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Robberies Tied To Casinos

Jan 23, 2013|

The guys are talking local robberies and how a casino may be coming to Rochester.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday governor Andrew Cuomo put forced his state of the state button. Woolsey casino here between 15 am calling it it's going to be a medley senator but he did propose the toughest assault weapon ban in the nation's. And somebody semi MS is on FaceBook they think he's talking out of both sides of his mouth is gonna put a casino which shall. They believe will increase crime now one away on -- the bush mastered particular the drum guy but he's gonna get rid of he's gonna try to. Then rose -- drives by banning assault weapons he says he wants a ban for all magazines with a capacity of more than ten committee wants this. Paul bandy says we have the state must end the risk of unnecessary high capacity assault rifles without targeting hunters and sportsmen -- and sportsmen so no. -- -- -- young -- firearm there saying hey that can also put a whole new we want are bush mess we want our below our streets. There you'll just go buy it in Pennsylvania. He'll just go -- -- and Ohio. I began to wonder if you'll see why thank you ma'am I hear a guy that once one of these you get a yes and and there's nobody. She invited someplace else is is that what you can keep fireworks out of the state for Christ's sakes it's America. You got to me I got out of Pennsylvania by a fireworks are one legally bring him back here and blow back and that's why I think it was a -- -- -- states do it we eventually see your federal law. You want to. Because the gun manufactures are the hardest weapon in the -- and has called the bushmaster that they wanna keep making them. We will we will see as we move slower will all this but in the meantime if you did have a casino Alton and I use this as an example earlier. There -- the people say. This would be a great thing great jobs since at least the construction jobs which are temporary mean -- will end. But if they did do it over Enron equate. You know of the tax property tax breaks that they get all that stuff will come and I think you'll see it happens whether your border against an -- I think most people will be for minimal and happened. But what happens is won with crime is below you you play who gets attracted to casino probably people who can't. Afford to lose. More than anything now it's millionaires it's Tom Golisano who became a billionaire could easily -- Batavia downs so if that's the case. Desperation sets in and a great example of desperation. Happen on November 30 back in Webster. I'm back in -- -- over what a little yeah. Yeah there was our our president ever bad as this that's Cody says the vanden who's so cold we -- we -- is an employee of -- pizzeria. And he was there -- on the street. Yeah ran a mainstream audience they're close up from -- bats came in and listen to his is era on the video there's a video or walk him right this is Barbara Cody walking in with a shotgun brand -- channel channel thirteen. I just remember seeing this large person been a big -- -- Within a huge gun point at a -- of my manager. Well. It's pretty scary sure the minutes -- that it's does not happen in real life thing doesn't happen in Webster now apparently a lot this -- and what what was gonna happen at -- that just doesn't -- -- Colby says that the he was in disbelief. And they had just talked about of the gazette she had robbed another marks here he goes honest to god that they were gonna pay a minute if sung like that happened here what we deal -- dressed -- Pizza -- -- -- piece of hot I'm sorry you're right. And it but he's gonna to happen here will mean nobody's what we do and then they see he hears history books is no -- mirror here they said listen. A cold and I was in this police. I could just couldn't believe it was actually happening all night -- -- what if she came here when she came here. Yes good afternoon she walks yeah ball got to be crap for myself wouldn't have men who would know. Gary here's Torre describes the scene and it's like all of us and she walks in somebody screams as vote for somebody screams at their -- or it's here and -- as though. Crazy -- -- -- jacket just like subconsciously they knew they were next. I heard Ted just you know oh my god they're here so I just went out -- my hands up she saw me and she said. Get down now and grabbed the gun and I just went down nice and easy. While they're here there. And he knew what he meant and walks -- his hands up. You really a mozzarella all like yeah -- feel the pepperoni sticks. And here -- now here's the thing you were robbed at gunpoint guess it'd change your life. They don't know yeah I mean it makes a very paranoid and scared and new mineral really wanted to own a gun. It'd make me wanna get a gun at the time they I was very sure -- guns protect and Kevin -- choice. So yeah I can get around Weinstein was directly at main you know once as a group in a restaurant to one directly you that -- -- some -- -- the but the worst of the two obviously -- sure. But I would think did a lot of people than would wanna go and getting on the endemic. Any hit man magnet puzzle of with the immunize me out here is on Kobe talkative or is yet cold we talk about how is Barbara Cody change is -- That's causing no I was in the same. Persons I couldn't sleep for good 45 -- none of us really kind of. -- avenue you can head back to work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It back to work NN I mean I was knocked out woke bloody mad mad you know -- he was obviously done. And he'd but he had a 38 go to little -- DC in the old detective movies -- the snub nose 38 who would like to make. And admitted and it goes down so fast. And it's it was like united you -- this is having tea and and you get really nervous. But did the sanctity held a gun in my head Bruce enough for me enough money do we were guns. Gonna head open up to save yeah I don't that don't have to say yeah. I knew that open up that safe that combination gives you had to do a semester today I can -- it almost blindfolded. You know it does turn arrayed in a pop that thing open it to be six times. I wiz might myself did legit -- -- -- legit. Went to the bathroom and advanced. And then he belted me and it's pretty much what I remember. What and wake it up. But I remember him really wake cannot think in I was home in bed. Because. It was so I was uncomfortable yes but have you is I'm on the floor the office of the grocery score. Then -- they'll wake him up I'm on while this. That didn't happen via the loud like cancer away I -- like he. I go wow I thought I dreamt that I mean I went down like it's it was such -- -- today as they say a surreal thing. And then I had to admit that and knows one day boy what may need knocked him out. And so now I had to call -- did police to store manager and and the kid's mother -- it was you know there was -- you know pandemonium in the -- you know when we were close at the time a guy came at the end of they arrived at the Germans are close -- is basically drop in the -- tonight there's -- he knew exactly wanna comment. Casino I had enough money out right now that -- still accountant hills and a drop in the money for the night club based company for the money tonight is a drop it and sent a box inside. Inside the decision that I can't get too because there's only one key get accused of balls hard when -- come pick -- to deposits yet. Not on the salaries -- do things you know for a donation. What do you this is this Tommy -- gonna be robbed at gunpoint. Colby -- don't we just heard from channel thirteen he was on channel thirteen he's an employer -- -- real -- -- which was robbed by Barbara -- -- And they had justice -- talked about about maybe they were next to see it hit the -- But as time he's described in this agreement that that's a scary thing do they ever catch that guy. -- if they did do what what did you what did you want his punishment to be by your care yes it's -- -- year old an editor I mean he was a real news around or -- -- -- hear your story and -- in the -- who -- because on the surface Leo. I feel bad for the chick she got scanned ultra leave on a Russian dating site think issues Canaveral. People already had somebody come over who knows maybe yourself she lost a lot of money from what we then -- got suckered -- and I look at a lonely old woman and what's the point -- sticking her in jail that was kind of my thought but -- to commit a horrible crime and as I'm hearing you when you tell guys Walter Reed traumatize this kid usher couldn't sleep. You gotta pay some kind of Detroit as she's got excited yet. And that was -- that was her thought process delay -- yeah. Does -- get me out financially stable on this rob places now Tommy said -- robbed at gunpoint and I don't know what Kobe Molina would say had turned him off to gun Jean and wanna get to know I might help promote some gun loving family right and I think that a lot of people who had to have that experience would probably Somalia and yes but he called life feeling very much. This like -- this is -- -- when I got Ron this is during the mace craze when everybody was Arian may stricker and like everybody it's a sort headlight. -- key chain they get hooked on your belt buckle in aquarius your belt. But it also was a can -- -- and I would even get those things. Bill is on for -- he was robbed at gunpoint build one when did this happen. But actually back but does not happen any other ball out there. Probably get away. It is Atlanta we're just walk in industry. Went out what that there -- -- heard this story bill I'm every dean on the news. Now now. -- -- -- -- All right -- I dummy Beebe did you call us when it happened before -- for some -- Eating go to an AT and we get robbed. Now now not -- -- I'll wipe it did not let it go and what are we are very familiar with -- up there walking around looking broke our. Outlook amid a wrong turn out followed by -- is that it got bigger and it could move into that area and they. And it. Every car. So how did you feel accident. And real -- All day. A big girl that was pretty rock -- -- a lot of that -- out. He popped up back and we pop it. He credit card that we believe it do you believe -- out to see it back up that I. It basically to take -- it. All -- they made up while I now and good story Atlanta again. To use it to do quite well plopped down the street and that last -- yeah. Well -- -- I know you're talking about how you edit an content I have. That effort maybe -- have more personal -- I've -- now. You know now I had to. Meet its. You know it could be. -- you -- I look at it this way you did have a -- eating get -- you didn't escalate the situation only when it was your wallet it's over. If you pulled a gun out and -- now willing to use it quickly. You either get a gun fine or he pulls the trigger on you because he's got the element he's up on you you're not up for him so he's got the -- his gun is out. You -- filters and -- -- to a year at an automatic disadvantage because you're the victim whether you're armed or not. So I say no gone and you lived. I say you have a -- may have either killed -- self you know buddy and you get have been killed my friend 41 of those guys. And to be quite honestly the I don't wanna pull the trigger on somebody else's life they can have my wallet. And I think I don't have to polluted air but it made people like our corporate. And wanted. I'm extremely -- very. Everybody -- -- blocked out junior yeah my automatically crawl and out you know -- and we put it up OP gonna outpolled. Do you had a gun now do you have one. No follow up I'm gonna be starting to prop -- get an idea that -- -- and we. Couldn't. -- -- -- The -- doesn't -- the country's story. Night exactly I'm gonna shut it resumed pain ahead -- and I swore to god there was a story that either we heard about probably someone in Atlanta and I thought it was did send a very familiar his story but. Well Zacks -- who once again that was two years ago when you get one for and I suggested that gives you a false sense of protect it does you know uncle Roger begun on your time and he's dead yet. Now I don't know that even got an out Francona was in Fides in Farmington was mugged in Long Island forty years ago when -- -- forty -- yes well who. And it's -- -- that I was gonna happen Boris and Saturday at the store then. And now. One. Better -- -- -- so I expect the price of about sort. So we don't have much talent behind now I would actually -- it. And expect that. You didn't become big topic with and everybody in your pocket advertisement that X amount -- It also equipped but so activity that we get his fourteenth career mark at game six at one. So I think yeah asthmatic -- -- We came out -- out and that's not bad. The am I can. At this well you know. -- -- pretty epic spell it out of my. Thirteen and you -- that much money where you have to get back there and -- team who's in my mood. And again and again got it yet. -- -- you think it can get -- critic called it that one house so that everything apart in wow. So you wanna get again after the -- rich are just like you know what again. -- -- -- -- I think it put another got -- the process doesn't help to situation I escalates the the the violence I -- bird man says you and I try to do we're all there. But I probably should have learned I've like the -- have third man. -- yeah I hope you -- -- a -- which should try industry. There are being killed this like sure peaked. Countries they -- that. Yeah let's try with big -- today. -- first. Although they -- -- -- we go up but it police who -- -- -- the. Is -- -- mansion is have you ever killed anybody like in the union and yes. OK how. Where where. Are not begun spoken to my eyes are NL and I got and a -- to me. I would -- -- -- To order. Billy we can't say well I'll call it. I don't tell us why -- You know I would go crazy ride and I would do everything you see I don't when I live in a society where that's all right have to fear every day that my wife's getting raped. They've -- more than I do you know. Now that I will more than likely. Billy's wife is never gonna get raped because. Because ultimately I don't know but I'm gonna play the guides and Elizabeth -- I don't know and I would think suburban and I got an election. You have the right to have your family could not take an analyst guys tree and I don't scenarios. That are ridiculous but I do think Superman a lot of times most of designed to stop there's an element of surprise. And it's. Quick in and out yet you know I'd I guarantee there adrenaline pumping too well and all they wanted to do time -- the other two times out Enron it was real fast if it's rape. Bird man that that's a little different that -- so little scarier and I I agree with -- I would wanna kill I try to fight the guy and maybe -- the process of I don't -- an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No he wound up shooting back one was right wasn't one of those guys to me of a shotgun and into the back of his -- was going to shoot him grow. Not -- the police. What are. The top. Stories are out there shy. It would carry you to do any guilt of what I can't bear the burden should implement it usually -- But burden you with that officer have all been trained majority people long thing these like -- kid who called from. Being robbed and Atlanta is not trained not to the level you are maybe he'll get that way but I doubt it and that adds to the chaos I think. I. -- -- -- -- Okay it'll be here and returned for. I delivered to an industry that is what -- -- story. And I dropped pop pop up here he joked I. This critical blood. Buffy warning jumped out of the torch turn. Sure. It worked very. Old fire and we are about our -- -- -- it's. World's other five or six shots -- a -- that is nobody else got hit the lucky that time that talks hit a permanent you and I are gonna. Just disagree on a but I I don't think you shouldn't have the right to -- -- gun I do think assault. Never had been murdered man's things if you own a gun that make you a man he console offerings that nobody I you do you I don't let us see you on guys manhood because you think if you own a gun. That makes you a man and it done and you know that came out of your mouth you call -- policy three time credit and you questioned my manhood. Because I don't wanna put a bullet in somebody you think that make sure man and it doesn't. Don't. You bring the brutal and guns got it -- Cool question. Yeah yeah you look at -- you look I don't know if you're you know let's. It -- may just become an area but set up the in the helmet as if you didn't have an opportunity to punch a guy in the face he's got me I'm glad I I blanked. Scenarios that they come when your -- getting ready to you want in -- She is it's ridiculous. -- to get -- -- take away guns on that clear the way I just -- not I would -- what my life was attacked in her apartment had a guy cut lines command. All the stuff years ago she was young and the no guns still Logan's. Pop up we need to take a break Paulson for airport his wife was robbed yesterday in candidate. Well we will hear from him -- and can it was a Y two -- story on next in the break -- in 96 live to the BC MS.

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