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Lou Gramm Talks About The Hall of Fame

Mar 6, 2013|

Upon his induction to the Songwriters' Hall of Fame, Lou Gramm calls The Break Room to hear his reaction of this honor. Mark Assini, Gates Town Supervisor, calls the show to inform our listeners of the free concert happening in June for the Town of Gates.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guy who is a good dad ending going to be a new inductees into the songwriters hall of fame is Lou Gramm and he's on his way to the gym -- Nicely where is the Somers author. The songwriters hall fame -- is -- -- That's if -- look at it and didn't in New York okay the reason has let you block -- and checking out. I don't know words that Peters the sea level but I've purchased pretty strengths. Well I have to think this has got to be. Fairly significant to you because. You know for guys to saying -- Tim McGraw -- I don't think rights is on -- he -- other people's words -- I don't think he does he's funny and other people are that dumb. And I got a barbecue usually don't know what teachers are trying -- -- I aliases but for Lou -- to have Lou I'm out I think -- this all the time how hard it is to write off hit song. Not just pro forma hit song because we've seen people who've. Redone somebody else is on the animated hit. But how about just a right it's on this and it's got to be. A great feeling to be recognized. By everyone in the industry to say yes you guys were so good. And and wrote such hit music that the songwriters hall of fame your art is being recognized at the -- at the highest level. It will mean that it's. It it's it it's. So -- tribute to true not not my ability to performance saying what. But he is the other side it changed to -- right lately. Song that. Which young girl crying I don't. Yes absolutely now for this honor. You'll be reunited would -- Jones any any chance of a performance at this reunion. We we're we're scheduled to declare a couple songs. Now. Is how long has it been since UN and Mick Jones have been on stays together -- -- were -- earlier. Overdose of yours is there any kind of trepidation on your. Part about this soon or do you feel like I -- We will prepare since. So that people will -- -- award were announced. We've talked a few times and he was -- cordial and believe we have street -- territory person. So so so where do that in New York the day before the show and and I'm I'm actually looking forward to a you know I know we live there's that there have been. A lot of animosity. And silence over the past number years could. You know abide by -- -- What we have a lot of good time to. Well it's interesting because I have to think being an abandoned working that closely is going to be like a marriage when those things go South Carolina and new friends they all do literally they don't balk -- old guy but I mean think about even the number of fans -- have them fall apart now we weathered the Guns 'N Roses right now to -- on the pops into my head. Only because they feel like Lou they leave so much money on the table that I can imagine I can't imagine make him what they could make and it tore in my life. That I just sit -- I think it's sad but -- this. You know it's got to be. The sort of exciting and an exhilarating what will happen I mean let's say goes well. Would we see Lou Gramm back with Mick Jones of foreigner. You know he is providing it goes well. From the more they understand work. -- coordinate or that talk about doing a number showed almost like a farewell tour. Yeah awesome nice that's exciting and -- That's -- let cool. That's what I mean that's that's not a given that that does something it in the work you know in the talks you know be in the talks stated that. But you know it's it's it's certainly. You know -- I. Well let's not put -- the proverbial zone that's of course it's not talking about it on radio coming but for cursor on him as he did and that anything you miss about Mick Jones. Oh yeah. And that's a tough question Baptist minister. Let me -- I didn't get what they're very you know our. It like it's a very the I think that's an honest answer does things got tough and he's got a fair -- my favorite moments with you Lou with whom we asked you about. Riding. On hit song with him out and who's gonna get one and he goes who I get 95% you get do you -- five. And it was like the first time he gets it together that was just such a phenomenal story. And I thought wow. What I -- yeah do you know anything -- and go forward with that but obviously you did and you know not just recognized as one of the best voices in rock Lou Gramm but also now one of the best writers in music. I have to think look at your mind when as a singer or someone who's a musician even on -- local level comes up and tells you how much you inspired them how does that make you feel. I'm really let us that's sort of that's the ultimate compliment. -- so -- are less concerned. I mean there. But that's -- that's -- better than that I love your music and then. Aren't too cute to inspire somebody is it goes very deep you don't. Right well our own Christian member was that inspire review and and he wants to give back to playing -- locally and he's been covered a lot of foreigner tunes and he wants to put a band back together yes at thanks a lot. -- Yes thank you good luck and not until the so on the Niger in my car till I can think we're not. But what do you say -- I -- it I I really got into you like your music especially when I got. The last like year and a half while asset -- it into LAQ you imitate Lou but I try to like. -- -- his range and it's tough it's really really hard to do that and I just been in my car complain -- afford to his for the last like eight months is trying to late. Get try to expand my range in my buddy Steve and I wanna start a band back up together and partially because of -- Warner and stuff the guys play. Hey Lou I'll never forget I interviewed at I'll radio station in the North Carolina in 20020. So I go down there and I go out to dinner with the program director. And the mid day girl. And she finds out that. IE had. Spent some time might -- weather was in a room with you I think neuron like the show or Arnold Cho and and and me and she could not stop talking about you and -- -- -- -- -- And I got off the job I didn't take it but. Payoff for the Johnson thanks to. There was a real. How big do you mean she talked on and on about seeing you at different times and what one song meant -- and I go boy that as you say with someone saying you inspired me. Even that -- your song is the soundtrack to somebody's life. It's got to be amazing. It's different very different I think I I know exactly what they need because for -- it would obviously with The Beatles. Yeah sure. Join us later that totally VP -- -- the year earlier albums yeah. Yes. But it's it's that's a statement -- -- someone you know. Yes it is it's it's pretty heavy for sure. Lou Gramm getting inducted into the songwriters hall of fame and the Rochester musical I try to all of -- jobs congratulations on both those and it will it will be paid attention Lou. You know I every time I watch American Idol and -- I'm trying to push deceive you could be a mentor something. That's very cool but if you're gonna let nobody never do and but the -- John's piece I hope it all works out and something happens. Do you see Leonard the rich she's on the line and rich he's been hot on hold for I ID think almost fifteen -- what's he possibly mean. Richie is from Greece and yes on this thing. -- A little long operatic. He did it yeah we're doing -- I. I just wanted to say it is amateur native -- Rochus during the we're there yet I'm in -- in ten. His nephew -- Jack and -- are very true threat as we used to play it up and together all the steel. And I cannot see -- is the only singer will be issues and now we hung out together with glue you to try and they're not. I just wanted to say -- up almost reached a great guy yeah -- I'm happy about. But singer songwriter. Let it basically Iraq -- Well I'd like -- -- not let me tell a -- little would not get there is -- didn't have the utmost respect -- Yeah well. Just as thousands of people they have brought respect -- all might seem at a please call Phillies -- -- OK you know I Holler if you know and so well what did you thank you see -- tell smallest of the city doing it guys gun on the front. I actually I actually didn't see a man. -- I would nothing more so like they have a a couple of tickets to see him or not. You know get their capability that still don't kind of the same stuff you know what. So happy guy so you gonna buy tickets when he comes around. Were what I am I. Why not use this money and young guys that you know guys. Blah blah blah you don't -- my -- he's an equitable pony up Tony box this season do -- and see what it wouldn't disagree -- -- vegan restaurant to get cheap cheap bastard. You know there's so many Jews analysts and it. Should be clear -- huge snag. -- I want to go to some -- Or make your friends -- and I just love I love this guy who can't feel motions -- if you don't do free tickets. Let me name drop people you don't know. They know sheriff how was it a band they use is saying may have the flight school. My grandma it's time in my head. I got the utmost respect but no cash hey I want to rub elbows with a picture of kids get back out to be tonight mean Gene Simmons black things in my Monty maybe -- discuss presented a different. Does it go now does that and who would you -- You know they called man at all that this is that station up had a file. Much it's a big policy it was perfect because. The -- capitalizes. What people like Lou Graham have to put up with -- would run into that guy and -- sure. The management but it isn't sincere in his love the yeah well intentioned and he -- it doesn't cut it. You know it's something for nothing exists it's a cinema -- teacher it's at. I. Just funny here I -- I have been. Had that kind of call and since we've been the breakthrough really that I can remember Aaron. And -- we don't really give opera truly -- move -- easily greater stroller for a ticket. Well now this is -- -- concert and now he's suffered Louis plant somewhere that's pretty good right it would make sense you would talk to a guy was not. Arching his idol I like Lou I find him interesting Danny gazans are among these guys story and so easy and into the I think getting into the songwriters hall of fame is pretty funny it's it is pretty amazing amazing in and be more amazing if you can find out where that is and what's in it because Lou doesn't even know why is more Cassini on the phone. Great to have politician number tracers for mercy me consultant mark puts up. -- Baghdad he tells an on time mark it has it has what are you calling us while wanted to let you know we have a free concerts. Democratic gates and a good morning guys I. Do too well who's going to be headlining. -- -- your friend do looking for free tickets. I've tried out a runner out here check the markets in Idaho about rich he's just called blue. Google is still listen Zulu little riverbank who's done -- -- going out we have our bicentennial this year. But I out of gate just 200 years -- and and then -- that is it looked as fresh. Questions that it's really northeastern town and actually has ruined. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's labeling it really was due to step up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- George Mercado now -- Lou Gramm knew better and maybe black -- urges or or Lou more than Lou -- -- and I think it's a group. -- -- So. He will be performing for us yet the bicentennial -- -- be a huge you know at about 8 o'clock it's going to be great video out on the -- -- lethal. All twelve. Cars are false spots will be -- out about it Tom Al -- It's gonna see he's a cute -- engage you got to understand -- grew up in this county graduate from -- satellite high school. We're so proud -- and he's gonna have a bunch of folks come to the stand as well nobody's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And not many talents can say now today they have somebody that's famous out of their -- -- -- cab Callaway is that we had Lou thought mark. Or what are what are you politically now are you the town supervisor -- -- -- -- well I don't know that that I forgive me but. Credit have credit Delcarmen got up I am setting you up for -- does not tell -- I knew a likable guy I don't think that you and I politically would be on the same side of the -- I think you're Republican right. Yes sir yes. But I always found you. Did you work hard and India had strong aspirations she ran for a couple of offices but are you town supervisor now of gates yes the health. That -- a big that's a big deal. Now -- town that borders yours days rumored to have somebody. From the political party that you represented may -- -- today and to that town supervisor -- or one -- 10301030. This morning it's I was gonna move. Mr. relic -- under. Is rumored and I don't know mister C need to certainly does a woman who served its -- His are rising out of college at 1030% of youngsters but there is -- the rumor is that he is going to -- heat remain if this were true mark can someone be a town supervisor. And still ahead of of the Monroe County Republican Party. Part of boarded up practical not practical OK so -- it's rumored that relic is gonna is gonna run good. Which means that what is happening currently with the town supervisor if somebody else is gonna run. That means that term limits is guys I guess they're term limits on our supervisors are hers done this all okay he's out these returns to -- all murdered just seem to get a win. Like that guy at noon and instantly that drug candidate covered. -- Barca -- -- and then there's a lot of stuff that -- but it just ensure here I didn't know if someone could beat a town supervisor. And the head of a political party certainly it I guess it's possible but as -- -- sesno frank. Man that could be very difficult that's that's that's it's impossible but -- these very difficult. Thought Christian Dan was honored to talk to Lou Gramm I have to say I'm honored that you -- listening to us. For real. That the play it just matters all mind. I want one more effect before I go and they're just were doing research on the bicentennial we found something out that's not a lot of people now. The city of Rochester actually came from the town -- -- -- -- Rory originally started really -- so and then within removed it. -- smell got their start they had all the product orders so do you understand that LA we're all under there's no doubt who's the youngest and it's a positive budget town. Does that a positive. I started at any kind of hate you don't let them play sensible air I got a better actually -- -- -- hot but the flag. I love my little doubt I really do a great turnout but whatever you call little -- of the value total count. You ever seen a little when you the guy -- it really Leo let's hope they were humble we thought we don't have to be Hayward gates were home crowd. Subtract home with a with I I believe these C student was invented they're the humble guy. Well actually you'd be surprised how many great -- we do have as a matter of fact -- You know Nathaniel Rochester he was again it's resident -- -- matter -- -- -- some desert town supervisor Matthew Brown the president of Iran just -- so the guy that's out of. -- like the -- you're you are a replacement of Nathaniel Rochester. Now. Brian as you design of the apostle Peter and have the right -- to -- you know -- -- I don't know -- -- don't -- -- -- -- It sort of a good idea oh yeah does he its. Now or everybody. Get anything going on -- yeah. Thomas evil -- you don't have got a custom -- access a live update -- that the wegmans were from gates originally record headquarters -- in the -- -- But where they originally from their dead Tommy thinks that the family may reduce their tight don't think -- -- colonel Edward no. Likens it to. -- market seedy town supervisor of gates calling to say that Lou Gramm always playing -- June 19. June 20 -- joining us I'm sorry on -- and whether a good time bicentennial of gates and him doing that on behalf of Richie ribbon chips who is a he just has. Respect for Lou Gramm and was actually troll for -- a and -- -- helped out an event and I thank you very much to see any good got a nice idea to we will take a break.

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