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Gun Incident at Gitsis

Feb 1, 2013|

Another shooting at Gitsis on Monroe Ave? It's not what you would assume...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We talked about the shooting it -- he's a little different than what it the way out. He kind of came out yesterday. We kept hearing that demand the woman didn't hear it did you know each other and I'm thinking well -- sound like -- -- in the same boost their robbery like there was like some broad shutter melt off right and some guy got has -- shatter. Turns out 31 year old woman from this airport and who has a connection tool. The break -- own Tom DeLay in -- -- better before I guess your other friends yes and she's in the hospital now ranked she -- we'll be there for -- and so it's serious yes -- -- -- there -- months. -- things. She was shot a guy from Virginia had a gun in his waist band both the security. Guards hired by get sees Andy. Customer. Said they saw you the outline or Celtic gum when they pass the guy they went out and got police police came in to question the man. And when he took -- bet -- -- gun out of his waist band. And taxes on anyone out there went off the ball went through. The -- and shot this woman in the pelvis I think when in her back in honor for honor in her from medevac -- the first time an event out there. She was sitting -- long she was sitting with her back to probably talk and end. -- at all and out talk about freak accident I was free got a bomb scenario you have and then next thing you know you're at your shot. On -- -- on the real. So the question is this guy was arrested okay and he might have been he may have men. Permitted to carry that in Virginia he is not a New York State rest laden but in order to carry a weapon in New York State you have to have New York State sort of clear vision yes. You do and we have some of the strictest gun laws we have the strictest gun law in the -- right. What can this guy be charged -- anything because the gun went off even though on officer asks him to pull out the math and -- the government accidentally went off. The answers yes -- I believe -- is on the line and it's been a judge for. Ten years and five years I thought yeah I think it's your responsibility to secure the weapon. Are you at. Some tape -- Tommy do you wish to. Exactly right Danks said. And Allegheny County. Company farms you'll head out there and Allegheny County. So there's fire was that. Mean parents are long gone. Why would they give a collective of both. Probably around there and there are probably. Editor. -- is this -- ordinary. Small arsenal who went over what is the I'm teasing me. The first -- was correct you have to secure the weapon at the very least you're responsible correct. Yet speaking carriers -- -- our culture anything richer in charge today garden once. Once you doubt it it's in your possession. You're in charge OK thank Eric -- end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seeking carried a gun and anything you want you -- your response on tour -- -- matter what happens. Now yesterday. And it looks like the gun control bill passed the senate days and it's getting gathered. How strained right. Now New York State has some of the strictest if not the strictest gun laws. On the books -- -- settling guns in the states for heaven's a strict laws that mean that they abroad but then automatic eleven -- -- -- guys are tough and -- laws. I don't know president and understand she went to the mall -- basically bought an assault rifle -- does not. And -- -- -- oil we get some tough laws -- where the Don -- handing it to Billy spangler. Who then turn around a Christmas Eve two years later Brazil or listen -- -- look right. Well. Any symbolism stop anybody from doing any of that I gotta like that and a Philadelphia by the gunning come back hearing give it to you -- -- -- and that's nobody's gonna know. Yesterday governor course of the government's job is to respond to people's needs at the time -- -- will people of this state now are crying out for help on an issue of gun violence and I think this does it and it would restrict the State's ban on assault weapons. And limit the size of magazines to seven bullets rather nobody clips ten bullet magazine just. Now you. -- -- go Wall Street less bullets that seems ridiculous and it's just kind of placating people does them well but I think you would have -- gonna have to change. No one I didn't make these guns obsolete in New York State rim. Because I don't think a manufacturer police first state is gonna change you. So people of the prime minister and seven down to seven -- -- basically you'll make that gun. Illegal there will be no seven clip gun in New York State friend that you can't have it. And I can see it -- and part of me that I don't like about this is I feel like. I yes I like -- the part of the build that includes the Webster provision. Where if you if you shoot a first responder it's a mandatory life sentence for anyone convicted in the shooting death for restaurants ruler should be wanna have a first responders bill that. Stringer -- let's just take devil yet again yet do you think the guy daily shootings -- since he gave a damn about a life -- he'd kill yourself president say is so. The people that do these things have no regard for their own -- of there insane. So that bill is worthless take that deal because that -- still gonna carry that out because he's gonna exe cute and self. The one and I don't like this whole gun control bill -- assistant to the make us feel good like -- doing something and here's why. I the Second Amendment is a federal right let me let. Both run the ball the ball and on this so to speak and I know that's a bad -- into the bullet but let him take it on this and you'd use of the from New York State into me. I I really feel like Andrew Cuomo parent wants three president of the United States tonight he's his eyes are on -- sixteen and I think it's this kind of stuff to get his name out there again -- to him when he taxes it too and look what he's doing in New York State there will be. National news -- see or hear about -- national analysts have what he did was good and it's along party lines to be the first Italian president well I mean you know his election campaign AM and -- and a black stuff it. I usually. Would rather see the first responders bill or something for New Yorkers helped bobbled his Medicaid Medicare mess we got something with -- education put the effort there. And stop with the gun stuff and letting go because you Marty got the -- stuff on the books you're not gonna eliminate this from happening. And can you and you you're not gonna stop the guns -- -- it's -- just ME -- another I don't I don't like it and you don't make -- gun -- them he'll make another gun. We have enough guns -- every man woman run this country a weapon -- now. That's a crap -- weapons. The CD here's I know I sound hypocritical because I would like to see something done. I do think there's somebody I don't understand why you need Davida Sullivan I love the guy callebs tonight own guns and I don't understand -- have to have won it when there. Therefore war more than anything I guess I would like to see it but I'd like to see that the federal level let the state do with the state needs to do for you Mike to hammer guns in the judicial system failing a -- had -- You up here to go to the -- program -- a rubber sticker -- a -- -- -- a crime to -- I would have no legal -- What's this guy -- You go to prison -- bell every bit judicial system. Telcos that are present circus GM back right now and they know what they have not based well what they should do with this sky. Scotland are you follow up and brotherly spirit and nobody you when you have the right the pipeline who are responsible. What are going. Where when you think that did you have hope that's the way we XP UK carrier that's book out. You can't go under certain parts you can only do -- being in the market because. Direction play expect commit the Latin risk adults you -- -- was -- -- -- he shouldn't our fire -- and he drank. Yeah yeah it's out it's out our. -- fire our judicial system does what they say do -- know politicians aren't quite well that discussion go to prison -- fact that she is rewards some lady like. She got Shatner dot standout play one think sure liked it or one -- now. Not collapse long in the months and there's a little through the book -- and out the front to. Yeah I was so I was actually didn't you know I don't know. And shot they would like solid and what they've been around each and every track record of big scare. They shouldn't that cheap bullets -- dark -- wall. You just so much for the gun manufacturers when you do this out because everybody gets scared you come from my guys I gotta go by more bury them. Well that's exactly what's going on and all well I feel really need to step -- our people living. The media users solve quite full. And a bad way because already do what they're going to make him a gun owners who says. Like it's a semi automatic semiautomatic Colgate hurt stop cutting Turkey on what you're doing -- skill and the dog owners. Because they think it would -- be used semiautomatic assault rifle state state. You know it's going in order to -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- boating and water and a bit of both decks and what it's a 2.2. It label that it must ball well and which restart all of our owner. Zidane and assaulted as its bold action. Right but it's still your ability to tell you brought them but it just you can still probably don't know brown is going down baby are you know that it doesn't it. And hammer hole -- I'd appreciate it well it. -- -- Wayne county he wants to say something about the ditzy shooting what do you wanna say about the cops didn't do what it. Well overall our report about -- safety into responsible Arnold burst. But no no we're keeping in mind that this important issue is gone until he would ask you what are police stick side to do. That's a good point. I mean you can sort out your group for people -- -- topic an -- That's a great point. Well you would think that that would be procedures taken to a safe area he had -- amount. And then to have him show you all look it will look first of all haven't taken down a marksman in the everybody's heroic qualities and everybody journey -- having played a lawyer on the other side guys. And let's say I walk up to the guy and I don't know what's there aren't I I am hearing that we think he has a gun -- -- sir what do you have I got I have my pistol and as he's saying it he pulls out I don't ask guys who he just pulls out to show me -- goes off. That may be one of what happened through its steady but you're right maybe you should -- circuit command here wanna talk to you -- -- why. The -- come out here wanna talk to her. I'm not -- are totally watch a minute don't forget -- and Nancy there's a lot of guys who say I'm not gonna do you have no right to just question -- and tell until you tell me why. And then if he says -- because demo we think you have a -- I do -- -- my -- and I could be like that it. You know -- -- -- pretty paranoid parent I mean one over the last week. A county sheriff why mom yeah I pulled out shuffle last week. Arlene county you pull the sheriff fall for you make a citizen's yes. Well. I wouldn't follow up for a while and get no backlight scout all. It's around -- recruit well and that was -- you know. You know I could -- a few times again look forward. What what I walked up armored vehicle. -- -- -- -- and feel like yeah yeah yeah I can go out and was slowly do you blame some real well gulf while I think. I don't control I have literally no -- at all ports and I -- -- -- gun safety yeah I think you need to go all the way to block or what you get. I mean they're they they didn't handle that and everybody knows I -- -- actually is where they send all the -- peace. I think we used to running we were kids. And is that we'll let the cops -- I'm I'm not him with -- -- -- I didn't know the rookie comes from the violence and our. Federal. CSI Monroe haven't. It sort -- out there are very valid noted guard partners -- about your -- -- The Sudanese. I did see a guy there was a video of a guy who are making a citizen's arrest on an officer. It was -- videotape -- him I'm guessing that the officer was talking on its owners on the boat driving guys drive and and -- film and Bryant -- -- I can't do that -- you know -- was trying to make a citizen's arrest at rallies to beat among the cop was laughed and Adam. And he's -- you think this is funny. In any. So what -- he had -- to pull off. I can't reality I I actually you you guys kind of turned off by the video them because it was. In -- What immigrant that company just the -- business. So now you get some to division the recent would Johnny be good wants to say Johnny -- good buddy wanna say. There's also public. Or just -- your vehicle for Rick -- you call the worst by tomorrow I'm sure that regular outlets like station. OK the guy and we -- who had his back lights out Veronica and I. Tom needs protection NES on the say about gun control protections granted Tom go ahead. -- PM. Saturday and it's going to be pressed. Let me -- and -- Yeah I had -- I'm -- you know me profound learning that so yeah I found my hands. It really OK okay. Utterly ridiculous that it relations and we treat Kerry candidate Sacramento. -- I'm walking around -- children. -- You know we get in the nation had to sit back and I can't put a discussion. About. Russia still weapons yeah. Actually equally curious let me tell you upon a lot of action okay. That -- and safety Eric. And they were standing outside a mosque -- -- to a creek in the movie little email and apparently we have gotten sort of have a -- Discussion about -- Let me sincerely. So let's say we have what we wait do we wind is a ban on assault weapons. And let's say let's say in them in in no world burger world and for us a -- passes I still say there's going to be sandy hooks in the future. Actually I agree because you get nothing -- adapting back. Have a total disregard for life no remorse no -- no nothing and then look. Looking Canadians -- they got to take somebody with them -- -- brilliant return rate up a karaoke. But I tell what they wanna go to -- as so I'm saying is you Barack can. Cuomo can do what they want I still say this stuff is going to be in the future and there's enough guns out there to do the damage dying you're never gonna get those guns but -- -- I I like your idea of why do we have to have a discussion there shouldn't be a discussion but the problem becomes that there are people who feel like they're responsible. And as any hospital -- I should have the right to know that guns and are responsibly target shooting holes and and her cool what what have you heard since kindergarten were. You've got apple isn't. Political and nobody I mean Tom do that by the way I used to be known as the bush minister went to actually added that the football -- -- we have to sing anything. -- -- we shouldn't but yet there are people who want to -- not have that right taken away in -- that's where the discussion is. We had -- second -- -- -- that you take -- you really have a right to their parents you know yes and that we don't have the right to go out. Slaughter people. No and that's why usually if those people survived they would be like the rural Colorado kid is gonna. And gone away for -- of many from a long long time. That southern accent that depletion and pat I. You know that I agree that anonymous I don't know why they would -- I am ready Brad. A lot of data and we don't know how to I don't know how they yeah that's my point that -- -- -- just pulled down on a guy says -- this showman and you know that's Tom. I don't see what I'm really do think it's one of those things where people say what what what you want -- enemy. -- I'm not going with the U. Right because you're always told don't play that haven't done anything else and I got to cops in and remove the iron John last comment on this go ahead he lawsuits trying to defend the rookie police go ahead. Knowing how to get caught up. Just don't earlier in the year I did mention the present all the rookies but I don't selection metallic they would go there and that's not true. -- -- police officer and when I came out of the rookie year up production the Oakland collection. But -- -- or sexual like that I would -- the east side west side. And that could simply rosters filled in some lover every word did neither but -- let's go to war. That are trading. Reaction all right okay. Thank you John. Are you to we will take a break phone numbers 2226000. You can text in a 99404. And 965 -- -- BC --

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