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Rochester Dragons

Feb 1, 2013|

Lee, the owner of the Rochester Dragons Ultimate Disc league calls into the break room and gives the guy the skinny on professional ultimate frisbee in town.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I was just talking to -- a professional. Disc and golfer and it's not a friend that he is probably he was a pro. Ultimate frisbee Karr denied that he says he he says he's now but he was give me the number of a guy who is on the U Rochester. Travel all of frisbee team yes you and it's gonna town via. This guy's a professional -- he's somebody pays him do well throw disc into a basket I'm not sure if I. I wouldn't say I'm saying professionals may be all speaking maybe use amateur but he does travel playing to -- golf he doesn't yes that's just assess. Apologized for true professional what -- -- little bit of luck -- and people pay to see -- do things because he's so amazing yesterday we talked about the Rochester dragons -- a franchise of the American ultimate disk -- they used to be I believe while forgetting name but they're in buffalo when they'll do their part of the old and a -- love for Israel. And they held tryouts in dates over the weekend an online. Is leave. Sham -- samurai -- Sam Roxanne Rowell yeah police Sam -- row Asians like -- morale is the owner of the Rochester dragons the league good morning. It's so tell me the lead I had no idea. I had no idea that ultimate frisbee it's. Had a Professional League and I'm finding out. And it's it's been going on since 1979. I know Rigas started but in terms -- touring the country and playing and having the best of the best. Go out and play for -- crowds I didn't realize it was his big is it is. Yeah it's really huge all I'm glad you as a person here are all Professional -- -- -- were actually one way originally changed. But this is engulf what are you doing with his frisbee. Third -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it's like our combination although football soccer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you -- -- already in front camera operators and you've tackle. Well this month contract although we do have some contact while. Guys jumping up to grab a frisbee you know bright -- credit and from the disease from the pictures I see loosely so these guys get some there. Subjected to talk to -- about the professional aspect of this did you play. Or aren't all the -- you didn't nor did not okay so you won't what did you it's a huge vested in this sport. Yeah I'm I'm a big sports fan and I saw the opportunity. To. All the invest. How are you gonna get your money back against my point who's paying to watch this. Well we're not a -- five million people in this sport in North America right now and I've seen -- who's paying to watch it. Is already investments gonna come back right with ticket sales. While we right now we get mostly -- ball. Hands but you know what kind of reach. Everybody out there at all. -- I think it's a role playing game how many people do you draw any game here in town they've never even Rochus or whoever you play. Well we have one thing we're sure we ought to roll we truly can hurt people so 18100 people that had no connection. To family and friends on the field just paid to watch this. There ineligible oil dry ever did to Philadelphia yeah. It was it was courtesy of -- worst here don't. So we okay. Yet your best at your best inside a major metropolitan area. You don't even -- two dozen people on just wonder how you make any every he had to be spent an out of pocket to play. Well we know he has sponsors and all of drama series we were brought this again next Thursday's. I'm always took this crap is where we are probably -- program the -- all -- -- -- women out there. Back when I was coming up and leave -- go -- little I was in a -- -- did you from what was your connection to the buffalo team none nothing. We were OK okay see you -- biggest moves in those older who -- why did you move to Rochester. Because Rochester has so much broader all. -- so all. -- find that out how do you find out that there's a better broader ultimate base. Right he also while jealously from -- buffalo upset the move to deem my plan Art Modell pulled a move. Today I really -- the middle of the night it was like moving vans and stuff effect except at. Actually principal opponent in the screen in buffalo and Rochester -- now being welcomed middle cramps. So Lee how much is it team so if I wanted to buy team in the ultimate for is really how much. You're pretty sure it's going to be all of 40000 -- a minute wait a minute when and how could somebody put 20000 dollars up when you're not gonna make 20000 when exactly did you pay Tony -- I thought it was 2500. No I don't think it be brought -- I don't become publisher I would hate a couple of dollars for the team regions of. 1003 years ago now they're growing and they're saying they believe it'll be worth 101000. So I don't see where you get 101000 dollar ring you're not drawing any money the only -- -- so -- -- play here how many tickets you had to sell to make -- work. Sure we get every street. 300 people a game to break even. Just break even via okay 300. Non. Just people wanna watch says I mean it to me it's James asinine how much are tickets. A amoled sure we told you thirty dollars richer -- -- and how much how many -- the only game in Minnesota going -- how much. Earlier political talks -- and endurance challenges. How many games this season. -- Underwrote CSI Miami Jesus did to the players at the pay out of pocket for the road games. Well -- gave her all of us just how do you favor probably going to be a rich guy. Well not really we're just. Police camera -- owner of the -- drag you Asian men's B team. -- so how do -- simmer sorry side well. Agencies lately I think this is a needle for the love that begins to mean well think you're never gonna make any money you're just having fun was hit by here. Toward the money is because I know it sounds funny as he's saying this but I'm thinking about this -- my father in law was on the was the president of new York state west youth soccer program and one time a one up by Niagara. And I know there weren't selling tickets in but I was a mid east they're probably word. God. 101000 people premiere at this one but I mean parents kids all all people invested in -- similar charging. But the sponsorships from Snickers. And indeed it's. All these all these you want to always Oscar because -- bring in yeah I think the these OK let's go to school let's let's go to any or all of your travel -- let's go let's go to. And I I hear you go let's go to pond hockey -- -- hockey yet go see the embarks -- sue -- let's go to pond hockey can now -- go out to many months. Red Bull sponsored by Red Bull. So now we ought to take admit there is some opportunity out there are this worst I was I'm not -- only work towards it and I want to say is that I will put my -- the winner real live in my mouth and this guy makes what as a -- I can see were there's some money in terms of the you know bread bowl Snickers -- -- already suffers because you've got -- do you got to reach you know just about everybody and this lead. Is a sport that I don't have to be a leads. No kidding right order frisbee I mean I got to be probably in decent shape bro you think you -- be easy to play in his Gloria I with the guys they see -- -- -- show here and I. There's going to be some big greedy how many fat guys on the -- -- effect. We thought we had a you have to ensure they do actually playing that well. Well all field tonight but Kevin guys he -- a potential game where you have a lot of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we wanted to sponsor how much would you charges perpetuated the teacher. We're actually in love and I I really cliche I don't handle that might marketer does. Would you be able owner commodity should know yeah marketer for his dad did and hey yeah this after what you. Honestly I don't. I Ingraham well okay why that if I just want you to suck my because there's no way -- between 101000 -- -- -- they have. That's three or people you would tend -- from. You have to -- -- earlier yesterday I I worry you plane this year where Edwards against. World order to vote right now where you all. Okay always nice stadium they -- get a high school -- -- good immunity here and I don't -- east as they get a nice stadium there it is nice stadium. If this it's like Fisher the Grover Washington hundreds of community knowing you senator buildings he'll put his right down my Atlantic I don't Atlantic and yet America. I girl I believe I. Say almost since it was the place and emboldens the ghetto I ever. So -- believe we want to figure out a way that we can kind of be -- only because while I cannot see game action but they -- destroy our clock down my 101000 dollars for a patch on the T shirts for frisbee league. -- is the owner of the Rochester dragons ultimate frisbee team still holding more tryouts are all the positions filled. -- The world we have one more what we had a few guys that couldn't make it because there. I heard he had like fifty to sixty guys this past week and Syria that's a lot to the lot more than I thought there is going to be topic if it's a lot more I don't know. Not an Angel how many guys make the team. We will carry up to 28. -- Tony hey howdy guys travel would give a big team buzzard -- -- plain error caravan we're. We actually had a spot Rivera worked all. Eyes were no American first to put total. All dressed in your -- that we will drive spirited for nothing for advertising well pretty good spirits are huge break into. Besides I still yeah -- -- where's where's your far this game. We share our hardest game will probably be PC. Accounts on its joins -- salaries. Yeah yeah yeah well there's two division so we have record in Madison Wisconsin that's weird that's a high week. Yeah we -- Chicago. Detroit or you'll you'll play those leagues no we won't play well it could LP in New York maturity -- and win the championship game you guys make it to his Super Bowl. Oh last year and it is Richard Gaylord and sort all. All finally it's pretty it's over and still didn't use it don't -- how many people came to that. I mean not -- -- all. I didn't having to do it that I -- While I would say maybe I -- probably. Ozzie -- 500 people -- -- your ultimate championship. Saying you're gonna recoup 20000 dollars on your investment unit charged 101000 dollars for bench -- can you. I know I just -- I just it's a math in my head. I don't I got to do with marketing channel I knew you -- not be -- -- -- -- Wolf we have a little bit older Russians really to -- worse yet Buddhist or name out there. The -- -- of Cisco. -- are we are to try to. Boca ciscos the bigger computer company up the -- time. -- anywhere he owns Saturday. Is an investment yeah -- -- -- did very very involved he might placate does he play I mean this is a guy gets a hobby. But I don't -- supply chart. I -- are now he is the owner of the righteous dragons he says that the owner of the trauma team does not play. What is this league when does this season start. Can breathe a little older older person I am I did he had these high school. Me to do that although people may require first or rural weather concerns subject. Whether concerned laying on the road this -- league camp playing god -- weather while might be Sonoma where you know the group. That's his that's his thing he won't do -- why I wanna see ya wanna see the -- what is the mud bowl I wanted to see noticing the ice bowl -- we're gonna come out we're -- we are calls hello I know you think we're not -- gonna support and see you know what kind of interest comes out of this. He's okay. Ended their beliefs. You you know luckily you always a lot of you guys are. I believe it I don't believe it started as soon as I'm all of the interest the seed leak. Thank you for staying in the pocket and talking to us the owner of the Rochester dragons ultimate frisbee team. I'm just a simple among homosexual acts. -- -- Well let's talk to -- I want to find out the marketing clearance it is a resounding not getting guy I think I think I know what is and isn't his number digital markets -- vice president of marketing for. These guys yelling stuff -- -- roster front office and I listen to -- for everybody in this world yes there is we will take a break phone numbers 2226000. Or you can text is cool and and I didn't hide restorative zero before the break room is a 96 live WGC --

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