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Rochester's Worst Grandfathers

Mar 6, 2013|

Listeners call in to The Break Room to share their stories of how horrible their grandfathers have treated them. Whoever has had the worst grandfather wins NY Lottery's newest tickets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're asking you. Just topped the story of a grandfather in the time swing coming and I don't know what this guy his name is Lester van Gelder Lester has a great old man -- -- Lester. Molester -- He said during a molester how many lives and not on a road called strange especially when I'm wrong and they -- extra -- road and strength in Rhode bless your own train -- you don't let your first -- growth -- that. Lester is a granddad and I don't know what happened maybe he's involved in raising the -- usually. The great thing about being a grandparent as you get to enjoy the kids maintenance on the home. But nowadays -- Boston -- -- -- raising your -- kids kids and parents can do it but according to. The paper he was arrested Lester that are for aggravated harassment in the second so we called the -- up yeah and a referendum. To do what I have no idea that Suzanne I don't know what I try to find a number I mean we don't always tell -- he's got a bag nine. Probably can push kids too tired yet. I'm sure is a Smart -- finally went upside your head of the right in many runs and had to indicate goes and risers opinions. But well you know the the image of a grandfather's usually like. Just guiding hand yeah let's let's but loving friend right kind and generous statesman all eyes really three goatee confidant like my grandfather. Was in the magic as a -- problem but you reduce some fun tricks just for kids -- this -- It was a retractable -- would turn into -- two. Full of flowers on Soledad so I've borrowed all the stuff and and to do magic shone like fourth grade -- up on stage. And while you're bomb and way back then yeah. Yeah Ellis park is McCain's use one of these like spiral things it would attracted to a -- -- they came unraveled. -- all broken -- given him back this stuff it's a new message he's really good how does Israel think he's gonna want progress. But he was cold all last -- don't you think about lake. You know people a lot of people or inspired by the grandparents my grandfather was if you just did OK I knew -- the -- in Auburn yeah was a huge dent. Races to. Mean guy -- -- -- DOD died when I was about size and doing gnome but my grandmother my dad's mom to be a huge stick just you know just an ass -- of -- person not nice to yell racist jerk. Mean to my mother. Just just just horrified she was not a pleasant person to cook it or not she as she was like 10:9 evening you know they say. Yes you got it broken stuff -- -- Lester van Gelder who called and threatened his grandson and 2226000. If you can top that story has determined by a the break room we will say -- with 25. New York State. Lucky lottery lucky green scratch off tickets nice -- chance to win some money did they that's 45 near -- lottery lucky green scratch off tickets. If you can -- the story of -- -- -- we will begin with -- the numbers 2226000. Dave good morning. -- Hollywood are well I don't regret what were true but I'm when he got out eat basically. And I was like a drill instructor are. -- already eight and is directing to -- well triple. It's. What are. What is wilted lettuce. I am not clear -- -- if you didn't. You don't demand and if you disobey are you got to know I don't he quipped you -- now. I used decorate my grandmother's -- perished at a point where she should totally blind parent. -- And yeah those huge jet airline does that -- like about porn out -- she joked that. It was important and liquid and don't let them. Well according -- and I don't you don't let drop dead in numeric eight Eldorado Texas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's funny to those used her some -- whole library grab your info unless your regatta. The digital diseases she does wants other calls coming here -- -- -- Onscreen liner on the air go ahead. At my grand plot -- -- -- Not very they all what the elaborate my grandmother. Yeah we do IE well yeah. -- There are extremely pork and my grandmother and chewed out in orders to buy all of their kids. Hey -- know what Jeff she didn't have and -- tough but there's not a job rights should be doing or job. She questions. She wanted to buy out the kids they -- winter coat. Yeah the -- -- that -- royal way not sure going to issue expecting to pick them up that's not bad but I am a huge cash in remote code -- All. Hot he said you. Put it there like and it can't -- to boot -- Cashed in that -- They can't get no preference. What was their best dressed in drank out of money. This is partying got the idea right -- grant funded Dean Martin. Yeah. I if you. Wow all right what's your name. That's a good -- hold on don't go anywhere hold on your record. Bills and Henrietta bill what's your grandfather's story. They like it was our first got married my group award but I moved to -- -- terrorists or bolster a period husky puppy yeah. And we've got to keep Bedard tied up but fortunately I hate it dogwood bark howl. In. I get a letter from my grandfather attorney there are being played you knew right from your grandfather. -- Iraq earlier -- For a look at the drawn up are probably right. And you know under the maternity. -- outfit. And you never came -- talked to you know -- never know not know what that is -- -- gotta order through our further very accurate here out of here and I hate that guy he's a grim brick. -- let me do -- more Jason what do you. Jason -- on -- and it. Good puts up. So I would like. I think I was like that's it that's -- for standout will permit -- out vote stop it was a -- -- guy. They had. You know make it -- is it. An older then yeah I'd be gotten you know get very bad shot a little baby out. -- -- Yeah. Yeah I know we are here again we're you know -- and here probably -- that -- in. -- It a little -- I hold on it's a good one that's doing the media one last one parent. It's -- -- number four. Karen. Caring and yeah what's up. I what -- younger I got air my daughter I got there was a lot of local book that I know little quiet call. We took an exit of the day we heard -- all. They. -- -- do -- very prejudiced and for the little African American or white. And our. Glacier we Wear purple light to come by -- Port where. We're waiting in the -- -- sweat like when you're like yeah yeah right. We got barely -- in Hollywood pictures. Can't we get that literally right under. -- decorator and light and not because we -- so I will bet you -- Now I can't say I have to say in his mind he thought he was doing the loving fingers and probably -- and bruises on his -- are relax a little harder all. With the current -- I -- like Karen. The reenact -- is so we had its debut I don't know Graham followed remain if you didn't need the media furiously eight I went about -- the prime bank gets robber announced. Marion grandmother casting -- that runway awaited take his. Mr. -- drive love -- that's all right let that would be the -- grandpa yeah I learned bad policy because he's that he always get believes. She's an alcoholic -- got evicted from. Sounds very -- putts a funeral and Jason's grandfather kicked the baby and yes to say shut that kid up or kick the cradled the baby was dinners out and and then Karen's. Grandfather who she lived with at the time. She went out to protect its there was -- great granddaughter right in there so I out of those I mean the three that I like our Miriam -- Jason. I'd like to highlight the coats. These eight these codes Amadeus and daily cash and as Anderson Cooper who thought -- victim he's pretty bad but you know what you're an adult know right you gotta figure that many I appreciate a poor guy -- still has a mistress. This -- are expensive. The guy keep the babies for the event here. It may be an or -- Christian I gotta go in Miriam in the coats Nigerians -- system restore opera she gets 25 New York State lottery lucky green scratch off tickets. The break room is on 965 WC masks.

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