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What Would You Do?

Jan 31, 2013|

What would you do if Rochester, NY was the center of a bioterrorism attack or epidemic?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So a lot of local town here. On your website. To take an action has a question. What afar residents. Were subject to a pandemic flu outbreak or bioterrorist attack. And require medication to be distributed in a manner of days for survival soul. Al-Qaeda. You got it comes to town Hans picks in this town I don't know what town and is. And releases listed dreaded. -- right now has a camera guys take a chemical bomb or something even as to finally -- I biologically we got to play -- attack new releases of the played -- we do what would we do fuel we deal. Of what's my plan -- what's your plan. I got appointment which -- planned. A plan is a deal wasted on my fortune to die but what's -- -- but what's the point it's on their way it was appointed the eleven zombie town. Now she knows what's stupid town -- over the us. -- rock god -- Israel hasn't there's a bomb in Henrietta. Well Nester Ramos I found his friend he is our MO Nester Ramos and he went a Golden Globe lesson is that Spanish flick. Writes a weekly opinion column about life of Colin can I just say Rochester area and he I thought this is -- funny the only -- it. But if he sees fit for a consistent there and that. Oh wasn't Henry there already -- the second some folks. Sub biological biological warfare so parents -- so I went to see this because it was -- with what's the that they say dead. They've been working with the officials in Monroe County Health Department degraded public emergency health plan a response to a potential pandemic so what's the plan or bioterrorism. Event. Requiring dispensing medication. To the town's 43000. Residents who can't. He bully they -- a 43000 people -- -- think this is where you would want your government to do it so what they're looking for is on this website you can sign up to be volunteers who have you are they got. Who never get sick Karen who's never -- everybody knows somebody who the higher Iron Man -- This is the guy you want to sign up Christian Dan I don't think he's ever missed today -- everything -- here in the break room almost five years now all right has not -- -- sick. So what do we do a Christian and so we were put Christian and would sign up to be the volunteered to hand out these days all 150. To a 160 volunteers at the ready to take twelve hour shifts. To effectively get the medicine man. Situations. You can't distributed it's impossible you're gonna have such a log jam off a panic -- You would absolutely panic if I mean that's -- that would be that he it's fine that plan everybody lined up nice orderly came under any you know. But everybody is gonna show of freaking out. And all hell's gonna break -- as you knew we scare the crap out of each other now. Beat Italy's alerts and all these apps it'll warn you about things is -- the crap but it consulate everyday you watch a news. You know your water bodies of water bottle killing you just a year in the office colluded. -- usually -- just relax a little bit. It is live or die by hand so -- this right you're not go live forever but it's another thing you're gonna die yeah and some analysts are gonna die today. And it's not going to be pleasant it's Disco lights it sucks when it sells us but dissident and go on and -- -- single and enjoy yourself for Christ's sakes. Pandemic in Henrietta. Always say this -- like I don't have a problem with the making a plan because they do you know they got it they know why the -- planner and I am not a I'm not to that degree degree but I would say this as an adult and I think that it's. Sort of your responsibility you have a root -- your house it's his prominent. Which of legacy tree got to go to an all micro media. -- -- So my parents -- -- that yes. We never had like that plan like OK to house -- until our words everybody go. Having this to catch over the another trailer where are -- well I. Should have a disease that went out in my generation and they do now yeah. Not just good I don't think that that's that I don't know it is good -- at all like. What's the worst thing that happened recently for people probably hurricane sandy for do we know either. I -- it was the ice storm you ran without power from along -- -- you do I think dead. I don't know that yet to run -- get a generator -- probably wanna have food on hand food may be some some woods or does some kind of alternatives I know the -- -- Alternative heating source right for the winner. And probably some water and food -- for a couple days until because. I haven't banned or seen yet and looking where. In a number of days you couldn't get out to restore course you can get out to you don't happen in just maybe not today EC hasn't and I think is an adult you got that that -- -- or do you disagree. I don't have what I have kids I don't care right think I don't care -- -- my dog bit me in my -- what Iran. You know -- guess -- -- -- have candidates that's dog food today did you and your fiance. -- held to a young people need a -- playing your LB because I hate when I go to the store like am -- regular schedule and it's in the middle of when everybody's -- -- try to milk alerts at one of the weathermen town give Allison and everything's mess and I wanna be guys I would I would worry about any thing. LS I got a kid. Yeah I get a kid -- changes shirt -- -- right we only keep them violate the most Mosul ladies you know most people -- big -- stand to miss a few males. -- -- Rochus once it's on about Dan handing out medicine guy hey Eric. Christian camp but death is long over due to act like god she's probably number one -- numbers pop. His numbers and think about it and -- don't. Sit there. He's a good point you know he can disappoint yet he can come now or cancer. You know he's fine they'll know we -- But also like when he first try so had twice a day on Sunday for -- serve communion. I'll tell you what I'll sacrifice myself for everybody else because I love good people. Then you can turn it anyway I health I will handle it via Visio presidential -- -- in the first one panicky and he'd turn into a one legged duck from the minister. Really seen any -- -- interview revealer it's really meant up to see that I haven't seen Danny in a situation like that but it seemed that she did get very little rational god had a stress level well I can't see now one thing yet diligence in a mode yet style article from around the suit I've been struck I don't. What is what is based on every right to data outside when rotation out. Let's ask our values they have someone like -- -- so so what. I thought. One of the seven Sarkozy -- thank -- day three in those yesterday -- Anyway if you can sign up to be a volunteer. In Henrietta -- pandemic outbreak come because I remember with the nuke plant -- craps itself. The plan was to meet again in my car and go rise and -- in. -- -- -- -- Because that's the safest place for from radiation legacy determined yet was Henry and high school via. That is the dumbest plan it is an. And neither did the power play explodes yup I'm pretty sure Henry had to do the clouds going to be over -- -- Monroe County would be screwed row on drive of government Lehman and get my car and I don't stop till I see palm -- -- -- like Florida with that's what's driving routes from -- from hurricanes. Yet they only get out there they get -- a good no good to have good is to listen to giving -- 68 birdies it's called the turnpike. Get on it and leave -- You know to plant for. I don't of the turnpike is. I don't get the -- Levittown man paid a lot of other towns have plants like this I hope not Bob Webster does not. The only thing I found his cousin Nester Ramos of the season in his opinion Kyle -- -- plan is to drive the Henrietta if we until they use their bigger some of their medicine. We still towns have a plan and that we -- towns for not having a plan no one can win in this situation I plant -- I'd bring it up because it does not extremely we do make fun stuff like that yes. I don't think it's bad that the town has done well I don't think figures which are playing for yeah. Chaos well you can't they sounds good at all is going to be favorable yell lineup politely and we all -- cordial with one another but that doesn't happen. It's estimated that means -- 15260. Volunteers got DM we're looking for volunteers to staff these sites should it be necessary to activate him during a public health emergency. Residents was skills and security. Medical. Health and safety traffic control food service of clerical sort of wayward CDL license drivers and management would sandy sites so what where Mike going where these sites bugaboo creek. -- -- I don't go to the states are they would probably move but Google around the net moves in -- if you shot. Have. The very. There's a barrier Barry. I'm very square to create a little innocent. We -- to -- Brought trouble now react to a billion and a. We got a call last week troll who wants to eliminate. The number 69 from all high school uniforms and very says she's from Henrietta got a big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know all of our. Hero medal at the veterinary thank you -- that you know why. What -- which you approach to what did she -- Was directed at sixty night. I don't know it's like they were traditionally don't do I don't know I'm not a -- -- -- a spokesman Scott. Okay task at school -- -- now what are. Put a lot of thought it I like adults -- -- you get -- grind and I want to let you know the legendary. And now they have a hospital. -- so maybe they maybe that's where ego is or town plan that I'm not. The throat and I don't let this guy nightmare this panic -- like you're gonna see delights. And brought like American men's. It's a big one happens is that -- really horrible happens its own group and its own. Sanitary Dave. Isn't that -- dream to be stuck with high school girls if you had to go to -- -- realize -- -- -- Dave. To try to Tommy -- but just wait to -- I can't go to -- teenage girls try -- your status oh yeah the problems you. Saudi schools so I might go right LP source allied victory -- -- the. See you later today we'll take a break photo proceeded to 6000 you can Texas -- 99404. In the break rooms are 965 WC and after.

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