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A Simpler Time...

Mar 6, 2013|

The Break Room converses time travel, and what time in their life they would go back to if they could. Afterwards, Haley comes back to TBR to talk about her MeetMe.com profile, saying it's "blown up" with desperate, bizarre creepy messages

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you go back to a simpler time an easier time in your life that you -- not not one that you didn't go to Lynn you know what learn would you go back to would you go back. Would you go back and do anything. All right go back here would you imagine yeah I think so Sharon yeah. Won't go back to the 1960s. My friend would do -- Mann ruled the wounds. What would you go back today I'm not like going back time the guy but if I had to go back on -- go back to my junior years Fisher. Really at the Sony had at all. An easier time was in these huge sighs go they get a deal probably do is study my bills for pain -- -- -- -- pockets. What he's -- can appreciate those times now Republican men. No because you -- did you choose candidates right now I mean now idea earlier rendered cell phones and this event problems they can reach anyways yeah I always say stress again it is empty. I would go back through if -- -- to go back tonight. I can't I I kind of like the way things are now I know that sounds we're gonna do hey you know -- you got hit a point in my life -- I I feel like I know myself well enough and I know how to. Probably when I was 28. Tony hey yeah. I stood Murano was in full swing well I had I was a height of morale taste come back to the radio station and then that's when I met my room my now wife and you know is is a fun time sure -- a fun time. That was the year the millennium. When they were turned down 2000 men -- intended to portola to the British Virgin Islands and then hung out big celebration ME net that was that was a fun times I've been that was fun time. But so be it -- Danny Houston and I think knows. -- -- well let's let it when the wheels auction. Well the study said -- they get that feel word is talking about something completely unrelated to this he has you know what his life -- -- -- -- his Rubin who would you just came off and -- -- came off club buddies and I you know for me when the world tomorrow day after I graduated from cal. Well. And hardly sounds tell -- tell -- -- tell why I got three of the four wheels back to back -- okay go get drunk driver in and day -- up -- Well basically -- we have this huge party of three graduate it was awesome my parents were there everybody was there and next thing was Mother's Day was born -- it was freezing cold. I didn't have a full time job yet. And my crewmates could have gone -- -- -- -- -- -- back home so there I am an apartment by myself with no television my family's gone all my friends are -- -- Well the Summers are my post college life well I mean is day one for Chrysler but satellite into panic -- I won't reach your goal you left college I want to -- -- morning show and do sport Sports Radio basically and -- was gonna happen immediately but. I end -- getting hired at this radio company and stuff is that you didn't make much money and eventually I got. Quote unquote laid off. In my lot of guys say marine. Came -- I told a -- my dad and my dad got saps that's I've now learned today there's a guy is a show that -- me up through lie group who did go back. They got their real -- something. 22 year old guy. In Tennessee -- to go back to just got his entire high school basketball team disqualified from the state playoffs and got a great. Because from way back -- he's a 22 year old -- -- and keepsake to transcription or give plan a high school basketball team began thoughtful and even had his wife. Poses as a guardian life and it when he enrolled at school. Wait so when you watch Dan Nolan genmar honour to know that he had up. The high school to claw houses and -- is -- -- it's just probably signatures. You know I'm in now we just moved here -- negative. The kid goes back a joint statement. He got all the way to the state playoffs but now they're disqualified to somebody when. I'm not saying that's not the man up here. Did you went back when you got to relive his. Read or -- -- got to go back to his glory days I want to do is bang in high school chicks and confident tonight he's married. I'm sure knows they're not from not what god is come -- why it. -- complaining after school on the he's a star in the basketball team well -- I don't know pilots say it is pretty funny I was he turned down some underage -- He was so desperate to play high school -- quality that he fix -- transcript gives wife poses guardian to enroll and no one of the school bothered to look at his background as they had. They would have probably been out he has a high school diploma and he used to be a gang member and knowledge it's. Also he was a -- Katrina kids. Probably get transferred you know they movie and I were -- we have moved around -- the big giveaway was when they started -- -- LeBron on the court always just a -- you know yet that something that a lot of guys and they can go back you always shenanigans -- he's -- glory days and all work together right now if I could now while we're really gone all out and enjoy it while aren't. Well yeah it's not as sick as it's not living in the moment. You have you know Hussein and live in the moment we can he can enjoy what you god we have an -- and grabbed. And -- -- in my hands. And you know he adding he got to stay on the got them -- but even Danny you know it did it at some point late now no TV my friends are gone you get a little nervous you're all right. I think Dennis a little hopefully you know that sounds kind of enjoyable to some people sometimes now now. Right are you take it for a -- I would read a book. Whenever something -- get a rest right brightness but I think there's a place. Where you can never go back I mean this -- -- can never go back you should -- went this is the closest you get the -- You know and I'm sure trying to recapture that nowadays you don't have to do because you have all the online dating stuff current and you can go be Gloria and and he did she -- -- night David -- all night. And got to be that'll cheesy I didn't without name buddy ceemea brandy get to go back and be. You know all the allies he thought would work during you -- you -- I was -- they -- and do it. And we did a whole experiment with Haley. And social networking site called Mimi dot com and meet these. Similar to FaceBook. But different in that people can check you out pretty freely. They can get on there and by zip code find deal. So just says you're talking about recapturing the glory days ago back like this 22 year old generally that I like to go back to his junior in college. I only ask Haley to come up with a some of that -- -- things you're your whole Mimi dot com profile blew up in the daily. It is bad players. -- -- -- And this is the -- What do you mean funny what's the funny stuff. Well I mean these people can still eat it and not let because there's still got -- but but I heard that I have received they're just very. I -- I read -- some of them because. I have met there with these people I. Protect the truth I don't have a -- I think they -- they probably I think they I have but at least -- of these people I -- -- desperate. Are -- older guys on there. AARP baby and how old is the oldest guy that has contacted you all admits to admits to being a certain age or. They're glad that I peace to read a party line orchard park New York. So wagon to the report. -- wagon to insulate -- night what is T says I. But -- that this pretty interesting. He says you're very beautiful -- not satisfied they -- acting because then you can you know a lot happened to -- and the match. Why can't -- went to write us and yes let it slide always notes. -- time his press is that what DOT's wagon learned when he's gonna recaps of those glory that it -- important. I said I would do I have been at least at anything. We're coming about intrigued me as a -- Billy I type. It's good -- it's another on the. I'd rather put into bed with you about the -- blah blah blah. -- -- a tendency -- can't really give me up the body was did Knoblauch. All I tell him. I'm letting you know now I have a penis I was -- -- -- I am a process of becoming a girl. And she got up. Now and it's yesterday's round is scared lag Cingular didn't -- Talk a little better and felt like he did know me even -- I was confident. Well I think at that point he's trying not to be rude. Well I mean I don't know that these guys gentlemen. No -- these T swagger with a little genteel -- makes them. It's Haley tell us some of the guys trying to recapture the glory days of her on -- dot com anybody else. This guy I mean all my god yes that is hysterical we've had a bladder. And with that last week yeah it's bad I'm only one -- Oh come on quite quickly as if they don't. Recommend doing that on a computer. Because. It even like rocket followed this step this freezes there is definitely. The -- -- that's viruses they got to be community Deluca very little. Do you ever let Lenny said just got a break. Came up -- at highlighting the money I would like to get 2 1000000 more I am a very nice guy -- -- picture last completely be back. Yeah Prilosec and holding a catastrophic. Do you think -- from buffalo many lakes -- kiddies and put it that Redmond on the right don't think it's not like that. And didn't talk on the computer that we should. Really haven't either dating back anyway and it has -- -- -- and political note that it created back. -- so do you look at that tiger has got pretty deadly attack on the Internet. I like at about my heart I'm really glad you know you better I've been single for a long time couldn't get together soon. Please go back. That's a quick that's quake but all. Not a lonely lonely and and it will not trying to recapture glory days -- is the latest -- the it and admit it and who's the oldest guy in -- 45 year old guy. That was down what -- made the Hulk Hogan. Yeah right -- -- -- is flexing his muscle really guide told the that he does an hour of ads a day. Or. Currency's rise and it dissident threat to our data oriented and it. Any other great one in there is someone trying to recapture their swagger like -- wagon. They're the one kid from downtown rapist there is pretty desperate want to hang out and then this one that I wanted to actually drag out there. And that you know maybe watch a movie see where it goes. -- shallow grave Tony 90 wow. -- is only got really late king. Trolling for lake fetish is none of that stuff I -- policy he clearly -- just a wanna meet you I want a meal when a media. Well I would put up ridiculous that it says. Can you couldn't do that then and then -- your profile blows out but as I might -- figured I was blowing up all night like I do have a brand legitimate -- -- -- got. So what are like elitist who would -- this type Dinara. Well I just hate -- in my legs today -- what would happen. Well -- OK honey out you know you you know and you need to raise or barter I'll be right over put it up now -- in and come back tomorrow and read them the other night. I don't thank you Haley get Erica it's a bunch of guys you can got to go back to being a high school we get a blood to women -- you know your plane everybody reclaim their field and he gets to do an on line. You get to go back big time today to be a weirdo yeah sure this is -- generation of the weirdo little more anonymous there's nothing else.

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