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Margie Phelps on The Pope

Mar 6, 2013|

The Break Room calls Margie Phelps, daughter of Reverend Fred Phelps of the West-Borough Baptist Church, to hear her views on the resignation of Pope Benedict

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

965 WC -- when I was is a kid I went to Christian camp. Thought I was a digital music and they told me that he CDC stood for anti Christian children. But -- and everything anti -- children in Iraq are all pretty much different nutrition just -- and say in service. Catholics. Are a sect of christianity is that -- -- the biggest religion a billion people can't be wrong body they are but that but it's based it's Christian right -- -- -- a conversion so. The bishop -- home. And the leader of the world like Catholic Church in the Catholic Church the Pope is regarded as the successor of saint Peter the apostle. Five straight to the apostle all right her right to it appeared. Now there are other sects of christianity like Christian man that I don't think you agree with that don't even think that Peter ever made it to Rome. He was crucified upside down before -- So slow down a sudden now -- can't -- insulting to -- and -- -- reiterates that the gonna be that because she asked Chris if I -- -- world's gonna -- -- that's according to tradition is not a -- according to the tradition he -- he wasn't even think she was he was right for him to be crucified like -- so he turn himself upside down they did everybody -- -- -- crisis I mean that's how they just kill people yes and he's as I know and he says that Jesus -- now word -- on -- We wanted to find somebody who would be. Very opinionated on this -- and also a Christian but not a Catholic for him to comment -- like how true. Other sects of christianity the view all that is happening within the Catholic institution right now. So we went out and got Margie Phelps. Well Margie Phelps is the daughter of the reverend Fred all I -- of the west Borough deadline church good morning Margie. When you're looking and all this attention paid to the election of a new Pope what's the first thing that pops into -- mind. I great -- Greed rape children. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not would you ever prayed to a saint. Jesus Hernandez and Portugal -- titles Iran. Is it true idolatry and the fact that. So called church. They all know. After being. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You what I mean you have a point that people do know that the war. That the -- the Catholic churches filled with rituals right there's idols in gold and money general lives in the -- candle light in the rights and -- and do you believe it's really Christian TO. You know it not at all not at all and in fact what it is they -- -- error after Christ established church. And do a proper. -- attribute for me. Hooked -- Rivera and decided that he immediately needed to get peak but even. And -- charge. Among yourself that church it's a business all the all the certain denomination. So called didn't look back historically. But they get it there are. Preacher. -- Catholic Church or. -- -- -- A -- church the church and they -- -- need it what -- or not a problem. And so they'd break. Like -- loop there but get credit -- -- it can't. Mean and diplomatic. Mission which start and then with the package trying to base so early O'Costa. So what do you wanna see happens what would you like to see happen to the church at this point. Well it it honestly it into question of what I would like to see it's a question -- what it's going to be he needs almost going to be -- utter annihilation. If you if you go look at those chapters in the book of revelation mean. Chapters 181718. Treatments every -- -- -- a good. Distractions. That they called Christian issue is liable to. Would that so called Christian institution. And at that should be destroyed they're going to be completely annihilated. And so what happened. In all likelihood this person out. No doubt for our religion which is what we storyline then what -- right Barbara let god cop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our other -- out and Alia via the lovers of themselves as the earth is this is -- Margie Phelps of the west Borough Baptist Church she is a Christian. Catholics are christianity she's commenting on the the new pulp and what's happening in the Catholic Church. It is just says an outsider who also Christian do you think this Pope is like the anti crisis and above could be the antichrist. I think. I have President Obama. They're trying to aren't monkeys the answer all right I -- would you really -- Jim before his assassination. No -- I didn't -- scriptural way to respond to the proper structure way to respond. These treat the flu alert to your generation didn't -- are you ever shot at anyone in the Bible. No new rule. You know trying to overthrow no violence no -- -- War movement and you get out of the way. And let the lord do what you gonna do. What role do you believe the Catholic Church will have in and at times. I think it'll be. -- is often. Our state office stage I think it'll be all right don't be sort of nod I'll be fully understand that stand and that and that's. You can. Will be. What I mean by which can. The industry becomes the Walter -- and as Obama religions seem -- the government will be the religion. Well I mean you got so -- -- that the struggle that the holder -- caddies in revelation mean that the picture. -- -- Being carried it out to them I got -- back in. -- I -- but I think any pretense of christianity. Well they got it just got. All right so large there could be a broke a black Pope asks -- care. No I don't care and I don't think you make out our. Tweet this morning retreated it was -- The -- says. Crude in the Catholic Church without the -- and -- -- jury that they think people who were right in the Catholic Church or at the bulk. That way you create -- -- Bible. Pop phenomenon on the power of the -- And were told beware out without a doubt. But I met her one of the met -- the Bible pretty. -- upset activist almost actual. It evolved. Yes I dogs like this new offense is innocent and almost that the well you know that's different. What do you think whereas we really have to be reduced to all parties we you know issues I all right. Right Tommy why you gotta do to unleash Tommy Margie I don't use it I thought this isn't a bibles and get -- -- -- -- Johnny and he looked up they. You're making. Their -- yes I do have a question -- on a personal always -- us. -- you laugh often. Although there are thought that I. Thought we are an elegant Elliott's legs funeral that's pretty -- the whole G -- I -- there are there are saying let me share I'm actually -- I'm know for a person I am a person could not a lot to get there and a loud and they're the kind of warned -- -- -- -- and. But it definitely try to -- when you talk about the current AC to nationalize. All adult crowd then of this nation. And the nation that all that's not a laughing matter and laughing matter when you look currency. Got a point out it track. For those gray -- and the way you could beat high profile option it Alton and what would go or what they are it missed the -- proudly. There -- people out wide quite stink -- Well apple slide which it quite well what about every finger tip odd. That's what we -- and not a lot out there. -- -- -- this is shareware and this is where we've we've we've pardon ideology goes with you sort on the death and we'd do well and I was not knowing Arty are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- litigated to us. Script against what -- and -- Rivera -- or the Vatican depleted if I'm sorry I just she was not actually been achieved Cisco shares Alex laughs. Of course she doesn't or -- Brodie says she's a nut case you don't want a black Pope -- left. All -- rope would laugh cultural and Christian Dan called Atlanta barber shops to find out what they thought. The possibility -- let's hope in 965 don't seem that excited -- and outfield yet meant did you put the -- No broke. It broke the broke our DT like broke the local that we got the first black hopes that. He was elected so light smoke we got a black don't open up at which ticked about that yeah. That's new information about these cells could tell us. We get we get black president and obviously yet the best golfer the world's still blacked. Out and yeah Isabelle got a black hole which you sick about -- -- is good change your license. It and it's not good did you like spend I don't know which customers. I can't help open I don't know do you feel guilty -- -- around a little bit with the Sacramento you know -- If you replace the line with a seemingly the only -- The dossier maybe there have been. Let's cognac and that -- had yet to -- there's -- yeah. I think it I don't know I don't know all right Debra Schmidt today -- seriously.

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