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Ron Moldraker on Teacher/Moslester

Mar 6, 2013|

Ron Holdraker, editor/writer for the Times of Wayne County, calls The Break Room to talk about his piece "In This Corner," describing the facts behind the death of music teacher Frederick Dunn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a 65 WC. MS. Banned completely pissed me off -- what happens -- during the break apparently been intimate with reducing new mood a drug. Does that sound live is when I go out and so when he goes because amigos. Dell Moran does have a drinking problem maintained his son Jamison. So I think I know I yeah idea she is yeah after a whiskey -- to be named them after I go this is bill and that's not program. Yes it is. I don't know I didn't I I sit honestly -- joke is is Jamieson I like the way the name sounded really came from all my kids are named mr. basketball -- -- it's funny but some like Jackson is Phil Jackson and then Jordan Michael and her and now you've got. Jamison was LeBron James really that's really what was inspired the name. Yeah you named them after a whiskey. Ago I didn't I Saddam I item one -- Jimmer James Brown was we call them Jamison doesn't live with the brilliant hey don't you know I says it was a joke I've said that that really was an -- -- ever. I don't watch -- Idea that might. You should let some of their own. And -- with us. Anyway periods -- ever have somebody turn out to be something you didn't expect them to be brochure happens all the time I was told Danny that. You know I I went to a church much like Danny goes to growing up them and there was something called vacation Bible school sounds like golf -- and there's a guy and -- like the head of music he was just on the twenty some guy in him when he loved him -- the church he was hit that he was cool so cool Chris Jack Kennedy got arrested for PCP and Angel dust -- crashes -- -- us. It on and -- didn't really know that stuff. And there are times. -- -- -- and if you ever had said prior to -- and him being arrested and charged with -- that he is the kind of guy that does that people wouldn't believe it registry doesn't believe sneak around. And I think that's kind of the case with this teacher named -- -- He is a popular music teacher from north rose and he was also the head of like their musicals and things. And up people love to this guy for having seriously he's seeing people like seizure of -- and teacher and I thought it was so I don't know I wanna salary is 48 but I don't know why I think there. The sole -- there's much speculation all over. All of a sudden he left. Played practice one nights that I have to run there and I'll be back in that was -- that was dead and all these. They found this car at the and a -- dead end in the may. They couldn't find him made him -- -- -- over search parties called out and couldn't find them and all kinds of them in rumor started circulating her but now he was doing -- touch indicated an appraisal reviews write everything was a rumor. And people were -- outraged. Because this stuff was being set and or. Bugs especially on line you know nowadays you would never think his -- did any of that stuff you can pretty much say or do anything you want online -- their forever -- -- and so he can really hurt some money so. You know but the guy died in -- could make sense of what happened Walt rod -- breaker is the -- a psychology the founder. The editor of the creative force behind. The times to Wayne county would that be correct. You can you go their way to go why did you -- -- -- -- southern -- Democrats and that's out of but that the weirdest idea but it is straight and maybe you know whatever yeah. He writes a piece called in this corner by Ronald -- And in it in this week you lay out the facts. Behind. The disappearance and death of Frederick done right to -- What did you do let's just go through the fact by fact. And then I'll say some things that were written here and if you don't wanna comment on and it's fun. Yes give us like this the first -- was he ever arrested for -- okay. What was there ever anything supposed to happen I would that push even come up well people were saying that he was accused. And had been arrested from molest they sides -- getting an idea. That's not true. No that's not true yeah look at what happened was. An eighteen year old northern allegation. Let -- cents to avoid them and like the eighth grade and mister donut continually. Sexually abused them. OK -- first it's and a number of years but are you on the other way can't ensure a permanent took the complaint. And they set up an interview kindly ask mr. Donna come in for an interview. And he didn't show up. A big deal to show up for the interview to the sentence -- And then of course he turned up missing them. The next thing you know it -- sure you know they found his body. Also this happened at all okay has he was supposed to come in Kenya and being questioned about the alligator Jason hurled his way to -- -- play eighteen year old boy -- -- there. So he failed to show up for that yeah five and steady took his own life right. Knowing now what can you tell us about his body from what the news said he died of hypothermia. Now in order to die of hypothermia that means you gotta be outside yes it did so was there a chance that. He needed a minute that he just left to play practices that true. Yes well he definitely practiced -- -- -- -- And in a parking lot of stored in Wolcott. So he just wanna Sybase they had I think Jose just sat outside and froze to death yet on purpose. He didn't take any pills or anything like go to sleep time. Drew blood tests won't derby -- for months and I think to export wilder for blood test to come back and allow. Okay it was so we don't know but I'm not I'm thinking that that is out there I can't imagine mark you bring beer. Innocent guys and guys don't have a problem yet that he was gonna compounds had a feeling -- alcoholism -- -- of -- -- -- -- itself. I so is and now he's still married so it didn't -- married yet it was still lady's senate. And none -- -- is not a war. How about where his body was found it was not sand lake that was found fairly close to his car but it took a while it. I want to say about 500 yards away from the -- you got to remember that particular week under that. A couple of days there. Really harsh weather blowing snow it -- and it ended up. Yet they had a lot of searchers out looking -- we know it regularly had divers in the water. That was but you know first thought that he had gone into the water. They -- shoreline but due to wind hadn't covered them up mountain smoke. -- -- I'm reading through some of the comments on your -- there's great mixed reaction here are some flights it seems like myself and done well I mean people saying that. You know normally I support your paper but this guy's dead. How can you do it somebody else and it's fun it's funny that you tell. Ron who's on the phone a stronghold trick -- -- mechanic just because someone tells you something doesn't make it true. Many go on to add I heard in your comments he had a heart attack now he may have. Right but I was -- somebody else's not go to. College you're feeling like that aren't exactly zeros and these are no comments to you morons com these economists Iran's come he did not say anything about a heart attack and I don't know that was ever any. -- as a center rumors what is the much -- but there are people were really. Upset. Because they don't believe any of this and here's the thing this guy who you'll never have the answers. William will today kids -- well William because the idea -- is someone's gonna leave the kid hardly gonna think that he made at all and I'm telling Iran now in Baghdad saying. Didn't show love and now he's dead and -- it suits shirts out for sure looks guilty doesn't it looks like it does sound like he port that candle we don't but again we you know you're doing your lives. The funny thing is that the investigation are gonna end. And it didn't and that's committed suicide. I would only supporters -- what had. You know I mean it yeah yeah you can dodged a bullet. Right sure and it it it's kind of piece we just sit down a lot of these people are putting on a pedestal. You know no mention of the victims I -- nervousness. How many how many people how many victims -- their well -- it would -- -- -- -- -- the -- that. You know any forward but you know I -- I -- millions of stories on sex abuse and I used to be and the victims resource -- I can tell you. A person doesn't just automatically start. You know what you you know. Let's take -- can't eat just one. That's right yeah I know my feeling is it just isn't true about him that there are more victims out there -- mainly. I hope they call a victim resource center you know -- all the media don't call over to resource center they need help. Nobody's -- -- really cute they're saying we'll let you know total red -- -- and it's hard and it's -- The victims. Yeah down there and their families. I mean you know dramatizing the Urals you know why don't you guys that are my age and you. That. You know look through the priest thing you know -- and -- -- -- in southern Afghanistan screwed up. There what I am having been IE I was molested as a kid I've talked about that on the radio I've gone to therapy for it and it does Kariya had done AV and really fine things steer like did you didn't tracked back to that and it takes a lot to do is realize that. That was a moment in time it you shouldn't define who you are but it may from weird sexual stuff to me for only comfortable. Shaming things. It also makes you look really really insists keeping a secret you know that you very secret about a lot of stuff. -- -- know the -- -- you know I don't know -- these are people are coming forward now and saying what it certainly wasn't. Like -- -- was the same time -- eight. But now they -- just saying if you were victimized don't come forward because we're gonna -- -- do you know and yet keep me up these -- That's always get them but I -- they lure the kids. They're nice guys -- -- -- comforting and their children they're trusting -- that's how you did that's how you get a kid in the event. -- don't wanna burst anybody's you know image of global you know mr. -- well. What about these kids and you know and and just get -- people team we are at the -- Well -- -- -- a great point because. That -- you guys -- saying is organ attacks here that people are saying there are more. Victims so -- and people know that we're I don't know on him it is again hearsay and rumor but their tax coming in from people. And then 9404 saying that they know for a fact that somebody else has talked to authorities say I'm guessing your bank. True that is true okay. And that's got to be devastating. To his wife who. There's a chance you did Joseph I'd I'd like to think that associate no. But did the other that's not possible if you're really kind of communicating with somebody but there's a chance she didn't know -- she shouldn't. And. Yeah you know what it's like the -- thing you know scenario of local boy and there was -- priest who would take us to look at another weekend. Well the only two months. And that's all we could only go back into standing -- and you know and go to third guys that don't Broadway to -- today bit. Are not married to that are. Going to still be in the big group. What you think that what they can without -- here's -- things. Whenever we talk read the stuff I am I'm -- I'm -- my head spins a little bit so I've lost my place but. I can tell you that what the worst things. And this is sounds terrible for anybody who is put at least it was 25 years ago or more. To be you never wanted to be a gay kid or be thought of -- OK sure so when you realize what gay is what it means and what. Okay and then you remember what happened to you. Evening long game but I like girls but I don't know what to do you use anybody boy it's like head to head games so all I can see you are these guys would never get married shame it out yet because you don't know. And I just say one thing because were you say the victims and go to get help. I've told people over the years and we came up to me who grow up in the town I grew up there and said to me hey. Cool was it. We -- like I told the person who really. Well that guy. Is now has cancer and stuff in married some money from our high school who was younger he settled down. And they had a big. Fund raiser and all this stuff black guy goes home has a couple Beers and tells people and -- number of people -- -- friend to me -- face that I went to high school with -- -- that wouldn't talk to -- so -- being -- because how could that possibly -- -- is married has kids and did this and you're saying the -- -- up well like what's the motivation for -- -- -- -- something here's the point and for me at this -- -- I don't -- and I know what -- I -- through -- -- -- that ever happens to anybody else I think it happened. I think it happened other people on the other person I think it happened to at least that I'm pretty sure. Died in the car accident many years ago. The thing is a bit but what do mr. dumb thing yeah suicide. It is terrible and I'm certainly happen. It is a little bit. Doesn't give anybody get passing strange and what -- an excuse and I'm hoping that there's that other victims out there they call the victim resource center at 33 or 1171. You know and and try to get help. Yeah threes at us this fall 315 and threw it right yeah 331 just 1170. Yeah. Show me on the go retention sit and yes exclusive 305 conference we will. -- some some -- and Ron IE I enjoy your paper and as time has gone on I think did do you know once things evolve things changed. Big instead of side kind of laughed and at some of the people there are few that I I feel bad for him away. There was one last week that I talked about where the lady was overdosed ordered or took too much prescription medication was found. To be endangering the welfare of the child and actually felt bad for 'cause I go I think this is solely make it happen to a lot of people. I don't know but I. Again you know there was another kid involved you know. -- site earlier sure but. You know you. I don't like people -- she's like -- horse let -- -- pilot you gotta say that drought for a tiebreaker I don't let people that floods so what's the sense that he's right so here. Now we do stupid stuff don't think that yeah. Yeah. I think also too get the facts out. Yeah yeah well all thank you run. And I will see you later good. The -- money. That ego man that's a story Lauren great story and there's all these people who -- it's a new -- my -- -- kilometer zone does go let's say and freezes -- discuss -- I think you took Ambien or something to knock yourself now I think maybe bundle up. He had drunk while the -- of -- yeah. Tennessee was what I was doing it's got to be some fine for -- -- she's got buried under snow things and meeting some -- sleeping pills and will -- -- a sign nice to its music gun that's where I've been cherica somebody did takes in 99404. I don't know him -- -- meant to ask -- -- Nothing's been done no arrangements for funeral. Well apps on mount first -- still high school over the wife has done nothing for him he's a frozen like I don't you come to think he's company kids like. Didn't come to claim of many other -- I don't know I mean their dammit. What happens if nobody claimed genre while -- version I thought someone -- and there's a -- died on March 19 there's a memorial service but I don't know that his family's involved but he brownie I guess nobody claimed -- -- the counties are scared but I don't think there's been any arrangement made for a funeral so that means his wife has you know -- of this. And then I'm hearing in the other person involved in the communities and globally the allegations and -- All according to an anonymous text at 99404. Is. Kiss adopted son or stepson. Is is adopted stepson and off. The two who apparently reality said was involved in the search for a gallon and then. Told supporters afterwards I was a victim. According to this tax I don't know excess bodies say there's somebody else who came forward this -- say it was. Someone may be under the same roof as him I'll allow you -- That then that certainly changes and he was assumed when he was a lazy he would even go outside we'll -- to bring down the hall.

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