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Robberies Tied To Casinos II

Jan 23, 2013|

The conversation about robberies and casinos continues, and so do the stories.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We were talking abouts. The casino the proposals casinos that the governor is proposing either he wants three he is saying that we will I believe. I it's gonna come to a -- for you probably next November. But if I believe that we will see three in phase one but totaled seven Las Vegas style casinos owned by New York State run by New York State. And I think you're gonna see that happen admittedly senator as soon as 26 team they really think that that's what's gonna happen that's when nothing's happened over there. And one of the things it does happen. In places that have casinos. Is that you know people who can't afford to be in there are in their desperation sets in and so. Crime and maybe even petty crime it's on the rise security needs some cash to go gamble and a great example of desperation was in court yesterday and that's Barbara Cody who robbed a bunch of small pizza joints -- today dowdy old woman's right. Desperate for care and -- we playback Kobe -- who was interviewed by channel thirteen just talk about how scary that -- and now. That guys said -- cries sat across from me on this show for about five years now. Tom DeLay was robbed at gunpoint and -- and talked about how scary Dallas and and how surreal it quickly it happened and all the stuff and -- knocked down out of control no real control you have over the situation waking up thinking you you were. Basically I didn't like you drug did exactly. And we got a call from bird man. It's called the two us policies because neither one of us would have a gun yes the bird man is ridiculous all right and and here's a little bit what Bruce Banner day -- day in the in the -- of the. -- -- they round pick that you know let's try at least today. Iris. Although they probably -- what are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would try to. I don't. Well I would IE I said I would. During it could tell it to fight bag I don't have a guns that I've probably die in the process -- I wouldn't want to see that and I would not want yes. Beware we know we know somebody who is something similar to that happened group. I don't trust it and I don't want us to moderates who sold -- all OK I -- czar and her husband and everybody I don't know. Now what we're you gonna -- Not in the -- -- -- it is like you gotta stay alive for everybody I mean to get a kid I don't know in that city that was I can't answer that I don't think auto recycler com wanna see it pleased that -- horrible. Horrible. Mike to hammer has against her from the distillery but. Before we get to him and it's still pretty yeah I think that was against Oregon like a while back maybe they were -- who will hear that just a second. But he got a line. Said he was his wife was -- candidate who yesterday saying what happened yesterday. She'd go well why don't watch -- to bond. Eight -- GA director and gave -- both -- pearl street. And shoot -- who you were trying to cross hospital. Doc brought reality -- the launch. Like grab a cup and get some money -- -- -- That's the one out of eight channel but a little table -- burst out there little. Turned her back in -- that's part of that table alone. Used by the -- -- their -- watcher in the opener on our thing is like it but I Ottoman. Turned her back in the east a little bit now and next thing you know she. He'd take you got a picture NG those that are paid. There there might stop plausibly snatched the purchased these -- the first five -- -- -- by Stuart looked persons statute used vegetable and changed quite. Public chops to go down there they got -- -- But the guy that owns stores were on an error and so they don't art call him to come get to pitchers bully got to expedite immediately. They're doing -- day. -- manatee no later today I had constant and its candidate Ralph cars he don't. Well it was walk it was -- sane and he's going to be easy to walk could area that he lives that is a bit longer lot of lower people meant so slams did you feel you guys probably. But -- that's coming into the VA and some of those the united Enron's -- you're right I also doubt there are there are many a lot of those guys get drug problems pay Paul I always I had lunch -- -- -- in -- lower than O'Brien's I was -- -- problem where you're like lies or around what are your thoughts from doing what you are yet. Men -- you see anybody -- run radio examiner by 1230 and would you what yet though not. Yes I was present down have a lunch today you'll Bryant probably around 12:31 o'clock yesterday. Dollar looked around. So while I'll stay they find it means you can't solve the great sits -- Air which is just flooding but I don't -- money but still stacked -- -- -- early -- that they didn't think it would ask fireworks per couple watch I would've given it don't. And there's a little stinger sort of back -- this morning and every package goes in the store. Any chance that she wishes she had a gun. I felt even better -- chase eligible or not but Jordan carried on that situation and it must bronzed and put the gun -- the -- you bright but usually wouldn't -- got a little get a little changed personally like but report restart Bronson Olusegun clamp. Right just -- -- things -- -- kind of -- hundreds of love I love their -- thank everybody. Any time well I've Paul thanks very well that you guys are -- spread very corporate. -- -- -- It's all in that situation don't want to not post. I area you can go I hear you faggot but I do -- you know and even -- a -- -- my -- and I -- watch and -- just today that it could. Yeah I don't say you shouldn't own guns I do agree with the governor that assault tank clips deal. And we'll -- don't need them both secure do you think you don't think you do don't we couldn't. Mike Cameron has a gun story from the distillery Mike what do you got. Got -- love early. 88. Our careers are Purdue or out all worked hard down -- law partner Gregory street then repair a bunch of well off duty police police car yeah. Brother negotiating. What it shouldn't have any -- -- trying to lobby. Oh. OK we can pocket -- -- I -- -- -- and I. Distillery person shots -- -- up a -- I I don't gardens and there's no reason for anybody. That Morgan and shot senate. And then now this -- from a gun owner and I can. Our right to own all those things I'd like -- tank Clinton makes no sense -- likely regulation and. We like our rights are first fighting back a long time ago when I was little boy need a need single shot. Indeed carry that for four years which can not to hammer bank in far -- Every bank but he -- surely you make sure bet -- shout outs -- now one of those guys starts crying and you know I mean. Well but there are I mean -- there's no reason to anybody to have seen only thirty around. I mean consumers maybe that's going to war for -- -- older yet but you know these I mean I I I am a dynamic yet but some of some these guys -- just sort of. -- Mike. Do you feel like if somebody did break in your house element of surprise you would be able to get your guns and use them. -- -- -- -- -- -- Could file picture almost -- in the garden look willing to let that stand and then there are zero o'clock shot so they come through. I got fired shots I think all of their think -- let. The -- on the flat out some shoot -- -- you -- to dislike Obama put Tommy. You know I mean to kill somebody I am you know that actually guardian and dearly and -- in Turkey we want that. I mean you got to really yes and also pulled down on some team pull the trigger. In relief and supplies like Simon Says. Thank about it and you're gonna be reits are so that -- understand very guided out -- you're gonna be built by taking the -- but he doesn't really need to agree with timely and I really -- to -- well. Our guys create peace in the areas and -- where they're gonna be Clint Eastwood in their pajamas and slippers in an arena did elect doesn't work that way. It's -- it may not go ahead our. That come under -- also all period -- and sustained some shots ordered. Did you talk you get to rent it -- everybody in my -- wild -- -- there a lot of care program in there and bad news static on what I needed all right you're stuck. The -- well Nancy take my wife please -- fruit Carolina. On a -- 99404 breaker -- rarely hear stories of gun owners using the guns in self defense. Or saving others in a national because the media covers. Are you aware of the founding fathers provided for the training of every state citizen. In fact they were soon be well regulated trained to perform as a unit well as -- -- -- -- that's that's that's one thing -- now and go right to bear arms. To form the real well regulated militia and the guns warrant what they are today. Now that you know that that's a thing and again no one saying you shouldn't have elicited little box yet. It was McGregor and not to disarm that -- -- I go -- I probably had no I didn't yell -- why monster games come on leave that. Now can he does play a little bit of bird man again that is -- -- his biggest burden man basically said your policy the united and I haven't -- Tommy and I are -- is. Guns how are not general -- They -- that you know let's try at least -- -- -- Although they probably won't what are good it did we can't dictate. What -- -- -- Her ability to be I don't yeah he's idols when you. How many little brown my view.

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