- -- -- -- secret that Bob -- and water part what are USA frank. Are gonna -- sort of -- mr. pearl wider base -- actually our our my little looser started. And I admit I mean macaroni cheese part Irish you need to pockets and who doesn't love macaroni and cheese is -- -- -- and reported that comfort -- we actually don't eat McDonald's. And I it's this -- they seem to still Leo opened -- as this is a stroke. Thank you frank. And he -- friends more reports. You know Randy Jackson they can bypass American oil guy and he seems to have kind of fluctuated Leah I've even heard you've blown out the ring well yeah yeah yeah -- so -- Carnie Wilson didn't just blew down gave no she -- it off -- candidate announced. Yeah you've got to think your now I know you can kill yourself speaking of all American Idol starts up next week I believe for a new version. From American Idol producer insiders are saying that. -- humanize and com Mariah Carey Mariah Carey have had. A lot of fights but now there they've been actually sitting next to each other -- in without -- in Hollywood. Tennessee's -- were -- they demonize -- creeps me -- just looking utterly -- error -- looks -- I agree completely that is -- that is so -- and sexy and they say that her his -- critique her -- they say her critiques. Have -- a lot better hurt some particular being on the commissions and it's a Mariah Carey talked to Barbara Walter's program that aired on Nightline last night I believe the last Nightline. Ollie has done right so who is by -- and and this is what Mariah Carey said she hired extra security after the threatens you guys gonna drop mark. Felt like an unsafe work environments at any time anybody's. We really stress that somebody you know. I hope they lose their on the road with two babies I'm not gonna take any -- to say yeah I did tired. More security I'm doing that show this is fun but it's not my life. And get some Indian I always say jobs are fun when you're getting threatened by her coworker called blood if you need twelve million dollars or thirteen million of these drugs Canada. Here and here she says so -- Barbara Walters asked Mariah Carey is a -- on the Nicki row called hell yeah about her because he refers to someone is that bitch. Panicking recently released just so it's kind of. Hell yeah it's about americanize -- that she says I'm quick to judge the species out of time. He is she's yeah she's singing about. Don't know -- Don't know what she's saying I didn't know she -- for us to grant town whenever. Well it's footer she does the road clear and as of Condo allow -- up -- for that that'll be fun and they'll see if the the -- we sort of one of instead and Randy Jackson -- visited so insane drama I'm guessing could be I don't know -- has been Irish tradition issuing notes. -- she's as Smart. We have a guy in line who blew out his bypass damn who is that trance. Just more did you really yes I did. What has had a operation that can certainly true really narrow pass along to minutes thank goodness me bro yeah it's like pioneers today than anyone else first guys do that -- yes it'd go get our work along well above. Ordered power I don't -- AM -- that worry you 400 -- they -- now. When you backup your -- -- him -- why aren't you almost mortar rounds there are two street 4800. Lieutenant frank -- anatomy and when he blew an Al. How great OK you try and now we have -- stomach like -- all of -- real steps into the bloodstream. So what happened amid a truly good -- Well he's a drinking did screw it up yeah. -- just think food and who wrote all miss you were expanding your stomach and actually blew ousted the ring that they put around it. Yes it did to -- gin and juice. No during the church and the -- drink and we -- sorry you weren't. Negotiate beer OK yet but a beer in here he says blue chip out. The vote was still would do -- hurt was there any kind of medical. We just slowly into weight bear he you know -- throw an open everything yeah but other than America. You know when I eat too much Mayo Clinic so they had to go in there and fix it. Don't know and I looked through Melamine was that Ringo. -- -- -- Follows. A stable it is a float around -- yeah that's -- ardent fan. They say well as I wish this guy is that is generous are and what it would what's LA gear of the -- What will you have for lunch today Munich. Today there. Com well I hope folks should iterations of perishables seeing them you should be dropped for the college -- I don't exercise -- are probably just don't damage in just a little bit of food then you should be drop and roll reunion between her late at night. -- -- I just you know it is true as a lover which beloved -- -- -- -- Over a year round out our quick drink you know territory and that's -- strategic -- -- an abrupt end. Cowboys to -- McDonnell. It didn't work it used to order a lot of -- school you know clean. I think there are -- -- turn these screwed Chinese girls do and yet slowed so lives just go play dead daughter doubts. Still don't you should be dropped in broad line when he pitted against it if it's a lack direction -- -- Told today and I would just take a law meant a bar and a treadmill today. Not able good -- -- right in the -- kind of tough from the ducks -- but yeah there's a new product come -- called Smart for it -- how much food you put -- well and how many for trolls your eating per minute. And then as you monitor and an old flaws when you're eating too much or too fast direct costs not a hundred blocks but it will be out this spring. I -- I'll. Do it I wanted to do what Reagan did you fans want to TJ's got a question for you -- -- let go ahead. Eight and worked so nobody spare return different -- I know you that I know you do. And I did yeah did you have bypassed July 20 day. Mr. Villa and how much you lose. I was around for Serbia and I doubt in -- for a 75 pounds. We know. OK tell -- what he's down to two or you've kept it up yeah so like how much truth can you put it in your stomach at a time no. And remember like good John Popper was on the show from a Blues Traveler decently again half of banana was about all he can ingested -- time -- Evidently there was there was (%expletive) and he knew if you get to watch you got to -- well then -- and that's what happened to -- -- -- postal -- So much going to school in the alternate escape or they're by -- And we were the only thing ever restore order of custard don't it sort of sense yeah. Only. But -- -- -- died TJ it's true I don't. Sale DiFelice and that is way up. Hey yeah you just -- it it equally well. He got a bit weird job. -- I don't know if I you -- issue of articles -- we'll see -- later.

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