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Another Installment of Tales From the Cheap

Feb 1, 2013|

Listener's call in and tell their stories of being cheap to compete for Lewis Black tickets. This may have gone too far...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are a lot of people think Edwards had big balls he's called out teachers 'cause he's self employed can call in sick. Report from a watchdog group yesterday in the paper saying -- -- teachers call in an average of sixteen days a year and but that was factoring everybody from maternity leave to bereavement to. Catastrophic illness kids see a lot of times view of a job. It's nice to have the protection if you get a 160 days paid -- going through some kind of awful policy get -- cancer Ryder laced guy can't write. It's never know Jim Burton wrote on her FaceBook page without an interesting point how can their jobs as teachers be easy when they have to. Contend with kids like the ones that were involved in the verbal abuse. Load up the school bus monitor but I can tell when it's also think about that freedom prep class. This -- -- give -- -- I served our adds details from the cheap and I like the name of it this far by Adam -- yes -- -- the calling on his level peoples and how many people -- Adam -- I'm just saying that. But here's the thing I grew up I was don't cost if my parents were teachers and they were stroke but I was telling Tommy my mother used to shop at Edwards food warehouse. But did get a good BJ yeah yeah I think even had a bag your own gross trying to muscle. And she used to buy stuff my follicle a brand X-Men and why he got sick haven't -- coffee lets kids rednecks coming -- -- 000 my mother that there was never any like crap we never had any funds cereals and puffed rice -- -- never had alphabet it's not you know ran no fruit -- now think today day actual brand now. I'm not and every night it was puffed rice. I didn't stars. You need that stuff cookies came in she go that's it for two weeks -- -- -- -- -- Kuwait for well ray good to be the case study who is something an -- -- agreement calls and I have no idea. So I know what it's like to grow with him apart any came apart. Buttermilk. So now had they love really is it well my brother came -- yeah they have more money later as always -- -- knows this guy was reportedly was. So let's start every one of these people online at 2226000. Vying for tickets is they have the best cheap story came to see Lewis Black January 25 that's -- front nine of the auditorium theatre tickets on sale now. Does your way be -- given for free. But there's a -- with all these people and all -- warranty not -- regardless -- is not me but a family member will start with -- good morning Ryan. There is your tale from the cheap. You know then remember my head of has given -- all numbered to the police department solidify. That's our dear to have that -- you can pick up then I'll pick here. -- so butcher referred to the meet. These you do do that and I'm a shares from actually like offered up the meat of the matter what I wanna know can he do this. You can put your name on a list of -- all get out. I don't know what is actually a -- this yesterday he knows a couple people in the police department so. That is chief. Yeah well I'm surprised you can do I thought -- -- -- hit them they -- themselves in your ninety -- general overall we usually your granddaughters. But that I don't see it they didn't have a wherever that -- it and come up -- eligible. This is a way you bring him -- design the deer have been eating my yard. I mean they're stripped of that and I don't know what to do. And yesterday I had -- deer in the middle of the day in my yard -- -- about like some kind of let the door -- the dog got their hall Lance you know an hour later -- walk them back in Lindsay he's straight you're like wolf -- right behind here and I I'd -- Ryan. I think any grab your phone number you're in the running will call you a -- -- thank -- out work again not mean surely call -- girl these arrests at a coach -- to stop. That's usually a big mistake a war to put. No that is not true Dracula in the single. The deterrent they assume we were having early topped 1 morning hair stands as she actually has been called a state that she proved a and then instead awaiting goes pretty traditional -- what should -- waste toilet paper onto the. Do that yet but you know it's dudes Tom DeLay is done that I have I have on a regular basis this is every -- I'm Julie yeah. What you probably out yet they still and -- just to save money on toilet paper don't ever use this -- -- else I would never showed her how to thank you. Our courage our men I have two hour here in the running Jim isn't fair port. It's cheap again and not me former brother in losses I added she brings the -- -- -- guys don't really out there. -- got Jim. -- reported GAAP might order a lot -- cheap. She used to -- -- envelopes he would turn them inside out and you get something from him in the mail so I really do. I don't think I would try it I would try to do and I couldn't put some Hollywood. Precisely origami military it is you didn't you give -- a letter opener alone this excuse it's all the knotted. And look and then receiver on -- -- -- a -- envelopes or block the dollar and 99. Well that's good. They're pretty which -- the -- -- somehow get them turned inside out I didn't care what other Ed -- inside. Hot gym that maybe the best one so far I like the bootleg even that's a good one will call you if you win job -- Chief college story what do you. So I just finished up at school one school about a Washington DC. And -- less about circuit which opened this summer. And I said Ortiz Youkilis is so expensive now I get somewhere statewide tuition hike campaign knows that. So I try to question well I took -- into America that I had to do without a lot of transferring three classes. I actually moved back here Rochester. So real like let's sit -- -- or and I commuted down to DC every single week -- sixteen weeks. I doubt I mean 1 morning take two courses -- expect that stage one regret my OS -- college. But I do a net to save Tony genes. Got a -- him and I got to know what you say I used to fight 5 in the morning let's get down to -- -- in the two closest yeah. -- in the airport for our first glimpse far Beckett right and we shooting grant. -- know DC two when he G and even when Robert Clark earlier. Wow wow. Wow a world where do you have a degree from. Are written in -- residents and I know I've heard of them I -- it's all on. I think -- you know Marie coach Lou's got a chief story. It good chose to go coach cheap. Hey did I do. From work -- work where he lived another double policy without power but is it all our neighbors around them gotten. We base -- dog bowl. When they won on vacation make -- Christmas time it was two weeks. He -- the key an air part. So when they would believe. He would run extension cords. -- -- Very -- our brand and what -- everything we stand on the use -- money -- Believe that no I. Am a lot but thought wow and he was still an early exit had to -- -- beyond their. -- the predominant coach -- dating -- number. I -- edit yup by the time. So there's our people. Parent coach -- steal electricity while ago on the guy who got a degree from Georgetown but actually -- well for -- the most money in PSA the most money being chief. The guy who re used envelopes. The lady who always -- river she's just it's in the shower and took off and I forget the first guy. But I don't -- even in the running into remembered all the road kill due to -- you -- you have to pick up the deer tick of the -- solely like. IE. -- -- -- you go to college girls I have a job as a just so flabbergasted that. You pull them move you save all that money areas of brightness of brave move look at. I was gonna go with I normally when I heard -- -- else. Knowing my theory is group trumps yeah I know I grew up rock paper poop -- always ones here. All right shall go with college dude man who go -- how did we do this again tomorrow lots of people on -- holding including Kevin this is I'm so cheap and he's got a -- -- but if Kevin can call tomorrow will do and around. 8 o'clock tomorrow in the break room. To win tickets to Lewis Black but today it's the guy who saved 20000 dollars flying down ticket to classes at Georgetown and then transferring credits from Brock for. To get his degree it's a -- grant we will can get the tickets Lewis Black will do it again tomorrow in the break room. And don't forget Thursday is our -- -- in honor of Lance Armstrong.

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