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Rochester Dragons Pt.2

Feb 1, 2013|

How does Rochester react to the idea of a professional ultimate disc team in town? Listeners have mixed reviews.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm actually excited about this is so cool I'm excited about it it doesn't have any contact -- and you throw a frisbee and well done here's the thing I think there's a lot of guys to hang on to the glory days. And you've played this in college because you weren't the war was a soaring college I get to glory days because there was I'm more live because you -- an athlete in high school -- and you either opted not to or what not good enough or -- didn't have the time on college whose clients. Is or she -- a plan like this is like your softball only its frisbee which isn't as popular we look at this money but I'm telling you know. If frisbee has picked up with a generation grows old and -- -- -- -- he's been around forever I don't car around her crap but the ultimate frisbee. Disc golf -- become bigamy and there are people that look guys are investing money. Well I mean if the big companies investing money I got to see this option and CC has a disc golf course right. Kennedy gave tickets quiet easy ways to see where they -- over eighteen holes on consistency the holes -- some things to put the land. Donated land shark -- like. But we can still want a I hear you it isn't -- -- -- -- thing in the world right did you see this is going to this is when the positive. Yet being positive -- hurts I don't think so yes and Taylor because irregular come on man is given additional it just didn't -- 40000 dollars you -- and all that -- -- -- pocket that I wouldn't do but I what is best point and I would be surprised -- next year they got Stanford team -- -- -- -- -- a NG three I would wanna team for a thousand this year I think it's 2500. There's no way. But -- -- on the viable the thing is like what you're gonna get our guys who want to play yeah and other guys coming out to see it for their families or a wife and kids don't -- -- -- -- -- gonna do that I think by. I have a family member that's doing is retard sport stop may be what other in Iraq might days on end especially this summer time when that we this -- are sure to go watch you run around with -- their idiot friends sort of frisbee. Let me grab let me grab -- and then Jim has something to say credit to -- next here in the break -- -- 965 -- -- morning -- -- -- Leland CML ultimate frisbee. Not so what are your other about the crowd size I would pick and ever since the joke when they played the -- -- and can't fault and they get a bigger crowd. I would things up -- they better sponsorship nice -- not just the syndicates. Jim in Rockport says it's actually a training sport right Jim. Yes that's correct I watched. And -- physical fitness test twenty year for the navy. No military period. -- got to -- to you physically so valued you're here in shape to perform your duties and different he's actually a very popular sport to a -- that don't. May need to test you with a frisbee and unknown and don't -- -- crazy man. He's saying he's saying then ordered do you think you actually use to get ready for the -- meant to zero catalog and I'm running in it you don't you can run. When you -- groups right. It looked to moss so many people now. Number finger at Tommy I mean there's a lot of fun and the military that a lot of monotony. You know and isolation especially the -- then we were trapped -- ships and softening. Yeah -- -- -- a lot of good you know that's something I mean I guess -- that. Right it is a fun thing and here's the other thing. Right now what has become one of the biggest things around the country that people sign up for and train for. Years in advance that tough a martyr tough moderate which is all the very very. Huge money sponsorships. People go to do it same thing -- he's not saying that they're gonna target too much I just didn't want the league do they put up like big grandstands. Blake it's for people to just watch you run through the -- I think they might I haven't been going on -- -- mean they selling the hard tickets to do is log on a commitment I don't -- UN HR brought. I don't use that -- front here look a little wouldn't count and he doesn't every year he went with a he couldn't -- do that Syria. Actually very special thing for them I mean I think a lot of preparation I mean Thomas you and your body being asked him yet it didn't do that more than mr. body and. Any any. Any sport that I can play at a picnic I got I got -- title. I discuss of that -- -- don't go anywhere Jimmy I'm just followed my putter I had to it was here who tweets on Gavin my -- go to my dashboard here on who'd sweep. And let's see. Casey is going to a TSE -- -- TSE to name resulting from returning some TSE -- on -- -- for history injury from frisbee practice -- -- -- dealer Grassley got a -- they just we do because he is -- training with the prisoners -- EMS going to -- TSE -- Navy SEALs train and I -- -- and Jim thank -- telling that so they -- the photographers could maybe this is the difference between men and women were -- is always need to be doing something -- want to hold on to that look -- got into it there don't like he's getting old but I -- was -- -- dog has died and so you and you try to hold on -- I still got it now and here's a game that I don't have to have been as well as it would to play even semi pro football may -- some doctors -- I -- -- holding your free is being. Since you don't have it. -- glorious day trying. -- frisbee yeah growth tying sorry always notices the difference between men and women here is watch in the check this out. Now a lot of people watch this and I know that they just started their season runs of surgery seventeenth they think -- on Sundays dot nod Downton Abbey -- Would you share BSE but it's very very popular -- that season three and right now. And Tommy watching him but he noticed the difference between men and women like to get into an argument as aggregate. On the show rich well why didn't -- -- -- in my opinion why didn't you ever talk him that they don't on the issues that daylight what I was saying. Because you're trying to make it fun and I don't know I was making an issue that is so that was going to set deny that they do like -- guy. Making them look bad what was it dies so watching this -- Danny it's all based in England and it's a visually it's a rich family yeah I have. And turns out that. Taylor's gone bad give to lose and a money. So again at the moment his big fancy house but it's -- -- -- in the family just scored a huge inheritance okay. And he could save the family Ford did this this house does a gigantic now slowly -- -- But he doesn't want the money because he feels he doesn't deserve it and it's a big issue and -- don't want the money. So the chick -- Marion part of that is the bridge family. This push him to take the money. Decline is so he's marrying in today's Israeli and he's got a call him you know I'll -- he has -- -- have day he's just a married and in some money yeah. And she once did did chick winds hand to use that money to save the family. Saw OK I can sell my girlfriend and her daughter a watching the show. The ball going when it -- a racist thinking of himself glove above the blood. You know he's you know he's all he needs to get over because it's an unknown let hold on man if this chick. Just once this due to money do you not see this. She doesn't love him she wants the money because they wanna keep this BS lifestyle that they can't afford. And she's just use and -- they thought that was it the worst thing I go she goes if he really loved her and love this family. He would give them the money. I'm going man I don't see that -- I look at them as a bunch of money drivers dead Jews who are just how true themselves and I said love's got nothing to do it this. I said you get -- tell me that the only way he loves series if he gives half. All his money to them to -- to this fails family to keep this lifestyle gone and that they obviously can't afford. In stressing that and there I didn't he look a -- she he -- -- lover I'm -- man how do you now see this is this a money grubbing -- And it's a bunch of money grab and isn't money it's a money grubbing family -- get a room and -- and entertainment. Because they were just going they were like put the dude down now with somebody saying there's more to the store there is but it's irrelevant to my point I think it's -- most feel don't want -- shows I don't feel like get into the nuances of the show. Actually is I'm amazed that the numbers of solace instills a most liberalism what do not watch issued by eight -- -- divisive. People got the name wrong but I get. Twitter Twitter and FaceBook everytime it's on their adult a lot to good show I like good and very historic sit back and its warnings every day -- We are partly what's. It started dead white but she thought it. QB with a laundry change. -- relate to this story honey my point is. The money. And take him out that's irrelevant I guess that's his business the -- anyway. -- what -- once the money. -- is trying to make it out of what is being bought Karen you don't care about my I am always a good story that's too flawed character so you don't know my family while he doesn't. He does he just doesn't feel -- -- he looks at this -- on. You just keep this in only money. I'm like giving you this money just to keep we're going to so you can live you need to scale back many need to cut back you need to learn to live with what it means which is always we all -- That's interesting -- -- rhapsody well they got to take you now. Because I always get people -- -- Jewelers. Joy it's well I've been forced to watch and I actually like it what's got a lot of his history that I like -- you know the war one and all that stuff you know. But the time. So it can thank -- get a shot then I can't get judged frank. I go I got to show issue you to a slap them. -- -- with his guys today -- -- point out is due to a whole bag I get to show shivered a guy is isn't it always strategic future. He shouldn't take the money I like kit I like at least that little bit of moral compass write that because if he doesn't take the money that he didn't have to worry about their handling he'd say look I can I achieved -- element -- -- my blowing through two other fortunes to maintain his house. The head guy married American chick. The -- for her money and you didn't get it how it's going right until he blew it tiger Woods Hole I wanted to break doesn't want -- opera -- -- -- -- -- all the money around. And then they're -- hope more -- I support a -- that is. He's walking around a tuxedo -- they drink and -- for any related jobs. I like that again doesn't intend this to BT VS UBS -- soap opera though Massachusetts yes it is recipes and so that is true that is. And it's Ed I know these -- it did but by comparison to other things has pulled big numbers no but it's more popular than I think people know via. For real did you up when you're smoking jacket. Ask god and slams I am nice guys in my life -- there and fellow citizens enjoy drew up again about this and I -- every night. Everything they have late this ritual they have like cocktails. Which is champagne -- Baghdad yeah and they got this elaborate dinner but they're all dressed up like it's -- it is a New Year's Eve been. That's like and it's a Tuesday. His headache till the end of the -- got to go any other on the guy's gonna sit and smoke cigars and very low ready to like 4 o'clock in the morning and I've gone to this is so be it for -- -- idiots. This can't -- Louis the fourteenth whiskey every nine -- went a little money -- and -- -- not very good service that house we have in the world is -- there's eighty servants analysis you know met these people don't do a guy they don't even dress themselves and -- is -- -- -- -- -- like you're a man again and -- a good guy. And buttoning your stuff where I guess it's clear. That is the. Ultimate in lazy thing I really uncomfortable a good idea. I will take a brick phone numbers 2226000. To a breakdown down nine he hit Tommy -- -- and Twitter at Tom DeLay is that Tom or Tommy you tell me. -- Tommy room I don't Sony BD I don't know I would literally go -- is Tommy on Twitter regular guest. I'd never -- saving the you know all -- -- announced the Amazon and I -- -- -- this. But if you like to do that at Tommy -- on Twitter and about Downton Abbey. I'm happy to get this country. I think at -- but you know every once in awhile to Fletcher had a you know break down. An episode like Dario it's -- how I. I doubt this would (%expletive) me off I -- I normally don't lose our moral (%expletive) you off. As you're gonna start talking again and you're gonna take you did real well I think -- -- is given the money not it dummy. Dead writer Thomas took a toll girl's draw hasn't picked the right thing.

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