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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga : 2/10

Feb 22, 2013|

During The Break Room's celebration of Valentine's day, Tommy gets creeped out by his anonymous flower-doner, Maria advises him with what to do with them, and Danny decides to write a song and serenade a lucky listener by 10 o'clock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- we got a delivery already. Yet about them just -- 6 o'clock with more money worked. -- wild desert traffic can not comes -- -- was a lot walked in with his big bouquet of flowers who believe it's from wagons to the cart -- wegmans on now did you don't know. Now com. It it looks expensive it's very nicely done vase of water and yeah and it's from someone anonymous yes bright and Tommy's a little creeped out by the time very tripped up there. Really yeah I thought and I don't see you on -- why I have to say. Whoever did this thank you I get a get a gun than you don't know get the pace. I'm getting apiece to get a cap gun permit and you jealousy is suspicious today. -- also going to be point two IP senator -- south African -- with blades and -- -- -- I heard about that. -- -- -- Shot his girl from four times this is the guy that was in the -- oh Rick you're gonna get not subject -- yeah this is the the sprinter that was in the Olympics at those two pods for legs straight young Oscar historians and he is the first person ever who was a double amputee to run a review body -- get a fight together yet. Point six years and they found his dead girlfriend shot and he's in custody DA was arrested. And I did that as he studies -- burglarized but right but he here already contacted his lawyer yet and his lawyers said forget it. And his legacy you know heavily to stand on food that's bad -- I could and that's why I -- secret admirers. Sorry got a secret admirer dropped off these flowers and now we're gonna get to a Maria's online Marie what are you wanna say -- -- what she do with these flowers. I think he can't get free gift of flowers current girlfriend her and -- -- -- or -- and are nice guys. Dumbest ideas for the last thing. No -- is something that you got for not thing you made no effort. And it's -- -- give to begin with why would my girlfriend wants them Murray. Think it can get pregnant all the hot seat on -- would -- it's already been on -- -- both for Danny to take criminals -- have been you know well. Right but for her time you have to my girlfriend from some anonymous grief is terrible idea yet Clinton -- -- right -- -- or I don't. -- Lot of you know Marie W get Regina cancer that's oh. It's your birthday today. You really cares the clue care. How. 36. -- and not -- I already know and they go where it's sexy to network shows up Marie so what do you get a separate Valentine's Day and then a birthday gift to resolve the man. I Larry felt as you know how worried about that but that's not a classic without it ever get better you -- -- -- -- That hasn't. Now exactly and it publicly kids I don't know we're pretty lame. Well not right I think you had to go my birthday like being around what I call my people like -- around with white people you. Do with these flowers coming down. I don't -- the front does forward. Your beat down a year and zinni can do not I have to work debates are they out. -- -- Maria thank you haven't got. You here didn't we Jim Kelly Drew Bledsoe. Two of the best quarterbacks the bills have ever had a mastectomy in and their history of their existence secure and I. Think yeah right side and so all we know -- Tommy's got Lanston for Valentine's Day. I -- James is going to be we synergen miles in the afternoon together we ask Danny what their plans work and Danny had enough and and Danny. I don't all the people -- and I am not as Tommy pointed out this is the big ones and yes you know you're engaged this is the wedding married Renee Marion -- now. Well couple days ago was our one year anniversary in terms of like when we started seeing each other -- And I rebellion anniversary what I have and yeah I was. I want to get roses but she likes to a CB -- which do you live traded maybe you can. And so I -- combination of red tulips and red and yellow tools Mitch mixed -- together. But I was a walk in the house she was that was an exposure to be home and so she sees through the flowers I was gonna mix and put them in a vase. Which -- hours ago here happy anniversary she loved the flowers. And I a look at our Valentine's Day -- tough I didn't know I have enough you know cash in the bank adjust -- She goes I hate Valentine's Day so don't worry about it somebody some for the weekend. -- -- I don't follow the trend data humidity nice I go I know everybody does Valentine's then you're a fan of the this would mean more -- ago happy anniversary slash valentines day. I did then on Tuesday. She's -- week yeah I am within a week. Got to do something really high salaries to play and I hear music combo played tulips. A good. -- -- Access pass and friends of all these show us you do you get to that did not even presented well there's still. -- -- -- I didn't realize she was home from. Postcard you think that would. -- All right now. Here's the thing within that that I think from the you can do you can do Valentine's Day. On the cheap on the cheap they aren't they especially you at all the people assume you have a skill that neither Tom nor I have -- that shakes. Dive for right there one is that -- -- love song yet on the guitar you can do a song of the guitar. Yeah yeah yeah -- did you could you show that. Right thank you wanna be a rock star money Mexican I have my get taller in the other studio break. And -- think pretty miserable at the eyes are assignment for today. He's got a rental of somebody in -- shown performer yet had time yet but I think that right now listeners can even contribute Luntz all right even better like we give you some help -- to help Danny. Write a love song for is fiance has really great idea and let's help you get a Valentine's Day right and not screw this up from. Not right because I like I don't balance my wife uses sounds as -- vote for Geist. The one everything I think men and women want the same thing in life. Kinda -- and companion well I'll be right but I think tennis men always wanna be the take charge kind of guy you always want to be a good man I love you wanna be the funniest guy turned right you always admired that -- -- That you the best athlete no demand right if it checks like the man this is your chance to date is hard to do something. Frustrated right I mean even if it's -- on -- morning. Just a little bit there and so here is Danny can go and write a song. -- rest of us can't Mirren says she get the guitar he can either do it as a parity or you could actually. Write an original -- my cool all grab the during the break and we'll go to work. I have -- here for him. Just a little inspiration. -- -- I'm sorry sister that. -- home tonight -- and only. -- -- -- You girls and I mean it's. News. Okay my dad -- socks and broke out how funny would it be if you segment tour. Obviously we're a little bit of it and it was put Sandra original got a funny yeah. She was when I play my guitar and sing like forward tunes and stuff like that via. Does seek employment she enjoys it like that so I'm during the break on grandma and it's already a guitar and see if we can help you write a song welcome -- I could alienate yeah let's do that and maybe we can even if if guys if you're having a tough time -- Valentine's Day we might be able to help you out until. Podium what Danny's got his guitar follows are completely even if you wrote a love song he wrote it for Julian you wanna rehearse it PS here's what I'm thinking. Tommy got anonymous flowers delivered you don't want them knew if you're a guy out there that's it it's tough spy on Valentine's Day Davey. Like by 9 o'clock you're -- -- significant others probably work CIA and Danny can come to where you work. And with this guitar. Do the sun is conditional on to do it for her and deliver those flowers -- -- he's a bright nice move yet. So well as if you're waking up this morning and your your -- that last minute guy. And you know I'd love to be tonight. Her -- left and I like to be standing in the Carlyle wegmans and calls guys panic I'll hit the panic gaffes but you he's only trapped cars luddites. Terrific it. Like I didn't since we got roses is a way to do that. It's it's a lot easier to take a song a rewarded it yet so how about every -- it was the easiest way well -- because it's -- right right. Chords and everything else would it on the flight and rose as every rose has just -- changed the words right knows that song via slur she can contribute and -- -- -- I will look take your your lyrics your lines we'll try to rework that song looking for -- can you go out -- -- for somebody else's wife they're young deliver these flowers we do some good we help a -- we help you out find out how you did tomorrow Boston big. -- -- -- Let's do it. Under my guitar in the recognize that one more time she doesn't wanna do -- said that four times now a program like a dark Ali my my this lead you know delta are now grab a dark. -- know what -- -- this group this sucks I don't talk what does that a board of -- Dawson yeah. How come -- -- like it like -- I'll tell you that I don't yet know how that's so I am uncomfortable. Why -- you I'm not I'm not a comfortable under. Bum good. I'm on the that's actually good at this is the greatest in my life -- it. I think it's a great idea it's an -- liked how this all unfold it's all come together fellas nobody gets there. Get a so -- I got you guys in my life you fortunate you are actually thank -- every day that you guys in my life. Also to help the out fellas and I think javy did some Wal-Mart wisdom so we never got a Coca. Wall here what a woman really wants from Valentine's Day Duca got to get inside a woman -- on Valentine's Day to -- that next and you can help Danny right New York's every rose has a thorn. And if you want him to come out to your significant other plays -- work. But you know at some later in the show. Now they'll do that sing the song and delivered the flowers beautiful 2226 thousands of phone number you can text in a 99404. We are the break room and 965 WC amassed.

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