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Coach Muley Valentine's Day Special

Feb 22, 2013|

The Break Room talks to Coach Muley about his Valentine's day plans and his views on Catholicism, raising children, and homosexuality

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

965 WC MF couple got no fly over who was a better guitarist slash from Guns 'N Roses or Eddie Van Halen tossed a no brainer slash all day -- I don't bet that they're ready to slash -- now -- Andy's the great Christian and I question where the next great -- comes from these are guys who are kinda. And weird those in traverse they sat in the room all to do was play constantly they learn they became virtuoso Saturday nights you know I would go out when your kids what is Eddie Van Halen do. These planes could talk I got it. Now what happens. I got my iPod on distracted and looking at porn I'm not doing anything now word is the next great guitars come from it. -- -- -- -- -- But -- In which it's time. Taylor -- Really -- every Wednesday around this time -- the break from a 965 WC IMF. Well where -- -- -- -- for our our job. Coach knew only how are you sir you're you don't well are they don't I would love to be out you know what I would not just love to be I would be honored to coach annually and -- -- -- there. Speaking of Valentine's Day be having her plans for you in the misses what's the there are. I know racial client -- got reason they don't plan their approach all our guys are sort of that. Should -- dirty underwear it -- them episode next door -- And -- that it -- Waco what. It's a man that thing over to his secret but I don't know you know tragedy well what happens better -- okay. And if you thought about it -- bare frame the issue get free creation we were so badly and for us on the. And I. Two is really buying -- -- any fishing Laura. And I don't know what to do it herb -- it's speckled Kirk. The -- -- search for her Tulsa I'm sorry it's. The match -- think about Eckert they'll come out -- don't. Well it's good. Well that's got to economically responsible thought coach really. Sooner you know gonna buy one get one and the instead of his wealth. They matter that I saw that stated there. You didn't occur especially in Iraq and Obama's government could -- -- you -- -- -- -- you see -- years duration pretty distressed banks are left a lot of thought to grow the literal question notes due spenders. The URA a guy who works with youth the race and children of your own -- how did you teach economics to your kids. Well I need to speak to what we know. See if you hit it right if you -- -- where. Partly steak lobster ever mention that Bennett as CS radio yeah sure that I doubt that there. They're you don't HM bye is beat hole. Before because you got a -- that really brought -- but he doesn't bode well I can picture. They're being gathered bam you got but that they have -- early I know they're good about that my mother whale all star. System that they can't ever let. -- teacher didn't help that money and you put tomorrow. I'm sure you know they get registration weapon or that's. Two point. There's a great moment later years agree on wanna keep Jerusalem and -- I'm up a camera that the actual war didn't they didn't pay him mr. Murray who needed on track so that we -- you know change you can -- Act like you're great grandparents. I. Met him. She broke her age did you choose a women go bare foot bridge you'd -- not say what you know I'm not pursue legal debate all day. Yeah they they can be anybody you want but you're not brain of an epic look at. And ethnic or a Catholic. It. Well you know it's funny you bring up -- -- the Catholic coach you are they are out there -- how mobile are central opener circumspect enough. What do you think of the coach Benedict the coach. I apologize. Proto -- yes that's been in the third Arnold stepping down as the head of the Catholic Church. Well I'm sure that -- -- so. They -- any effort to not give. Me any at all. Man on man. Your mother your car that finishes in the last -- -- -- don't think that men should remain cell beds and dedicate their lives to god do you think that ungodly way to live. He's yes built. Some. I mean -- Out there and you know that may achieve what can. Should I mean it. To telemann Matt. Six or -- court well and that's natural. Argued that while we've got a bit about the won't shoot can be fruitful career. Arc and all right Jack rabbits. So why would you want -- what you want about the current and not. Urging you don't want that. Is the pinnacle. Did he did -- really good way to second what Bible are you reading what proof do you had. That the lord and savior had actual sexual on the court. Well. I'm sure. That single bit of work and kept -- down through and around her until everybody every show everybody that. He's certainly -- you know that he got away. -- -- and I don't know. We have a breaking news scenario. That involves a Catholic Church -- -- -- this email that we received actually -- deal. Code -- if my family were reality show we've because it would be called extremes catholicism. We're -- yet we are a church multiple times a week like this week we had a CYO basketball practice last night. Will be there today for Ash Wednesday tomorrow night my wife and I are planning to go to Valentine's couples get together sponsored by the church and my kids -- Catholic school. I hated all of it the Pope leaving is the straw that broke me I think he's leaving because there is a monsoon of allegations against the church. Forthcoming. I fear for my kids safety. I want you to call my wife and break the news that I will no longer be Catholic it may end our marriage but I cannot continue I believe in god. But I'm ready for -- church and a few days off from religion. Jack tomorrow night and -- they wanted to do this yourself and he wrote back saying humor. Is always a better way and then he thought you could add a little levity to him leaving the -- Catholic Church. Well Campbell this some bearish power won't make that there was some good credit this post I'm happy gently. He nonsense and I mean. Obviously. -- a breakaway Mormon cult. A cult you think catholicism as a cult. Just saw him all that can wait when -- -- them you know outrage where Obama and the -- -- but I'm. I think can relate and you can't talk to gut. I got to go to some -- -- -- the better world pay extra money so they can go out much in. It's. -- -- -- is based basic K credit that you would like go oh yeah. -- based -- and then I'll talk to god for. What below the -- that it -- -- resolute yet but Chris look. Religion would you be you mention that promises. You're up Protestant and -- -- -- -- there's only what their religious I'm very southern -- so it's seven at home you base it didn't and I let. It's real simple you have. I know about it and doctor Jay about other data so -- I can't Muster little low for most lasting prayed for -- -- -- are afraid that parade at. Formed them they go meteors hit -- And ones that Coach Williams let us that are got there mister. Just take it some technical or they say the purpose and we are here. Com we'll all icici and now -- these tomorrow simply going to be a lot of funny -- And that's about it a bit semi has got to -- -- -- them reissue CNET that are Gupta -- shut Scioscia. So I just really -- Bora. Quote coach really we will have the breaking news tomorrow that you called Jack's wife. And die informed her that he is leaving the religion anime dissolve their marriage but we'll see how that goes tomorrow and have a wonderful Valentine's. Let out they borders being careful. Be careful. Please get suckered them they don't sound that -- yeah. You guys they're saving money away any you'll make gravy he may not want somebody made this a deliberate vision we Rhode fingers -- bigger better. Valentine season because of well appropriate poker. That's a comment about what all of this whole -- Arab states is about her and -- -- coach. That's all and William and Islamic world so that you don't regret you know for the export. You. Here's the last sentence are OK to shoot -- the beauty you get out there -- very -- or year. Six. And it always a wise words of our life coach coach really. We'll hear breaking news tomorrow thank you coach what are your -- later.

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