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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga: 4/10

Feb 22, 2013|

Tom calls into The Break Room with a horrific idea for a prank on his girlfriend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meanwhile a guy named Tom is still on line I didn't I I don't know what's it to think this guy we grabbed it's Tommy there. Tom look at Tom Nick Collison said he would he need their help from relatives that. What time it who would you do gives strawberries to year growth of two years -- -- covered hand dipped strawberries she's allergic she got very upset -- right. So he abandoned this is a great what do you want us that there robots and that's I -- -- -- -- -- -- you don't know Albright you won us the -- out well he's a huge I think he wants this on Internet on -- end. Not all over again here's the thing he's. So really like this -- -- bringing an end to end -- like this think the whole story. This they'll wait just distraught very surprise Barack. Do you think you must have done a lot of -- moves they've got to this point. You know I that you use after it goes. Then. You. Don't go -- and comes out like I'm I'm registered an idiot. All right guys -- -- she blew up this morning. All right how close to this is this to ending the relationship. The Arabs and I -- anyone and I you don't know me -- the words he said she used how big is how close is this to ending the relationship. Yeah well geez can this morning and that like it I don't even know her why should we go our. Locked and brought you -- he was getting all there -- hunt is on fire Ron -- -- like I haven't tested it earlier and I hope entertainer. He'd man she would be lost without our help to get out of -- doctor. Our house she moved in with me out there like a million based Ers don't you know really a strawberry you know do what did you do for you. Is your horses since she's great she's been -- little assertions that he -- you be alert listening things you do for her. What does she do for you with that I thought. It's got to help well out in some way as well right. Let's hear me. I mean you know -- it is -- she's like a good partner and CU you know -- colleague in Connecticut curriculum has made. Thanksgiving dinner all I get tangible is there anything she's done have you been in a tough situation very elderly where she maybe has helped you out and some think. Pensions and and you know I -- like you know there was actually about a year ago barely an hour. There was a situation and Luke where I was boosters like I was -- -- -- promotion it didn't then and it was like kind of a killer. OK but you know she helped helped soothe your -- -- heartache junior Felix. I'm gonna get ten if you broken down on the side of the road but is she the first person you you call in order to come get you or help you or would she come. Have you ever like due to her car -- untimely death. Sure yeah greater herb garden earlier it would -- cart record it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You who aren't noted that you getting together is relationship. Both of you but you say that if she if you weren't there. Her life would fall apart this kind of what did sound like I don't think it -- that I helped to sell our house I I. IAM hero he has an eyebrow but -- Like you know utilities stated policy -- some people for a cheaper ridiculing here it like a double. L I I think you know it -- -- -- opt in and and say we you know I think that there are locker. I would want us to do for LA -- and we do ours our deal. Here because we get that come out and sing the song about how great you -- hands. Here is that they IA during 909 wrote Kurt I drove her car today right -- -- below which -- -- -- Calder. And -- there was an accurate. And they try to like terrified of driver and the only thing you can find this information is your -- -- car should tell you who couldn't drive a car. US it's only dead. You know Europe without excessive and you think you -- Valentine's Day earlier tonight and this is an idiot. You know many Tom what's really tell him. It proved important her and Barack Obama though are very remiss people around the man. Earlier -- -- please don't kill you. Selfless and realize that what you should do you should go kill yourself right now and then she'll still feel I can leave a -- Now realize that this is a bad day idea of leading. This woman to believe that you were injured or killed. Social -- accident many -- surprised to show how much she needs huge dude this is a bad idea and you got -- you got some issues. Hey you guys that you you're you're here how guys today. No guards noticed it could do any good opponent you will see an immediate artists making some. This is it. Don't bet great editor -- -- And well I think is all the are pretty strong. I'm not allowed and what I can always it's terrible. Somebody get or god damn car accident this guy is an idiot I always think that when I'm not comfortable most of their business from its good. -- we can't do it is I think legally can't do this. You can't on radio call up somebody is it has been a horrible accident and they guy may be dead. -- I got a second Tom don't go anywhere render. Are great -- Donnie. Body -- what I wanna say. -- -- Alan and I don't like women. Are obligated. I don't know why women in the details didn't want to. Complicate -- I didn't think they go out which. And -- -- a one way. It. Right yeah. Well -- felt that I didn't like it came. Up with Arab I -- -- now. Actually I think I'll be right now. -- -- -- Night. And meeting called to say they dive a car acts dollar and a night. Tom. Yeah I'll put John alt control worries that he can do this I'm an idea -- -- tell -- that brought these dead from a bottle wants. Which during this -- it -- didn't get his get the information. He can't hear you know he can't make -- radios off -- like can be female and the theory. If you die if you're the guy serious. But she's okay we turned the tables on him. Maria we call her we teller what he's gonna deal conceive shall act along auto V funny we have Danny call. Like Danny does. We just sit quiet we would Danny call turn and then see if we can turn the tables. That's one -- her turn the tables on it -- -- from all because this is is the craziest stupidest Lieberman on the road to crush from. I don't know how to turn the tables list -- figure that out. Fetus reads Hillary easy beginner in on the joke really bright charter and -- then she axe lake of -- -- he's dead. Federal something like that exactly good exactly. Thank god. -- -- -- -- -- for Haiti doing this is the craziest thing ever because the one thing about a relationship this is one piece of advice I always took -- my dad gave me that was actually good but remember everything get off. You should be in a relationship because you want to be. Not because you need to be heard someone -- need you or you shouldn't need someone to exist are able to exist on your own. And at a launch it'll be a stronger relationship it's a good that's a good ones like these guys talk about how this woman needs him parents got a hero complex. It was just some wrong with a few things you -- -- right. We'll take abrasive -- -- -- -- the breakthrough was on 965. -- -- -- --

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