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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga: 6/10

Feb 22, 2013|

The Break Room concludes Tom's Valentine's Day prank

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Normally we have breaking news as coach really I apologize he got caught up in this whole little dumb things I was doing good though and now you'll do breaking -- -- -- really tomorrow will reset everybody will do -- I don't -- we normally do that on Thursday April apologizes -- it's a holiday. Spot so we -- we were saying hey guys what do we do to help you out -- Valentine's Day and Tommy had flowers delivered anonymously that he doesn't want to. The beautiful there like -- this 5060 dollar dollar resort Danny's going to be singing a song news girlfriend a fiancee don't drink Gionta. -- she gets all that of people call your girl. So war Danny's gonna go out and actually delivered the flowers to a dude. And saying they Ambien and know what song the idea of his wife like that after nine. But Tom called and said that he screwed up Valentine's Day already. Because he. He gave his girlfriend strawberries and she's allergic men and Tom was married before -- we deduced and that was kind of just default gifted she's allergic Summers was really like this man a fight broke out. So he wanted us to call and tell her that. She was in an accident he's driving her car today. And says she's still bad Brian I was -- rights Sylvia. For frighten. Tom. Are you checked. No I'm I'm back in my car mama we don't. What don't go home relax bro visiting someone Tom called when -- when Danny called his ex girlfriend Danielle. Danielle said let me tell as Brothers Brothers here you have a twin brother obviously Tom -- -- -- no residual -- you guys. Now he comes over when he leaves. She's playing well let me that you might want to pull over. Is we have your girlfriend -- line here. Danielle. You're right. -- And we. OK any speed in the group. You know banquet. -- many. Other leaders in the cable audio. Let me just say -- look look my favorite part of all this stuff. Is that we're getting all these calls on you guys were set up the brain trust -- you did you -- -- -- headed by really Smart guys like to does that he deserved it is yes it was a bit we turn the tables on Tom yes it was a bit Tom called on result what does a -- line we did a bit. And told Danielle because we thought it was horrible thing did you call off on Valentine's ABC this is the dumbest thing in the world. That got Tom needs to know that Danielle needs him we knew that yes it's and after big huge -- it's tough course we told you we'd like -- we -- we gave what you behind the -- Not least we showed you what was happening that we were gonna turn the tables on Tom and let Danielle and she's completely made that up she's nicely with the brother. Yeah it's all there yes because. Well first of all or Dicks who Brett Hull security made valentines bad there right so we're gonna Obama. I can't it to make it worse triggered -- a power -- stupid thing to do Tommy told. Where his fiancee -- actually got into an accident with his car in the police call. And what happens to you what you may think somebody's running because they don't give you any information that -- you had to come down carrier. So taken her to a hospital I we all thought that that was very very mean but since you were willing to do with double -- pull a prank on you. So Danny Calder -- this on a commercial and told her yes it was a dead but it was a bit. Turned on Thompson. Tom called us out it's because he wanted Danny to come and say threaten the world what do you what data comes he wanted to do this yes so that was it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What noted that we will totally on Valentine's Day yeah I do you think all night and -- it pretty. You know you really open I can. We are alive Tanzania today in the breaker looming in -- you're controlling -- And Tom. Up good thank you need to figure something -- here for real bring up the issue -- he has the name this is a dome this these two should not be the other. Tommy says break -- Michigan this. Certainly twin brother the various. Instead it. Sort of sense doesn't it's tough when your house -- is greater -- the door go back to work pick up some flowers get a bottle line -- you'll be fine. You know -- night is she's obviously that's no she's not salute to run. The fact did you -- would believe that means there's some kind of trouble and it's -- -- in Europe you need help. Color or you need to get out additionally -- -- and because if you don't even trust that -- to control and that's a problem militiamen -- -- to his brother because now he's done. Go back to work though. Don't get yourself central Italy more -- Proof. Where to go lawyers and albums that. The -- these a lot of funny to turn it on I am perfectly the perfect -- -- I mean there's the bit that is the -- yes. Yes it was a complete bitten yeah. But Mike's wants to know is she free now why you -- Sure all of her specific. Tests come on her flowers and whiny to -- was already strawberries. -- urge you to -- brought all things. She really that mad because we told her to play it up on the radio. Right now we told -- Danny said were really try to played up on the radio and invest. Danny get a -- dating is doctorates only offered that -- to shoot seems kind of flattered. In Atlanta you'll that's got -- six it's only buttons played up the nearly appears totally all the break and guys who is ready for you all let's. But we'll take a break phone numbers 2226018. Texas a 99404.

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