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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga: 7/10

Feb 22, 2013|

On The Break Room's take on The Dating Game, Tommy quizzes three callers who claim to have sent him flowers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Danny is so stressed as he is going and I I didn't mean this any over the edge their -- Yeah you're -- no I really don't all don't this has been fun and we in new word this is going up but hey I can't I what I but I didn't know. Why not gonna turn in the Danny. With -- Tom situation. Let me explain kind of what happens before this morning. Came in here right away -- we get which is gone here we go on the air and family while walks in with the doesn't beautifully displayed roses that would that be as somebody paid big money for that's correct fifty bucks more a more. -- these roses there and if they were -- to Tommy from an anonymous her with a card with a car accident I've heard of -- Margie from afar. They did bring that is that about days like today I want to let you know answer to your heart yeah. When you were scared me was bothered me the end times like they're creeping around when they're gonna jump by the bush has put a knife. Yeah I run and -- -- if you get when I get attacked in -- area -- front -- before the -- Few big heavy funny and yeah there's a woman held me down yes him broad daylight I jumped out of the in my jogging outfit and raped Maine. Where you strap on your delta rave reviews using suspect you about the face and head with -- several of them are you find that the funny that I would be sexually traumatized -- -- as you actually you know what did you think I deserve it. I don't think you all -- shoot low and yes you do what would you go right there. -- -- For Sudan from -- lot of stuff to get them get the race so then I don't don't let that don't don't hang up on -- fly OK until 55 subsite every lines lit up. And Danny -- going to be now and I'll get stressed I'm sorry so that -- -- and I I've decided today I'm taken Jamison. To a daycare places held either for a couple hours and I'm gonna launch commit a -- -- get very nice is accuser in school exaggerated my little peace and quiet. And then and Tommy census stuff he's got planned for his girlfriend tonight earlier this and then. Damian and now what are you doing right. And silence over the tones of flights silent well financed by backtracked to write their anniversary. And Amanda wasn't backtracking he did neighbor has some -- steady pulled up out of the yard tools -- her favorite flower -- -- a lot of Israelis say federal troops are the most beloved flower -- from -- that cheaper and cheaper than roses -- if you go -- -- today you know. Roses a run you about 35 bucks a dozen. Tulips free auto with a five dollar. Purchases of room you know -- by -- militant down to not get together to rebuild indignant to -- So anyway my fiance is so loving she loved it I got it got so we send email he had nothing serious that you have a child Zambrano gave around. All talent he brought it to -- and we should know rightists singing so we should we you know what here's the deal. A lot of people are stuck in -- -- -- it's still help somebody out we'll take the flowers that were delivered to Tommy yeah doesn't want to -- And not send any out to practice the song. And you know help us pick a song right spiritual whatever so we had a bunch of people call up and this one woman Janet said look. This is -- conventional putting butts. My husband I've had a rough patch her daughter blue injure herself fall off a horse I wrecked the car we've had other problems we've had a rough patch things aren't great. If -- would go to his work. Sing the song and delivered the flowers it would -- more -- any -- is has agreed he's gonna go down to Victor -- around a little after 9 o'clock tomorrow he's here today I was his duties to the guys just enjoy work. You'll hear all this on the air and he's gonna sing this song to the sky. And you know it's. Awesome to newer and an awesome. It's all act. After that we get a call for -- Tom in this this is -- got to. This is already idiocy came Madonna's sticky and you can see word dudes are dumb. Yeah this guy screw up down Wednesday and gave hand dipped probably very expensive strawberries in chocolate candy and chocolate. And his girlfriend is allergic to it she was pissed off he -- do I need your help this morning. I want you to call or up the teller I was in an accident death in her -- -- miss me when I'm gone baby. It is so no surprise -- alive for so our listeners tuned in during this and or after it. Yes this was a bit yes this was a bit let me -- to -- -- yes this was a -- Todd was not a -- -- is -- legitimate listener -- -- -- Thomas lives and ironically if you -- I won't give -- his address and his phone number you can call. His fiance or his girlfriend. We called her off -- said this is what he wants to do. We want you to turn the tables on we gagged him and Danny went to the old stand by your bag and his friend right. The cedar ridge she did a great Charlotte he got upset he was -- home all the stocks turned out -- was -- the yes we turn the tables on because we -- that was the mean is doubly stupid is they need to do. Don't do that there. So here we are now with stop people on the line who have suggestions as to whom may have sent the flowers to Tom DeLay -- We have three people one of them is actually the center of the flowers don't know they all need protection what would you interview him. Brian bachelor one that's -- -- it. -- or bachelorette I don't know if we'll let you decide but there -- other people first let me get there to do so I knew who you want us. -- is always funding both go through or Mark Eaton and then -- What we do that burn mark. What do you think the flowers are from them. Markets. -- immediately borrowers are from. Well it differently but during the middle bosh is well I don't know let's Richard -- got. -- nobody did the loans. -- -- -- -- They know I think that -- -- a majority Mercado. You spend a second that is yeah I heard there OK okay now let it get it up like story for -- similar body help that show at these great people all. The super for his people with autism meant to say distorted these cars are from -- -- No war I don't -- him. On time. Let me go to move let's see up protection protection is on us and all -- -- these people claim to be -- -- there's always one of them actually is -- we decided -- what the -- let's make a joke out of this looking a little bit and I -- Tommy can deduce -- the says. So one of these people drop these -- I don't you look like. Right. Right just -- and in the media. Protections and protections are broke ice Tommy this is alleged sender number one Brian you can ask anything you want over so why do -- send him. -- But where heavy then you say you won a delay actually. Take it to the next level today. We're sick and learn what. Well how are you gonna do that. Are all right well. Hope that changes. -- year old son now that. Hi today I could let -- go we can't get all these photos put John holes and want to protect. The senate number two would give any questions for -- -- why did you just walked in and deliver them face to face my wailed as a cloak in the stagger stagger more attractive to -- my dagger senator -- I could do it bitter. And some do bad -- Some do won't do what these people as the sender well so far as we do dudes Heidi knows to do it's this is a dude. Have finally what they need protection just is -- one dollar or doing that time. Aren't given protection we -- you try to deduce -- -- -- OK so what what do you find so appealing about America. I just easier shot. -- Okay I'm saying give up short and sex and and the final person saying that they sent flowers Erica -- question for this person why why why did you send these flowers to -- and not should reveal yourself number one. And -- you know -- Debate about corporate cushion. Oh yeah. And rejection of people don't lose their -- but. Look -- look at this. Yeah. Who is a -- it was my did that today dig up Virginia and right so we're currently. Obviously you'd send them all no way they deliver I have are -- you guys did this. How frustrating near Florida and then you want to go to bed and -- yeah. Yeah. -- move to. Some CIA Karen thank you Murray didn't get to the bottom of my big day today Valentine's Day house. We're -- -- roll -- -- you know what do you do for a Jillian and reflects very -- Yeah XX then I got Alaska you're champ Phil lady what was she doing to -- from between -- -- drama between her legs. And she was texting somebody. Here. Knows last year he's worked his game and how do you bring have you been working on your game or no -- -- flown. So let's -- yeah. Important foreign -- -- daughter router out from real. Obama so yeah -- not look very mad money didn't really get money planet they're here they're great they're. You too Mike nice to hear from you tell. Her where -- let us who we reveal who senator number two sections backup or you don't know she's this is a jerk. For Texas back on that okay why is again have protection. Because we wanted to reveal on the not by senator children. Yeah how much money did you spend on these flowers. -- 61 district sixteen buys dollars and so 65 W can just come of his solo took -- home loans or can we go back to send one lead to protect children -- -- is one of these two peoples to -- actually do we don't know -- we do go. How are you know because they told us. But not -- the bigger one senator one. It was this done as a joke or was it for real. -- -- The police he and I and I have never met you. Well. These and I very much admired you from afar you know this -- -- -- would like and how you -- beware. May. -- your job you came into the studio. But again. It's -- senate to heavy government in the studios and a number two. The kind of why. I ask you to come on the show. You to clear landing. -- This isn't a guy. Turn off protection. This is of this and I'm sure hasn't had to downsize that. And attack that I who has done Jason -- kid racing Rick. And Chris Rooney tonight thank you very were run and I didn't hear you have no idea I have the ball good lie emergencies I'd I has crossed paths -- -- that from a YR war -- involved in the remembers admired yields like your sense of humor. It doesn't mean first of all I find myself unlikable. So I can't imagine why you would find me desirable I mean I would I would think. If you're a fan of the show yeah they knew. Left at the stuff that I say yeah it has to be told -- repulsive to women. Review now you've got your TV show on him so I just call some plays from the field. For around charge you guys every time you guys did this I ended going to be in screwed I mean there's slide in oil or I'm not -- -- in my underwear. And long. And always -- Donahue. Isn't that -- don't. Instead and at the only take I know this person yes howl from only met him once guides say notice. Not admire guys that step 6 in the morning with a broken -- -- and it makes fun of everybody -- and ethical leadership out and then come out not only. The book broken bat in his cabinet to keep a roof over his. Bruises but it's younger crowd they all he -- that guy young talent while we did not -- -- -- absolutely how did you restart on the money. -- -- -- -- You know they -- big giant men who were you already -- thirteen united -- Tiffany now get that thrown around you really did this. Not true people -- bad -- came up with the idea. We have three crew to be there he was gonna go pick that will carry over to my way to work and they're a lot. Nice now we -- -- we -- we don't know Ray -- so who is the brunt of the zone over here made it up Rocca we set this whole thing up. We set it up yesterday -- -- -- -- yeah. Then we're gonna have Johnson that he did. We're trying to get Rachel do -- she was of course -- -- She's too much of this the dollar shot knows it what are you. Know you're always for you know renters the bridge is a nice -- is agree reported which is a total -- I'm nobody I hear stories you get in the ads are only stories in a receipt no dude. So when he organ under the. And that didn't admit that I'll lose tomorrow wage. Let -- not had any staying -- -- on the. All right that's a generation you let loose Howard what he what what is DD Sean Carroll not over getting used to wrestle where he works at another -- Are planned event draws a circle around in the living room if I -- detail comes at a big red you know we units hard. What is the big plan was to move DM move. You're -- what are you are now mortenson now -- tonight it's not much tonight come. Out adore you -- us. Nigeria's. And the I saw your wrestling a story the other day with that decade -- really surprised solvent or canceled and then the ahead this morning -- Olympic it's gone but broad soon yeah and I I feel like in a way it's almost a smack against the United States for winning because they're always winning and it doesn't -- couldn't help Russia oh no I -- But -- two superpowers. And -- other or or former superstars and a second rate. Country when I was a show on one of the things is like that the sport to me was in the true spirit of what the Olympics are. Amateur athlete had to be one of the original things you did like in the end every easier DD dread that guy used to -- to pump them at a sort. That's I think that technically shouldn't allow professional athletes have to gonna keep its true spirit of the games in games like basketball maybe that needs to be taken out people got arrested that. But it really comes and the money more than. And he niche in the heavier Barack Obama converting land back on and I basically -- -- blood sport in the you can argue merits back and forth but in my opinion this is the sport that doesn't have a bad all of NFL worst of both trying to explain it to people. Well I want to -- it goes back ancient Greek game and it could have been doping problem that cheating problem with sports like acorn as and it seemed like the Olympic should be include it in the left solo sport I mean. He's got the superpowers but you know every one nation competed in the -- -- twelve -- and wrestling coach Knight took medals and I mean. -- I think what does how many how many countries. Are into a yachting. Lieutenant rich -- sport right right so I bet your there but -- yachting being killed a Somali yachting team is amazing what they've. Still some of the best in the -- they sink into. -- -- now we're threatening in the Olympics. That's -- people who can send their. That he really. I think Chinese and the Japanese Roman wrestling for a -- -- watching that and one that over US Cuban men in the Estonian man wrestling for COLT and he is very inclusive that every quarter but some sort to get the third search. It is silly this is and I agree it's hard to say cancer yachting you can even see that the eagle at the ocean and -- they can make you go to one you can make it up. -- -- Nice shot thanks for playing I show this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell us funnel has done me squirm a little -- -- I see guys got me again I really who has been and was -- down golf. He's saying she's I -- a whole bunch of people who is so there was I call maybe less like on this is not to come all did you solid money don't worry we did spend it. Who spent or about I don't accompanied yes. Better and in the people you and I we all know so Michael old client. Our final who's gonna get so blown out -- it's now I had another good violins vandalism -- plays Ohio so we're reasons we will allow we'll take a break you know and he can turn to sports today to see how not to act for Valentine is a million dollars that he's limited who didn't improve next. The up and we have a special edition coming up on the east side west side 3154 Valentine's Day. To give guys really really want for Valentine's Day -- there's the paranoia beer -- going on. Saturday at the armory and we get your tickets -- beside westside 315 -- appear in the break -- in 965 WC MF.

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