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Poo Loans and Poo Cruises

Feb 20, 2013|

After discussing the situation of the Carnival Cruise, The Break Room talks to Nicole, a woman whose boyfriend took out a bank loan so she was able to quit her job

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's right money always comes out of food clothes. It never fails just in time for our Valentine's Day you know I can get on a cruise and take duo. I'll have guys on how horrible was this situation. They said this stuff was like in the hallways like the bid this sewage right -- is talking about the but they're more crews are horrible -- and his name this ship the triumphs. And anybody I know its -- to triumph has never happened to them. -- 4000 people walking in sewage and investors -- right now. It's stinky. That's. -- -- -- around it but I do. Okay. Okay. Grab a okay. -- inch mid city then it's. I don't match. And so. And the other -- singer Merrill and American have to take it does it takes Boudreau left for the c'mon that's a probe whether the UA -- of the blue eyebrow also Netflix -- back. Until I was not gonna play that today they said they did indeed play that pizza where I said I knew the moment to -- bullets can work phone holds the security of out. That is it causing dynamic in -- Korea and since it was there it just seems to have involved sure just go to Google can't go wrong with the -- 4000 people stuck in the gulf from now on how high is not a poet to. An Alabama it's gonna take jammies and towed by Tug -- Alabama. There's sewage running in the halls. And they won't reach port until tomorrow how -- is that. You gotta be in a stinky boat and then the worst part is you get a walk off and in Alabama somebody listening to his gotten to know someone on that -- -- thank. I wanna see the FaceBook pictures I want is hot it's going to be out there or not the non Asia yeah. That's. To -- it's hard to master knock. Pass who sometimes it just comes down to two. Captain blueprint. Her boyfriend of winter 101000 -- got a 101000 dollar -- we learned this yesterday we have a great package for you for Valentine's Day courtesy of her friends over the spot the -- money it's called the thermal. -- package. It's the thermal mineral current package from the spot don't money it's a -- talked to find more mud -- fall by a mineral infused Hydro bath. And they re bouncing massaged. Valued at over 200 dollars yesterday we're claim -- people vying to get this at 7192658. Leave those voice -- And we got one from a woman named Nicole and it went a little something like this. My name is no calls to the regions that my boyfriend and I -- little like the stock packages because. It costs money I had to quit I cannot. Or -- variety unrepentant. And also other stories but he has -- -- does support it certainly and doing -- -- he's taking out alone at 101000 dollars. A way it sure Michele and I can find a huge. So I just spent coach touched it looked like -- actually goes to work every day. To come home I'm still here didn't do that applies to god help me up I think I'm. Managers to if -- all of his younger ones couldn't believe that you don't spend unmet need. You get the get -- this get this guy is and how Nicole's on the line I I find her interesting it's an interesting thing to me. Nicole no way you started this is you had to quit your job for a variety of reasons. I would like you to give me the overriding there's always that -- the proverbial. Straw that broke the camel's back and what was that with fewer jobs -- major -- -- -- tragic what are their fire fighter and couldn't happen here yeah how does that tell you gig. And then I see I -- One of you who that I like that quote to me more fun out there and that he wouldn't go. I don't know if you wish I didn't knocking is bad. Don't salute really. Liked our -- out nobody -- -- and even that isn't -- your job. And re elect they condemning anti. Animal. I'm black and let me I essentially before I -- it. And so that we had so much work to do that I couldn't go to -- the I've talked about everything that happened them -- -- therefore let that I would not out there. It was quite should unquote war until meeting and talking the day after like OK that I wanted to finish it could go to our. All right Nicole really stop either -- at night I even going to be you're gonna hate me. You're gonna really -- but I may get up and hug you so it's a push -- what is your relation with the with the guy who was shot. There -- about I don't know my period about. And that -- -- -- She was a best friend two years ago can I ask some personal questions. Did you ever sleep with a OK so it was but he was a boyfriend ex boyfriend. Well okay all right so they did it -- or did you relate. French and age it's Jerry and I only -- tonight I've never produces. I'm just saying -- -- -- trying to give people example tonight I didn't have that myself and it OK so. You actually lost that a work but it lightly and I can stand -- good -- when did you lose it worked it was Christmas -- this went down an eye on. Rosie do you. The price of doing business on Christmas even didn't just like you really what did you do it was a job. 01 -- position so. During the -- trying to -- well different but we're. Finance -- the finance even on the Christmas -- seems like to be an oft kinda get a are your. And I have to I gotta say this though there is a little bit of like how come home it is when I worry that your attach yourself to a tragedy but I understand it's a close friend of yours and who shot and that's what he did -- I -- I just really wanted to know where are you shocked if this guy is directly with the guys and I don't know. -- really not a lot of -- and on it. Yeah I just. OK see you quit so added that -- that frustrate him. I can't rule actually feel like I believe she actually had no idea I want to -- call. I want you are not the only guy. It is -- -- company. That additional until the company I. Put their value. I thought here's a thing when you start going above somebody's head. And there you -- -- -- and they're gonna get -- they have periods -- right here is for our reserve a reason they did. Where exactly I'm -- how do it again because. We've talked about how we're gonna be another situation because he was just the bridge but I. And we knew going into -- in regard to me it happened quick wickets at. Let me ask you this though Nicole. Did why did you feel like you had to be at the hospital that day. I think he wanted you there the guy that and then. It would mean streak are eclectic possibly Eric I need to do. I I just wanted to do. Now different I would be afraid that I beginning in the way it's easier to expand a lot of people at bat but I know I MI -- But -- -- our minds are -- it's way beyond me. I'm quite what it looked like what about -- I really -- and I do they believe that not gonna go bailout so it. But I made that decision that we I don't know it when it came into the and particularly like that. He's got no money and no. Pain in your boyfriend has taken on debt. So -- are. A little CIA. -- -- I don't know many people agree with me or not I I have to say this only has. Here here I I find it inappropriate. For you to go to the hospital. I think that -- -- under our I'm sure there were in the column sure there is -- and make a difference what it means. The right and I don't know eyes as an -- who's not as active in the life. I find it almost. I feel like you're let me just say this and you can you can correct me wrong -- have a discussion and I'm not trying to be a deck them -- the deck. I feel like you're attaching yourself to a tragedy I can understand being affected by the wanting to know the answer I think she looks kind of screwed up feeling like you need to be there to me seems only like yours to overstepping boundaries to me -- You can sit there being someone who grew up and it really proud -- -- well. You watched him about it. Everything subject of fighters in the year ended and actually -- you get out overtly. -- -- Hope that protect it meant you aren't really. He's had a lot of energy to carrier black and yes absolutely. All of that stuff but I mean it does he look this this guy who you -- her boyfriend one point and became a best friend does he have a new woman in his life. How would she feel if you watched him. Understanding that he had and you know what I'm like yeah I -- Since since then since the accident right so -- and I don't want -- we -- threatened okay I'm still called -- listening on next exits after a trap to an absolute tragedy. And then -- a little. Just really -- and actually I opened fire and try to outrun designer did you know it's awful thing what I saw everybody there -- -- there -- OK I didn't. I think he's gonna feel war is your friend. No and you've got fired over his situation. No it well again I would feel odd that he feels terrible the U -- should get over. Your -- at my trial. Behind the US are upset by again I think he would have rather you stayed a working manager job. But I wouldn't. -- -- -- -- -- you just didn't say I need to go home I mean. Hello first at war are the -- your -- for four hours on surprise somebody just say. Already donating them all I understand hey this is that there is a tragedy that shook a community current. That made national headlines. You know put a rational person that had a connection to this wouldn't be upset I would -- and they are free to Boston until you leave is that but I think that's why -- -- stick -- there isn't this thing this year's giants like that in the Webster fire department to contend and I am the nominee now that had to work that day yes the fires -- -- didn't just stop no. Guys had a -- even -- lose a tragedy unfortunately. Somebody still had the -- have been due to fireman's you're hearing Nicole Nicole was flying to get art of the thermal -- packaged general -- an expert -- the Del Monte wanted to give this your boyfriend right. -- I don't know -- you're gonna win but I found your story interesting and I appreciate you talking to us and it's a terrible idea for -- to -- -- that now he's got a 101000 dollar loan because you were you quit your job and you quit her job because. You've got so emotionally upset over the of The -- web. Tragically her boyfriend and around Baghdad and let you go home that you call the above the boss to bitch about the boss interact. I'll I had actively couldn't repair it I definitely do not like the most out there wasn't you don't really -- much so. I would original -- but without a road and I felt thrilled. -- -- and I don't gigs. Why are you to see you -- alone because you need money to quit you were to see you had your. And we -- preparing her to Chicago. The only question I don't have it out yet one -- let's -- that much power -- -- it -- and Romero. And don't you know. I have got you moved to Chicago that. The election not you played here and they're finding I'm technically qualified you know that's really not -- brand -- and it's very direct and act and it. Can anybody do so much army and he has and the -- everybody. I think there. Easily the would you -- Hillary down ten -- use there that are the casino. You know and call yesterday after just a total -- gonna have a magic -- do that -- she's a total -- the Brothers reviews news boyfriends the Lam earned him an arrangement didn't just have to -- -- you take we you listen to of people -- Well there's there's some listeners who wanted to say some. Are. Let's -- let's start with John and ironically John what did you want -- cynical. I understand I mean you're -- idiot if you. Get fired shall let them argue that you can collect unemployment you want to quit and then you. That. But there's pride right -- mean there was a tried. Let them my -- and I are both professional -- -- they would I want. My career especially when until I got -- you professionally to let you quit. -- actually thought that through to his point you got them out. I can update that situation that is out there and -- a -- about insured directly on. The way the prospect -- We're right there but there are. All right so that you did this intelligently not that I wouldn't have thought that -- -- -- look at. I'll Lisa in Rochester what -- you wanna say Nicole crewman 965 WC MS. You know you can't go much about the air. Why don't we get the packaged and then hit the fact that they could only experience to be -- equipment that. Nine true I wasn't getting into the called. But that that's true there was somebody else I really felt like deserved it who I called in Lisa. But your right thanks guys call that that's a great one and now feel terrible -- we don't do it but. But -- there's another person who lose. Weis has had out of my wife's mother had a stroke she's care for the mother and husband even cares and that was like leading in my mind. I yeah I really hope you got it out. Not our. To handle article all right I think the -- can you handle that kind of stuff. I think that I think they're ready. And you yes -- that situation you're being that he -- -- carry out here early on when I didn't pretty. He then -- if you're like the idea here because it is that out but we do you. You. I'm sorry harassing -- with the fund song when you -- that our. It just he just just something about this hoping that makes you very uncomfortable. With -- -- situation you know -- -- -- about straight current but he did it act. I think the way you quit your job and all that stuff obviously there was a lot of thought the one into that he consulted other people do you did what you thought was the best. I guess my part it's that I don't like is. Kids and different Angie well it's not that -- environment. Of I just didn't do that Webster fire tragedy thing makes me very uncomfortable like a very uncomfortable with the whole situation. I don't know why I always get uncomfortable when I hear when I see people. Start to gravitate toward a tragedy someone's dying of cancer they haven't seen this person in five years almost in the bedside every day. It makes me very uncomfortable and I don't know I just does does it just doesn't seem natural or real or honest to me. And that's kind of the way I see this. It's fair to me it's not -- me to say that. I don't agree you are like the last caller predicted that pitch to go yet I don't not physically he can -- They didn't say how this lady anyway. Well I. Mean. That's really Connecticut there's not -- -- don't get. I think I want my boyfriend does -- -- -- -- -- the Taliban and they they didn't. Because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what are you doing right now for your boyfriend who pulled this great move for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- any -- anticipate what it is that a lot and I try. -- -- we have moved sell me a movie you did recently that -- boy I can. So you know. I say you know. I'll just say that she's setting up thank you all the youth -- and -- -- move to set yet you are on some Arab. All business Tommy Nikolai is an old Leo. I would pay ten -- to do an earlier version. Lets you give it up. Trying to get to get a -- to -- They call. You obviously listen and if you -- we're Tommy was to be yeah all right why fight it in I found the whole story into a great story and now I am sorry that your that happened to. I'm it to bits -- bad. Thing and I can. Other -- say he still stayed in contact with -- is involved in this. And that you're upset that would (%expletive) me but the but the part of feel like I'm I deserve an answer. And I didn't get that we know she's realized that that bothers me she's just like so uncomfortable I'm -- article just does it just makes. You can't change people like that you can't powder on the -- have to liquid when they need to be a mountain. Do you need to but that's after they can -- this would be utilized. A -- the iron into account yet you can't. And is there a crowd fired that she wants super ball -- -- -- It is short breakaway create an article it out and -- -- I she'd be at greater then there. One of the thermal mineral our package. They'll make you feel better well. I'll I'll say this I think that there's an awful lot of things going to them -- I think that we can probably find something I would if we do I am not gonna make a big deal about it because I -- I -- I I I don't know about you but I get bothered. When I see bars and things doing stuff for the west Webster fire departments because I I feel like it's not been. Solana what do you say it is now. That's it really I sit at the you know we just got the Billy cares bracelets and the golf everybody to hear -- Vegas like. -- -- -- bar is still charge it is making money off people coming -- to drink at their staff was -- even though the -- going to the -- what's -- fire department I feel like somebody is making money off the tragedy and that -- doesn't sit well with -- -- check -- -- -- I mean -- -- certain people that would. You know couldn't. Feel differently against. It made it I want it and yeah it's probably. I'm document via an accurate crap on anybody's thing that people for the most -- -- heart's in the right place and then your assurance that anymore actually say that that. Nicole is given of everything's she's doing every she did dissipating notably for what you think he wants today if your reading of what else what does he -- today. You once. I think you're -- it right. Black and -- can get a massage NASCAR -- See it out there are green and the doctor Gary -- and that's -- I got -- -- -- -- and -- Here earlier start work it's awesome. And we're already in the masters -- Good for you not very nicely call thank you for talking to us thank you are they really go into real thank you and I. We will go through listen to some new calls and announce the winner of this perfect in my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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