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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga : 1/10

Feb 22, 2013|

The Break Room's celebration of Valentine's day. Tommy receives flowers from an anonymous admirer and the gang tries to figure out who sent them

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And happy Valentine's Day everybody sell us the writing Valentine's. On FaceBook a Valentine's -- on FaceBook stay -- doorstep you know go for. -- riding a Valentine's. Messages on FaceBook -- wife does does that and doesn't know plus it's not enough come on an artist not helpful up there what is this I have no idea. What are they deserve what what he what are they got their roses while -- Somebody brought -- a big bouquet of roses big bouquet or rubles for the card out just got delivered fairly. Good days ease of use and a -- -- and that thing out for you. -- -- -- Our case that's helped -- -- -- a candidate I can't somebody has delivered a beautiful big expensive looking bouquets of flowers. All roses to Tommy if this is to Tommy to tally well just so early nowadays it's I've admired you. From afar for a long time hope that changes today happy Valentine's Day love. Doug -- that. The -- anonymous yes and that's creepy from afar. Learn our system for years. That's a little that is a little strange the little strange. Mandate can't be Tommy got an anonymous delivery. -- sixth it's like three minutes after six kind of are that they're deliver audio forty think these are from. But later wegmans prisons and it is wegmans doesn't delivered do they know I don't think. So somebody then drop the mosque must who brother -- astronomy and last year -- final hole us greatly. -- anonymous is kind of weird yeah adults anonymous is we get this -- -- fifty dollars on that. More -- -- flow as they it's an all your days I wanna save lives in that -- because that -- manager. President do under a -- but I could be anybody that. We'll bend down the hall so that he saw a woman dropped Lamotte at the door and just walk away cell he there is any guy hanging just. For gave may not feel sorry -- -- getting a pentagon I do get a gun and I'm getting a god dude I gonna get one BB guns get a chocolate go on the looks like -- now is that these if you read that letter it says stay home you have changes today in the Stockard. Off Tommy I have admired you from -- well let me say this exit date did you hesitate and by the way she's got a lousy candidate for abroad if you know all. Was -- nervous time is shaky cheer prelude to a resilience of -- hero a the -- cult movie guys you're jerking me though it. My -- goal line and I want to play it is our garage sale this it surely you can smell anything you want and it's written morally -- you -- us -- season -- here and writing -- -- -- yeah -- they all. How they can -- I don't. I -- there. Your thought oh god it's you and me you found -- -- -- -- that's not because that's the let me get just to my defense I -- mile lawyer first. I have mr. popularity thrown out how much money he thinks this outlook -- cable. They showed up and didn't what is -- fifty bucks I don't -- for your dog died I spent three dollars a bottle of -- current sure. Roosters two of them were my -- yeah -- -- seven. Our part. I don't know what you know I won't say -- anonymous parties it is we'll let so like high schooler or bicycle it's even -- yeah I guess well it away like Julia and yes this is and I solicited I guess there was -- -- -- What a license to do with us. Well but they also violates a boundary to me if it's not if it's not your girlfriend whose names. And has since he's -- -- walk in and dropping off that this is from afar. Diseases. From a far prolonged time hosts. We have to see if we didn't you know this is from Crowley. But it forgets Crowley is in church -- grown. -- my -- for a long from -- it's close and I obviously got any noticeable this cause problems for you don't. What I -- -- is that near you also might be slightly jealous and won't she be ridiculous to be jealous yeah I mean I'm sitting here -- somebody hands me flowers in the isn't. It's a much. It's got to be not -- in high school. We'll let me when I just -- -- what each of the each of the four years freshman sophomore junior senior year on valentines -- you can buy carnations from the French club and have -- sent to people wouldn't school fall weight on and every year I got an anonymous note and I never found out coo hoots and he never stepped up for forty never revealed -- -- got a retard. I was always happy watching and writing heard there was a it was a teacher ice -- -- Aysu special Q&A helmet. I remember in seventh grade down. You give the carnations. And and I got a white one time left in my locker there was an anonymous and any kind of figured out who was. Loses girl -- If she's. Was like -- hung out with a pretty girls she wasn't pretty your opinion on issues of big -- friend. A really big fat friend love this year it scares on her legs and the dog fights and stuff for. Thought god and then as she got older she got a little more attractive to decency and more fun the end she was kind of fun itself by never -- never Jordan liked him I was in terms of and then we all gonna -- that we graduate from high school. And I had a good girl from the time you know to stick -- engine. And we go to Spain unlike senior trip -- them. And moreover there and I found I fell love with cognac -- talk a lot today. Two -- -- -- chocolate and then there was just raises all and I we get hammered out these then I would be -- bar option earlier while she's on the trip into the -- -- -- -- now and I want a good night club one night I had nothing in the club it's indeed Europe starts don't want getting an 11 o'clock -- -- community action while -- -- -- 1 AM they start -- him -- So now it's lights -- flash and into the world spin and the next thing you know -- in some coat closet making out with this girl -- gambling right -- and make -- -- crazy. And then I don't think from. Poughkeepsie New York you end up make you know there's broad -- Barcelona Madrid earlier we're now whenever did they get nets and then. We go back home and it's the county fair it's like -- countries man when it -- it goes from Madrid deactivate Denny's manager. So that's just county fair this happened July now -- I don't. And a bunch of big fan of barbecue my girlfriend what T shares was a year younger exactly that's exactly argue this is -- -- song I just saw it's likely that my my girlfriend at the top of her friends are on the trip. But they they say -- not the same because they all saw me make -- Allen described does not happen -- it. You know -- -- and it was all very Tonya the act was talking which ugly -- and then black. That I'd run it come with my girlfriend known. I just -- some stuffed Teddy bear whatever notice ring toss us a lot of notoriety to it is exactly Tim McGraw as I've always thought that. And I turn around and there's. Just ticked on and it's got a puts on her fatal event manager and next -- you can feel the tension and you know -- and which right after that. Because obviously my girlfriend picked up on -- than her -- friends all told there. Yes fans alike -- -- -- actually. -- this is -- I forgot that -- race itself I saw that I got -- -- -- nice guy and you put your kids it would have enough of them but right it's funny the nets within -- -- any cognac there's no way you make it -- -- it's probably -- I like of them -- You're in Spain via -- clubs had to be a million -- Spanish -- in this club. And your -- and now we know we're around scam blade right and a but you got to remember like I had no self confidence Branagh and I'd really dinner tonight. Would not have approached a European chick friend but all the European dudes men were hit -- girls the American girl so weird and it yeah yeah I think they had no. We want a marriage in chicks. The US Spanish and so we're like yeah get together again he would get yellow he's -- what can grass is greener on the other I it's just it's different are real thing recognize different. And then and I remembered like these guys talking to Spanish and so -- one of the advisors spoke fluent Spanish and pulled on the girls side goes. This -- out with his buddies getting married in two weeks and ends do not brand because he was dancing prizes on the big Brazilian -- -- Oh yeah and all that stuff. -- Breast cancer month. Tim McGraw. Failing Tommy got flowers delivered from anonymous with a card with a cart by the way there's somebody in the -- stream of consciousness -- -- -- a break from dot com and -- uses the name. There handle -- is Tommy's number one fan. Yeah so we don't I'm not kidding I'm not making it up on our -- understand it I wonder if there's a way that we can find out by the end of the shell and -- persons who person -- Present in the probably as do that I don't I don't know I had this terrible war get on it -- formula. Explosion itself do you have plans for today that you do naming today through my girlfriend tonight and tonight Barack. -- Yeah I mean half -- Well here's a -- that come off. And I was solid six I didn't wanna -- -- big announced prizes up -- him such an -- conditioning -- be careful for criticize it juror. Yesterday. Be ready by 11 o'clock to marshes was gone beyond just be ready when you take off and she's she -- what what do we do one size and I have. Babysitting setup for Jamison beaten. For about three hours. Time will go to lunch time display a romantic launcher if you're entered school -- a nice little lunch -- -- and then if I go for wanting to come home. -- and we can do -- -- whatever you wanna do then if you want the time a lot of looks very unified and since released when she mentioned that -- Ellsbury is he's a break as if you want that's just don't know -- not not tomorrow us tonight but so I went -- I did all this summer left a card today with a rose if I -- and I -- Jamieson I bought a Spider-Man kit Spiderman gamer card Al -- all of -- dollar. Be -- so be good price move what is in November Jamison Ellison becomes a Big Brother after this big day -- -- -- second half scripture could talk tough hallmark said here about -- big -- well we'll take a break is sponsoring an answer to follow. Okay how about. You -- -- show you big time Immelt. Is a valid time. You -- this is the most important balance I is that because jury engaged and you get married friends and even my name. Seoul is cold blooded as knew that the valid time before. The big day you had to pull big move. You just had to because this was like you're kind of in that romantic. We're going to be in this together for light thing yeah tonight I thought I did a pretty good job actually fun Alan. You know room for the 980 nice presence in the bedroom to get us nice dinner breakfast the next day I thought -- what goes on -- that we do that all time via the -- Valentine's Day they'd sell these packages all over the place an honorary -- worked out all that effort truth. Yes thank you. Can never get their time or money back she may I'll walk away like my head held high and Andre gave of time -- LA paid all the freight. We'll take a break Maria don't hang up already -- -- Marie thinks is Tommy you should do some good Tommy got a -- delivered anonymously and these are expensive I -- that's why I'm saying I know that he's about 55 dollars and wegmans and I think that's a way I think I -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- remember -- wegmans has always -- -- got their money. On you don't make you feel if nothing else got to make you feel little good it does but it bothers -- then it's more disturbing is. Having Valentine's Day that Jesus is making -- browns yeah. Seriously yeah. We'll talk to Marie and little -- find out what did these plans are Tommy just said the Valentine's Day before you get married the first one as an engaged man is the big one yes and you've got to deliver yes one because this is the big you're rolling into it now you can't -- drop in any balls -- The break rooms -- 965 WC --

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