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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga: 8/10

Feb 22, 2013|

The E-tern JD does a second and third Valentine's day version of East-side/West Side

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is Valentine's Day Christian Dan is in route. To sing to a dude. On behalf of his wife there haven't kind of a rough spot in the flowers that we prank Tommy with the being delivered treasurer and on the theme song a love song bright Moses -- there's a man's right here this is -- Six in -- OK. Okay and giant. I see this Jamie Allison -- -- when I was. It was a year I was off. Snow was and I was still in in community college and Jim of this your friends used to call the radio station. Click on weekends and stuff a big request lines. Yes so they would call the radio station network death. And they would so I would talk to them like. On the phone and over the air sure they loved it -- that one night when I did this I used to just let people and Korea back in the day I just -- areas -- -- -- crazy he was this'll attentions island is it so I also worked at a deli. Contest so she came to their friends -- -- -- generally out yet -- that she was like the best looking woman who is very. Richie had the big fat friend. Though they don't want to like citadel judgment -- some more developed so we go in. I wanna I wanna dating her for awhile and news that she was like. Radios slam bonds usually knocks and -- -- I mean I think that would really create disturbed because I was still living at home when my parents and this is just when you got. Did you call back to call to not -- I did not call IDB and stars Christina AAF. Is she calmly cannot solve you know I don't know how it was treason -- my mother this story. Seen through this year I should call margin bring up this chick is -- there. Free computer while you broader around all I got I had -- then that's part of the reason I went -- good live when my uncle meant was. I taken a year off from Fisher and -- to midnight to six in a rock station for your personal of this. And what was -- my dad's idea to like you need a year you need a year to grow up be a clear head day as head radios or replace the gorilla he didn't know what I needed a job right. And they had hired me for this summer to do mid ninety cents. Saw I saw sacked by Iraqi rules on remand cell by Iraq girls overture to do or federal year and the owner of the station the time was -- rob Dyson and Dyson was like. Part of this really rich family and a and far from Barbados to ski racing Porsche. -- as a hobby and it's a Richmond -- had a building on the Marist College campus named after him actually going to I don't know that it Dyson center Brian. She -- because listen man. I really like Q I think you could do great things in radio I'd like you to stay in be my night guy. Hi ally and finished college because I will help you get into Marist College -- you know I have a building named after his recess -- make because I I I got done. So I go home nice and my father to look phenom -- really -- -- this -- for a couple of years now and don't. And my -- -- goes okay. You can either go spend the summer -- my brother and go back to see Jeff Fisher and I'll pay for everything in war. You can go to Marist. But you have to get your own apartment and pay your line Flanagan is rich get men help you out videos some. Either way you can no longer live here why either way you resting get out and go live in my brother and then on to Fisher. The war and I'll -- and I'll pay for that you are generating you know he won me out of the house where were made America's -- and -- Did you -- -- really -- -- -- monitoring events occurs you know how you believe that personally go cross between weed in. Goals lockers so I wound up. Don't know what my uncle had a great summer has some measure and it started here they have and I was an analogous to. Met Tom and ability Tommy and I don't know once it usually -- the -- was due to hide -- and Henry and how are you Jesse. We're doing all right we're gonna do another Valentine's edition of beside -- 315. JD -- all kinds of Valentine's Day tips you have to determine if the tickets from the west side the east side of the 315 erratic. Here we go. So. What is your name and -- They say this morning okay thank you all convoluted and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- What's -- Saturday and possibly much. What are the line now that's outside Jesse it's hard this year are that you care. Her name's Lauren she's nineteen she's fine she's in the last sixty was more into that title to Lawrence he gets the Lawrence. In his own Gloria you can -- like to go -- a dirty little nineteen year old come -- -- You -- at lunch -- theory out. Pretty much our Valentine's Day. Let your -- Well maybe you love to do. So let me. I had planned I'm getting him -- and my shirt. I -- frustrating -- enthusiasts. And he got in these. This sale knows you're you know right now. Solo concert on TV he's -- Okay -- and we're not married we're not engaged I don't expect -- So you can Clark Johnson her -- he's. Sex here and I so well how we really different. What makes us all down its annual sexiest man. The G-8. Stop it it's. So so hard. He's such a young -- I love it up with a key pieces pushing new roads cheap you must go home and does for you gotta -- -- 1 pleasure himself I am. Knee cartilage goes out like guys -- ago. Yes it's. There. And. These companies he's very. Why didn't I mean giving her name to green keep allowing the top play and just pretty -- yeah. Princess and Arianna is -- -- A day where. Maybe he's paying citizens each -- really appreciate each other a lot more than ninety day -- is that your work. -- -- -- -- -- Pattern or. Things she did you need to like Peter huh. Let me give me an idea -- and I don't a lot of lightning deserves it she improves and I don't like to the dining. And I -- -- Because I don't like to think -- The typical Israeli crazy thing. Girl told her kid and I hear what makes up. Us that he got -- be something that's the vulnerability. And it was so -- from east side west side with your. Night just yes Lawrence is nineteen speed dating for a while she in around time like to drink it's so she got a much concert T shirts and tickets and he did the same thing -- Traditional stuff sucks she would put on a fund sued to spice up sexy doesn't like princesses. She thinks it's a good good time to be nice to each other guests -- slim down by -- She would not want chocolate she doesn't want Pizza Hut or McDonald's or something but she's on princess and enjoys nothing typical that a typical girl would wanton. Jesse which cited -- did she swears a lot she does suicide around. That's the Republican endless. I'm I'm also getting side because -- she doesn't think the people there's like -- -- educate our side. Yeah I don't know west side answering so why she's a little oil slides they are collateral. Or are there. She's drilled in nineteen yeah she swears allies yeah -- -- and then Thompson -- there -- Rochester. Would rather -- -- she's got no less side in that conversation and anything else I thank you very soon Jessica thought so that they couldn't do something and forget about less time. Fire. I'm realistic and don't go east. Sunni side. Ordinarily. And I mean our -- I'm categorize this this is when you walk outside the bar she's broken cigarette Gloria this is her as a kid you know and you know he's there now he's living that life. Back turning her credentials -- -- Jesse says he side here Rio. Sad -- how happy he was sidetracked. I -- tonight is literally true it ceases sex trampoline. She's always. There just take issues open jump on the side -- out there and have a good -- the alone and a audio laundry got some money. I don't know on nearly all those guys really are meant that now. And I mean when did this big hairy -- miles an hour. Not all my wife my wife who also got -- and and I got real typical job a lot. And it's not just good times. Tommy ticket number three through -- Larry he isn't and then territory. There -- three is John in -- Johnny will be our last one eSATA westside throw five. Special Valentine's Day -- to go to the beer. Proxy briefest -- Rio. -- what is your name and home it. Michelle planning team and seeing what your worst Valentine's Day -- -- me. When I was in middle school as jokes and I must love ladies man I can actually save it and it's strange how -- girls. All I got this is a girl like that he's that -- the hard Jay's diner for a minute my ginger that's dream that is is -- really get a -- we got that TO. Today -- a guy who cares. Powell middle school students so rule. Mean they're just kind of just lost thirty spot in -- on comfortable there didn't do you know -- flows. Such a -- as the that was like the world television news and ovaries or fallen down and I area. -- -- -- -- -- Athens and then -- street thing is every guy should do for his -- on Valentine's. He CNN movies to make sure happy -- outstanding. Basic knowledge. Her son's name maybe go out and talk. About everything in every girl should make sure. Her her man. Me about him not about you just has just announced Wednesday as minutes about the girl. And -- relaxing out as a -- and so I'm a little attention. So -- Yes -- is already amounts. And that -- main room handles singles so -- -- -- -- -- reach our friends and we are going to go back moratorium in your lives anti Valentine's Day things together and loses a -- like one or two and sister has gone. Through junior. Those are ex boyfriends. And tampering when -- -- would you send us those unmanned vehicles available Sioux City. The guy goes out and its fans want your money on Valentine's days that's -- -- I would say he would have high hopes and I'm not saying he's guaranteed himself action. How would somebody make it. Special about -- The Clinton and Chinese physicians and turning out of the box and all Americans and it's only extends beyond center got a chance to -- She's gonna normally wouldn't do in the veterans day. You do not found those. Alcohol Googlers. Not sit well look this kid is the biggest thing is trying to get in there -- -- -- air oh my god -- -- and he forgot the biggest -- ever to maybe he gives it up and -- -- our third all of my guided Tommy has to say no not outside of us did you pop up. You know it's kind. Do you think she says he's you know he's kissed my she's doing and who are getting their -- enemies in Ohio and in recent. Maybe something and actually -- role player. -- rope to -- our federal role is to alienate dealing schools like Diego laying this sexy librarian out like a nice little girl who. Notice the police showed them what part of town you're from each side must either through. The clock -- -- on the -- and two men on the show Michelle is nineteen or worse that it did them worst Valentine's Day was the middle school -- Think -- guy needs to wish happy Valentine's Day. Personal time here's to thinking he said three things she did come up with three things either time denounced him with -- for that three things a woman should do when she -- come -- one good one don't make it all value make it about him. She single. She's gone back to the -- do some anti Valentine's Day stuff with her lover. Can tamper with a ex boyfriend's pictures of her girlfriend resiliency status among high. She said of a guy spends a lot of money and downsize these -- high hopes to get Layden. The way to spice it up would be trying to new position maybe some role play and she broke down one role playing wise which truce. Mean nobody teacher not a school girl and dirty dirty girl is a dirty girl you guys want any copy this audio for two concept and into automated. Burnt and in my memory bank John Doherty thinks she's from -- -- -- -- -- three of us. Song gonna say -- but I -- gave me if you took those two little points searchers west side -- made a couple of in depth you know things are -- domain it'll value make it about him time to stuff. -- Very articulate when she spoke via common ago eSATA what does that mean now what do we say that the views from the west Saturday it's a chance to get its feet now rewrote our words were just saying continents fall off -- I got -- -- and I think JD's are in -- He's a -- hooked up there pat I'm gonna say that almighty we get all I know we got to call this didn't find out what when we work -- promotions together. Out of the events and stuff now are you kidding keep him in one spot for five minutes is shown on drugs are he's troll heart disease get on. He's got a good succession -- -- that. He's got a -- hit ratio which got a testimonial guys off on the promotion squad because he looks like a bumbling bomb sometimes give it six where did that. He's got a great strength that's all they need is his fearless. I'm gonna say 315 but everybody else says -- -- city side John. You were young yeah that's. All. She's a little hillbilly yeah nice all right John. Thank you for listening and it's not up. To him. I tell. RJ brought up the Steve is Steve the do you bring up he woke up. He drug Jerry Springer and and saying that one of the other -- to be honest Jerry springer show ladies I was sent through five. I said that the old security guard throughout his -- show only goal is Steve welcome shown Steve took -- metal bowl to the face during some chaos and his talk show checks out. Yes yes yeah we. -- -- And I themselves. I Cristian -- and it's in locations dating we -- in location -- -- in the parking lots are all your inside. I mean I -- we know take a break -- earlier there. I can take a break. -- animal come back when you sing into Jenin and man do you know all the words and everything. Or you got everything. On the way here when I got pulled over bid could be a pulled over there -- well for one he shall be useful for a real. It's huge shoes or is that good for the cubs brought director doctor -- I mean did we don't -- today you know the usual and it does not a good. I Cristian -- Amarillo live on location from a guy's office in victory. Where is gonna sing -- as the guys. Did some -- -- his marriage his wife cause it will Danny delivered the flowers and we bring Tommy -- the beautiful beautiful roses and a high and from wegmans. And they're like sixty books I know they're the great 55 bucks and Danny tells him to sing this song 'cause it was a song there's was after the wedding.

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