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Banshee with David Schickler

Jan 23, 2013|

A local writer from Brighton premieres his television series Banshee on Cinemax, and the guy have him in studio to get the scoop!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's dude named David -- color he's from Brighton and he's got a new show called Nancy that'll air on Cinemax tomorrow night and I got the impression. David that we think this is your Alter ego they kind of comes out when you write that swing in punching take his. The Mason and he's just seem like a mild mannered guy. That's exactly what I want people to thank -- yeah. But Armenian -- who is eight cutting -- Alter ego comes out in this. Yeah right you know since it's cathartic when you're right here first of all thanks guys for having me and -- appreciated enough roster love your show. Com. Yeah yes she is you know the story of a criminal who's posing as a cop and a small town name benching in Pennsylvania. And this guy's been in jail for fifteen years he's kind and you'll see if you Stewart for gangster named mr. rabbit in New York City and vicious gangster. Played by Ben Cross who is one of the runners and chariots of fire and hungry. Anyway our main guy Lucas said he gets out of jail after fifteen years any tracks down his ex partner. In this small town in Pennsylvania and wants her back as he was in love with our severe on the Bonnie and Clyde yes I anti very much so very much so and lawyers at the same time what's that and lovers themselves yet I used to -- and and the they betrayed their bots in their bots wants them both dead and so racetrack and after this -- any idea here question. Absolutely. When it comes to. Movies and books I mean you know I like to walk on the line outside a lesser write the kind of thing electorate visceral. Gutsy stuff that is did you discover how did this story get discovered in to get on Cinemax well our -- there's a novelist and Jonathan dropper. I'm a novelist he's a novelist when I was living in New York City. About six years ago seven years ago we became friends come and we both know wrote. In addition to writing novels we adapt our novel says so Hollywood screenplays and -- -- Hillary in the busy area where are -- that this really is how hard it is for anybody to get any military level I'll get to. Didn't TV and it took a lot of time Larry we sure are talking about that we started dreaming they show up about 33 and a half years ago -- sounds good and so it takes a long time before it actually gets to the screen. And not let lose so just real quick one other thing is his former partner. Has changed her identity as a resident Michelle town and then dancing and as a cut right to guy gets out of jail his -- his former. Partner whose job with the DN yet and she got it's it's kind of like the movie history of violence that -- mortenson movie yeah totally it's a little bit like that in the sense that there's. You know there's these people in this small town do you have -- when he gets there he has no idea yes she's married to the DNA she's got two kids now nobody knows her criminal past. You know she's beautiful she's played by this actress anonymously to that you was a Barbie girl. And casino right now so you know this is Cinemax for an -- -- also noticed just give yes tennis -- I'm not gonna I'm not gonna -- do you penalize you for -- people he'll see he'll see the full -- deal brother you'll see it I'll see your coach -- -- -- -- up out on the set for all the shooting and everything -- there is via well. You director credits as well. Executive producer Carl -- and Jonathan and I were the article creators throughout so. Yeah you know a lot of it's in the -- you watch that -- and you know I'm just. I announced I'm just behind the tree over there on just how cool is it to see. The idea is in your head. Be active Al Vivian is it odd that it comes to life -- he's -- -- -- -- a dream come true and you know you and it's also. It's at the same time incredibly exhilarating and very humbling you know you get to write a scene where. You know. Eccentric -- except -- -- the building blows up via and then you know all the sudden you got -- technical guys -- out how to get issued and outstanding. Alleged pretty cool men yet so it's it's -- -- but you know many many screenplays. I didn't get made prior to this show getting me so this is the Communists really dream come true and I gotta be an immunity cramping yourself that last David Sigler who is new show on dancing premieres tomorrow night on Cinemax. Probably met his sister yeah she's been on the show us your Brothers cookies -- -- -- -- and -- -- most physicians get a brother -- and television. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's all right I agree sisters no Brothers and then yeah. -- you know I -- Eric Snow -- -- -- came from because debts and engineer and moms that Anaheim generous to may have triggered by a generator. That's judge David. How a -- did you have to pitch this to Cinemax did they see it and pick up our hands at worst it to Alan -- -- are Six Feet Under and Alan Ball yet he created Six Feet Under and true blood fan and I major -- -- he really loved -- we you know we we have didn't even make it back out to our our car in the parking -- -- guarding Colin said that. They want to -- in the so how do you how does that pitch go I'm going -- I mean. What does that like he wants to know you know you go in with the highlights when he pitched television and so usually plug it into a base in office full suits right. Well he he isn't he -- he's not a suit denials all messy start when -- -- you pitched to him he -- out early season are and then he he had and then he brings tears after the he said he wanted to do it and he brought us into HPS amount currency calm this -- -- the highlights -- -- say okay. I had into children and our main guy on central. And are the bad guy on our show as a guy named -- Procter and very proud of him I came up with this character he's. More or less an Amish gangster. He he grew up our mission now he's -- -- he got here anyway and that he's not on the today he got shot and now he's kind of the Tony Soprano of the small town Manhattan and so this isn't only he's always owning. The sheriff and being able the buy out to share at this time. You can't because the guy who is the sheriff is actually a criminal Miami and it nick is a criminal look at nobody know Arnold is still pulling job Stearns. David Sigler. Writer also novelist -- seminoles. I've written to I've got to publish books kissing in Manhattan is the first one and then Sweden vicious. This is Iraq general shows seem might be interested in the fact that his ambitious. Sweet sweet and vicious as the name of the novel but. Andy Summers who has the lead guitarist for the police a few hours he wanted to turn it into a movie so I got to go through. He -- he had me backstage to punch a police concerts and took me out to dinner a bunch of times a few years ago which was fund -- it now what have with the book. There is there's now another -- like she is a high end photographer does fashion photography and stuff like that. And wind to break into directing it didn't it didn't end up going but I want to projects that happens -- I think I -- right with them. I see staying. What's yeah I got to meet -- but. I got a new book called the dark -- coming out this -- to actually a memoir rosters in -- alive because it's about -- it's about how close they came to becoming. Believe it or not a priest. Yeah I am actually went to Kuwait I didn't go to aquarium and Jordan here McCoy -- then yeah oh wow I actually haven't heard that phrase you know you have an idea is -- -- -- -- -- -- drive turn his same equation than usual maybe came out it was a drug commercial America. How serious it was just need to find a new -- and a -- -- to to a thread let me -- -- -- -- and before we get us to operate like it when you're -- the era tends to be in a -- this is David -- we're. -- -- bench you will premiere on -- -- tomorrow night when you're writing in pitching yet this is all highly personal stuff -- your ideas -- your crazy your baby. How hard is it to take their rejection. Or someone trying to adulterated. You know as you go pitch these things you don't just all -- sit down write a book and -- this -- to hit. Yeah promote you gotta be gotta be pretty ruthless with yeah self and I you know I once got a piece of advice from a great writer named Tobias Wolff who wrote the -- ever see the movie this boy's life her read the book this boy's life and I know lot Leonardo DiCaprio -- yeah anyway. I mean he has advice was try to write things here afraid to write things a year like oh man this is dangers this is edgy like I don't know if I can. Get away with doing this and when I start doing that prior to doing that my stuff wasn't getting much attention but when I started doing things that were. Now we're like pushing me you know and a dad yes something started to break through it and when did you unkind if the if you're on a pastor gonna be a priest yeah yeah from -- who. Well and why after Dell can read it and it -- on the fly comes out of our our path he likes chicks -- Yeah that's any -- scandals because he had to -- -- -- out at three words he likes checks is not a bad round does not a bad summation. I indeed it was a but the writing in there yet all all your life always riding. -- ever since I was a little guy I mean a lot of it is horrid horrid stuff that he compassionate look at everybody's stuff as we answered I'm -- -- what is your view into its initial. And -- horrible CNN -- better. My AM my first published book kissing in Manhattan was really the fourth book that I wrote. By you know you get braver any also -- you know people are rejecting sayers like Garrett -- -- start sickens me get a tough person taken some. Algiers stuff but. Yeah a lot of no's before you get yes sometimes. The dude from boo -- -- -- standing the gentleman guys from -- coming to America earlier play the super. Is it is in this movie according to somebody die tonight I think definitely that's freaky face are great taste I'm not he was on the wire he was also it shows -- is also the turn key now I'm. In the prison in the basement in the silence of the lambs he's a great guy and he's he's a wise ass he's a funny guy and set. Com but we also got a lot of I don't know. Lot of beautiful women there's an actress named Willie Simmons she's a former Disney girls she was the Disney not Disney show -- she plays an Amish girl who by day. She's like just about -- girl and I she's legally I don't gets freaky moment is a war. -- -- That pouring down or look well a little bit a little bit -- -- she and the star of the show Antony Starr from revealed a rogue wanna launch a new song my goodness David minority you know you need to pay you but that is a quote. There and I you know I think either quotes everybody OK yeah those are my accent. Rochester -- -- man I can rub one out that it's okay. I yes it's tomorrow and tomorrow night's Elmira Niagara I guess when you tell -- -- -- -- it wears a premier going to be around town they get I am going to be premier assets that were very happy they were being hosted by midtown athletic club bird tuna. Well an apprentice premiered there -- the whole family. My goodness yes got a huge family I have roots in I can I have great little T 51 cousins Jesus I think have a giant from the fund so how many episodes are. In the Kansas might send ten episode -- -- arts. Friday tomorrow January 11 10 PM on Cinemax -- and Gergen you know this season runs for ten weeks and then you just sort of Dick Cheney's and -- I'm ready to get your season tube friend. I don't figure -- -- listening to order Cinemax -- it is us you know but -- that's the truth this is there'll. Like gun play. A lot of beautiful people getting naked but there's also. There's a love story it's irritating a kind of an epic cluster itself. Guys and chicks can watch and be excited right -- the outlook and what's the goal what's the hope. As this goes Florida mean obviously to get -- -- -- is do as you look at days did you ever dream that this would happen. I definitely during a good number because about ten years old watching you know ten or twelve watching raiders the last stark. Like I wanna do that our rates etc. are worried are now on right miles of character or some search on how are you -- right in the next season in your head or -- get pen to paper eyes. -- monitor you know we're currently writing. Not not a whole season he when he going -- pitch he you know they ask you like OK then what would happen in season two in what would happen this season and you gotta be ready to answer the let's we are. And you know you have to you have to do that well enough for them to even say yes to season when he gets five seasons that's like amazing yeah. -- again. That's that they if you're right why -- let's -- you're rich but what I -- you get -- he's durable looted and and had -- please bring it out of please bring it down to keep keep the house and senate just to school that's the only goal here what's the next at odds let's say if it's not suitable would you like to see would you like to rent a movie. I have written I have such movies arrows on the Nicole Kidman was attached to -- -- You get paid to right movies on your screen screenwriter that don't necessarily get made you know most screenwriters. Arm bright screen placing you -- -- can place it don't get pretty good right but I have one right now which is as I sexy thriller sort of it will in the same town of the and she. That guy that's coming close you -- as a screenwriter to sort of not say too much until the end intelligence is getting yes. Well I mean there is a lot of that stuff that goes on because I know that fox for example with animation yet people -- -- and animation will make a ten. That and they'll pay 500000. Dollars. And then tested it. And it's only like ten minutes of what could be say the Simpsons and your family 500000 dollars 500 hell I want and -- I got a ton of money right but for them if they actually went into full production and did everything and it's just it's more like. Almost stick figure drawings -- it's not the full cartoon -- -- well is that the whole -- just to give the idea in the play nice with the characters look like it's a little more elaborate than that. But they're not paying one or two million it would cost to produce it Ron it Eric for so for them it's actually money saving. Yeah but why. So what he's doing our -- they have to yet they chances they have to take at bats yeah in and sometimes they'll. Sometimes I was studios have EU pitch an idea and they'll pay you they have no intention of making it you know -- enough the market they don't want other people to make positive by Albania -- -- when you don't know that necessarily even though they are breathing much. I would love to be paid. To just go away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't know at the time necessarily that that's what's happening and sometimes they don't even know at the time they just. They get excited they wanna buy something and then they decide quickly after David -- Cinemax tomorrow night band -- -- economic. You live here. I do you live here I traveled to Los Angeles we shoot in. -- Charlotte, North Carolina size from march through October I was sort of Rochester for two weeks Charlotte for two weeks rather for two weeks on and off like that so I'm in New York here in LA as often as any to being and that I went to New York City for a long long time and I loved it. And then we had. Your first child and can land there about nine months and a small one bedroom apartment. And we needed home we needed help so I think that registers here for -- He's -- compared to New York sure yeah get a lot more more bang for your -- Soledad yeah. In the world we live in today yeah you can right from here. Yeah -- can still do teleconferencing unionized and get together and here and Demi can do this -- go to meetings Skype whatever yeah and get care together with a room full of people do yourself. I don't know if not the same and yet and yet that's what when you're writing yes they showed you at a coffee shop on one of the TV's stations. Is that where you go to -- -- the burgers at Monroe and clover true addicted to their chicken states -- -- It got there. Yes sort of creative because they are you go to right well that's funny I I didn't used to what my wife -- means so let's say which officer you wrenching means. I. Irate that a different office and then my other office I guess is this burgers because amend their bunch do you have like your own space. That you only -- side it's in somebody else this company and they very kindly give you some say as they can sustain a school there that's a wild. I wish I could describe it but it's. It's -- it's a place that has all sorts of lake. No security in humans let's talk about it's let's got to it's as we -- Cool company because I was gone and it and says it's just for library in rush you didn't get tiger usually every day in Toronto man do this this this. This crap what I ask how big will this what's the idea is you know how houses all work out. I think it's pretty cool to see somebody who's had their art and go and I'm really like we said is if you're a writer and you're young keep that it. Oh absolutely and it keep going don't -- also. You know keep that weird man TP you know whatever whatever year unique spin on things as I really -- and lets him buy you out. Congress has let us dial up and then you're done and then he had done the arena mango -- life and I got to ask you this OK I got a you don't have to answer it please. Many people who have been very successful with creations whether it's technological like Steve Jobs. Or even guys who have drug gone and written movies and plays and all that from there have talked about drop an ass and they're doing drugs to some point that help them. I mean a guy my daughter and I are guys who do a lot of writing. Was Joseph George Carlin and -- would say sometimes reset -- take a little hit off some weed and help the creative processes. Do you. Believe in that -- -- -- it whether you know. On -- and -- never again this is Gator radio TV and -- and I'd rather hear. No actually I am I don't shake my finger people. Booted up and I want to write a school at Columbia you know on theirs is guided him. And it's high in I don't know well a head high and in the sense that I paper till I was forty. It's up there and a half. But if there's this guy in my class who would always get. Plastered you know and say -- and I asked if he'd say you know now I'm gonna go home and -- that's like you are so full of crap you're not gonna get a damn thing written. You're gonna go home and pass out and then and that's a not so for me -- like my stuff is the stuff that I righty -- is -- I needed to get to generate the story is that -- RR my major drug that that's my drug that's my weirdness that's my step -- -- So I like and I'd literally I would be very models no I actually need it pretty much the time I needed. I can do it and copy shots sometimes but must I need a pretty quiet and just. But yes I know ever since Paramount famous. Palmer writing confessions of an English opium eater you know from way back in -- -- right I mean LA people talking about. You know drop and answer whatever they either created -- crosses in and that was it I I was just one or may mean you go back even through the and annals of his history and literature of disease and draws on I was crushed Honda to yapping you know what he also looking guys like it. Steven Spielberg who people like that the ruling that when they were when they were Tony and Tony five like parties everybody else's like -- try trying to can later get high end. They were quietly doing their work and talking about found Springsteen was like that -- area quietly go off and right did you write his guitar and exempt themselves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Big time. Yes you know I had it but my first book kissing in Manhattan came out had some very exciting years I was teaching at our school. My story this broker came up with a smoker came out on The New Yorker. And 1 morning and like four hours later Hollywood film company called and it was all very exciting and then you know. Right around whenever analysis let's turn to -- in 20072008. You know I had a couple of lean years there every junior where can he keep. You keep that any keep pitching projects and Ireland and -- have some like to -- Do you ever do anything like you know blocking -- known writers who said that one of the things they do as soon as they get up. And it's just streaming -- just three pages and notebook and that helps them on block. I don't easily the and now I get up and has special K I am. Did you -- up c'mon man -- knowledge is I think that people still out and no I don't I don't have to do that I he seemed more you know and I was starting out -- -- -- -- used to take notes and keep notes and journal into that kind of stuff and now it's all kind of in my -- in your -- don't but but but the promise that sometimes is that it's constantly. In my meaning I'm constantly doing that you know no matter even if I'm doing anything else but not now -- now shows sixers did not do that --

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