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State of the Union: JD Vs. Ramsey

Feb 20, 2013|

Battle-of-the-Interns: JD and Ramsey fight for the best summary of Obama's State of the Union address and the Rubio's Republican Response.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Up last night was the State of the Union Address before we get to Ramsey and JD breaking it down the east of 96 seconds to tell -- -- broke it down. I don't know if you caught the Republican response from Florida senator Marco Marco Rubio -- -- him finally reaching for a bottle water like he was holding a gun on somebody. -- false choices like a while president laid out tonight. Thought the Schwartz isn't just between big government or big business please can never can stop looking at the camera -- but he was -- in Somalia. And so -- he was going through the walk. It's a whose goal or less like NN news makers had a ball that and that's it was. Definitely worse than Obama so come on how that was -- -- in good yeah real natural water. All I definitely appeared senator rubio was a bit nervous at times them. Getting dry mouth finally taking a drink of water. And after a quick water break reminding voters feel he is not a multimillionaire. He delivered in both Spanish and English and that was to -- was impressive. So I -- so everybody could not enjoy the. Not before we get to -- it will give a quick recap. For people who may have not stayed up that didn't I don't think it started to almost mind their idea -- that I'm very renteria walks animated yeah prison I was gonna shake hands they are everybody. He's going on the Ellen show so time will give you a quick overview. And then well usually start with JB Ramsey -- is on the phone he's ready to go by I think -- shooter JD goes -- it is what they'll do is -- copy and paste. Okay civil popular legend in your first here's a quick our overview of last night's Tri-State of the union address from President Obama this. This Thursday. The president of the United States. My administration will release a new nuclear weapons. -- say hundreds of billions of dollars. By getting rid of dazzling invective because doesn't lane is on in two years old. What makes you mad as -- ability conceive a child it's boosting teen pregnancies but this can happen. Today our scientists are devising new materials to make damaged organs. In manufacturing will help entrepreneurs and small business owners and expand. And create new jobs. Most states. To make high quality drugs available to every single child in America. We'll continue to take the direct action against our wives -- mothers. Our daughters thank you god bless and god bless you. I had it's a little bit of -- -- thanks -- -- JD. OK did you watch we. I. For you know start o'clock we have a clocked -- 96 seconds to -- it takes a little bit composite down and is in an -- that would run on drowned in the -- Saw once the clock starts you have 96 seconds to review the State of the Union Address. You were young. -- the crowd that there are quite common they're announcing the actual city you don't seem like it was stronger. -- yes so -- and you try to get the point that we should. Stop focusing had a problem between the parties and focus sudden problem the people relations have. And then give an entire speech -- other party basically it's intimate. That didn't really have too much to a national interest he god had a couple of good ideas and a lot of them. But all I'd rather get near the pre keep -- arms to could have manufacturing. And America. Yacht -- thought that we should our focus more on the increase in science and technology and have bailout. Faster and more -- you prioritize. Or education that sort more technology based. And structure so we can and I. And he would let the world are you sought to get off script for oil what you said that we lord -- -- but we've been doing that quite a bit. All of the other thought I could have was here are really pushed the idea that underlies. Our public. School what would help education course that would oppose -- -- still. We would brinkmanship. Which -- to urge you to love Oprah why are they also started up legit they quote the post article. What I. A guy he also wrong and why do. There. You are they low wage here anymore well. Yeah. Say -- -- -- you know me need a million. He's done -- time they were in my opinion for who we originally we need to Leslie L Ramsey -- and analyze. I did think it was terrible. I didn't think Israel I will always. OYPD hang up I don't know because he knows he's an artist as is reasonable on highway while ago. Well I wanna go isn't Ramsey thigh ribs a year ago 96 seconds on the clock. Reviewing the State of the Union Address that went down last night. I'm sleeping Obama to be good job I think he's -- -- do addicting as president I like having him around I really do. The three main focus is he had where how to bring jobs to America how to train the people and how to make hard working people -- the most they can for their work. Thought it was a great speech -- and that's what this country's made about. Hard work will make you more money though world class thinks that the more you think the more money you're gonna make but honestly. They're not really -- -- fingers lately there's money hard workers he wants to bring -- to -- natural. Renews you've been to reusable. Energy source to America to spur those jobs the thirty printing presses circle idea but honestly there's only like four factories in existence -- how much you can really do with it. And then like the federalized preschool I think that's an awesome idea too I mean it said that it reduces teen pregnancy reduces violence. And I -- I thought it was really weird how we added in the idea of what it takes to be a man not to conceive a child but to raise that child. Who brings that up and -- -- state the union address -- it's totally true that's what these kids need to here today. They need to you know be inspired by people and on -- in the clear winner and incredibly inspirational speech I loved it. And they're Republican responses bowl level like tech act values that I. Is it highlights it. Interest -- -- the current political and a plane there prison now Bristol and the like get Palestine just last sentence and the kid male then they kick it -- -- to -- play through an email that. It is she did your job now he did a better job because he actually was telling you what you watch and what he interpreted from it yes. Your boy it was a reasonable JD yeah I was we'll -- bullet points are for some website you can almost hear -- You know can I say why didn't like the Republican response yes. I don't like because the whole time rubio wasn't talking about the Republicans are and think he was going through Obama's speech making bullet points about everything you disagreed with the. Well there's -- worried that there's a there's a slogan that now he. He always -- did it feel totally Jay Peterson on TV anchor good yeah. Tommy says that you're re an awful blog and that Ramsey actually -- Reggie did have some good stuff in there. It doesn't deserve to get nobody I thought he he got a surmised it a little bit better actually pulled from his own personal best yes. I I have ballpark early sanitation more strip and in some particular -- do. Great job -- does circuit -- child I think it's a lot of effect there like. If you do -- -- -- step is an hour protest let I don't know I don't a rule and I much rather you want to encourage other right you had diet. I agree and have said that I think one of the biggest cancers on our society. Is -- dads to don't stick around did you there's a cancer and I really do I think it's a terrible thing and I love the idea of a federalized. Preschool because you -- had that going. None of the federal all of them well this would be one that subsidized. Like -- why don't like -- public school OK but I don't think we have every so you gotta pay for -- yes yes like a guy that they preschool is a part of public it's basically dead but it does a baby sitter. Well but if you're right but it -- exactly however you're getting kids in early finishing early intervention is a big thing when and you know if we talk about autism get autistic kids. While there -- to mention just in General -- scientists teaching go to school and -- -- like -- -- get to enjoy it look forward to -- -- -- they'll stick with it there's a better -- our primary drops we get better education more kids graduate yeah. That's all. Meant a true statement let me go to one thing though that JT did point out. Presents the fact that that the minimum wage who have pushed the nine bucks yes there's so that would be a dollar 75 I think more is -- seven to 45 now we're 76 and well OK so a dollar 75 rookies and exactly and -- That's what I wanted to know that's I thought with these guys in particular. I do wonder if that will start to do hurt when you see less if if you're an employer Tommy and would you be more in a presence. -- could be hired a full time. Wow I below wall nobody begun hiring full time or would you rather have a salaried employee. Or an extra few hours disease on salary than pay somebody. An extra dollar we usually. Now jobs are menial jobs right so let's say -- it works at a Pizza Hut and make him pieces -- companies make -- 725 an hour now you wanna bump it to nine dollars. The base from might Domino's and pizza I didn't Papa John's gonna be well it's gonna raise the price of pizza yes it is a balk at this and lots of pizza. Right it's a come from. Well guys value logos and the cause the that -- saying they would wegmans so voice was as absorb all those part time employees up to nine by an -- them. You're gonna pay a little bit more right you gotta say do you wanna pay a little bit more free yogurt to make sure at least somebody has a livable wage I would say yes. -- so the -- goes up a dime and half my stone but is it is that nickel -- dime on my -- gonna knock me out from buying you're probably not but it raises everybody -- a little bit yeah come forward and -- it to kind of seems to level out well a little I mean his whole thing was really a strong middle class is the foundation of -- strong economy. Now that what's kind of -- you to show that's all that all that does is help the working poor. A little bit right. Nice us unless NASA dude black dude get off the bus in Webster. And I was at a satellites -- get to watch -- was don't have gone well. But is of the -- white neighborhood and he's getting on the bus in more clothes and he was gonna work at TC hooligans broken legs a -- and -- -- -- joins -- -- gonna work and no where close on. And also look at that do that dude has to take the bus from god knows where the city. All the way out to Webster to go work in the kitchen at TC hooligans let spending get on the bus. And all the way home a night that's a hard life that's a fun thing. And then do probably deserves another book 75. So my bureau goes up a nickel one -- care yeah that's what I say no I everybody know this they won't hire they let me taste some. There this is only one reason they don't hire people that they don't have customers that's it. -- the series in all the Costco of the customers to subpoena -- so it's a nickel on a beer you're gonna pay for -- So what. Do you stuff I mean you know -- -- can stop and move it's a little bit. You know I think is sort of a bigger problem DD -- credit cards. Well I don't want you want. No. JD give credit cards now I have one. That the that the Ramsey credit cards now debit debit -- the OK so -- cash that right yeah tournaments here OK okay you go because I do think like a big problem. Mean when it comes to money and stuff in this country is we don't know how to budget we're spoiled and we don't know we don't understand monitors we've had access to credit them and there's no discipline. -- you live at home do you have to Iran. -- I'll be ideal but I help out as much as I can no one end but I mean what does help I'll -- I I get rides and a half -- gas groceries what do you crises siblings my my dad's -- car broke down a -- a -- in the morning okay. But yes a lot of porno -- Do it any job is among a variety mixing in Vegas -- bang everything it has been. Let me tell us are out there and it's gonna -- Tommy go crazy for us and it's really piqued my interest or a lot Burke who teach your kids to budget probably shouldn't. So Toni Braxton you know she is the singer and she's doing. She gets your kids an allowance for their chores aren't eleven year old kid gets fifteen dollars a week and protect all. Nine year old kid gets ten dollars per week. And she charges them. -- -- Blades only got to pay it back to our utilities and cable program so some of the budget to talk about three dollars per week from their allowance. For ran the rent and utilities. And they get upset about it but she says she's trainer kids for the real world and I want to hurt his right disarray well all right that's all. That -- -- and I asked these guys because both of them are minimum wage doesn't understand money that's. My point yep that's my point and I went -- a little bit of that house news. I'm I and try to justify the taking charge you can for Chinese to women. This is we're going because I wanted to justify because you always made fun I looked there's nothing I'm gonna do in parity that you're not gonna make fun of little girls and this is done -- -- -- -- -- -- every -- as his advisory mineral I. But -- would you be upset -- when I lived at home I had to pay 200 dollars a -- -- practically nothing right now but I paid 200 dollars a month to my -- to live there. -- -- -- -- Sadly real work and school. And they know our school let's take a terrible and it was not in school and then I was working. Your mailman. City -- to stay here yeah it was I mean and a tie in 197. The seventh. You anyone in charge his stand downs. Did you guess how much you wanted Georgia were charging rent to stay there a month on a much -- I'm missing 250 -- 600 all. 00. I had to close a joke yet because you -- me out right he was he no I didn't have it right then was to get out via you're out of here and nobody had enough to live. -- yeah I had a job right I had a steady regular job you know a good job. So JDD figure who would do you think your parents have they done this. And they charge you ran as a kid and I know that sounds funny to everybody. But in awaited -- is studying animals and you learn to manage money do you think you'd be better today would you be -- you know struggling to -- there's usually can't get here this seller about a. -- we let them. The ultimate boast more structure that still like our budget and well why did. You don't have gas in your car. You didn't budget but you cannot do that I would be smarter money if Brett had started what. You know an academic five -- a lot of -- as -- -- a city -- and so. -- you realize you're on the radio again -- every -- around us now for how long are -- -- yet of what did you not swear well on our night. That's not a bad job but the -- do better jobs are on the breakdown on. -- -- There you Stevie thank you Ramsey -- you are the better -- preview -- overall review both of you do you usually credited only giving you the Republican response was yes breast yes. Don't watch -- whole thing it will take a break for numbers 2226000. You can text in at 99404.

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