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Energy Drinks and Escaping America's Stress, Part 3

Feb 20, 2013|

The Break room discusses Rochester's recent major drug bust (450 lbs of pot!), and Legalization, as well as Jamie the Catholic talking about blaspheme and the Pope resigning

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All that stressed maybe you feel like you're already started out stressed out and you get an -- you need an energy drink to -- burning up lawless not us. On an island and I would say in that deal with all this stuff or when we need some tended to relax people at a relaxed you're saying they do one -- Guess what sort of people one off the grid spotted in Toronto there's probably no interest and electromagnetic in gas operators running an -- I gotta have comforts. Right well that I should look people are smoking weed it down there. And -- was -- legalize it is two guys in Western New York one of them happened to be from Rochester bluster with 450. Pounds. The marijuana. Larry's on the line Larry says we need to legalize weed now. -- -- brought monitored government spent about biting Merrill are too much. Victory -- do what I mean think about elect has been the natural process -- -- from the crowd at. As far left side effects and respect conduct at our government allowed back it'll prove. I hope that you so why -- it away a -- awestruck. Important airline and the prospect. Seen forward it would saw a lot of problems the right thing. This is my argument about buying in seventeen year olds. Sort of total organic c'mon. -- made up its gonna be good. Be better and that put together some synthetic population and complex. Larry LA unloading on a weed stuff home with the I think that. IV -- it'll definitely happen it's like even now and a Gallup poll. It was really close and again like 48% of Americans said they were for the legalization of marijuana causes an -- -- and I go. And and I think it was 48 -- so there's like 2% that I don't -- what they say I don't know I don't care there and I have no idea but it's getting close in the thing is that. When you see -- guys in Western New York Boston with 450. Pounds of weed it's there's always struck dope that's a big. Big order to write an obvious after demand that are not so people are -- and then you're working with somebody who's who may have a very high level job today. -- -- -- On the week at war in the evening or whatever. I think her -- days when it. Jamie DC nosy and Jamie the Jamie good morning welcome to the break her money. -- it's good morning bill -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- on his show this morning and I've been listening to it and that's our first boat and -- -- just opened it calling it remind you that the obvious problem with our society right now the lack of god. And Christ and our parents do you think that -- but I don't like 80% of the United States is Christian. Yeah but he's saying that well maybe they have identified themselves as Christian and I'm practicing right turn. And the world's I would do you think that would help you for the overall stress alive I don't -- guys this news release -- -- -- can see -- -- -- I am. I absolutely believe that I think that. Our society -- the -- hole is moving far away from god and and all this so that we're being honest or an immediate my own pace took a volatile and being punished. Because you think the Pope resigning as a punishment. Pulls out but Ed I just. I believe that you all the way to the right way is you know -- I see people on FaceBook and that's saying it's time for progression in the church. Pure morning women priests marry Kris and acceptance of gay is an -- it LL know the acceptability is. Alternative lifestyle that is why. We are being -- -- all of the rat that god when you're saying that because we turn our fate we turn from god -- in -- back on god. So god is gently tapping us on the shoulder with his round and that's why we're all stressed to -- gay rights same sex marriages women priests. That is why we're broke and stress and hooked on energy drinks and tell us -- all right is that then I just try to make that can actually got to yeah. That's that's absolutely correct we need to be disciplined -- paper and it. If a man as a devoted let god then. BP he cannot -- that would be a distraction is it is to focus under -- -- -- going to be within that Bruins do ruin everything. Well does the if it were ready you know to have bad bad bad had to do like him to distraction then nick Wallin was the -- -- let god and she must be without them. But by that I do you know burden and again never -- in addition the lets you must be subservient to the man that's why she cannot be -- -- and this. All of us to -- -- well I don't know. Are -- sure you're not sure realize that you sound a little ice does not -- sounds like Christian. Right. Did I know there well there are a lot of people would feel however there is an attack a religion and this. But -- attacking religion. I soon. It all over the place they've got like four channels on my box at home. Attacking I got -- Obama -- -- attack coming from -- a lot of respect and it always is OK there's Internet and here's what I hate about Christians as if you have an opinion via different than them in your heart attack to -- -- you can't see any thing. Against religion this is -- and religion is to get away -- murder like the Catholic Church because he made these -- when someone -- a little kid used to go to his parents to go hey man. Father of finger blessed me just touch me. That parents say are you -- a minor priests present -- yeah shut your mouth you sending. And I the united auto and continued we devote your life to god Jamie. Would you have to give up everything in India that go well I don't. Yeah I know that god is so we would sort of what what all the ends and I don't mean -- Garrity -- and I didn't need sound I think guy in the -- and Tommy don't do that. I would I would -- -- like I got a well I would not doing real I will do whatever you have -- -- I had no I have I -- I have met I had in mind my calling it could be a deacon of the church you know I've been called on to breathe and Jones. You know I've been going on I have been caught on to -- my age I am you know. Called on it to three phone yet to bring her created -- -- -- -- Larry Bird right Knuble was good when you need to create a popularly earth with right down sit down this is made up you can't be religion itself pulled in Dallas. I'm I'm being very serious and have heard you guys talking today about the troubled little but I feel the need for more energy good mood distracted we're living in this we. And these drugs to call must now because her violent society that's. That's something that god can correct a problem -- he would. -- folders like myself on the ground and help people -- got away and that's why I will witness a. I hear Chris let's cool are you are you married. So -- not very well -- such a catch do you have a girlfriend a fiancee what's your story. I don't know why not have a girlfriend of our. Bridges those who started you know bang in there are doing well. Not -- very do very little problem and my church. We go to church government -- there -- a number that you don't. Did you know Abraham Moses. We'll produce cheeks are you -- virgin. I would ride -- ever report -- and what's sad is that he hasn't had sex since he's converted to Jesus had to give us like to look but before that he was taken and in some nasty stuff. Well about five years ago I did they have excellent long at least one year -- that happened let you know it -- we pray to a concussion and amounts and now -- I have refrained from sex and the restoration and everything -- to integrate a hundred calls. Right now they're going to be about the size. Grew bureau grapefruit. And -- us. That sort of thought about the night so -- your line is be fruitful in the ability of your woman Jamie I got a song for you right here today and as I got to -- free you know since you don't you think that the Pope resigning is part of the wrath of the wrath of god as wells all the stress -- and everything we've got Sean Dave Bill -- call wanna say something about you -- We will let you hang up on this no rain here this is for you Jamie. Well John yes. Dix six teams. Lived in this -- And I know I'm John Paul Holmgren goes yeah. Never do. Okay. -- -- -- -- modern day and they influence. And then. And change June. Hey good luck. -- -- -- And news. -- and is. Great tune hi Dave what's the real distractions. Who recently to get married would be a distraction. The site that -- -- -- sort of just a. You might be right -- that she on a little form what are you wanna say. 2% to frank what's up. I was this story and -- Christian we need -- right now why did the Pope stepping down. That's a good point these these because he's old and he knows too much about that can touch and current serenade. It's it's great that he step now be before the real truth comes out and makes you wonder what does she know what does she think the real truth this need not -- these -- not see I think today might have been -- in little boys too high and donors thought damn. Good today and really send -- got an idea for a the break rooms -- 965 WC amounts.

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