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Teacher's Have it Easy Pt.2

Feb 1, 2013|

Listener's call in to react to Edward's statement about teacher's having it easy. Maybe they don't have it that easy...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nice 65 WC MF for right now the flu still big news people trying to scramble to find a flu shot they're going to work sick because you have to do we got a call just now from a guy named Edward. Crew is self employed he's got to -- -- and and he started rail on teachers after reading the watchdog report that was in yesterday's Democrat and chronicles. We're -- Doug Greece teachers miss an average of while sixteen daisy school your here's what Edwards said just minutes ago on the break Truman 965 to -- BC amend. I would actually love to have a cushy job like teacher has more go to school can you did a redo in three weeks off. And -- -- so -- -- at all they miss an average of sixteen base that's pretty. We'll go weeks of work and and eastern re also read that the most common history upper third day of I don't know. Us and I said oh yeah and that's you know they've -- just -- and basically people that failed to being some mixed something else he. Why tiger wanted to be eternal where spirit you know -- a broadcaster. Lions who went up at 2226000. I did see was due to agenda that that call fell off we go to Dave. Dave what -- wanna say about Edward. -- my -- dejudder in a patient doesn't wanna do like being Alps she is contract to work 180. Days out of the year. It's easy to make more than 60000. Dollars a lot -- batters. Like -- like that we're the only network -- a year and make that much money. Sit in a way that your wife -- your -- got on the -- side. Know how I'm piece and it -- to try to be something else know how long legs are you kidding me yeah he's got a great yeah. To have you are right -- -- religious figure out bloody night I have always I would've done that. Well there you -- I think that's partly his and -- you know. Position Satan. He should have done something else he's jealous. Thanks. -- Tim got ahead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't I don't all get on these -- bay -- bright car broke -- Treo pro record -- okay we wanna set -- It's been Edwards -- -- they are just -- don't own that. I do this job because I love this job. I went to school to be a teacher because let's slow wanted to do good regulators an important job it is she's got to go to work now I've -- -- work. So we don't have out -- it's not a monstrosity -- There's a lot of planning -- go resigning your job when when the -- done right. Yeah like if I -- because doubly I've got to -- someone I want to go to conference. And don't take six days because it's true much work like getting ready to double play -- About 456 but it is it is really even more trouble than it's worth more often than not just take -- -- at all. My -- Ghana everybody thinks everybody else's job disease it's -- this is the way. He guy go man which I had that gave me you know look at the whole day when he takes to get to that point that you're looking at the and his job -- the other thing Tim. Did just to lie. Give Edward a little bit -- credence is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there and so I would never I would I don't have would have and what it takes to be you. Problem -- I'm I'm definitely I regret governor admitted. While you're there at your teacher getting immunity to rely -- he says your address don't blame the lame people get things done and if it's. Tim thank you to say -- but I don't get it for -- -- it's time. Did you teach in them probably what I think is the ugly is battlefield of education and that's middle school -- you how -- they can he teach. -- brokered they're bombing villages built them consulate. I try to ordered -- driver all I was there that middle schools still are the worst of -- is a little boys especially used to just jerks. -- do we get there -- renders you career. By that time that you are usually read a book on the side you enjoy your day -- are -- a lot of season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 9944. Camp bad mouth teachers have to kiss the -- until out of their class they can mess with kids grades. Now. Is the evil teacher. -- 99404. If Ed thinks teachers have it's so good if they get all this time off if they just show videos all day if it's a cushy jobs then why is in he would teacher Jerry what are you wanna say about Edward. -- How are good what are elusive and Edwards are. My wife and I are teachers -- and you know this guy is no cool we're going every -- that tomorrow. I don't know what future it does not try to pick up I worked very far. I mean I'm out there and pick it up firework at the cover -- Government and people on the can't start. So you don't make it's you or your wife do now make enough money to live off your teacher salaries combine. Equal work it would it would get there alone and it's where this year we are. -- so when I mean you know -- word here -- highest tax state. You know all dimension economic -- he can't live -- your teacher salaries alone. Well we can -- -- -- -- Emmy -- not you know I didn't ahead. Exactly everywhere or scramble it works -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Year's -- when able Todd they had little -- you guys are young me it was tough for your parents -- -- financially -- us again yes and my dad died tutored on the side so here's. But harder to Armenia do -- do you did all kinds of the so let's -- our role and it notes. Really put the other thing people got to understand. Do these kids now are -- rules well rule and being dominated Iraq. But a lot of people at Wal-Mart whatever gas swap although -- are coming into our culture so you know -- planned well just not let it catapult. I mean. Gerri appreciate the call. -- at 99404. Found MI PE teacher just retired made a 100000 guys dinner that's an easy -- public record retired seclusion to take. Or to what seven months factoring summer school breaks come wow I had in mind I have a PE teacher. In my neighborhood -- and she was by herself -- and she has. Is that job looks pretty damn easy and she is. To BMW's. In her driveway she -- I leave for the winter Deanna and she's got the rag top -- for the summer pain now be single. Yes but. Manager. Jennifer certified general -- he has lovely things to say Edward go ahead. It. No cooler air electric to be a teacher that he can't go to work it out and -- out of wiped out but at my problem Rand. -- Reading recovery teacher which mean -- change. Tommy yeah yeah shoot -- reading the when he went in he -- Reading it and it -- And here he knew her. Boarding school and I. Think -- perfect game here. Really go to school I think you know we're not going to school. -- -- -- -- -- -- work hard every pit work on every week -- on break. The governor. The -- like Jennifer you get so many sick days if you go through your career and have accrued a bunch of sick days you get that has paid days to go in your retirement -- she ought to show up let's take the get a 160 days -- right so then you wouldn't have to work you're always a little economic -- you still get -- -- I think these giant which is part of the union -- provider you know that. And it's -- never written so many -- much money per day. Streak of children. Good evening I'm -- all directed. Right. At street and only many. He -- him. About it. The dirty and they're immediately -- -- ridiculous big. Actually my husband and has to listen to this meeting today. And say you. Related news you can shut up all day you should know -- Slapper is going all day about how hard she works -- now and advanced education have been admit that you know any. Night but it is -- Jennifer de Cuba -- let them gums and read to you today Jennifer. Now gates ITT's yeah. Nobody read these days -- did Tommy Italy the opposite but he says that's what I will always but -- Device didn't work I texted 940 for the Graham as they just called is exactly that an ignorant animus. I'd love to know what district his children go to because I can assure you that the teachers. There are not simply mediocre not only are we dealing with professional development days forced upon us by the state. Who by the way doesn't clarify the expectations for also dealing with parents like himself. Who believe that his children do no wrong and teachers are lazy I'd also like to ask that jackass what he did last night after he got home from work as a teacher. Migrated through papers for three hours. Just like my Sunday where I graded for three -- socks -- jocks -- will get one more call Danny what do you say number for a new job -- and Kendall has great advice for Edward what you wanna say Charlie's. There that you want but I Mott and he does -- repair although we're sorry you're here. I'm. Screw yourself generally go there yourself.

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