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Adrian Peterson Calls Blake

Jan 23, 2013|

Local Fairport guy sets hashtag trend on Twitter to get Adrian Peterson to call his sick friend with cancer, Blake.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A story this week that was kind of I'd say a feel good story. What was that Adrian Peterson who's one of the biggest names in the NFL almost broke through the rushing records in the season rushing record this year for the Minnesota Vikings. -- called Blake could not I tried not to excuse me him Blake is a senior -- high school -- Blake played football and lacrosse for them. And last February was diagnosed with a very rare form of bone cancer. And I was going through treatment is stuff and just when he was about to end treatment. He had another pain in his shoulder and it was discovered that it was in pretty much every bone in his body. Plagues in the hospital. Sliding on. And his buddy Dylan George got the idea hey how but I take to Twitter. And try to get to Adrian Peterson big Twitter blessed Blake's favorite player to columns and it happened -- -- Very good what gave me the idea to try this. I'm honestly is -- on Twitter Monday night and who I don't work and I just what -- Blake in the last couple of the players up there though. I did the same thing and then 83 minutes later I remembered they can in Albany. I'm but the people call Mac and saying yeah well I I kind of think you know very ordinary supporting community river. -- -- until this court's family we are but I don't appear to with the support them I could get there you know hopefully we can upload a great. Not militant like ninety minutes and you can -- -- to come back. How does this make you feel bloody. I'm I mean describe. I can I do -- off saying com. You know without -- obviously without the support airport and everyone out and join non you know people are hearing now. I'm very very good secondary something smaller you know. Make you -- and it would also here. This on his -- this is Dylan George is a friend of Blake cannabis Blake is in the hospital battling cancer he's a senior fair for high school you graduated last year. I doubt 2011. Welcome to two years ago practically. And you knew Blake -- you know we sister. Yes I do this -- during -- break as well. -- -- What do you displayed by the way hear to hear something I thought for his negative present ditty called it Blake cell phone. Actually dead -- people. I'd like direct message saying you're seeing is how -- to Adrian Peterson. OK so Adrian had to accept some money. As a follower right or follow somebody back in order for them so this is kind of coma in a few different ways in terms of social media because of follow me on this now. Some of Blake's bodies were getting too including Dylan the only idea out there to get to Adrian Peterson in order to direct message on Twitter. I have to follow you you have to follow me -- somebody locally is being followed by one of the biggest names in the NFL I mean that's pretty cool. And then the other thing is that when you call somebody on your cell phone. What a book comes up their number so is their chance of Blake has Adrian Peterson's phone number. Actually download com. I guess I when they are there are talking here. You know we are at least until there's probably go -- an -- setting -- your -- -- -- -- -- learned they think we're going to talk to you know feel content content. Has already called a message. I don't think there are not yet there are illiterate and would it surprise you if Adrian Peterson called again. I'm not guarding the obviously air that you targeted not picked up that it doesn't -- so -- -- -- or not it wouldn't surprise me you're. Yes what what do you learn from all this. Just you know look at our social media create and effect says. I go to great -- in the world you know we are -- There's been some -- that happened there aren't enough I don't go to each other surrogate and now that. We and it can't support our community. It's kind of the power people you know that the color empower people can be very very influential and strong. Or good or bad but in this case clearly good. You know you guys will have no matter what our or how things turn out for for Blake. Find your strong was his. Kind of monster wasn't it or is the worse it is pretty I mean he where it's the -- this -- the live strong these yellow. And a lot of kids went to hockey and kind of the hockey game in support of and thinking of -- -- they had to find your strong. And you know no matter what happens -- with him as you go on in life you'll always look back -- that -- that kind of become your personal -- well. Like when you mean everybody. There's an -- Dr. Seuss book they usually get a graduation I don't know if you guys don't when he graduated high school because of doctors from when you graduate did you get it don't think Herbert -- all the places you'll go he does expect -- to give you both Clinton. And it just talks about. All the places you'll go around. And there will be dark times there will be tough things and you have to keep going forward and keep going through. And I just wondered somewhere along the way if if side you'll think back to this moment and think of of you know what you did for Blake and Blake in no matter where he is and all that just that live strong -- will be a guiding things for everybody. You -- -- let her know Black America especially there's a saying everyone and I. Air periodic check you know it's. It's -- -- knowledge or go out there but you know it's under strong that are. They carry now -- saw the -- light went on its popular player and not just keep fighting. -- fight then and maybe don't always take everything so seriously right. Yeah I mean that's that's done quite correct. You're -- David always says outgoing Peyton never wanna go out is very fun loving guy. Never have -- Menem and seen him on the news. He looks happy meaning genuinely like if there's ever like somebody that you don't do as miserable playing man in the inner light Tom Davis smiled at us through this kid's got a this certainly got it that's got to be. Pretty inspirational for everybody liked the way he did was very cool and it's cool to see the power social media but I think the bigger thing in is that I like what you said -- Is the community of airport but the collective ness of the people I mean it's great and boy. How what do what do core message to send to Blake is to how much love you all have for him. Yes it cost them I mean in his family know that that there are -- -- because and I gave on them so. Yeah it's gotten -- especially in other best. Yeah well very cool Dylan and thanks for talking to us. Or not. Didn't Adrian Peterson the call it's amazing that is the case there would never think would happen. While they're there you know I always think like sometimes on a smaller scale for us if there's somebody or wanna talk to what I was called on Twitter views man being added you know. I like that night. And I've heard of people on radio doing it but I like that within ninety minutes. This speaks a lot about -- people this year you know to me has ago a lot of us government treasury note is that the hot hand in the NFL and he got to the again we'll take a break. Teach you to 6000 -- breakthrough was on 965 -- BC MS.

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