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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga : 3/10

Feb 22, 2013|

The sags continues! Valentine's day stats- break ups, and couples forming. JD has a V-day interview with a woman named Sherry. TBR brainstorms songs Danny should sing, as well as who sent Tommy the bouquet. Jannet asks Dan to deliver flowers to her husband

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tom DeLay has received a boo K from an anonymous person already this morning hi Andy and expensive to get a rose this. A dozen of them I guess turned up. And we're thinking of Clinton Danny have a more for you yes you don't tempers in relation to demand today. It's weird but I could see it before is similar drops the ball and somebody gets pissed off USA today has the same the it -- high. But they say. People would wait until after Valentine's data dump somebody it's obviously today's today. You doing yeah black rose to single black crows and one card when playing -- -- days that's the death. On last Valentine's Day FaceBook found people were 49%. More likely to change their status from single tick in a relationship. And from in a relationship to single brand but there is a 10% 10% affiliate that they don't want average every day there's a 10% chance of -- probably so -- -- the bottom line on Valentine's -- -- but I think because there's so much pressure. High expectations. Like the holidays yes you know and then when it does -- -- disappointed but I could you the greatest thing is sure and what it's gonna relocated some ridiculous he set the standard to Bard to line yeah I mean I don't like. It's not a big deal. For Jenna credits but to me I feel like you kind of got to do something that's probably societal pressure is what is a chance to just do some of the -- got to take charge for second. We should go inside the kind of all woman's head when dangerous right now but. JD went out to Wal-Mart yes it did Wal-Mart was that. Any -- is 27 year old woman named Jerry. And answer some questions about Valentine's Day was to see what she says to this might have some tips and have for you fellas are now if you're down to look Danny said. He's broke any gas and were telling him he needs to write a song he's got his guitar our today talent right. Here is what -- said yeah. Ourselves and -- ever play is I was still talking to my ex boyfriend and he had told me that he wasn't out with anyone and US -- parents. And my girlfriend turned into him at dinner -- -- her own and sounds essay on them to hold a story here do you go ahead I love it wow is it. Ahead do you Jazeera. PayPal AM men doing my parents for room as parents. Who has dinner at their parents -- valid I guarantee somebody west side is late. United in an Italian family my ally. -- -- -- to your mom. The Jesus seems we're -- operative red fidelity is very you know process -- to -- and I consider and -- He asked -- what was the best Valentine's Day so far in her life. It isn't actually when I was about seventeen. Comic best friend and I went to the mall and hit out -- a story after hours and really creating a Madonna mom. We'd never has anything weird this young receivers like snow like had an Iraq closing holes yes I was in -- minds are column like did you guys. Stay up all night -- dealers and we were sad thing and going to the stores and then they rode him like marker on ourselves or each other's dean and then we hit out in. -- they named him and in the mall close we were just -- to -- -- Man active today as she did get away without a guest. Now's a good Valentine's Day you out here. Sharon ordered thank you friend and more tests after hours. What are three things mentioned do for women on Valentine's Day this is -- she's 27 Wal-Mart wisdom in the break room. Mom and just. Like seeing -- just saying like 10 AM Wednesday mom and flowers are his true Islam but -- dies so I would just say just you know a hug and a kiss early days. -- -- burns pretty simple part of Kansas City announcement Danny get a hug and a kiss and did all that. How can a guy make sure gets laid -- downsized. That's the gun -- Because these the end result for every eyes to delay meant brighten if you -- get a tape say to guys. Hey mark in the calendar exactly days you know you're gonna get laid. Oh yeah right me to go -- two months you can you know you wrote a bright earned. Probably. Balance on -- -- don't think of another one after that I guarantee you she delayed write those two -- get a -- headliners. Maybe Herbert that. Night. Yes hello this how can a man make sure he gets laid of downsizing its -- But now the -- just not being injured playing a nice dinner orders something that shows that he thought it was not her record doesn't like delegates nearly Alley near paying attention is someone and she says that hey you know I run -- -- -- this look like something that you remember that she would think a -- offensive mean he cares. Palin has said. -- pay attention is the little things so Danny from that what did you garnered this is -- last Valentine's Day because a single guy as it is you're gonna get married aren't hearing gave Stanton what what did you what did you. Julie said to you that maybe you can throw into a song or something written anything. Well it's. Why this is so fun when you. Isn't this this this is still relevant silences the spirit of old. Obama. -- you know -- about it he's a basketball lose in there with an -- regular review what your grown I say. And -- Hollywood movies. She enjoys it that's coming out this week I would say that she made me what's a Red Sox -- real box. But she she loves James Bond. So -- so the new double some sky fall came out to wait a second yeah way to send you. It's why -- show up room in a tuxedo bright -- your guitar. In a single red rose ball and saying every just unit to rewrite the -- every rose as Thornton to sing it -- mean. That's a great idea. -- -- Oppose it and are still blue -- and a only renewed. Please she loves double doubles -- socialist Olson went to new guys Vegas and did it Daschle what you like do why didn't you do like -- James Bond movie marathon. Right yeah but he is and how it is on the ground seeing blue room yeah. All. Simulate the flu like goldeneye last night you must yes yes I couldn't goldeneye. And then there was the one who came after the we're including blue. Yeah. That's not liked. The stadium wears a guitar trader -- who did anybody get hurt Dario is a burn America -- guy hates this kid -- these -- way we can rewrite the winners every rose has formally hand as he said he wanted to do that song can and that song is really about like two people -- are. And on the outs or did some work orders are. You know it was easy to look like close together but we few miles apart right you know. Was it something I said or something I did you do my words like come out right which I usually -- to -- -- -- -- no one -- -- -- there. -- I tried not to hurt you a tribe but I guess that's why -- -- rooms just sort. Luckily throwing their that would make it the tone -- -- face to what do you have any ideas. They -- when she works she works trimming trees him. With a chainsaw work at an -- there either belongs -- -- of chainsaw as a she's betrayed she George street isn't suffering does -- a unique job for a one -- how many women are doing mr. room. That is true worked and the tune yes so the positive result mother. Henry Jack. My daddy -- without words on screen liner on the year. I can very well waiting interrupt the -- it's. It's hard to any. Quite a -- are greater love. Saw -- do that and all that's not a bad idea either at a loss on that theme and return to the James Bond theme and a no fly zone yeah. Monitored as of that tune and yet the lyrics but that's a good idea though price. For him to do something with his talent -- -- -- -- that that being creative if you broke right. He creative -- he knew -- and it is this a big issue or whomever flowers who remembers its. They're gonna remember these slaughter Shia will it is that a -- -- -- keep writing me saying there is a guy in the U stream of clock conscious as a guy fall person we don't notice that they don't speak they -- and and the person named in the name is -- number one fan very. The one and if that's the person who's saying these roses. Tommy got like this is a nice -- -- to its credit too much it's pretty funny to us straight line earlier welcome to Valentine's Day. I'm surprised because -- biggest yet we haven't. Powers -- from -- bunker. Follow. Him. That's a great that picture right. I'm creature of god not a good -- data -- -- again -- -- Again this line is we -- the holes -- isn't. Got a pretty but as a joke. Well as a joke to BC's gonna dual led his joke bring original Camacho you might get might alert. Why yeah exactly. Always issues and have a sense of humor and you've talked about creep on her FaceBook page. I even had a guy right knee left his ass off about the fact is you heard the replay of Rachel where you go. Something about all you especially on your FaceBook she goes. Wait that's my private face today I have to decide tries a different waters at what rate that's a great guest man -- Rachel Barnard from channel thirteen might have sent Tom UA a dozen roses. My own thing Mickey wrote. -- you will tell. Why you -- Mickey's not. Yeah yeah. Maybe they're from a dude in their bruises. And that's a dozen roses -- just a little predecessors did you finally -- -- you -- -- the roses new place oh wait it's CD eight. But you would hope it's Nicky well it it if he's lucky but the ball find checks yet. -- Tommy almost Tommy costliest job because of his Mickey tells us growing -- when -- was there for real for real. We ten so. Thanks -- of the director of the news director of -- Graham asked me to come in and read with their morning show. Well you're going to be the more I can give -- -- -- -- your career mountain it would just did but maybe before we started probably voting right of do stuff. And in the -- stuff came up and it all happen instead. Of just bust through boom and bust your balls because of the minute bus a rich funky now. No B combo this and that they haven't said it could lead to lay knowingly gave Dell must rule known. Lead to the empire were built blood pressure everybody's are doing one rose at a time rose steadily I don't notice that that the release changing firefighters. Actually things have we've lost our -- -- lots of people on. That's how -- states. Steady nothing is there any inspiration comment she had not come up with something here. Nothing. Gun it's percolating it's perquisites. Yes it's you can't force a creative process. -- LA -- -- While getting religion on the guys well here's we also want to do. Because even if you just sang that song you think you'd like it every rose has its -- well there's other -- better songs like its image she'd love but I guess myself knew what I mean there's a whole bunch of love songs some merit and that he loves jinx. -- -- Freeway of love we all one of my favorite favorite love -- of all time is -- This is Hillary's in my behavior. There might -- who sings it. Billie Jo Harlow Billy dole. Near. -- -- -- -- It's a great love song I guess just a way you wanna share price which is extra -- because he broke up but this movement. He wrote this for a woman and he left and she left him now she will leave a millionaire just seeing last year I don't know seeing them too many. Now driving accidents -- not take you just. Hey you. God. I don't want to know this is before Christie Brinkley is here -- yeah chick he wrote this for left them all here is. -- one from Bruce that I think is a great on brute tunnel loves snow. We don't. Sure and I'll wait for you to finally I have. I should fall behind as the name of the song alone stern. But the police sergeant will probably be better days are heroes have just don't know -- just tune us some problems -- you're -- you know you can see made it up yourself. There's nobody knows yeah. We rent he's not a popular soon relaxed now so they can say he wrote -- -- Stealing. Every day marry well beloved new breakthrough when he wanna say. Mary me. -- -- -- -- How much they can really troubled. Us law. Want to patent. And but I have to really really miss -- and then environmentally. That would. Yeah as a -- -- actually. Bryan Adams and -- and as you ever really really love the woman okay that's not bad well how about love shack. Parity -- in a way. The greatest -- of all time that he can play the parity tomorrow look forward today Love Boat. Well Love Boat yet we had the parity yesterday to put -- vote yet. Love exciting. In who. Good to mind it's gotta love all over it and that's true actually Danny c'mon single go to chicks love TV. Can -- may get your own twist. -- Here's stinky and that's. So humble the. But I do. Okay. Not -- fury cannot tight spot this morning to break groom is gonna help you out again. Tommy got -- Beautiful dozen -- that a listener thinks came from Rachel Barnard but they are a nice on them and they're nice they're really aren't as an expensive when you. So Cristian -- animal cloning to your significant other whether their home or -- -- -- around 9 o'clock this morning. He'll sing a song and delivered on your behalf related costs -- -- -- you're kind of -- I. Johnny you've paid for their solid 300 or so Obama tax to have a song written and roses the live right there. Boy even trotted to write a song specifically meant. 2226000. If you need that help Brent let -- go to -- now so we just are organized into all the trigger recruited into the show. Right thought Deanna has a song go ahead Dan. I. Got my blue split. Require food stamp. All over here. Okay I'm included and I love struck -- -- -- really great -- detect we will thank you -- Jill. Yes we -- set. A -- blue million probably every -- very broad and -- And Sunday column there that you can yet to achieve in. Black clouds and as she's already called. Well he's -- enjoys my crank in who's who -- -- knew. Who Mike. What's up. -- -- -- -- -- -- Chicago -- my best country music is gonna tunnel loved him mr. almost every don't want happening drink in its eleventh right that's a great that's a really good -- Some country comedian onscreen -- on the year. Good morning welcome to the break room. Two more Shiite they just try to need to call out -- how wrong. Thank god -- amounts found out -- you won't -- opposite number church doesn't. Why does that mean I don't -- you need to be if it's paid. A visibly. In this case. Shoot you can't. He's great founded didn't yeah. Kiss it does everything right debt is only this solves all your problems Katrina. The what's up. It. Had -- -- -- -- you know it well it. -- oh my god if he has to go see he's going to root it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've been. And maybe come the rarely if we don't really it in the current and exemptions. Would be so who are you -- that -- -- But a lot of guy that worked there. -- -- -- -- You're doing around 9 o'clock this morning where will he be a work. Yeah. Like I get it done a lot early and I -- it. Our pregnancies at the door Danny's there baht I opted Deanna is -- name is. Janet. But she and it yes he's teed it from wood Janet are you from Thailand he got -- -- -- Attack. Let me put on hold on and get some information from me as to where your husband is do you have a favorite song was there what was your weddings -- Well I am now at the wedding and we don't only think you know our wedding and I thought it was not appropriate I'd do -- I wanna go to. Stream. I'm more. -- -- Hopeful that extreme black but did you bills on time and maiming and lets you know you know you've heard it -- no extra -- the lead singer better now. The fish. Fillets in excess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outside is definitely second. No I have that song. Story I I what does he worked didn't it just give us it -- town listed in penfield birds in the city -- -- -- well it's a ride it's been run out on a. -- so -- -- thought okay this. Some resilience real -- don't be good for a look at the world would you pay what's the rough Magic Johnson room. How deep and I got up a horse -- got about who broke -- And I did. Photo of the -- -- and doing great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know last I mean it's next. It up but you -- gate. It was due date well OK what's a few days and bad rivers of men like a few weeks. -- think we're at the event minority. And I got she got I know it sounds like a thirty question but I asset agencies and intimacy and that to me is the one thing that separates. A friendship from from the animal allow a little bit of audio and -- yes this is a -- and that. I had a girlfriend in 1990. That they played this over and over at the Marist College dorm room. -- crazy dugout we would see we get -- to sing it. Yeah I came out once. And among them. What that is like an idol announced -- came out once and and then did a whole thing did a hole like course where -- these other guys who this song. America. I hole are we getting -- information from you know guy. And I Jenna. You know we just would remove reviewed -- Gonzales and -- would mess up we'll get to all -- resentment when he was. Police he's doing -- what is wrong with you today -- the -- -- -- -- as a matter though -- -- even that it's here had your head inside that head. Is -- -- -- jumbled mess it was like my office and always had inside his head. -- love us.

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