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The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga: 10/10

Feb 22, 2013|

The epic conclusion of The Break Room's Valentine's Day Saga. Featuring JD's Wal-mart wisdom

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I've been sucks -- greatest men's and I ended up the so it's less -- so it's RM what my body to buddies were in his dad's Ford LT the restored a whole bunch of low brow. How can I only realize. We don't have a bottle opener low Raj bit ever -- again truly get up sell. And here's old school the old school cars are. Dearest chrome on the seats decides is the seats of the 4010. -- chrome plating on his -- figure out what you get the bottle cap just underneath the lip between the leather. And their chrome of pop open brings terrific -- -- do we have dear all over the car these -- spray. Plays we wanted to -- so drunken laughter -- Cary. Created a -- -- the oh yeah get the car wash add to the concert to bring you back to his dad's house today. You good -- us and is who is that buttons and going to be TO TP -- low brow and. -- -- 965. WCM. Math on a shelf we'd we'd prank on anything committee is Stockard I mean what good dozen roses. Sean Carroll admitted to being on that senate but not really am not Christian dam was price in the songs and we set amount to Janet's husband he do for Donald. He's saying. More than words by extreme and delivered the flowers that Tommy dollar from a stock. It's great and we had a guy who wanted to. Get his girlfriend who he had very stripped down times they've given -- food she was allergic to chocolate covered strawberries they gonna fight over that so he wanted to call up. To prove that. How much she's gonna know how he's -- this and how like how -- this fight was it like how insignificant it is -- I guess -- -- and I didn't realize. You're allergic to strawberries. You wanna -- got an accident humans do when I'm gone there so we decided all right this is the dumbest scariest thing ever so we told her what we're doing things she played it back on him. Does a -- that was really funny here. And men that we had -- -- west -- through in five before we go though I wanted to back to Wal-Mart wisdom where to find its well. -- went down the street any talk to a 25 year old guy named Austin. Now this curious as to what it's 45 year old guy thinks about Valentine's there what is tips for lovers I don't particularly tiger is 45 year old guy I just think it really doesn't have a whole lot on ball dealers say and and to kind of this doesn't that kind of -- men's resolute and tough to sort of figured. I'll what does a Valentine's Day tip from lovers this is Austin part of Wal-Mart wisdom JD got him in a Wal-Mart and 965 WC MF. Still -- delayed because the objective of downtime yes that's. Mountain Kevin I know there's. Look what gift will backfire Austin. They yup and Victoria's Secret gift cards thought it would be nice lie and have gone there is being in -- for two hours looking for her to stop the silence not a not a good luck -- your idea -- thought it would be cool yeah don't watch -- stuff on day it was exciting for 1015 minutes and it's. We shouldn't drag thing I should -- -- there's -- Where he was she's gonna come walking around 9 am historically a song -- did think that he thought all the chicks in the arena walking around and underwrote. He had thought I'd check -- out and she's at the clearance -- collapsed. If you end up single and alone Austin at Wal-Mart what should you do it's. To a bar code that violated try to daily -- -- -- -- enough to insist that tired. Give -- -- yeah then that's it he's right this is awesome. What three things should women do for a guy and Valentine's Day what do you think Austin says to this when guys get MBA. A knob because it's gonna dream -- we substance -- and then maybe another non. -- that he -- the sail on to say need to Wear sexy lingerie. Bang me and big piece of the nation aren't that. And when you control before. You know it's the path. The city of the thank you. Do you appear to make me saying. And I and I did not hear -- us. I did not hear -- and me yeah yeah. I had two -- -- and -- -- job at that that is an allegiance to me he's sort of vero -- then maybe they know him well what's the big deal. Taking care of business. And -- daily. -- live again. What three things should women do on downsizing this is 25 year old Austin. They'll Wal-Mart this duties he's in the end of the king of -- housing theory. With authority control before your answer. Path. The city would be. Do you appeared to make me a sandwich. It's all want ladies and saw your man wants right after surgery and create -- nothing and there really is true I had. I -- I think character guy will be happy with the fatigue LA what are you when do you starve it. He would work and I was there or doubt he had. We you're not doing anything in this most recently left. Still like me while I gotta get aroused. I should let you play well from my ours in an artist to lift that things. -- got a good look at mention for ten years of -- -- -- governor Richards for Euronext. 31% of men have admitted that they've either borrow or -- to something to impress ED I can see that -- -- car yet you did yeah. Nice now and I had -- chase down one to banks so bad -- store their craft as super car yeah so I want to rent a car but yet. Our -- -- -- a -- just -- it was a decent car yet annihilate the members trying to rent to Corvette when I was seventeen when women Friday it was gonna go crazy. We -- Michael was such crap and she said yes and I panicked. People plenty. Pavlik went to close later in tuxedo. -- printed book a car. The night cars houses -- mean. These rigid tests. -- and and -- -- to pets William borrow somebody's Donald I'll pay my buddies -- let me have his -- go to the dog -- to pick -- that -- Ron -- got the dog around little note though we or something yeah. -- -- I can't tell you how many times I walk my dog. Their bras would come up there because the you know he's got a cute his command spaniel how many times -- all kind of rise to come up a one -- that doesn't did tip. I'm telling -- but it looks better is it and get answers a dog you give you want runner god damn pit bull. Think it's objects -- -- that if there are chicks out there and electrical DM but they're they're pigs. 90% of women citizens into these two presidents -- they have brought the other show and spread on the -- got to do to. Or two Lawson says thestreet -- and a bear to examine Petraeus put him on the maple of one. -- well I hope Valentine's Day goes good for everybody I'm -- again fellas. This is the chance to just kind of take charge. It didn't take charge state make plan a -- pressure and you -- -- you -- take no for an answer and and we were not think about this we always look for and don't signal strength. We look for the like the guy who's the coolest guy in the room of the -- either of them whatever it is like you know a comic whatever and you always wanna be that guy that guy in charge is your chance to take charge to -- right to do something fun. Terri and us -- that tomorrow we will hear from guys who were last minute people in the Carlyle had like 5 o'clock and I I'll get panic I'll -- that for us. We'll have while breaking news that coach really wish we didn't get to today -- is that tomorrow we'll find out -- Christian Dan -- did on his Valentine's Day when he sing in the song. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He'll be very uncomfortable with us but I am very uncomfortable I think we need to talk to her tomorrow -- happen and blow things up. How do you think it's gonna adamant she don't like to be talked about now plans for depth that we didn't it's. Let's see the -- master -- why did -- -- after all morals of the show -- there's a -- but let me taste and you've strung around here you strip and Israel and -- strong and you use your intelligence is a -- almighty god ideologies it's probably the media and it's true -- so let's see what you can -- -- super producer posted. Master post I just that I wanted to see if we we just heal wounds. We -- criticism. Good smug -- and seeing just -- graduate policy if we could talk just as to how went with the regular forensics in Barcelona. -- -- -- -- -- Got hot hot. -- -- -- seventeen years old when I was soon in -- you could say thrown stood with him is close to a review largely what are you doing. Today. Making dinner when they -- make dinner when he went -- a year it's gonna suck what he does suck we make. Gonna do some -- chicken spiced chicken cajun pasta. Really wanna get -- -- -- the only now what are. And man this is a one day I get a chance a second engineer want to ask you -- -- car just go Genoa violating its audacity -- made meal wegmans by all put on a plate like you made it. At all to be on sand and M -- six -- and these six budgeted two sides. Six dollar mail camped and installing giants. Six dollars on we. She'll ask you why there's a huge W in this crib here. A they know it's perfect -- into wow you dread that I had a great day Cano is next don't forget is. The love lust. From a tea. Well lust does that chronicles of love lust and heartbreak -- loves us not to remind the arid area or has young and every hour they'll be drinking songs cheating songs. And even the name of the woman Brooke your heart -- coming up next with Cano and almost rally this afternoon on 965 WC --

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