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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga: 5/10

Feb 22, 2013|

Danny calls Danielle, Tom's girlfriend, to inform her of the terrible accident involving her car. HILARIOUS, but prank goes incredibly wrong!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now this is a valid times they absolutely out re loaded down. But that three more in the dark a -- 65 WC MF. Now Ronnie James Steele was a short guy yes we heard that a woman who was about Tommy's heighten. Delivered a bouquet of flowers to him this morning yes just drop them off anonymously did -- mere nothing just left him outside the door. And somebody -- the building saw them and they brought back and the card is just another vague and anonymous. It's made Tommy uncomfortable which is may need super happy of course it does have really does so I'm sorry when you're uncomfortable situations one of my favorite times ever with GOP. I was going through the bordering Canada own everything -- you had -- yourself and your fidget and you're like don't don't bring yourself. I did I quite like this all caught -- I thought I am dying blows you'll how comfortable is awesome you are usually the wanna make everybody else -- come -- send you a little uncomfortable just isn't really angry. -- all the time. And it's all -- -- do it so here's what we decided to do my daddy daddy came with a really lame idea for his fiancee -- like tulips and roses she likes to love. Our favorite flower price they all lie to run heroes lies in the that's up. So watch so I think -- at face value so -- Look -- Saudi problem -- so he. If you really had no plans for Valentine's now he stepped out as a money and we reminded them that he has a talent if you play guitar talented women love every Jew -- isn't saying in -- and helped over his crap I was talking to Danny like the kind of heavy like last week -- would you don't know -- we did he brought it up president he said something about. And might then overt. The Yankees and the joke humane about. What was Yankee Bernie. Bernie Williams certainly play guitar and and every every app. Athlete wants to be Iraq's start every rock star wants to be Iraq staff -- everybody wants to be a rock or multiplayer at the right now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Screws all over the tabloids right now him what -- I'm sorry for party -- me on T shirt isn't working yet that dude wants to be Iraq's are sure Carolina is all of the lifestyle finisher. So. I you got the ability to be rock star and so did he still we were trying to get him to write a song and then we said look. Danny can practice to go out to your significant other and sing the song and delivered flowers perfect looking for people to do that. So as it turns out weren't doing it on behalf fool -- Danny has to go saying. This song -- to a man I have the song cute appear this to a she wants on Erica said their marriages had a rough spot earning his Janet if. Maybe it. I want a motion Quetta city -- -- I don't know -- would you do that isn't just us today. You all we did not warmed up yet and -- yes I did that tonight when you look into his big get. Ugly market. You'll find your high. Ladies senator kids' self portion broke a bone in his wrecked car and -- -- -- issues she's probably on Miranda -- so we. So Danny's gonna go -- do that after 9 this morning and delivered the flowers -- coming up from an anonymous listener. -- meanwhile a guy named Tom is still on line I didn't I I don't know wanted to think this guy -- to grab it's Tommy there. Tom look at Tom Nick Collison said he would he need their help from relatives that. What time it who would you do gives strawberries to year growth of two years -- -- covered hand dipped strawberries she's allergic she got very upset and you don't know the -- told you many times. So you're out of her car today correct. You want us to call her and say that you were in a terrible accident. Okay and not sit with a your data not just to see because you believe. That she needs you and her life and it shall realize what an insignificant thing this strawberry idealists. If if you were actually got is that is that Koran here to. Yes -- mad money on the table. Did you know this kind of happened to me. -- in a roundabout way implies -- -- housing gauged to this chick mentally down Lexington yeah no more can hear now but I went down to visit for a week and I drove my car down -- So that day she needed to get her oil changed -- should take my car gets to work. I'll take you -- don't change and so she goes to work. I'm lane and then I get the phone call your car has been an accident yes. And basically she really she didn't see some issue rear ended a guy. And smash in my little GO match so they do they will call the cops called me I thought it was a joke right there was our Brothers busting my balls right because no this is the Lexington police department fire and I -- Was like. They I was like to believe this combined bill and I don't know what to do sir thank you just get woken up you -- -- cars and -- don't even know what else I scare the crap out of Matvichuk is dead I didn't know so Tom Danny's gonna call her own. He's gonna say that he's calling from W CNET news isn't horrible thing to do some she'll listen nonstop. Now are now sees cheating and PR girl that. I'm just telling email when I had this phone call I thought my girlfriend of fiance was dead yet till they tell me she's going to the hospital and they don't tell you a lot -- Bomb the data is gonna say he's he's from WC have news. That her car was involved in an accident we're trying to find out who the driver was an okay because it's hard to identify. And he'll go from there as you call that Tom. I am sure your radios off because -- we're gonna leave you on what we do this but before I do that I want an -- Danny's gonna pick up because he wants to just verify her number again. Okay not -- bad idea -- fed a delicate. So yeah we have decided to choose Tom can hear us now learn that we wanna turn the tables. On. -- -- see any during the break has talked. To his girlfriend told her what to expect that are so he's gonna caller. Tom -- idea friends buddies who turned tables and I love it and I'm not sure is Cheney said he was -- online -- obviously what Steve -- Steve has -- suggests when he got Steve. Don't just just can't reject a deal where -- -- accurate says about him. Have me worried about the car -- and I don't know how to interpret our own -- there. I do it says he has a good 120 I don't tell us but he's gonna use these give me the one -- talked orange done. By IC thank you grow. Merit you put back on -- And then that is when he's on when -- hole of the radio station -- -- for yes and so he gets. Tom. -- I mean -- sits -- quiet. Art Denny got a number you say due date Danny's gonna call right now I'm here when we are required yet. -- -- -- -- -- We -- Valentine stay with. Gonna tell her that she and in fact and what's her car. -- to believe that maybe he's dead. It's not your million immigrant. Good -- on the air mornings just Danielle. Skies is damn -- from a W CNET news -- told is all the time on have a word of a bad accident involving a car registered to a woman named Danielle said your name's -- right. The only thing we know is the drivers mail but the owner of the vehicle is a female we want and off the car was stolen. -- -- -- this is Camarillo caught from WC MF newsstand we're trying to identify the driver -- than an accident this morning the driver was male older cars owned by a woman named Danielle. Do you. But the absolute war what happened. We don't know what happened but players so few agencies several authorities on the scene right now we don't know what's going around. It is okay yeah we don't know is that your card and you. Get different check out this morning and yeah. It is my do you look at -- sport and we had -- Of what. Are we -- -- argument that morning it yeah it. Is he okay. Problems. Do what I say if. -- can't be ideal and he. Is not -- We'll welcome it we don't -- the technical about it or sweep of the -- Why would what's going on why he. Needed now on he -- an actor's actor probably sort and I. I mean it how -- been reading what I. Can't believe it for me right now. Not. Only. A pop up a couple. -- Long. Tom altered bats it's the I don't know how did you see -- your girlfriend. Or. Certainly. -- and its condition he achieved this chase he's like we didn't -- -- -- plus two. I do turn up so hard to win -- I'm gonna kill someone I hope. She -- solid. On top cop sit there for second hole. Poland's these try to call -- and -- -- -- Don't go Hillary gonna do go don't go anywhere Tom they're trying to make love this morning just Malone don't go anywhere tundra not young -- -- strategy will all take a break we're trying to get back and on -- don't seem to just stay right where you are. -- very -- you will be back in just minutes. We'll get off the one difference to him so he came here this kind. But -- -- sort of does a good and it's scary it was a good twisted turned the table does not and it's not -- -- rollout will Woolsey we can resolve all the snacks for 965 WC MS.

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